The Office

Season 5 Episode 7

Customer Survey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • Dwight and Jim

    After a episode that was done mostly out of the office it was nice to have one all done in the office. It was also nice to have more laughs not that the last one didn't. Hard as it may be to believe but, Michael grew up in this episode. After Holly and Michael decide to end things, he announces he is engaged. When he calls his mom about the announcement, (speaker phone, nice line by Andy) it quickly falls apart. I think he grows because he is able to do his job (as well as he can) without being a distraction. Remember when Carole broke up with him, he wanted Christmas canceled. and when his realtionship with Jan ended, he fell in love with a girl from a photo. He is able to do the annual customer reviews. Also remember when he did reviews with the whole staff earlier in the series he wanted to spend more time on a phone call that Jan left.

    Things are going along smoothly until he finds out that Jim and Dwight got bad reviews. It was a little surprising for Jim. This leads to Michael helping out Jim and Dwight. The scene with Dwight and Jim in the conference room with Michael observing and helping was one of the best Jim and Dwight scenes in the series. Dwight being a conspiracy theorist, thinks someone or something is screwing him and Jim. It was funny when Dwight told Jim to get in the car to only park in the lot with the music playing. It turns out Dwight is right when Kelly was the one who wrote the bad reviews from the customers. How Kelly did it was understandable for her. It was a nice scene with her and Michael when she was in his office. Great acting done by Jim when he found out that Pam may stay longer in New York. when that guy (who wasn't trying to get Pam for himself) told Pam she should stay longer in the city. The conservation between Jim and Pam was pretty entertaining. Another good scene when Dwight was going over the details for Angela's and Andy's wedding.

    All in all a very good episode that needed to be done after the last episode.
  • 506

    A very well executed episode of The Office, lately it seems that this show has been starting to find it's way again after the past mediocre episodes. Maybe Holly leaving was a good thing. We got some really great interactions between Jim & Dwight, and it was just so great how it all came together from the cups to it being Kelly that messed up with Jim & Dwight's customer survey reports just because they didn't go to her party. Kelly definitely stole the show here. From her being the culprit to her claiming she was raped to get out of things.

    Meanwhile Alex, a friend of Pam's, tells her to stay in New York to be an artist. The whole blue tooth thing was hilarious. I wasn't that interested with the Andy/Dwight/Angela plot, like I said before, they are dragging that out for way too long. A bit of a cliffhanger though. Finally, a good episode in season 5.
  • Dwight and Jim get bad reviews, Pam contemplates staying in NY

    If you didn't notice this episode was directed by one of the men responsible for the original Office Stephen Merchant. You could really feel his presence on the show as there were several awkward moments that the British version of the show was famous for.

    Unfortunately there were a lot of boring parts to make up for it. Dwight was fantastic in this episode and showed signs of Season 2 and 3 Dwight. As for the rest of the cast, no, to put it frankly. Kelly is just awful as is Angela, and they got way too much time here.

    The face on the mug gag was stolen right from The IT Crowd when Moss did it on that show. They're not at the level of How I Met Your Mother yet but recent Offices seem to be fond o stealing ideas from better shows.

    The five out of ten is very generous as there was a lot of rubbish in this installment, especially the Jim and Pam scenes. I think they might be confused by the 9:00 time slot but this isn't Grey's Anatomy yet they give us lame copies of that every week.
  • While Kelly makes false remarks on Dwight's and Jim's customer surveys, Pam keeps in touch with her new bluetooth.

    This was one of the best episodes of season five for several reasons. First of all, it had many memorable quotes. For example, Dwight's shoe remark (you know which one I'm talking about) is very funny. Even though this season, with semi-decent episodes like 'Baby Shower', and 'Employee Transfer', 'Customer Survey' has probably been the best this season---and possibly of last season too. In had the awkward last scene, and the funny reasons. When Kelly changes the customer survey reports just because Dwight an Jim missed her America's Got Talent Finale Party, it shows a lot about the charachter. All in All, this episode was a perfect 10, because of the quotes, the developement, and the great quotes that make up the classic the office.
  • This is the office that I KNOW

    Yes this was the office I know when I decided watching the series. Ratings were so good that it was placed in the top ten episodes of The Office. I loved it a lot especially with Jim and Dwight together and stuff. Dwight being the Dwight i know, Pam surprising us with That's What she said!! lol that was a total classic. I really hope pam is strong enough and not go by what that guy told her about staying in new york because it will only continue to prolong her relationship with Jim even more. But all in all it was a really good episode and i hope next week's will be even better.
  • They're back!!!

