The Office

Season 5 Episode 28

Company Picnic

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • Season 5 finale was a picnic

    I thought the start of the episode was good. No let me reprhase that. No let me rephrase that again. This was one of the best starts to this series since the super bowl episode. It was maybe reference to the pretzel episode from season but either way it was very funny. What made it so good was that even Dwight was in for everyone leaving early. I loved his line about the horse doctor.

    As with the Super Bowl episode, the laughs did not end at the start. Dunder Mifflin was having their annual company picnic with all the brances invited. My only complaint about this episode was that you didn't see Karen who was manager of the Utica Branch but since the women who played her (Rashida Jones) was doing Parks and Rec. (a show that should be watched) I enjoyed seeing the other members of the the other branches. I like that some of them are like the members of the Scranton Branch. Rolf was my favorite. Some other people came back. It was nice to see Charles still rag on Jim. The best return was Holly. The producers and writers made a good decision to bring her back for this episode. If she in the episode where Michael and Pam were on tour the story arc of Michael and Holly would be a lot different and not as good. I really liked Michael's treatment of AJ, Holly's boyfriend. It was border line mean but not over the line but at the same time Michael didn't act like a jealous act. The scenes with Michael and Holly were great. They are a great pair. Their play for any other pair would come off as weird but in this case it was entertaining. Other small but fun moments include that Pam was good at Vollyball, Andy getting mad but at Erin, Jim and Dwight hugging, and Dwight standing up for Angela.

    As with the season 4 ending, this ending was also a surprise. It was one of the best endings ever. The fact that there was no dialouge made it even better. It was great reveal without telling you what actually happened. Jim's reaction was priceless. Another reason why this episode was great was that it grew better in time because it was one of the last great episodes for a time.
  • 526

    A good finale for The Office, we've got a very eventful moment for the last scene of The Office, and it was somewhat emotional and got me to realize why I still watch this show no matter how many mediocre blunders they manage to create. Because of the emotion and the intriguing characters.

    The show is losing it's way on the comedy though, that they especially need work on considering the whole Michael & Holly sketch bit, I swear I heard crickets chirping. Maybe it's a tough audience? Maybe if Steve Carrel was funny again, than people would have laughed, onscreen and off.

    The volleyball bit was funny, and the end made up for all the flaws that this episode had. I still think they should have done something with Michael & Holly after all season of build up, this was the perfect time to get them together again, or at least have some closure. Good finale, not the best. Great heart warming ending.
  • An exceptional episode. This is why I watch this show!

    I believe this was the season finale. I've been watching on dvd's. I absolutely loved the interaction Michael has with Holly on the picnic. He plans to tell her how he feels about her, then decides not to because they had had such a great day together. Michael showed spunk and maturity and respect. And the ending of THIS show!!!! wow. I was shocked. I won't reveal it, but most of you know what I'm talking about. And because Volleyball is a favorite sport of mine, I loved the whole scene where the Scranton branch is about to pummel the New York head honchos. Does anyone else loathe the guy who took Jan's job? I was hoping someone would spike the ball right where it hurts!!!!
  • Crystal cool.

    What can I say? Sweet, fun, endearing and significantly invested in character, Company Picnic represents the culmination of The Office thus far, and it's a wonderfully enjoyable twenty minutes at that. Out on the annual picnic that Dunder Mifflin holds each year for corporate and all the branches, the employees find themselves confronted with old lovers, old friends and old rivalries. The episode mixes brilliant comedy usually stemming from each of the regular cast and their respective counterparts from other branches, with touching drama and romance cutting in between Michael with Holly and Jim with Pam. In the end, it's hard to say what makes Company Picnic the joy it is for fans with each element making such a profound impression, but one things for sure is that the season certainly goes out with a fun, entertaining and heart-warming bang. Bravo.
  • Dunder-Mifflin holds a company picnic. Meanwhile, Michael and Holly create a skit, Slumdunder Mifflinaire.

    This was one of the best episodes this season. I do not think it should of been an hour long. But just think about this season as a whole. We got Holly Flax, Charles Miner, and Erin/Kelly Hannon, and Rolf. We had a Weight Loss Competition, a Crime Aid, a Baby Shower, and a Business Ethics seminar. We had the super bowl spot. We had a Lecture Circuit, where we once again saw Karen Fillipelli. We had a Blood Drive. Charles Miner came and we had the best part of the season, The Michael Scott Paper Company/Charles Miner story arc. We had the company than turned into a Cafe Disco. We had a Company Picnic. This episode had it all. The awkward Slum-Dunder Mifflinaire, Rolf and the volleyball game, and the ending was decent too. Season six, hopefully will be a little better than this season, and I HOPE that the first episodes are not based on relationships.
  • Holly, Volleyball, and Pregnancy..

