The Office

Season 1 Episode 2

Diversity Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on NBC
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A consultant arrives to teach the staff about tolerance and diversity, but Michael insists on imparting his own knowledge. Meanwhile, Jim struggles to keep hold of a lucrative contract extension.

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  • Everyone is all the same

    A solid first episode followed by a very good second episode. This episode showed Michael Scott's character a bit more. This time it was making something (in this case a meeting) about himself. On other characters it would be harder to like. For Steve Carell he did a great job with it. The cards Michael had for himself and the other workers were very funny. I think the best was either Michael's or Stanley's. I also think this was the start of the memorable relationship of Michael and Toby. Another funny thing is (and something I forgot to mention in the pilot review) was the play between Dwight and Jim. It's one of the best parts of the series. In this episode, despite Jim's charm and Dwight's aggressiveness, you see who the better salesman is. Near the end you feel a bit sorry for Jim at the end but then happy. (just see it) Also funny was when Michael was talking to Kelly. Again while he did it in a way that's is offensive it comes off very funny. (side note look at Season 8, her look changes a lot) If you watch this on DVD, check out the deleted scenes.moreless
  • A Classic in the Office Series!

    One of my faves, I was watching it earlier at my college library and I just had to stop the video, laughter with no control whatsoever. Loved it
  • One of my favorite episodes of the show, and the first one where I got an idea of what the show would end up like.

    One word for this episode. Hilarious. This was the first sign for me that The Office was going to be kicking its reliance on the British show and become its own. Some of the jokes in this, from Michael's Chris Rock routine, to his idea involving cards with different ethnicities on them, are series classics. And when Michael learns the Diversity guy's name is Mr. Brown and he tells him that he WON'T call him that as his first test, I died. Such a great line from a great episode.

    This episode was also filled with one of my favorite Jim and Pam moments. Sometimes, for me, it's the tiny things that I love more than the larger ones. For instance, the moment where Pam lays her head on Jim's shoulder during Michael's speech just gets me every time. You can tell how excited this makes Jim and how he takes this as a sign of sorts. I just loved it.

    I think this episode, when the show is finally done, will be remembered as a series classic. As the first episode after the pilot, it was their first chance to prove that they wouldn't fall by the wayside and become just another failed remake.moreless
  • 102

    Definitely a series classic, and a major improvement from the first episode, I must say. We've got a lot of hilarious moments, and the whole episode was just way more fast paced. This episode definitely was eventful.

    A lot of classic moments such as Pam falling asleep on Jim's shoulder, Jim trying to make a sale, Kelly slapping Michael. The whole note card on everyone's forehead. It was just a hilarious episode overall, and we even got a lot of subtle Jim & Pam moments.

    Vast improvement in all places, this is what the show is about, or at least for the next 3 seasons. Michael being a crazy boss, amazing editing, and subtle Jim & Pam moments. Great hilarious episode.moreless
  • Diversity training two different ways. One the right way and one the complete wrong way to go about it. Hilarious!

    Well Diversity Day is just a day for Michael to ruin something like usual. He makes up different types of diversity training and they turn out to be terrible ideas. He gets slapped in the process.

    Also Jim loses a client to Dwight because of Michael's and Dwight's inconvenient timing of their own little side projects.

    During the diversity training the employees had to take cards of different ethnicities and place them on their foreheads. Dwight got Asians and Pam was talking to him and said, "You would not be a very good driver." Dwight yells, "O man, am I a woman?"

    So funny!moreless
Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore

Mr. Brown

Guest Star

Oscar Nunez

Oscar Nunez

Oscar Martinez

Recurring Role

Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey

Angela Martin

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Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner

Kevin Malone

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • At about 16:35 into the episode, you can see that on the back of Meredith's card it says "Meredeth"

    • Pam tells Jim that she is playing Free Cell, but the cards don't go "ftststst" after a win as in regular Solitaire.

    • At the start of the episode when Dwight hangs up Jim's phone in retaliation for switching off his shredder, Dwight holds his finger down on the button but a dial tone is clearly heard through Jim's ear piece to indicate that the call was disconnected. Point being that when the button on any phone is held down, nothing should be heard through the ear piece.

    • The Chris Rock routine that Michael imitates is Chris Rock's Bring the Pain (1996).

    • After Dwight says "Am I a woman?" a deleted scene show Jim saying that it is offensive and takes it off. He replaces it with the word "Dwight"!

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Michael: (Talking to the camera) Today is diversity day and someone is gonna come in and talk to us about diversity. It's something that I've been pushing... that I've been wanting to push for a long time. And corporate mandated it, and I... I never actually talked to corporate about it, um... they kinda beat me to the punch, ah, the bastards... But, I was going to, and I think it's very important that we have this. And it's... I'm... I'm very very excited.

    • Pam and Stanley are across from each other. Pam is Jewish, Stanley is Black.
      Michael: Oh, this is a good one.
      Pam: Um, hi how are you?
      Stanley: Fine, how are you?
      Pam: Great. Um.
      Michael: Push it. Push it.
      Stanley: I admire your culture's success in America.
      Pam: Thank you.
      Michael: Good. Bum bum bum bum. Come on! Olympics of suffering right here! Slavery vs. the Holocaust come on!
      Stanley: Who am I supposed to be?
      Michael: No no no. Well that was inadvertent. We didn't actually plan that.

    • Employees are entering the conference room for Diversity Day Take Two meeting
      Toby: Hey, we're not all going to sit in a circle Indian style are we?
      Michael: Get out.
      Toby: Huh, oh sorry.
      Michael: No. This is not a joke, okay. That was offensive...and lame. So double offensive. This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here.

