The Office

Season 4 Episode 16

Did I Stutter?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • Did I say this was a good episode?

    This was a rare episode is that it was about Stanley. He was always a guy who kept to himself and didn't help out other people. The only ambition he shows is when it's pretzel day or he gets to leave early. He has always had a rock realtionship with Michael. In yet another meeting, he pushed him too far and Stanley yells at Michael. The scene was done very good. While I understand Michael can be well Michel I think Stanley did cross a line. Toby suggests to Michael that he deal with Stanley and in classic Michael fashion he finds any way to avoid it. The chart that Dwight made was pretty interesting. If you have the Season 4 DVD, you can see it. It was funny the suggestion that Darryl made for Michael on how to deal with Stanley. It was too bad you never got to see it done on Stanley. The final confrontation between Michael and Stanley was made not to be funny but I enjoyed it.

    There was not much a second storyline. There were actually two. Pam having to wear glasses and people reactions, especially Michael were amusing. The storyline of Andy's car was also good. It set up something that would happen later on. Speaking of setting things up. Ryan gives Jim a job warning. It was kind of surprising and a little mean of Toby. I think he did it not because he likes Pam but he's leaving soon.

    This was a good episode not because of the laughs but this didn't a full season or to be set up from a previous episode.
  • Stanley disrespects Michael in front of the whole office, Dwight buys Andy's X-Terra, and Pam is forced to wear her backup glasses.

    The one thing that is great about The Office is that the show can go on and not really need to follow a consistent plot. Not one time during this episode was mentioned that the Dunder Mifflin employees were locked in the previous week or the fact that Toby basically molested Pam in front of the whole staff, nor was Ryan's drug problem brought up. I, myself, do not mind this because I know that there are two more episodes before the end of the season, so they have plenty of time to bring those stories back. Getting back to this episode though, Stanley decides to mouth off to Michael at a meeting with the whole office staff. Michael was looking for ideas from the team and when he got to Stanley, doing a crossword puzzle as usual, firmly told Michael he didn't want to participate and then asked him if he stuttered. Whoa Stanley, where did this come from? Michael, feeling ashamed and embarassed, goes to his office, where Toby tells him that he has to discipline Stanley for being insubordinate. Michael has another plan of action and decides to get the whole office involved on fake firing Stanley. We'll get back to that. Hey, Andy is selling his car. He owns a Nissan X-Terra and has a poster up in the break room. Dwight sees this as a chance to get a new plow for the farm, so he tells Andy that he will take the SUV off his hands for $1500 less than what Andy asked. Andy reluctantly agrees after Dwight's in-your-face style of business. And of course, what does Dwight do? Flips it for more than he paid, more than what Andy has originally asked. Think he is still bitter about Angela? Maybe a little. Pam had no contact solution so she was stuck wearing her old back-up glasses after she spent the night at a "friend's" house. It was pretty funny when Pam was trying to function without her glasses because she could not see and I definitely can relate to that! Finally, in front of the whole staff, Michael decides to fake-fire Stanley and upon hearing this, Stanley goes off on Michael citing all of his mistakes over the years. Michael kicks everyone out of the office, except for Stanley, and starts to cry a little, asking why he always picks on him? After talking it out and telling Stanley that he simply cannot talk to him like that, Michael and Stanley are ok. Just a great episode that really had no relevance in the story line but definitely an instant classic episode!
  • Not funny, just sad. It was just plain uncomfortable to watch.

    I didn't laugh at all at this episode. The characters I usually love were mean, bitter, and hostile. Dwight was exceedingly aggressive and crazy, and not in an amusing way. The confrontation between Stanley and Michael was awkward and painful to watch. Usually, this show does a great job of making awkward moments funny, but this episode was full of moments that were just plain heartbreaking. Everyone was mean to Pam because of her glasses, and Toby, who is normally sweet and sensitive, was cutthroat and ratted out Jim because he is jealous. This episode was too close to the painful realities of real life relationships going sour, and I didn't like it at all.
  • Stanley speaks up to Michael.

