The Office

Season 4 Episode 13

Dinner Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • The best dinner party ever

    I am back and so is this is episode. Actually I reviewed a episode yesterday. However this was the first episode since the writers strike. What an episode to have the first one back. Sometimes everything works and all things align and a great episode is made. This was that episode. Let me just get this out of the way. The episode would've been better had there been some other episodes before it. This is no one's fault since the writers strike.

    This was a great start to the episode. Michael has everyone work on an overtime "project" to only find out that he was up to a trick to get Jim and Pam and also Andy and Angela. Normally Michael doesn't have the skills enough to trick someone. From the start when Jim and Pam arrived at Michael's and Jan's condo (but more hers at this time) you could tell this would be a memorable episode. The party was a disaster and the most uncomfortable and funny party ever. It was the little things that made this episode work. The little looks have always worked but this was done better. Maybe it was the layoff but all the actors stepped up their game. First of all Jim and Pam were wonderful in this episode. It was funny when both Jan and Michael both hugged Jim and Pam. I really enjoyed when everyone was playing charades and Jim was intentionally giving the wrong answers. Michael was funny in the game. Another great moment happened when Jim got a "call" that his apartment was flooded. It was very amusing when Pam was telling Jim he shouldn't leave the party.

    The tour of the condo was also very entertaining. You get to see how much Jan has taken over. The best part was the bedroom with the camera and where Michael sleeps. The reactions of Jim and Michael with Jan's new business venture with her candles was also good. The party got better when Dwight showed up with his "date" who was his babysitter. I really liked that he brought he own wine glasses. It was also funny to see how Angela treatment of Andy.

    The dinner itself was also memorable. Whether it was the neon beer sign, the song that Hunter, Jan's old assistant was playing, Michael saying to Pam that Jan might have poisoned the food or Dwight bringing his own food, it was all great. All of this plus what happened before lead to a big fight between them. This fight was in no means scary but very entertaining. Michael had the best line. (You broke a $200 TV!!!) It was amusing how Michael got a HDTV but the cheapest one possible. As you might have guessed it, this was the end of the realtionship of Jan and Michael. This episode would've been better if it was an hour but for me this was one of the top three episodes of the series.
  • 409

    Wow, how GREAT was this episode!? Some people might disagree, but I laughed at every line and reaction. Melora Hardin's (Jan) reaction time was amazing in this episode, which usually she's not so great at, but in this episode, she proved us viewers wrong. This episode managed to make all the viewers uncomfortable, and the editing was amazing.

    I think the thing that really stood out in this episode was the comedic timing. I felt like the show lost a sense of that come fourth season but this episode proves that The Office is still capable of being a great show. This was a perfect comeback from The Writers Strike, and anyone who truly is a fan of this show will enjoy it regardless if the show is going downhill.

    Jan came off as a psycho, and their relationship in general just cracks me up. Laughed from beginning to end. Flawless episode.
  • I was shocked to see this episode having such a high rating. I think the rating is more for just the show being back then the episode being good because quite frankly this episode was one of the worst of the entire series.

    That might sound like a major insult but think about all the other episodes of the show that were just far better than this. Every episode of this season far surpasses this episode and thats just this season, I won't go into previous seasons. It felt completely out of character, very few parts actually made me laugh and the awkwardness between the characters I myself actually felt while watching this episode.

    They made Jan seem like a complete weirdo which she never used to be. She actually made Michael seem semi normal. Angela made a comment that she noticed how Pam was looking at Michael... come on, Angela would never say that. Jan and Michael constantly saying "Babe" to each other, they never did that before so how do they bring that into this episode.

    The whole argument with Michael and Jan just wasn't funny and went on far too long. I'm sure most people won't agree with me because their judgment is clouded but I think people should be rating the episode for what it is and not just rate it high because the show is now back after the strike.

    Overall this episode felt totally out of place and out of character. In all honesty this is probably the worst episode of the office ever and I should rate it a 1(relative to the rest of the episodes)
  • Uncomfortable, unrealistic, and stupid. The worst Office episode to date.

