The Office

Season 5 Episode 5

Crime Aid

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on NBC
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Following a burglary at Dunder Mifflin on the night of his third date with Holly, Michael organizes an auction to replace what was stolen. Pam has a job at corporate to help with finances. Dwight seeks Phyllis' help to win Angela back.

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  • Alright

    Yeah the episode was alright, probably one of the better ones of the series so far.

    I'm not sold on the Michael and Holly stuff, i'm not finding it that interesting at all. Probably because they did a great job in progressing the Pam & Jim story through series 2 and 3. Then again they are also dropping the ball with this as well.

    Dwight was great in this episode as the desperate man who can see love slipping through his finger tips. They also found a use for Phyllis as well, which they haven't managed to do until she caught Dwight and Angela at it at the end of season 4. The actual conversations between Dwight and Phyllis were probably the best of the episodes.

    Jim and Pam are in complete limbo right now, it feels like the writers are wasting time before they can get onto something better with them. The reaction of Roy to Jim's engagement was pretty hard to believe, considering his past lurches into violent behaviour towards Jim.

    The auction had a lot of potential but it did drift away a little bit towards the end. The Phyllis 1000 hug was a nice touch though.

  • Someone steals from the company

    And no it's not Creed. At least I think. But more on that later.

    In the last episode Michael asked out Holly on a date. As expected things are going along smoothly for them. I also think it was partly due to Jim's advice. Things are going so well that Michael asks Holly if they are going to have sex. Maybe it's because Michael didn't ask it it in his own "special" way but she says yes. I also think it's because she is into him. How Michael reacts to this news is of course joy but it's also funny and shows how much he has grown. A few years ago he would've told everyone or had a meeting about it. Holly who is smart tricks the cameras and locks herself in with Michael and then well "it" happens. I found it funny when Michael thought the mics on them were turned down.

    As a result of what happened, someone or more then one (at least according to Dwight) many of the employees and company's things are taken. To try to make it up for this Michael along with Holly decides to have an auction to make up (or at least try) for the loss of the value of the possessions. Almost all of the employees had something to offer. Each was good. There are more on the deleted scenes. Creed was the best. Creed all inclusive. It's too bad Toby didn't have something to offer. How Michael would've reacted would've been pretty funny. The thing that Michael has to offer (Bruce Springsteen tickets) turns out to be a ruse. This does not take away from the episode at all. The fact that Holly doesn't mind shows how much she likes Michael.

    Also to come out of this was Dwight continuing to pursue Angela while trying to make her choose between him and Andy. How Angela responds to that is what any women would do. His reaction when he found that that Andy set a date for the wedding and the time Dwight set for Angela to make her decision shows his human side. It was great acting by Rain Wilson. I also enjoyed how Phyllis helped Dwight out and how Dwight thanked her.

    The end of the episode did good job of setting up the next episode.moreless
  • 504

    This was a very bad episode of The Office, it was forgettable and I felt like the writers could have done way better, with Roy being in the episode, and Jim driving back to New York.

    The concept was good, the office gets robbed, but then as the episode progressed, it was just an auction that was devoid of laughter, nothing really happened, and by the end, I felt as though this show was about Michael's love life. They're still continuing with drama that is so insignificant, it's not even worth watching.

    The whole Dwight/Angela/Andy has already been dragged out too long and it's only the fourth episode of the season, Dwight seemed... out of character. Why would he got to Phyllis of all people? Because she knows? Dwight has always shown resentment toward Phyllis and it just didn't make sense.

    The end with David Wallace finding out about Michael & Holly was the most uninteresting cliffhanger. All of those things aside, this episode just wasn't funny or eventful, and that just makes this a poor episode.moreless
  • Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch gets robbed.

    On a very top-down perspective, I found this installment a fairly good one. There was a nice storyline, which was executed in probably the best way possible. Certain subplots were different and good for a change.

    I suppose the prime motive this episode was able to establish was the Holly-Michael relationship. Its good to see a character who is actually compatible with the depiction of Michael's delusional character. There were literally zero Jim-Dwight sequences this episode, which evidently makes it clear why this one wasn't funny. Dwight's role this time around seemed to be way off track, though for a change it was good to see him as a chap who is serious about his relationship with Angela. The final scene where a lot of people bid for Phyllis' hug was sweet. And she offering Dwight relationship advice was definitely a well played scene.

    Overall, there were a few ups and downs, and I guess the show is trying to figure out a new mode of taking things forward. I absolutely hated the previous installment, but this one was OK. And yes, practically you can't expect the best to be delivered all the time.moreless
  • Not getting better.

    Wow, The Office just keeps falling and falling. From stealing lines from other shows and comedians (David Spade did the "swing batter swing" line during the auction 8 years ago) to just downright bad jokes, if it is stupid you can count on it being on The Office.

    What has happened to the Michael character? He was never luvvy-dubby like this? He was never so careless regarding the work ethic of his company. And what about Dwight? Instead of being clever he was just simply annoying. Putting a flat on one of Phyllis' tires? Really?

    You used to say when watching The Office "Ha ha, how do they think of this stuff?" but now you just say, "Wow, did they really just do this?"moreless
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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Michael: In my opinion the third date is traditionally the one where we'll have sex. Does Holly think that way? I don't know. I will probably find out tonight. If she starts having sex with me I'll know for sure.

    • Darryl: Mike gave me a list of his top ten Springsteen songs. Three of them were Huey Lewis and the News, one was Tracy Chapman "Fast Car", and my personal favorite, "Short People".

    • Michael: So, Darryl and the boys in the hood in the warehouse have graciously donated to uh, "go out for a beer with them right now." You know what? I'm actually going to bid on this. I'm going to start the bidding because this is something that I've dreamt of—
      Darryl: Mike, we can't do this—conflict of interest.
      Jim: Five dollars!
      Darryl: Sold! To Jim!

    • Phyllis: What are you making?
      Dwight: Knife.
      Phyllis: Making a knife with a knife?
      Dwight: You got a better way?

    • Dwight: She introduced me to so many things: pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism, presents on your birthday, preventative medicine.
      Phyllis: It's nice to learn new things—
      Dwight: I was talking to myself!

    • Creed: No one steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name, (whispers) Creed Bratton.

    • David Wallace: (concerned) No, I did not know that Michael was dating Holly.

  • NOTES (5)


    • When Michael calls Pam at corporate, his singing of her full first name—Pamela—is a play on mountaineers singing "Ri-co-la" in TV commercials for Ricola cough drops.