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Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on NBC

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    I've found myself actually liking Toby so far in the Office. He's the quiet HR guy who stands up against the mess that Michael Scott brings into the office. Michael Scott doesn't like Toby at all and the relationship between the two is actually one of the smaller yet funnier parts of the show. Toby is the ying to Michael Scott's yang



    I don't know, I just thought this wasn't needed. I was thinking 'yeah Michael Scott has been the shoulder to cry on for Jim, now he might do it for Pam too' and it would be like a father relationship. But he actually leant in for a kiss which was instantly blocked by Pam. Wrong move in my opinion. Michael Scott is like a chaotic mad father, not a pervy uncle.



    This character is great, and a valuable ally to Dwight in the office. I think it's crazy how no-one has spotted that they are an item yet, but Angela does make me laugh. Whether it's in the scenario with Oscar or in this episode talking about Diwali, she is bitter about anything outside her comfort zone but not in a too offensive way.

    This episode was a lot better than the Initiation one, and another one based outside the office. Kelly was good enough in her role as the head character, but the main guy was Michael Scott. The marriage proposal was the return to cringe Michael Scott that everyone enjoys, just like cringe David Brent in the original UK version.
  • An Indian Halloween

    Yes it's another great episode from season 3. I liked seeing an episode where Kelly has a big part. Seeing Kelly dressed in more traditional clothes from where her parents (BTW her real life parents) are, is a callback from the first season. When you see her season 1 to at this point, it's unbelievable how much she has changed. I really enjoyed seeing how Kelly controls Ryan at Diwali. The party itself was pretty entertaining. I enjoyed that Pam tried to have fun at it. You get to see that she misses Jim when she tries to message him. Michael as always great. It's funny how he calls out people for being insensitive but he does the same thing. The highlight was having Michael propose. It's a side to Michael that you have seen before but it's really highlighted in this episode. When he hooked up with Jan in season 2, he talked about it for months and made it seem it was more then it actually was. When Carole said no, you didn't dislike her or feel sorry for Michael. It's a good quality that Michael has even though it may be a little weird. When you see Roy come in and sees that Pam is having fun, you almost feel sorry for him.

    Meanwhile back at the Stamford Branch Andy, Karen, and Jim are staying late to do some work. This story was not as good as the other one and I think that the producers wanted this. This was still a good story. Seeing Jim and Andy get drunk and later sing together was pretty funny. I don't if it's because I have become for analytical TV watcher (thanks HIMYM and Lost) but I think the signing was a callback to a previous one where they did it, but sober. I liked that Karen didn't partake in the drinking. Again if I would've seen the other episodes before this one, what my opinion would be of her. At the time I didn't think much of it and now that I have see all the episodes to this point, but Karen and Jim getting closer does not bother me, Mainly because I know what is going to happen.

    The ending was great with Michael signing the lyrics to Adam's Sandler famous Hanukkah song on SNL with the lyrics changed but not offensively.
  • 306

    A hysterical and memorable episode of The Office tonight. I realized that any episode that Mindy Kaling writes is focused on Kelly in some way, I find that a little biased since Mindy Kaling plays Kelly, regardless this was a hilarious awkward episode. You can't help but feel bad for Michael in this episode, he proposes to his short-term girlfriend, Carol only to get rejected and then he tries to kiss Pam and he gets rejected by her too. "I'm rejecting your kiss" Wow, that scene was cringe-worthy. The whole Diwali celebration was not the best backdrop, but still good.

    I like how they go back and forth with Scranton and Stamford, and back at Stamford, Jim & Andy get drunk and Karen pretends to get drunk since she wanted to get some work done, we've got some hilarious scenes here, and of course great Karen & Jim development. A great memorable episode, don't miss this one.
  • diwali

    The Office was an okay show during times like this, and that is why I am glad I watched this show on FOX after baseball this evening. The show is barely passable these days, but episodes like this were sweet, not too funny, but a few laughs and it was just a fun show to watch.

    Pam was as annoying back then as she is now though. Her character is just so offputting. She complains about EVERYTHING that is not Jim and is as unlikable as they come.

    Considering Mindy Kaling wrote this episode, not too bad of an episode here.
  • wosrt episode yet, it still had some funny one-liners... i think they used this episode to set the characters up for the next few episodes....

    the show started off very great, but its going down hill...nothing has developed in the past 2-3 episodes. this episode can be boiled down to Michael wanting to kiss pam and proposing to Carol... i forced myself to watch this episode...

    jim\\\'s character is getting boring and pathetic too, all they show is jim doing somthing and karen smiling...come on already, develope their characters, its getting boring.... . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . .
  • "I was in that marriage...arena, though"

    In the episode, the employees celebrate Diwali, an Indian holiday.

    While this episode was way better than last week's, it sort of fell flat near the end. There were many hilarious lines though, but I was hoping for...more. However, there was some character development. Michael asks his girlfriend Carol to marry him...she is surprised and shocked and leaves him at the celebration alone. I can't help but feel bad for Michael, even though he is an idiot who always tends to make the same stupid mistakes.