    I did not laugh once in this episode, it was so stupid and out of character. Season 4 has been very disappointing, with the exception of maybe three episodes. A horrible episode that is easily the worst. Michael was out of character, Jan was DEFINITELY out of character, and Jim and Pam were just there. The writers are getting lazy, and are less committed to making a believable but clever sequence that is what The Office has always been about. This was just a quick way for the writers of this show to break up Michael and Jan in a memorable way. Horrible waste of my time.
  • An artificial and out of character episode. Takes place almost entirely out of the office and essentially ruins the episode due to this. One of the worst (if not the worst) episodes i have ever seen.

    Why is this rated so high? Do you honestly think this episode (aside from being new) was actually that good? This episode took place in the office for oh say.. three minutes. All n all taking away from the whole mood of the show. Made it feel so much more artificial and out of character. This is one of the worst (if not the worst) episodes i have ever seen. The fight dragged on to excruciatingly painful attempts at comedy and seemed out of character entirely (or at least exaggerated too much with the case of Jan). The Angela and Andy love affair still makes no sense to me (Angela's vengeance?) and well ugh.. theres just so many things wrong and unsatisfying about this episode.
  • You showed me everything that was right...

    I'm usually a big grader on SNL, and I admit that I'm very hard on grading SNL. Sketch shows are actually much easier at pointing pros and cons out of. I'm sure if I just watched the show every once and a while and I jotted down a review, it would be in the 8/9 range, like what I'm about to do now.

    But this is The Office. I don't want to just pick apart everything that wasn't funny in the show. I just enjoy it, because, it is a really good show.

    Okay, so, we're back in April. Returning from the strike. Granted, the first half of season 4 was much more hit and miss, if not borderline mediocre, but, this episode was just an awesome return.

    I watched this when it premiered, but I wasn't all too familiar with The Office. Recently, I've caught up on the show, so, I have to say, this was a brilliant episode. Where can I start? The fact that Michael staged a whole work evening just to have dinner with Pam and Jim was hilarious.

    The fact that Jan took over the house was great. But, one of the best parts was the camcorder in the bedroom. Then we move on to really awkward bickering, which was absolutely hilarious! Then, the whole twist with Dwight and his babysitter was awesome! This whole episode was just a huge highlight for The Office. I'm sure if later in The Office's run, if anybody does "The Office's Best Episodes" Countdown, this will just have to be AT LEAST in the top 10.

    Also, other than the comedy being awesome, that "The Hunted" song, That One Night was just great.
  • In a nutshell, Dinner Party brings home the bacon.

    A dinner party is thrown by the seemingly happy couple Michael and Jan who invite the actually happy couple Jim and Pam, the one - sided couple Andy and Angela and are even suprised by Dwight and his middle - aged babysitter with whom his relationship is strictly physical. The light - hearted nature of this episode is especially welcome after the harrowing WGA strike that saw this series hanging by a thread. The cast look visibly relaxed and the celebratory tone is evident. With the original story arcs of downsizing (season 1) and the "will they or won't they" tension between Jim and Pam (season 2 and 3) resolving, you can feel the writer's really scrounging around for ideas but since the characters are very developed at this point and have accumulated large fan bases, they can now dispense "What if?" style plots and this one is a particularly masterful choice. As the characters shred their work attire for the party, we also see an insight into their personalities and can make informed decisions on who they are at this point; Jim has really developed a more complex personality; in the first few seasons he was basically a robot programmed to prank, make faces and crack jokes but his relationship with Pam has seen him grow a more caring persona and his increased assertion and diminished yearning to be liked shows an often less likable Jim than we're used to. As Pam's hairstyle changes we also say "goodbye" to the timid and withdrawn Pam of the earlier seasons; the new one isn't afraid to voice her opinions and is visibly happier since dating Jim. Aside from that we're given strong signals that people like Andy, Angela and Dwight are the same no matter the setting. But the real bombshell is Jan who exhibits astoundingly unhinged behaviour that has the fans wondering if Jan has taken to drugs or whether living with Michael is more taxing than first thought.

    This is one of the only episode that has only one key plot, the dinner from hell, in doing this they've not only robbed the secondary characters of crucial screen time but have potentially sabotaged their own episode since many find Carrell's Michael Scott overbearing especially as the centre of the episode. Any worries brought up by this are quickly quashed, the composition between the down – to – earth Jim and the manic Michael is the ying and yang that stops this episode from descending into farce especially with Carrell's approach is to overplay everything, while Krasinksi comes across as relaxed. The contrast is effective.