    The worst ever season of the Office has finally come to an end, and it's time for the makers to introspect and reevaluate the genre and purpose.

    The mocumentary concept has clearly taken the back seat, and workplace setting is not utilized most of the time. I understand the show is trying to find a new direction; it nevertheless makes sense to find ways to appeal to viewers who enjoy the original version that made it famous in the first place. This episode was a decent watch. I am not saying this was funny, or inspiring, or even something that had a awesome storyline. They have pieced together some good bits and pieces to make a bearable episode. The picnic idea was okay with Dwight trying to act normal. The theater skit using a parody of Slumdog Millionaire was poor, and can only seen as an attempt to give Micheal and Holly some alone-time to rekindle their relationship. Finally, whats up with the pregnancy thing. I get it- it was not explicit and all. A lot of shows try to end seasons on a mystery note, and the Office has clearly tried to follow suit. Well whatever, lets hope for a good 6th season.
  • The Office IS Back!!

    This was the shot in the arm that this show neeeded for a while. Dwight's character development has been amazing this season. He is starting to become likeable. Andy and Dwight were great together in their exchange over the new girl. Michael showed a mature side with Holly, while acting like an old school Season 1 idiot at the same time. I love the way they are bringing back the original Michael.

    This episode was so real that you could once again feel the uncomfortable akwardness that we use to feel in almost every episode. Stanley was great being half drunk, and laughing at the comedy sketch, and I am really liking the new receptionist.

    Dwight sticking up for Angela, and her smiling could lead to more next season. I think Andy pursuing the receptionist also has loads of comedy potential as well.

    I am a PB&J fan from day one, but I don't care if they have a baby. I am just waiting for the wedding episode.

    The only thing that could have made this episode better was if Meredith didn't wear a belly shirt, and if it would have been an hour long episode.
  • Dunder Mifflin hold their company picnic where Michael Reunites with Holly as Pam carries Scranton into the Volleyball final.

    This ep came as a surprise to me that it was only a half hour ep being a season finale and all. But in its defence it lived up to expectaton and left me dying to see next season. This week has arguably the best cold opening this season with Michael falling asleep and the entire office banding together to change the clocks so they can leave early.

    From here the branch go off to the company wide picnic where all the branches are pitted against one another in volleyball. Dwight and Andy take it very seriously as it seems that Scranton are doomed to fail in the first round until Pam begins to serves and the wins begin to roll for Scranton. Meanwhile, Michael meets up with Holly for the first time since she left Scranton. She is at the picnic with her boyfriend A.J. but Michael plays it as cool as you would expect Michael to but he does have a plan. He was waiting for the perfect momment to tell Holly that they are Soul Mates and should be together. He uses the picic as a way of getting closer to her by them performing a skit of the history of Dunder Mifflin. This backfires when apart of the skit reveals that another branch is being shut down (Buffalo) and the workers at that branch were not aware.

    Scranton make the final against corperate and all is going well when Pam hurts her ankle, she is fine but Corperate protest that she has to get it assessed before playing. Dwight decides to slow things down so they don't start playing until Pam gets back. But Pam can't make it back as their is a pleasant twist to the tale to end this episode.

    There is alot to look forward to next season with many things open to change next season. There is the deal with Pam and Jim (hopefully a wedding ep next year), Michael and Holly are far from done and then theres the issue of Dwight and Angela which is far from over indeed. All I can say is that September can't quick enough for me!
  • Could a half hour season finale after a slew of hour long ones be as good? And the answer is YES!

    From the cold open to the final moments, this episode was just filled with little moments that made me appreciate each and every character on the show (and even some new characters we've never met, like Rolf or Ralph or whatever his name was. After Cafe Disco, I claimed it was a feel-good episode, and that's sort of what this episode was like. The cold open gave the idea of everybody working together towards a common goal (even Dwight, who is normally the odd man out), and by the end, with the volleyball game, you have Dunder Mifflin: Scranton working together to defeat Corporate.. Just a great episode featuring the unity of a branch that normally can't stand one another (for the most part).