    Season 4 of The Office is like a string of bad dreams. You used to have good dreams, but every once and awhile you have a bunch of rough nights. They could be from seeing a horror movie, or having a bad experience in life, but those few weeks make your sleep seem even worse.

    Why has Season 4 been bad? Well, the episodes have all started off poorly. Weak openings, lame openings, even painful to watch beginnings have plagued the show.

    The plotlines have just lacked any direction, or even a reason for the viewer to stay tuned. The typical humdrum The Office brings up is really getting old. The fact that they chose to have a 22 minute episode revolving around Stanley shows how desperate the show has become. Reminiscent of Seinfeld after Larry David left, the show is just lacking what made it unique, and has amended itself into a generic hump of human waste.

    Dwight has become one of the most irritating cast members. After incredibly quotable lines in Seasons 1-3, Dwight has produced less memorable lines than a NBA game on TNT with Doug Collins commentating. Pam wearing glasses was a failed attempt to create some entertainment from her character. Jenna Fischer's horrible acting was protected during Seasons 1-3, but her flaws have really shown this year.

    BJ Novak is almost the opposite of funny, as his lines are just so poorly delivered. His character changes nearly every episode instead of being carefully constructed like an Emmy-winning show should do. While we can savor the fact that his role has been reduced this year, his intolerable personality still plagues my TV screen on a weekly basis. Michael is another example of a character that has lost direction completely. His doltish behavior is in no way believable, and his overrated acting only brings down the show. His moments in previous seasons were awkward, yet amusing, but now they've simply become awkward. His rant at the end of the episode made me want to throw a rock through the TV, and the only reason I didn't was because it would not be a wise financial decision. I like to think things through before doing them, something the production team should've done before sending this episode to air.

    The object of a television show is to leave the viewer wanting more. The Office is a rare example of wanting less than from a show. Remember when the clock seemed like it moved so slowly during math class? Yeah, that same feeling happens at 9:00 on NBC.
  • 412

    Another good episode from The Office, as I started watching it, I honestly didn't think it was going to be a good episode, but by the end, I found myself laughing all the way through. So now Creed & Kevin are falling in love with Pam? Seriously, what's up with that? The definite highlight of this episode was everyone making fun of Pam's glasses, especially Michael, it was just absolutely hysterical. Toby ratting out Jim was also funny, we got a bit of a follow up from the last episode which I certainly enjoyed. The Michael and Stanley confrontation was also quite funny, I also enjoyed Dwight and Andy bumping heads, this season is definitely improving, lets just hope it continues to improve.
  • This episode was so funny!

    When Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting, Michael tries to give Stanley an attitude adjustment. Michael's plan to fake-fire Stanley only worsens the situation. To punish Andy for his relationship with Angela, Dwight lowballs Andy to buy his car and then resells it for a profit. Meanwhile, Pam deals with unwanted attention from her "back up" glasses after spending the night at Jim's. Jim receives a formal warning from Ryan about his job performance. I think that this episode is so funny! I think that any episode that involves Stanley is so funny! Even though he's very serious, he is so funny!
  • Stanley and Michael clash, and Jim and Pam drag on...

    I enjoyed this episode, but have been disappointed by the quality of the last few episodes since the writers' strike. Aside from "Dinner Party," which was almost complete before the strike, the episodes have been scattered, with so many storylines jammed into the 22 minutes that none of them really develop or can go anywhere. They try to insert a Pam and Jim storyline into every episode, which gets old quick. The engagement joke was funny the first time, not the third, fourth and tenth. They need progress in their relationship - it's been the same this entire season. I was extermely disappointed to see so little Ryan, after last week's episode focused on his cocaine addiction. While I thought Toby and Ryan ganging up on Jim for their respective reasons was a great idea, but could have been saved as a central plot.

    I know things with Stanley were going to finally take center stage, but the whole thing felt a little weak. Although I always enjoy Darrell's tips on how black people live, it was really the only part of the storyline that was funny. They are making Michael too unrealistic - a lot of the time in the first three seasons it was believable that he could goof off, but he was afraid of losing his job. Now it's become ridiculous.