    One letdown was the fact that it only showed the perspectives of Jim and Pam during the dinner; no other character is given so much as a talking head interview. While we never get bored of the golden couples increased mortification at partaking in this dinner, having other characters sharing their observations would've been the icing on the cake. Taking place in the same circumstances for the whole episode rules out any situational humour, a fatal mistake in most comedian's eyes but the character based gags supplying an array of physical and verbal jokes in varying degrees of subtly safely labels this episode has one of the funniest, rarely does a joke miss its mark although in retrospect, it is the in – jokes that work the best. The real highlight is watching the uncomfortable relationship between Michael and Jan slowely disintegrate throughout the night, while it must've been torture to witness it first – hand. The Dinner Party delivers what it promises; good, clean and silly fun. It won't have the Academy demanding that Emmy's are thrown in the direction of the show but will be remembered as a special Office episode by all who've seen it.
  • The uneasiness in this episode is contagious. It will truly make you feel something. Unlike any other TV episode in recent memory.

    This may well be my favorite episode of the fourth season. If that's not true, this is certainly among my top ten episodes of the series so far. Never has the show been so uncomfortable and so painful to watch, yet so real and hilarious at the same time. Granted, certain characters have always been a bit out of touch with reality, but the feelings this episode brings about are real. That's a big reason why I like this episode so much: it actually made me feel something. I always laugh at the Office, but that's because it is a comedy. The unease that this episode made me feel was amazing! Truly a unique experience. This episode provides shades of the British show it is based on. Give it another chance if you're a hater.
  • A change of pace for the show that is both refreshing and intresting.

    I am a fan of the American office, not a huge superfan but I still really like it in a simular kind of way I like family guy. Both shows are really funny and thats the charm but they lack the depth of their rivals i.e The UK office, and King of the Hill/ The Simpsons in family guys case. This episode is one of the deeper office episodes and it still manages to be really funny. I have seen the entire first season, most of the second season and bits and bobs from this season and I have to say this has been the best episode thus far in many respects. I think its greatest point is that it is set away from the 'office' which is refreshing and intresting.

    Overall a real good episode that you are sure to enjoy.
  • The most uncomfortable dinner party ever! Snip, snap, snip, snap, babe.

    After a few disappointing episodes, The Office I love is back. Was Michael and Jan's dinner party painful to watch? Yes. Did I laugh out loud? Yes.

    The episode was full of funny nods to the show. Michael's overtime con to get Jim and Pam to come to dinner was especially funny because in a recent episode Jim explained his strategy to always agree to things but then have plans. The scary mix of affection and resentment between Michael and Jan is obviously left over from the deposition. I like the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle because she gets to be hateful to them both, yet both men still want to be with her. I wonder who Hunter wrote that heartfelt song about and why Jan loves it so much. My favorite thing was Jim's blatant sabotage of the game, Angela's cluelessness about pop culture, and Michael's sad attempts to cheat.

    I liked seeing Jim and Pam together acting like their old selves. I think that has been missing since they started dating. Their frantic talking heads in the bathroom were priceless.
  • Jim and Pam join Michael, Jan, Dwight, Angela, Andy, and Dwights date on the world's worst dinner party.

    Every minute of this episode had me laughing out loud. I thought it was near-perfect. Way better than a lot of season 4 has been. I loved how Pam took Jim down with her, and how Jan danced to the ex-assistants song, and how Dwight brought his own food. Even the opening, with the fake request to stay late was perfect. Jim and Pam are adorable together and it was just painful to watch how un-adorable Michael and Jan are. I loved at the end when Jim and Pam are sitting in the car calling each other Babe and listening to Jan's CD. All in all, it was painful and a delight.
  • This episode was not as good as most of the episodes, especially for being the coming back type of episode from the writers strike.

