The Office

Season 7 Episode 6

Costume Contest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on NBC

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  • Pretty good episode.

    This is the second episode this season that I was expecting a lot more from. On one hand, this episode had a great cold open and a hilarious plot involving the office attempting to win a coupon book by winning a costume contest for Halloween. On the other hand, Michael Scott was just a little more ridiculous than normal as he got furious with Darryl for going over his head to Gabe about an idea. I understand anger for going over somebody's head, but his reaction somewhat put a damper on what was an otherwise great episode.

    First off, let me just say that the Halloween angle of the episode was superb. There was just so much to love here, and it's impossible to pick a favorite moment. For me, it was either Michael's Macgruber costume and the way he kept telling people they had ten seconds to do something, only to yell MACGRUBER in the typical SNL voice... OR, it was Kevin's Michael Moore costume. Perfect for him. However, it's difficult to judge them, because there were funny parts to each and every one of them. And there were funny lines as well. When Michael said, "What does taking from behind mean?" and Dwight said, "Don't say that," I lost it. It was a typical clueless Michael saying this, but I absolutely believed he wouldn't know what that meant.

    I also liked Jim and Pam's plot. It's been difficult to give them stuff that makes them as interesting as they used to be in the past, when they weren't together, but the introduction of Timothy Olyphant in the show as Danny could prove to be a hindrance in the way of their happiness (although I highly, highly doubt it... Jim and Pam are that couple that prove the exception wrong that TV couples don't have to be on and off again like Ross and Rachel to be good). Jim dressing up as Popeye was a sweet moment for his character and proved he will do anything for his wife.

    Maybe I'm rating this episode low, but I just didn't believe Michael and Darryl could argue so much and then just be fine by the end of the episode. It's hard to believe that there would be forgiveness that fast, but I mean, whatever. I suppose it's not that important.. either way, I was hoping for a more subtle, down-to-earth episode more in the vein of the Season 2 Halloween episode, but there was enough laughs and great moments here to keep me happy.
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    Remember when Darryl was just some guy at the warehouse? I swear to god, if he is the new boss next season, I am going to be very mad at the writers. Darryl is better as a side character, and it shows in the earlier seasons, he's been getting too much screen time, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop by the end of the episode.

    Just stop shoving Darryl center stage, writers, it doesn't work, and it shows in this episode. We got some funny one liners, but that couldn't hold this episode together. Michael was just plain annoying, and I really didn't care for what these two were arguing about.

    I guess the only plot I was remotely interested in was the whole office wanting to get the coupon book. We've got some funny gags such as the prank on Stanley or Angela changing her outfit, but that's pretty much it. They'll do anything to get something, that isn't worth getting. The dynamic in the office stays strong, but when unimportant characters become the main focus of the episode, that's when things become a problem.

    Overall a fair episode of The Office. I had high expectations for this episode only to be let down. Not the best episode of The Office, but that's not surprising nowadays.
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    A decent enough episode of The Office here tonight. Timothy Olyphant was good here and now I kind of wish that they would cancel his show on FX Justified so he can come in and become the new boss here. Creed was good, Gabe was good, and this just felt like a well-written episode of The Office. The show is just not consistently funny anymore, that is my main gripe with it, but every once and awhile they can still give you a solid half hour of TV that does not want to make you bang your head against the wall, and they did that tonight.