The Office

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on NBC
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Michael is subjected to counseling with Toby. When a Steamtown Mall merchant snubs Dwight, he goes out for revenge. Pam wants a new job title.

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  • Michael and Toby

    One of the great things about this show was the "relationship" of Michael and Toby. Michael's dislike of Toby for no reason was always funny. Toby has wasn't the biggest of Michael either but Michael clearly dislikes him more. In a carryover from the previous episode because of what Michael did his nephew he now has to to have a counseling session with Toby. Their time together was memorable as any other time in the series. The only downgrade was that it was not as good as it should've been. That's not really a knock. Just an observation.

    Speaking of things that could've been better the 2nd storyline with Dwight getting changed over into something normal should've been a laugh riot. It was not. It wasn't bad but this this should've been just as funny if not more funny then the Michael and Toby storyline. I wasn't sure if this was a prank that Jim was playing on Dwight or if it was one he involved the whole office. It was a good thing you didn't see why Dwight was really there. You see that in the deleted scenes. The picture that the clerk took of Dwight when he tried to enter the store was amusing.

    Meanwhile Pam tries to get a new job title without asking or applying for it. What she did was somewhat liker her husband without the pranks. I think the best part was that she actually got it and outplayed Gabe.

    There was a lot to like about this episode. One it was the first time in a while that there were two good episodes in a row. Two, Michael finally made some closure with Toby. At least he didn't dislike him as much. Remember these first two episodes. There won't be many like this for a while. However remember the good and great will come.moreless
  • Toby vs. Michael.. could've been much better.

    Let me get this off my chest first: I loved the part of the episode that focused on Michael and Toby. Michael seems to have found this odd balance between ridiculous/over-the-top and mature. Of course, Michael's mature is still nowhere near a normal human being, but in comparison to what he usually does, we've gotten to see Michael acting much differently. However, the show got bogged down by two ridiculous sideplots, one of which was slightly funny (Dwight's attempts to get revenge on a store that refused him service) and one that fell flat on its face (Pam attempting to make up a position in Dunder Mifflin in order to get out of Sales).

    It was nice to see some continuity between episodes. Last week's episode ended with Michael spanking his nephew and being assigned to take a counseling course with Toby as punishment. I was excited to see this episode, mostly because Michael's relationship with Toby is hilarious. There were some great moments between the two and I really liked it when Michael opened up about his step-father. It showed a new layer of Michael that we've rarely seen before. However, when Michael finds out Toby was just playing games with him to get Michael to answer questions, the outcome is hilarious ("You son of a gun.. you B*TCH!") I felt like the writers could've gone a little less overboard with Michael's anger and could've focused on more subtle humor. Either way, it's always nice to see some Michael and Toby moments.

    But the Dwight and Pam plots were awful. Dwight pretending to be a gentlemen and Andy and Jim are actually willing to help him and feel bad for him? It doesn't make sense to me. Jim spends so much time saying how much he wants to play pranks on Dwight and how annoying he is, and all of a sudden, he wants to help Dwight. It doesn't make sense to me. As for Pam, her making up a position at Dunder Mifflin felt weak and a waste of her talent. People claim that Pam is annoying, but the truth is, she's not. Jenna Fischer is a good actress and the writers haven't been able to figure out something great for her to do in awhile.. I did enjoy her leaving for Michael Scott Paper Company, but even that was outrageous.

    Luckily, there were some great one-liners from the supporting cast ("Let's build our own mall!") and some great Michael and Toby moments. It's the side plots that were distracting.moreless
  • 702

    Michael and Toby have been feuding since day one, but I actually liked the scenes where the two were getting along. Sure, every once and awhile Michael will have a good zinger about Toby, but the majority of their rivalry is stupid, so in the brief moment the HR rep was manipulating his superior, I was actually enjoying myself.

    The Dwight stuff however was unbearable. Rainn Wilson looked completely lost out there unintentionally, and honestly this seemed like a storyline ripped from a Hannah Montana episode, not something that a show that once won an Emmy Award should have been doing.moreless
  • 702

    After the pretty good premiere that did bring some laughs to it's audience, we get an episode like this: an episode devoid of laughter. I did not laugh once while watching this episode, and I thought for the most part, all the plots were incredibly boring and not funny at all. The Office knows how to deliver, so we know it's capable of being funny, but then when an episode like this comes along, you can't help but ask yourself why this show has produced an episode as unfunny as this one.

    Pam's character is still better than last season, and we've been getting the "old" Pam, which has helped this episode, with her trying to get promoted for office administrator. The good thing is that she is finally off of sales. Dwight's plot was the worst, trying to copy Pretty Woman to buy a warrior toy? What!?

    The episode ended bluntly and just wasn't funny. A bad episode of The Office, and I would recommend that you skip this installment of The Office.moreless
  • best office episode in a while.

    Good writing by B.J. Novak, thought the ending was neat for breaking the 4th wall. I liked how the episode flowed with three consecutive stories running seamlessly together. The counseling, pretty woman and Pam's promotion were great stories, that all came to a sentimental end. I liked how it was logical for Pam to hate her job as salesman. Also Toby and Michael's counseling was sentimental in the right way, showing how their polar opposites. The Pretty woman was really funny, and it's impressive how faithful they were to the original material. Ed Helms saying "I think he's got it" just killed me. Welcome back, they have a few not so funny episode for a while.moreless
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