    Michael and Jan invite Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela to a dinner party at the couple's condominium. When Michael and Jan begin to argue after the discussion of having children arises, the party's guests go to various measures to try to escape. The party is thrown into further confusion when Dwight, still pining for Angela, arrives with his former babysitter. As the fighting between Michael and Jan escalates, the police are eventually called by a neighbor. The party culminates with Michael leaving Jan. This episode was not as good as most of the episodes, especially for being the coming back type of episode from the writers strike.
  • sick show but random episode!!

    That was a weird weird episode...really awqword with some funny bits like Michaels tiny plasma TV...It did int really feel like the normal office theme and the Jan and Micheal thing was really strange. . . . But hey they cant all be winners and almost all of the other episodes are soo soo funny i don't no how they come up with this amazingly crazy funny comedy its awesome! !. If they keep doing what they do they could make millions of seasons and it would never get old . . . . . . . . . .
    The office rocks
  • The Office returns with one of its best episodes to date!!

    The Office return was frakkin' amazing!! (caps!!!) I loved every second of it. Jim's face = priceless. Jan's craziness = hilarious. Michael was just Michael which was amazing, because I have missed him so very much! Dwight and his homeless person! So funny! Absolutely priceless. I love him so much! I was kinda disappointed we didn't get to see much of the actual office and Stanley and all them, but seeing Michael and Jan at home was just too funny. And Jim, with his apartment, on fire, or flooded.... Love him... and Pam! They're so adorable together. Sometimes TV couples don't work, but they're jsut so cute together, I really really love it!
    Great funny episode, definitely a must see!
  • With Dinner Party you watch as The Office writers test their audience with an episode that sacrifices funny for dramatic, and when The Office does drama... you feel it.

    The episode's painful revelations unfold at a nerve wracking pace as soon as Pam and Jim walk into Jan and Michael's house. It will remind anyone of an awkward time spent with a couple that clearly had issues to solve before hosting any event, and so the episode becomes a lot more painful for those people. Even if you haven't been in such scenario you still feel the tension and the drama. It's a tough episode to watch for comedy lovers, and a bleak welcome after the writer's strike, but the truth is that it was absolutely necessary for plot's sake.
  • An absolutly horrendus episode that focused little on laughs and more on cringes.

    I remember last year, the Office was in high form giving me big laughs in almost every episode. The drama of the office back then was given in such small doses you didn't even know it was there but it was nice to have all the same. All the charaters were zany, relistic and as it seemed then, very fun people. Oh how times have changed.

    This episode focuses on a Dinner Party held by Jan and Michael. Ever seen the movie Funny Games? Neither have I but I've heard it almost forces you to watch something you don't want to watch. That was very much the case with this episode. None of the charaters showed any real charm, and rather than laughing in your seat you started to feel very uncomfortable when the fight between Jan and Michael began. And it didn't stop there. The fight went on for the whole episode and a couple of the jokes just felt like they were there or cheap laughs. I'm tired of ranting; just watch one episode of Season 2 or 3 and then watch this episode. You will see the difference.
  • The Office is back with a dinner party.

    Michael and Jan have a dinner party with Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela invited. This episode was out right very awkward to watch but was painfully funny. I felt so bad for the invited guests for having to go through Michael and Jan's zany outbursts at each other throughout the night. I loved Hunter's song. That was perhaps the most funniest and unexpected way to mention a past character. I also loved Angela's few but hilarious remarks from the night. I thought Jim almost leaving Pam at the party was funny but was so glad that Pam was able to not let that happen. Dwight and his "date" were also funny. Just glad the Office is back, just weird the first post-strike episode wasn't in the office itself.
  • It was a decent episode.

    It was a decent episode. I think I was too tired to really enjoy it though. The older "The Office" episodes are funnier, in my opinion. This one was alright though. So Jim gets snared in Michael's dinner party invitation trap, and the night is just terrible for them. :P Then heart-broken Dwight who wasn't originally invited to the party decides to show up to Michael's place anyways, which sends Jan over the edge and makes for an interesting dinner. Tension breaks between the hosting couple and anger boils over. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to escape. The police show up because of reported screaming, but don't do anything except suggest that Michael stay somewhere else for the night. He tries desperately to get anyone to take him in other than Dwight. But Dwight, as usual, is clueless and pretty much drags Michael away to go home with him. Jan and Michael start cooling off, and everyone else runs off to get something to eat. Lol. It was a funny episode.
  • This episode proved to me that The Office (hopefully) won't become another boring and predictable sitcom. I'd simply describe it as "a brave episode."