    NOW, all of that being said, it certainly wasn't the greatest season finale (that belongs, and always will, to season 2). But it was effective in bringing the season to a satisfying close and providing another shocking final moment that should keep everybody excited over the summer. I can't say enough about the direction of the episode, with particular focus on the final scene; watching Jim and Pam's reaction through the window, without being able to hear what the doctor is telling them, was superb and made for even more emotion.

    The episode brought plenty of funny as well. Dwight's stalling techniques were superb, and just about every line he spoke was great. Andy had some funny moments, and Stanley was pretty good too. I just wish there was more Creed.. he definitely should've had more scenes.. actually I don't think he had any at all.. It's a shame.

    I think the crew found a good balance of material for the episode. Being only a half hour, it was a bit different than the previous two season finales, but it was much more emotional and heartfelt, which makes it a satisfying conclusion to a pretty good season.
  • Two Words: Slum-Dunder Miff-lonaire!

    Or is that 4 fords, in a weird hybrid? What a great episode! The company picnic proved to balance casual fun with character story in a neat way that I don't think Cafe Disco accomplished. Here, several branches got together for some outdoor fun, including the bosses from New York (Charles continual knocks on Jim's laziness was a great running gag) and Holly was back! With her bf.

    What I thought was neat was they didn't play the jealous Michael or a crazy break-up scheme, it was basically another look at how right for each other Holly and Mike really were, and there's no denying the great chemistry these two share. I missed that. Aaaw.

    (Jaws! Dun-der...dun-der...dun-der..dun-der dunder dunder!) So cute. They had a lot of fun ideas and I would have welcomed seeing any of them, but their Slumdog Millionare skit was comedy gold! That's not to say that Michael couldn't find a way to mess up something: Quick shots of the kids in the crowd, while they trivia on Robert Mifflin's suicide. Priceless. And that poor Buffalo branch learned they were getting closed down. That sort of inconvenience is just what I expect from this show!

    I also really enjoyed the volleyball games. We basically got to see the gang band together as a team. Dwight's new best friend was a revelation; he met at a shoe store (asking for shoes that made him faster while leaving no tracks- LOL) and I hope we see more of him next season! There were some great sight gags like the Toby clone, Meredith's tied t-shirt to look sexy, and Andy's longing looks at Erin. Pam excels at the sport, and I wasn't surprised at all- despite being short, she looks like she'd be good at volleyball, anyway. That was a fun fact to learn. The best scene was easily the final one, which was cleverly staged: Pam may have sprained her foot, so at the doctors she's taken in to get looked at. With the camera crew left outside the room, all we get is visual communication- Pam's reaction to some "news" and the look we read from Jim's face says it all! PREGERS! Dwight was a good (and very funny) man for stalling the game, but it's time to "send in the subs." Fantastic.

    Normally I'm not a fan of hour long Office episodes, but this one sure needed to be. I do wish we could have got a bit more from our supporting players, Oscar, Kevin, Ryan, and Angela didn't have much to do, but I had such a good time out here with everybody, I just didn't want it to end!
  • great ending to another great season

    The only complaint i have about this was that it wasn't and hour long. But maybe if it was it would have been those ones that are good in the first half but bad in the second half. I don't know. Even though this was not an hour long it was just as good as the other 3 season finales. I also like the slumdog millionaire reference during Holly and Michael's skit thing. It was also nice to see Michael not be an obnoxious idiot and try to get back from her boyfriend. My favorite part of the story was the volleyball tournament. It was very funny and Charles miner really acted obnoxious. Seeing Pam be really good at volleyball was nice and dwight and jim hugging was funny and i like to see them act like they are friends. I also can't believe jim and pam are having a baby. I would rather see that than a wedding episode. This is an excellent finale to possibly my favorite season of the office yet. Maybe season 2 was my favorite but this comes close. I give the episode a 10/10 and the season a 9.3 out of ten.
  • SlumDunder Mifflionaire

    That is all that needs to be said. If you think that parody was funny chances are you enjoyed this episode. But if you have a brain and realize that NBC Thursdays haven't been "must-see" since 1998 then you understand just how bad this show is.

    Bringing back Amy Ryan was pointless, especially because she does Steve Carell's material even worse than he does. At least he is a little bit funny, she is almost repellent to humor.

    And the ending? This is supposed to be a comedy, but the past two seasons have had sappy endings like this almost every week. I've got no problem with it occasionally, but to do it this often devalues "big" moments like a pregnancy.