    One of the only things saving this from being a mediocre episode were Andy and Dwight. Every time I see an Xterra, I laugh. And I love that they referenced Angela keying Andy's car, leaving a huge scratch tht Andy calls a racing stripe.

    Overall, it seems the writers are trying to put too much in - I realize that because of the strike the season won't be as long as the others, but it seems to me they're taking the ten ideas they had for episodes and stuff them into four episodes, which just doesn't work.
  • I loved it! I love Stanley!

    Stanley has always been my favorite character on the Office and I love that he got a great storyline! It was hilarious and just down right awesome to see him diss Micheal frame to frame. How could you not love Stanley going off on Micheal it was so ****** funny! I laughed so hard. Just the thought of Stanley undermining Micheal (the boss) is just ine of my favorite things to think about! Great loved it, and to all the reviews who don't like this very special episode....Ur just crazy because it was one of the best episodes of The Office.
  • complete waste of episode and plot. Nothing changed withen the office.

    they completely wasted what could have been a great episode. There was at least three other plots that would have been much better than the stanly - micheal fight.
    1)micheal could give dwight control over the office, causing him to fire jim and not give power back.
    2)dwight rips more people off (like andys car)
    3)angela and andy might seperate and angela might go back to dwight (or maybe im just imagining that angela looked impressed when dwight ripped andy off)
    4)pam at jims house
    5) maybe pam forgets something else at jims and people begin to notice
    6)jim actually proposes to pam and she thinks its a joke
    There are tons more i could list too. with micheal acting stupid and none of the characters advancing it made the show the worst ever (i think.) also there were no pranks or other stuff taking out the comic appeal (for me)
  • Things change, things are more serious but things are well writen and this is one of the best episode of season 4.

    With "Chair Model" and "Money", "Did I Stutter?" is the best episode of season 4. Way better than last week episode. I prefers when everybody is in the office. Just one thing : what they are doing of Toby ? I loved him so much and now, he's so... he's so not Toby. But I love to see Jim is not perfect and Pam can also be ugly ! Creed was hilarious, Dwight was at his best, Andy and Angela were cute, Kevin was so excited about everything, and it was good to see Kelly and Darryl ! But I hope we can see them together before the end of the season. Ryan needs a rehab, look at him ! And Michael is now able to accept that one of his workers don't love him. His confrontation with Stanley is priceless and show us a more mature Michael, like in "Money" with his new job. Things are more serious. Things change and change is good sometimes, especially after four seasons. Two episodes before the end, i can't wait!
  • i think it was a pretty good episode, it was kinda boring in some parts but, its the office, you just have to laugh...haha. i hope pam and jim stay together!

    so i think the episode was pretty good, iv just kinda caught up on the office and iv got to say...its a very addicting show! i like jim and pam together, and i like Dwight, he is probably the funniest person on there. Michael is funny too and Stanley has his funny moments too. he seems to kinda balance everything out, like in this episode, like with funny and drama. the Michael and Stanley showdown was pretty good, though it was kinda weird seeing Michael serious haha and i feel bad for Toby, Michael is so mean to him and i just feel bad for him.

    all and all i would give this episode a 8 out of 10!
  • Stanley disrespects Micheal in front of the entire office, and Micheal tries to get everyone's respect back by punishing Stanley. Dwight buy's Andy's car and flips it for a proffit by convincing Andy it is junk. Pam has to wear glasses to the office.

    This seemed loke a classic old office episode with the whole gang and goofy storylines.
    Stanley's out burst was hillarious. My favorite part was Dwight's storyline convincing Andy to sell him the car for cheap and making his mad lib it was great I love Dwight.
    Poor Pam I felt so bad for her everyone kept telling her how ugly she looked with glasses and Creed's jazz cat comment so funny.
    I got kinda scared when they were talking to Jim, Stupid jelous Tobey I really hope he dosen't get fired. This episode was more like what the office was the first season, mabey not quite as funny as last week but still a pretty great episode.
  • Michael and Stanley duke it out.