    Through pretty much the entire fourth season, I've felt like The Office has been taking itself for granted after having gained a great deal of popularity the past two years. When the show first started out, it had a feel very different from anything else on television, and that made it refreshing to watch. That individuality also made it a bit of a risk for NBC because it didn't take off like a rocket, but thankfully some executives there decided to stick with a moderately followed show because they knew it had promise and depth (*cough* maybe Fox should have done that with Arrested Development *cough*). That ended up working out great, because although the second and third seasons had separate feels, they were both fantastic in their own rights. The fourth season, although it's had its own hilarious moments and a different feel, has seemed like it had run out of steam and was starting to repeat the same jokes while grasping at crazy moments that were purely stupid humor (like driving a car into a lake, even though I died of laughter when Micahel said "I drove my car into a f*cking lake).

    Thankfully this episode shows that the writers/cast aren't afraid to take the show in new directions and to new levels. Yes, we all know Jan and Michael's relationship is messed up, but this really clarifies the sad truth of Michael being trapped with her because he thinks her needs her to be happy. Speaking of feeling trapped, it looks like Angela feels stuck with Andy, who she obviously has no feelings for, because she knows she'll be with Dwight otherwise, and thinks that wouldn't make her happy either. It's almost a black comedy in the sense that it takes to extremes the kind of dysfunctional relationships people are in that they force for the sake of simply having "someone".

    Because of just how awkward the entire episode feels, it's definitely not one I'm going to want to watch several times, but I'm really happy they decided to make it and for that reason alone it's going to rank very highly on my list. If I want to watch an average sitcom for 30 minutes, I turn on an episode of Scrubs to see the same jokes and physical humor that have been played out on a weekly basis for 7 seasons (although the first season was awesome and unique). The Office was flirting with that option for a bit; of going "mainstream" and becoming a show you can identify with even if it's your first time watching and you started 10 minutes into the episode. Thankfully, however, they're sticking to their guns as a character driven comedy that rewards the viewer for knowledge of it's past and allows you to get into the minds of these "unique" people. Hopefully they will keep trying new things, although not necessarily stuff and dry as the dinner party, because a show this good is very rare on television and I'd hate to see it get dumbed down so that people watching repeats out of order can understand every joke in an episode.
  • dinner party.

    Perfect episode!
    I noticed some people argued that this episode was too awkward to watch ?! This THE OFFICE, it's meant to be awkward, that's why it's so funny!!!
    it is a well crafted episode, it is a bit unusual that it does not take place in the office, and therefore the small characters have been ignored, but the best ones are at this dinner. And Jan is becoming one of them, she is a control freak with an unstable mind which makes her more awkward and funnier than Angela.
    Loved the small bed of Michael!!
    Watch it!, i personally think it is the best episode of the whole series.
  • Jan and Michael throw a dinner party.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. I thought that it had the perfect balance between comedy and awkward cringe-worthy that make The Office the show that is. Jan in general was definitely the highlight of the episode for me personally. Melora Hardin did such a great job in this episode. I thought that her behavior throughout the entire episode was just hilarious. I especially loved Jan's obsession with her candles and how she sniffed anytime Michael annoyed her, as well as Jan's obsession with Hunter's CD. I also loved all of the callbacks that this episode had to stuff that was featured in previous episodes and the attention that they put into all of the little details for the episode. This episode definitely had a lot of great lines and great moments. I thought that this episode was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. All in all, I absolutely loved this episode, and I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Disappointing!

    I thought it was an awkward episode! I'm starting to dislike Jan more and more. I thought she was a much better character as Micheal's boss! I didn't think Pam and Jim were as cute as they could be although I did like the "flood excuse". Dwight wasn't in it as much as I would of liked either! I was really excited for the episode, I thought there would be a lot more to it but it just seemed very uncomfortable. It was not as funny as I had hoped! Hopefully the next episode on thursday will live up to my expectations!
  • Making an uncomfortable episode for the whole episode does not make it funny, and is this the episode of the office that finally slips up into a mainstream sitcom

    Sigh another "out of the office episode" of The Office, it seems season 4 is full of these episodes. Which shows they cannot make the confines of an office funny anymore. I didnt really like the episode because of the way it started to go, Jan and Michael trying to out do each other by being annoying, embarassing it just felt overly silly and if it wasnt filmed in the way The Office is filmed then it would of become just another sitcom. I will forgive this episode because its been a while seen the office has been on tv, maybe the writers were just suffering from post strike syndrome.
    Back to the actual office next week pease
  • After the LONG hiatus geez!!

