The Office

Season 4 Episode 13

Dinner Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • The best dinner party ever

    I am back and so is this is episode. Actually I reviewed a episode yesterday. However this was the first episode since the writers strike. What an episode to have the first one back. Sometimes everything works and all things align and a great episode is made. This was that episode. Let me just get this out of the way. The episode would've been better had there been some other episodes before it. This is no one's fault since the writers strike.

    This was a great start to the episode. Michael has everyone work on an overtime "project" to only find out that he was up to a trick to get Jim and Pam and also Andy and Angela. Normally Michael doesn't have the skills enough to trick someone. From the start when Jim and Pam arrived at Michael's and Jan's condo (but more hers at this time) you could tell this would be a memorable episode. The party was a disaster and the most uncomfortable and funny party ever. It was the little things that made this episode work. The little looks have always worked but this was done better. Maybe it was the layoff but all the actors stepped up their game. First of all Jim and Pam were wonderful in this episode. It was funny when both Jan and Michael both hugged Jim and Pam. I really enjoyed when everyone was playing charades and Jim was intentionally giving the wrong answers. Michael was funny in the game. Another great moment happened when Jim got a "call" that his apartment was flooded. It was very amusing when Pam was telling Jim he shouldn't leave the party.

    The tour of the condo was also very entertaining. You get to see how much Jan has taken over. The best part was the bedroom with the camera and where Michael sleeps. The reactions of Jim and Michael with Jan's new business venture with her candles was also good. The party got better when Dwight showed up with his "date" who was his babysitter. I really liked that he brought he own wine glasses. It was also funny to see how Angela treatment of Andy.

    The dinner itself was also memorable. Whether it was the neon beer sign, the song that Hunter, Jan's old assistant was playing, Michael saying to Pam that Jan might have poisoned the food or Dwight bringing his own food, it was all great. All of this plus what happened before lead to a big fight between them. This fight was in no means scary but very entertaining. Michael had the best line. (You broke a $200 TV!!!) It was amusing how Michael got a HDTV but the cheapest one possible. As you might have guessed it, this was the end of the realtionship of Jan and Michael. This episode would've been better if it was an hour but for me this was one of the top three episodes of the series.
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