The Office

Season 2 Episode 21

Conflict Resolution

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 04, 2006 on NBC

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  • Michael sloves some problems

    Despite some flaws, this was a very good episode. The flaws were that Michael spent too much time on some of the problems in the office. Also shouldn't the redacted comments be put into another folder or just thrown away? Also shouldn't any complaints be put into the computer? Maybe that's why this branch could go under.

    Okay now the good parts. Like I said earlier, it was pretty funny. Some of ways Michael tried to make the problems better or worse were pretty humorous. Another funny moment when Michael said that Angela had no complaints about Dwight six months ago. I like the callback from the Christmas episode with the baby poster. How all the people posed in their photos for their ID bages were funny too. Creed's was the best. The list of pranks that Jim played on Dwight that were read out were pretty funny. My favorite one was when Jim paid everyone to call him Duane. It's too bad you don't get to see them. After Dwight finds out about the special New York box (another great moment) it's an important part in the series. Remember when Jim was going plan a trip somewhere and Dwight said that he wasn't gong anywhere and Jim didn't retaliate? Well I think that with Pam planing her wedding, his mini-fight with her in this episode as well as past episodes, and Dwight's comment about the open job in Samford is the reason why Jim applied for the job. The ending was both funny (how Michael used photo shop to make the group photo so everyone can look they are smiling) and serious. (When picked up the phone listening to Jim's message looking angrily at his desk)
  • Almost Pointless

    I was so let down with this episode. The only good thing about this episode was the realization that Jim tried to get Pam in trouble. The rest of the storyline was completely dull and depressing. There was almost no humor in this episode and I feel that it is a half hour of my life that I will never get back.
  • conflict resolution

    Like someone else said on here, definitely a turning point for Jim. A really eventful episode of The Office tonight, and led us straight in to the season two finale. The whole office arguing is genius in my opinion. We've got the whole office against each other, just in time for the group picture.

    Michael going through all the conflicts was absolutely hysterical, the show does well with continuity based on many things on this episode. Then after all the hilarity ensues between Dwight and Jim, and whether or not Jim or Dwight will be leaving Scranton. Jim reveals that he made a complaint about Pam about her wedding, which he blamed on Angela.

    Jim admitting it right when they took the picture was another great scene, really captured how unhappy everyone was. Then the final scene was amazing, Jim actually going to New York to apply for another branch. Just an amazing ending which probably left Office fans at the edge of their seats. Great episode.
  • Conflict Resolution in the Office...all I'm going to say...

    This episode is the best of the Second Season, hands down! I mean seriously, we learn many pranks that had happened to Dwight from the mischievous and relatable character Jim, we learn more character developement many storylines and sub-plots that had happened before the Pilot. Funniest episode in the second season, and those who don't agree should watch this episode again and again.
  • "With win-win-win, we all win. Me too."

    Michael does Toby's job in this episode and listens to people complain. He reads complaints aloud and a lot of hidden resentments come out.

    This episode was hilarious. There were many funny moments such as Dwight's "can you imagine if I was deranged?", Dwight's ID photo, Dwight's greivances against Jim, and the group photo at the end.

    There is lots of character development, and by the end, Jim's animosity toward's Pam wedding comes out into the open. Pretty much everything Angela says in this episode is funny too. I don't understand the Michael/Toby relationship, why does he hate him so much? Because he does his work? Because Toby takes away his credit card sometimes?

    HUGE improvement over last week's episode. This is probably one of my favorites - probably tied with "Christmas Party" and "Valentine's Day."
  • Turning point for Jim.

    I know that lots of people have called this episode the one that leads up to Casino Night, but it's a good episode in its own right, for a number of reasons. First of all, the Dwight/Jim conflict finally comes to a head, with Jim beginning to realize the foolishness (hilarious as it is) of spending so much of his energy tormenting Dwight. Why does Jim dislike Dwight so much? It seems to be because Dwight is happy with his life, and Jim isn't, and Jim despises the fact that anyone could be satisified working in a paper company for their entire life. We saw in the first season that Jim didn't want to admit that that Dunder-Mifflin would be his career, when he told the camera, "If I advance any higher, this becomes my career. And this is my career, I'm going to have to kill myself."

    Then there's Jim finally admitting to Pam that her upcoming marriage to Roy upsets him. Notice, too, how he only admits that he's the one who made the complaint when Pam is on the verge of un-inviting Angela to her wedding. He doesn't want to see someone wrongfully blamed for something they didn't do. Casino Night was the pinnacle of Season Two, but this episode was the beginning of the turning point for Jim. We saw him making preparations for life in Stamford if and when Pam broke his heart. Without tormenting Dwight and having fun with Pam, Dunder-Mifflin Scranton just wouldn't be bearable for Jim.
  • Its ID badge picture day, and conflicts seem to be rising so Michael brilliantly decides to take over Toby's job and solve all current and past complaints in the office. this causes conflict between those who weren't fighting and enhances the current ones

    Michael is supremely up to his horrible standard, causing raucouses everywhere. The jokes keep on coming as the conflicts are read out loud. Plus, its a pivotal episode as a conflict forms between Pam and Jim, and the conflict between Dwight and Jim reaches a boiling point when all of Jims pranks are read out loud - which is one of the funniest sequences in this whole series. Honestly, this episode is perfect; setting up more conflicts right before the season finale, so as us audience members want to keep watching. kudos to the people that wrote and directed this episode.
  • One of my favorite episodes of all time.