    I was kind of put-off by the level of absurdity displayed by Dwight. Sometimes the writers make his character a little too goofy. The only funny part was Pam and the glasses. And, of course, Stanly, who is one of my favorites! It's about time he told Michael how he felt. OH, and I love anytime Ryan makes an appearance. He is sooo funny. I love his new NY guy persona, very clever. Toby's reaction to Jim's formal warning was also clever. I did enjoy the episode, but not as much as some others. I also miss Jan, believe it or not!
  • I wasn't too impressed especially with all the changed they are trying to make.

    I just didn't think this was one of the best episodes, Ryan is trying to mess with and/or fire Jim, they were about to fire Stanley. I know there has to be some plot and some suspense to make the show good but everything just came at once. I think I have missed to many epsisodes because there are some things missing. I know he said something about going over Ryan's head. I did see some of last week when they were all together in New York. In my opinon they can get rid of the Ryan character and maybe even Angela I never cared for her character it's more annoying than funny in my opinon eventhough the actress does a really good job playing that character.
  • All anyone cares about is Jim and Pam and their relationship, yet the writers refuse to acknowledge this at all. Rather, they focus on filler material that is pure garbage.

    This has gotten out of hand. This show desperately needs some fine tuning. I think Steve Carrell is just at the point where he could care less about this show anymore and wants to focus solely on films. Um, in case anyone hasn't seen his work in films (sans his bit part in 'Little Miss Sunshine'), Steve needs to re-evaluate his career. 'Evan Almighty' was the worst film of the past decade, easily. Anyway, enough of that - there has been ONE memorable seen this season that I can think of - the scene in which Jim shows the engagement ring he bought for Pam and Pam is giving Jim a hard time about 'when' he will actually propose. This is what the majority of viewers care about. Sure, Dwight is good for a laugh every now and then, but, for the most part, Angela & Andy are dreadful to watch, Michael over-acts every single line and Ryan needs to have a lobotomy. The entire show needs refocused. But I already saw the titles and summaries of the final 2 episodes coming up for this season and... what a shock! Nothing at all about Pam and Jim. Nothing. But we will get to see Andy play golf. Pass the cyanide.
  • Another week, another letdown.

    I had high hopes for this episode to be funny, but that went down the toilet. Can we officially label this show a Drama?, or a Dramedy at best?.

    The Office always has that uncomfortable feel to it, which is part of it's charm. But tonight was uncomfortable on some negative levels as well. I think that writers want Toby to be hated by the time he leaves the show, Creed and Phyllis seem more like seat fillers lately, and most of the Stanley Michael thing sucked all the comedy out of the show.

    The writers need to light a fire under the Andy/Angela storyline because I am bored to tears with it. Dwight is always on point every episode, and I love where the Jam storyline might be going.

    The writers need to return to the shows silly comedy roots. I don't even feel it's a mockumentary anymore.
  • I loved the episode, but their are some minor flaws that keep it from being a 10/10.

    Episode Summary: Stanley snaps at Michael during one of his idea sessions, which forces Michael to confront him. Dwight buys Andy's car and resells it. Pam loses her contax after spending the night at Jims.

    The Pros: Some great scenes in here, Stanley and Michaels "fight", the opening sequence, and any scene with Dwight in it was classic. And finally, Jim and Pam are back to being the only two ordinary charaters in the office after their character changes in the fourth season. The Cons: Um, did they need that final scene? They could have just ended it on Michael and Stanley's fight and be done with it, but no Michael didn't have a monolouge yet so the writers tried to find something funny he could work with. Also, can they finish a plot anymore? The Dwight and Andy subplot was never truly resolved, and to some extent even the Pam subplot didn't really have an ending. Overall: A very good episode that should please most Office fans, just a couple of minor flaws with it.
  • Stanley snaps.

    I thought this was a funny episode. the whole thing with stanley was really funny, especially when michael started crying. and the end with phylis was hilarious! when i read the summary for this episode and saw that it said pam had an unexpected problem after staying over jims house, i thought it was going to be something big. but no, all that happened was that she forgot her contacts and had to wear her ugly backup glasses, that was pretty dissapointing. but other than that it was a good episode. i love the beginning when michael puts his face in the cement and says "thats my face hole"- that was funny. this was a really good episode.