    • Dwight: Retaliation. Tit for tit.
      Jim: That is not the expression.
      Dwight: Well it should be.

    • Kevin: Basically, there are two types of black people, and black people are actually more racist because they hate the other type of black people. Every time the one type wants to have a good time, then the other type comes in and makes a real mess…
      Michael: OK, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but he's ruined…he's butchering it. I- I, Can you just let me? Every time, every time black people wanna have a good time, some mean-ass [bleep] it up. I take care of my kids! [Bleep] always want credit for something they supposed to do!
      Mr. Brown: (attempting to stop Michael and yelling to interrupt) Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!
      Michael: What you want? A cookie?

    • Michael: (reading the Diversity Today form) I regret my actions. I regret offending my co-workers. I pledge to bring my best spirit of honesty, empathy, respect and open-mindedness... Open-mindedness, is that even a word? Into the workplace. In this way, I can truly be a HERO. Signed, Daffy Duck. (starts laughing) Oh, he's gonna lose it when he reads that.

    • Michael: Man, I should have gotten some food.
      Kevin: (with "Italian" index card still stuck to his forehead) Maybe-a some spaghetti?
      Michael: Okay, Kevin, you can take off that thing, okay? (Kevin looks around guiltily, taking off card) That would really, really have shown him up, wouldn't it? If I'd brought in some burritos or some colored greens or some pad Thai, love pad Thai...
      Stanley: It's collard greens.
      Michael: What?
      Stanley: It's collard greens.
      Michael: Uh, that doesn't really make sense, cause you don't call them "collard people." That's offensive.

    • (Michael does not know the name of the black instructor)
      Michael: Mr... um...
      Mr. Brown: Mr. Brown.
      Michael: Ah, aaalright, okay. First test! I will not call you that.
      Mr. Brown: Well, it's my name, it's not a test, okay?

    • Dwight: Shalom. I'd like to apply for a loan.
      Pam: That's nice, Dwight.
      Dwight: Okay, do me. Something stereotypical so I can get it really quick.
      Pam: Okay, I like your food.
      Dwight: Uh, Outback Steakhouse, I'm Australian, mate!
      Michael: Pam, come on! "I like your food?" No, come on... stir the pot. Stir the melting pot, Pam! Let's do it, let's get ugly, let's get real.
      Pam: Okay, if I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that i do not agree with, you would maybe not be a very good driver.
      Dwight: (shocked) Aw, man, am I a woman?!

    • Michael: I am Michael and I am part English, Irish, German and Scottish. Sort of a virtual United Nations. But what some of you might not know is that I am also part Native American Indian.

    • Oscar: Both my parents were born in Mexico and they moved to the United States a year before I was born. So I grew up in the United States... my parents were Mexican.
      Michael: Wow, that is... that is a great story. That's the American dream right there, right?
      Oscar: Thank... yeah.
      Michael: Um, let me ask you, is there a term besides 'Mexican' that you prefer? Something less offensive?

    • (Michael Scott's self-made diversity training video)
      Michael: Hi, I'm Michael Scott. I'm in charge of Dunder Mifflin Paper Products here in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But I'm also the founder of Diversity Tomorrow, because 'today is almost over.' Abraham Lincoln once said that 'If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North.' And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.

    • Mr. Brown: Now this is a simple acronym: H.E.R.O. At Diversity Today, we believe it's very easy to be a hero. All you need are: Honesty, Empathy, Respect and Open-mindedness.
      Dwight: Excuse me, I'm sorry, but that's not all it takes to be a hero.
      Mr. Brown: Oh great, well what is a hero to you?
      Dwight: A hero kills people, people that wish him harm. A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma or out of a disaster and must be avenged.
      Mr. Brown: Uh, okay, you're thinking of a superhero.

    • (to the camera after the role-playing exercise)
      Michael: You'll notice, I didn't have anybody be an Arab. I thought that would be too explosive, uh, no pun intended. But I just thought 'too soon' for Arabs. Maybe next year. You know, the ball's in their court.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The German episode title is "Tag der Vielfalt", and the French title is "La Journée de la diversité", both exact translations. The Italian title is "Integrazione", meaning "Integration". The Spanish title is "El día de la universidad", meaning "University Day".

    • The diversity training company's name (and Michael's response to it) went through a number of changes before Diversity Today was settled on, because the names they chose turned out to be names of real companies. Names they tried included Diversity 360 (Michael: Diversity 365), Diversity 2000 (Michael: Diversity 3000).

    • Due to the strong language, the part of the Chris Rock routine where Michael says the N-word is bleeped in the episode. On the DVD commentary, Greg Daniels said that Steve Carrell actually used the real language, and he added bleeps to the master tapes of the episode so the uncensored joke wouldn't be leaked online before the series had premiered.

    • B.J. Novak was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award in the Best Episodic Comedy category for his work on this episode.

    • Originally, producer Greg Daniels was not sure where to use Mindy Kaling on screen in the series until the point came in this episode's script when Michael needed to be slapped by a minority. Her character in this episode, however, is far from the bubbly chatty character that Kelly later becomes.

    • Considered by NBC to be the premiere due to its being the first episode to air in the show's regular Tuesday 9:30 pm ET timeslot.

    • On Wednesday, March 16, 2005, at 8pm ET, this episode was webcasted on to help promote the show before its premiere the following week.


    • Michael borrows lyrics from Kool and the Gang's 1981 song "Celebration" in saying, "Celebrate good times. Come on! Let's celebrate diversity. Right?"

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