    After waiting so long, I really expected to be thrilled with the new episode. What a letdown. It had its moments but the outside of the office episodes; enough already. They are just not the same. We need the in office segments, the warehouse people, the craziness of the "office." Also another "goof?" The porsche left after money I think b/c in the branch wars did they not ride in a PT Cruiser? In this segment the porsche was in the garage?
    And is Pam living with Jim now? Let's go home to check this out??
    I'm confused.
  • Hilarious!!!!!

    Ok first this episode starts when Jim tells Michael that he has nothing to do that night so Michael for the tenth time asks Jim and Pam and Angela and Andy to come to his and Jan's house for a dinner party and since they can't get out of it this time they decide to go. Dwight feels left out when Michael tells him it's for couples only and they don't even have enough wine glasses, he then calls up his old babysitter and they show up to Michael's house then well things start to go very CRAZY ! ! !
  • the entire episode had a distinct second season feel, only with a different kind of Jim/Pam tension. It was light, funny, and refreshing, geared more toward entertainment and less focused on character development.

    "Totally your call, babe…"

    April 10, 2008

    "Dinner Party"

    Five months. Five whole months I waited for a new episode of "The Office," and I have to say, it did not disappoint. Not only were "the twins" out in full force (I have a thing for Jan's boob job), but the entire episode had a distinct second season feel, only with a different kind of Jim/Pam tension. It was light, funny, and refreshing, geared more toward entertainment and less focused on character development.

    As an obsessive "Office" watcher, I tend to think every episode contains genius, witty writing and ridiculously comedic acting. I kind of had the feeling after five months of trying to satisfy myself with reruns and replacements, tonight's episode would be full on orgasm without something to temper my lust for the best comedy on television. So, I watched this episode with a few friends, some of whom rarely watch the show (Bee and Jay), and one who had never seen it (The Jester). Bee warned The Jester that for some people, this show was an acquired taste, and sometimes it takes a few times watching to really enjoy it. Fair warning, but two minutes in, when Dwight started crying, the giggling had already started, and when Jan explained she relieved her stress by going upstairs and SMELLING all her candles, The Jester was on the floor laughing. So, I feel pretty safe in saying it was a good episode.

    This episode was written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, two of my favorite writers for this show as they almost always include a healthy dose of tit jokes and cleavage. (I'm almost positive they had a hand in Jan's wardrobe decisions.) It began with Michael not-so-subtly tricking Jim and Pam into finally going to his "casa" for some "dinner, drinks, and dancing," along with Jan, Andy, and Angela. The night just got better and better from there, starting with Jan's mystery tour of the condo, heating up with the revelation that dinner wouldn't be served for three hours, and damn near exploding when Dwight showed up unannounced with his "date" (his OLD baby-sitter…see the forum for some speculation on this). I think Pam spoke for everyone watching when he appeared at the door and she whispers, "Awesome." We've known for a while the Jan/Michael dynamic is full of comedic value, and I was thrilled an entire episode focused on the crazy that is Jan and Michael. That relationship has deserved its own episode for a long time. As Jim said, "Michael and Jan seem to be playing their own separate game. And it's called 'let's see how uncomfortable we can make our guests.' And they're both winning." And speaking of uncomfortable relationships, who didn't die laughing when Angela smashed her ice cream cone into the door of Andy's car?