    No question this is the best episode so far this season! I loved every moment from the Cold Beginning, Andy with his Mug (Shot), Jim & Pam with the Smallest BT...

    I could go on but the Highlight was the "Mr. Buttlicker" Mock Sale/Call, I just lost it on this scene. Jim & Dwight working together to call out Kelly was the first, am I right? That was nice to see. As I said, every moment. The Cold Ending with Angela & Dwight was so sweet!

    I have to say congrats to Lester Lewis, who wrote this episode. He wrote two of my All-Time favorites, this and "The Deposition."
  • Jim and Dwight get bad reviews as Jim talks to Pam all day through blue tooth. Hilarity with some soft moments for good measure.

    This, for me, is the best ep of season 5 as it is easily the funniest and has some nice plot twists to keep you wondering where the next ep will tae you. All the lead characters are in top form tonight with some of the regulars taking a back seat.

    Dwight and Jim recieve bad customer service reviews and Dwight smells a conspiracy afoot! This provides most of the laughs this ep with the mock cumstomer service call a real highlight in this ep.

    Meanwhile, Pam finds the smallest bluetooth in a japanese electronics store and decides to talk to Jim all day through it. This provides a few funny moments but the real crux of this plot line is the revelation that comes at the end of the ep. I won't give it away but I think it will help the plot of the season develop quite well.

    Meanwhile Andy annoys Angela to have their wedding in a luxury tent. Angela says he can if he gets a hand-sown field with an old barn in a 18 mile radius of Scranton. The kicker is that there is a place that fits the bill, Schrute Farms!

    I can only hope that future eps can be as good this. It had everything you could want in an episode of The Office humour and heart. The only reason I didn't give this a full 10 is that it is impossible to have a perfect episode. But boy was this close to it!
  • Jim and Pam communicate over a bluetooth device. Kelly messes up with Jim and Dwight's customer service ratings.

    For some reason, the show doesn't seem to be working anymore. After a decent Halloween episode last time, this one ensured the show was back embracing its unfunny 5th season counterparts.

    Here we see Jim and Pam use a micro bluetooth device to stay continuously in touch. Sometimes I find this whole Jim-Pam relationship so nauseating. Its worse than watching two 14-year old getting all lovey-dovey for the first time after crossing puberty. Well, thanks to Dwight for saving the slightest respect I've got for this show. Its nice and funny to see him get worked up and paranoid. Michael was pretty much non-existent this time around.

    Kelly formed the spine of the story. She did play a decent role, given the script wasn't all that mentionable. Overall, an OK episode if you lower your expectations(which, I have resigned to doing). And, a show that doesn't seem to be weaving its good old magic anymore.
  • Classic!

    This was the best episode of the season (and possibly of the last two seasons) in my opinion. I didn't love the cold open about Michael psyching everyone out about him marrying Holly--it just made me miss Holly, but when Kelly walked in with her white bridesmaids dress, I was already laughing. The constant interaction between Jim and Pam was back via their Bluetooths. Jim and Dwight together are always hilarious and the mock sales call was the funniest scene since Health Care (season 1) where Dwight is interogating Jim. When Angela was talking about where she wanted her wedding, I knew it would be at Schrute Farms. How hilarious is that? I've already seen this episode three times.
  • This one is realy special

    This one is realy special. Once we face with truth about Pams art school and her staying in New York, after that i was speachless. Another thing;Michael in this wpisode was like one kind of judge, First time between Jim and Dwight, and another one with Jim and Dwight on one side and Kelly on other. I hope that Andy will realize the truth about his Angela, i hate that bia*ch. Probably they need someone to cook things up. Excellent episode. I was suprised at the end. Funnies thing was when Jim and Dwight had to pretand like customer and seller in front of Michael. hahaha that was awesome...
  • Good episode but not as good as it usually is.

    Customer Survey is a decent episode of the office but it lacks the flavor that has made the office such an amazing and funny show that appeals to so many. Dont get me wrong, it is enjoyable. Some of the enjoyable parts is the meeting between dwight and jim outside "Pams not here!" and the part with michael yelling at the girl for screwing with the surveys, "i was raped"..."thats not gonna work this time". But the show just didnt have enough of jim picking on dwight and it also didnt have enough of michael. Amazing show but this was just a filler episode primarily but still enjoyable.