    I love this episode. The ending, with Pam being mad(ish) at Jim and him going to speak to Jan was a little sad, but it had some hilarious moments.
    There was some great development for the characters, even though they were all pretty pissed off by the end.
    Jim's pranks on Dwight were soooo hilariously funny though, and I loved Michael's analysis of cage matches and his rivalry with Toby. Toby hiding and not sending Dwights complaints were pretty great, too.
    It was hard to see Jim so upset with Pam's wedding and stuff being planned, but... poor guy. Can you blame him? It was a great episode, and one that true fans of the show are sure to enjoy.
  • Great but setting up for bigger things.

    Well Conflict Resolution was another great episode of The Office. As the last episode before the season finale, I was hoping for some clues as to what twists and/or turns might happen in the final episode of the series, and I was waiting and salivating for some more Pam and Jim moments. Of course I was also waiting for some hilarious comedy that only The Office can deliver.

    The episode was hilarious. We got to hear of some of the practical jokes that Jim had pulled on Dwight in the past. Some of them were really creative and funny. He uses a simple macro on Dwight\'s computer so everytime he types his name it comes out as \"Diapers\" instead. Classic. But Jim realizes, while he is hearing of all his pranks read off one by one, that it can sometimes get sad. That\'s the thing about this episode. It\'s hilarious, but it has too much tension with everyone holding grudges and realizing some of their own faults.

    At one point in this episode, everyone hates everyone. Phyllis realizes that she may not be close with everyone in the office, she may just sit close to them. Also, Pam gets mad at Angela when she hears someone complained to Toby about Pam organizing her wedding at work. When Pam learns who really complained, it gets sad for all. Which leads to Jim making a rash decision that may put the series in jeopardy in the future. A great episode that sets up for something bigger.
  • Michael Scott intervenes in an argument between Angela and Oscar, mediated by Toby. Unsatisfied with the handling of it, Michael takes over conflict resolution tasks for the day. Office relations are derailed in every way for every one.

    Greg Daniels writes this fantastic set up for the final episode. In his usual fashion Michael oversteps all boundaries with HR and Corporate, taking over the responsibilities of conflict resolution from Toby. Convinced that the best way to resolve conflict is to disclose everybody\'s private complaints, he begins readings them outloud. (Is there any truth to this?)

    This is the genius of the show - discovering a set up that can smoothly incorporate the ridiculous and often totally accurate absurdity of the corporate office.

    The listing of Jim\'s pranks deserves multiple rewinds, especially if you are watching the show, as I do, with friends, although there\'s also something to be noted about the quality of a show that has you laughing off your seat when nobody is around.

    At the same time, the usually bubbly Kelly is taken down a few pegs when there are complaints about her from those she thought were friends. How familiar territory, negotiating those office relationships... peer, friend, or co-worker? Is life is a set of compromises, how do you gauge the limits of your patience with power tripping, loquacious, rude, slow-talking, tightly wound staff?

    Another viewer suggested that Toby deliberately plotted the outting of everyone\'s conflicts. I disagree. The beauty of the office is in its naivete. There isn\'t any kind of forced malicious set up outside of the daily pranks and teases.

    The cliffhanger has Jim seeking out possible transfer, meeting with Jan at corporate. Obviously, the show wouldn't be the same without a main character like Jim, yet Daniels still manages to evoke strong anticipation for what will happen in the finale.
  • The classic blend of comedy and pitiful tragedy that makes The Office so good, are done brilliantly in this episode, in which Michael publicly opens up the HR complaint file turning practically every employee against each other.

    This episode is not only funny and a little bit sad, but it helps develop a lot of the interpersonal relationships that have been developed by the series so far. It helps set up the season finale beautifully, as I am now extremely anxious to see what will happen in the next episode.

    It is therefore imperitave that one see this episode ONLY after seeing a good number of the episodes that precede it.

    The premise of the episode is that Michael decides to publicly open up HR's complaint file. So every employee gets to hear about every minor and major grievance filed against them for the past few years.

    While the emotions of Angela and Dwight bring some intensity to the episode, these are countered nicely by the comedy of Michael continuing his managerial ineptness. There is also a very ridiculous conflict between Oscar and Angela that helps keep the humor level high.

    There is also particular focus placed on the relationship between Dwight and Jim. In a particuarly poignant moment, Jim even starts to feel like he might have been too cruel to Dwight over the years.

    In addition the flirtation between Pam and Jim comes to a new level due to some revelations made. By the episode's end, all the office romances are called into question and we are left wondering what direction this show will take in the future, which is always a good sign for a show like this.
  • Excellent set up for the finale

    "Conflict Resolution" just knocked off "The Injury" as my favorite episode.

    It was an excellent mix of comedy AND character development.

    We see Jim beginning to accept Pam as a lost cause and look to move on with his life & actually start to feel some remorse for all the pranks he's pulled on Dwight.

    The big suspense builder for the finale is Jim taking steps to take a management position at the Stamford branch. Will Jim stay or go?
  • Wonderful. Just simply, wonderful.

    I had doubts at first. I mean, it was funny, but nothing new. And then they got to the Dwight Jim conflict. This is exactly why I watch this show. Seeing all the things that Jim has been doing to Dwight and seeing just how upset it's making Dwight, and seeing Jim slowly start to feel guilty over what's been done, and then seeing Jim and the job interview just made me about shout out in awe of the writing. I can't wait till next week. Does Jim leave? Or decide to stay? Only time will tell.