    One of the reasons I love this show are the little "in-jokes" and seeming shout-outs to other fabulous shows. We finally got to hear Hunter's band. Angela apparently hates beet salad. "That's what she said!" And, did anyone else notice the awesome hand chairs in the garage? You know they stole them from the set of "Arrested Development." (By the way, who would love to see a Tony Hale guest appearance on "The Office"???) It's so thoroughly good, you have to watch multiple times just to catch all the jokes and references, something you don't see in many sitcoms. It's so much easier to go for the broad, easy jokes. Just so it doesn't sound like I'm verbally sucking off Gene and Lee, let's talk about the bad parts of the episode. Umm…there was no tag at the end. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Gene and Lee, you make me feel dirty. Next week's episode is called "Chair Model," and I hear something BIG happens with Jim and Pam. Seeing as how Jim made it obvious tonight he would see Pam at home later, I'm pretty sure we all know they are f***ing. Does this mean wedding bells and babies are in the future? Then again, he did almost abandon her with Michael and Jan, so they could go all Ross and Rachel on us and break up and get back together and break up and get back together and…Ahem. I'm off to go plug in my St. Pauli beer neon sign and burn a James Bond Fire-scented candle, but before I go, I'll leave you with the best line of the night:

    Angela: "The thought of popping one of your beets in my mouth makes me want to vomit."

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  • Hilarious episode!

    I knew this episode was going to be hilarious starting with the opening. Michael invites Jim and Pam to his condo for a dinner party where nothing goes as planned. Jan really lets loose and shows her crazy side with her witty comments and actions. I know many fans don't like episodes outside of the office but this one really shines and each character at the party adds something to the episode. From the awkward tour of the condo given by Jan to the game of "Celebrity" to Dwight crashing the party this episode is non stop fun and is probably my favorite of the series so far!
  • Micheal- "you can become a Co owner of Serenity by Jan, what do you think about that?" Andy- "Thought about it, Im in"

    What another great episode of the office. They come back strong after being on hiatus due to the strike. They come back with a break from being at the office from the moment everybody wanted to see. The life of Micheal at home with Jan. I literally died laughing when Micheal described his "bed" as a hasset that he sleeps on. Although I expected to see more of the magic equipment Micheal spent $100,000 on, to see his basement of unusable furniture and from about 20 decades ago. One of my favorite shows is back, and will rule thursday night once again.
  • There have been many complaints about this episode but I thought that it was hilarious. Despite the long wait I wasn't just happy with this episode because it's finally back, it was hilarious albeit very awkward to watch.

    But that's what you would expect a dinner party to be with Michael and Jan. They are completely nuts...both of them. I think that that's what this episode was trying to show....the terrible dysfunction in their relationship. I think even Michael and Jan are uncomfortable in their own relationship.

    I think there may have been things not really made clear in the episode. Just listening to "Hunter's" song and how Jan behaves listening to it and Michael's reaction. Obviously people may have drawn this conclusion already but Jan probably had a fling with ASSISTANT, what would child-like Michael say in response...I've had a thing with my assistant too, in this case it's Pam. Hilarious. I do think that there should have been more talking heads to clear more things up. One with Michael maybe saying something about Jan and Hunter. Also maybe one with Angela, she seemed to be lashing out at Pam, was there something to that, though it did appear that way I don't think Angela lied about anything she said. Pam probably does hold onto faxes till noon, but only due to Michael's idiocy, and she does look at Michael in a way...they all do dependent on Michael's behavior.

    Jim trying to ditch the party even it meant leaving Pam. And then Dwight showing up with his babysitter...pure awesome. All in all it was what I expected a Dinner Party at Michael and Jan's to be...terribly awkward.
  • Not a very good way to welcome the series back. Worst episode of the series in my opinion. It was not funny and was actually very difficult to watch. This is one episode that I will never view again.

    I was so excited that the show was finally back, but I did not enjoy the episode at all. It was very dark and not funny at all. I actually felt uncomfortable watching it. The only thing they did right was make the viewer feel like they were actually in the condo with them, which could be a great achievement of filming. However, this was a place where no one wanted to be. I think that the whole Michael and Jan relationship needs to be ended. Jan may have been likable earlier in the series, but this new direction they are taking her is not funny or entertaining. It is simply making the show bad. I just wonder if the writers are doing this to set up a surprise later in the series. The only thing I found funny was when Michael put the beer sign up on the wall. I laughed at that...for some reason. That is the only reason it got a 3.0 instead of less from me. Bottom line is this was probably the worst episode of the series and not a good way to welcome back viewers. I'm still gonna watch.
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