    Some hilarious parts were when Michael explained Indian traditions, Jim + Andy together at the Stamford office, Michael's dancing, and his parody of Adam Sandler's Hannukah song.

    Overall, this episode is one of the more average ones of the season. It's better than The Convention and Initiation, but not quite as good as Gay Witch Hunt, The Coup, and Grief Counseling.
  • Michael proposes!

    Wow! Another great episode this season! I could not believe that Michael decides to pull an impromptu proposal to "his girlfriend," Carol during the middle of a Diwali celebration that Kelly invited them all to.

    But, the most uncomfortable and awkward moment of this episode had to be when a distraught Michael tried to kiss Pam as she was trying to console him. Eww!! Michael's hitting on Pam was almost as uncomfortable to watch as Toby's hitting on Pam in "The Convention."

    The best scene of the episode was the very last scene where we see Michael singing a Diwali song (based on Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song) with Dwight playing the guitar.
  • The Office celebrates an Indian holiday; Jim, sadly, doesn't.

    I'm a big enthusiast when it comes to Indian culture so it was a hugely exciting thing for me to catch this episode that embraces the Hindu holiday of Diwali. Indeed the Diwali celebrations did offer some greatly comical moments, from Dwight explaining the mythological background of the holiday to Michael embarrassing himself at the actual celebrations. Listening to the fantastic Bollywood film songs in the background, I also loved the scene where Ryan was being questioned by Kelly's parents.

    But sadly the Diwali didn't extend to outside Scranton. Over at the branch where Jim works at, Jim and his collagues work overtime and get drunk. Now, I used to be okay with this whole storyline. Fine, separate Jim & Pam - it'll be a nice tension there to maintain. But currently I'm getting bored with it all. It's not too funny and even the character of Jim - who used to be a favourite - is becoming irritating to me. It's like, nothing's happening, nothing's funny, it's just dull. It's obvious that the girl he works with has a crush on him and that's all fine and dandy, but does it bring on fun moments? Does it bring on anything?

    See, I wish they'd just take it somewhere already. But it's like they just show this office mocking about and the girl casting Jim looks and Jim making that signature face of his at the camera. And that's it. Something needs to happen. I may skip out on the next episode, and the one after it, because I'd rather entertain myself some other way than watch a comedy show that has dull proportions. The only thing that keeps me watching is the ever-hilarious character of Michael Scott. Many will disagree with me on Jim's plot becoming dull, I'm sure, but it's just my view (that some might share).
  • Let the cringing begin!!!

    This episode centres around the background and culture of Dundler Mifflin employee Kelly Kapoor and acts almost as a setpiece for cringe worthy questions about her religion.

    As Kelly invites everyone to a Diwali celebration Michael takes him upon himself to introduce Kellys culture to the office by asking Kelly to talk about it. Knowing surprising little about her own faith, Dwight takes over and proceeds to tell the whole office about the celebration, until Michael dismisses it as too "Lord of the Ringsy".

    Cue further more cringing moments around the festival such as Angela refusing to eat the food as she is a vegetarian despite all the food being for vegetarians and Ryan telling Kellys parents he is saving up for an XBOX instead of a wedding.

    With several more laughs throughout the episode it is a very solid episode. Whilst not the best episode they have done it has enough humour to keep any newbies to the Dundler Mufflin world happy whilst also satisfying the true hardcore fan.
  • The Office gets back to its roots.

    This episode of The Office really showed the personality traits that made its fans love the show\'s characters. Michael Scott\'s ignorance and ability to turn any situation into something offensive was hilarious. Bring up kamasutra when trying to show his appreciation for the Indian culture brought back memories of the classic episode \"Diversity Day\". When Toby stops the meeting the talking head of Micheal explaining why he hates Toby is a storyline that should be played into further. Kevin perversion is exemplified by him telling Micheal that because of the kamasutra it was the best meeting ever. Angela continues to hate all other walks of life other then her own. Dwight\'s antics are also not to be missed. The only aspect of The Office that I miss is how Jim interacts with the rest of the cast from the earlier seasons. I enjoy the Stamford office as their antics, although different, are just as funny as its Scranton counterparts, the tension between Jim and Pam as well as Jim messing around with Dwight is an aspect of the show that I hope returns in future episodes. This episode is an instant Office classic and should not be missed.
  • WOW!!

    Not much to say except for the characters get me it!! I don\'t know how Michael doesn\'t learn from his past or whatever you want to call it? I really love the fact that they did a \"Ethnic\" episode, and it was great that they chose \"Diwali\", I thought that was wonderful. I was just shaking my head with the whole Michael leaning into Pam for a kiss...oh dear God Michael. Loved pretty much everything about it, Still, I\'m not fond of \"Karen\" and \"Jim\" thing. One other point I can\'t comprehend it the use of two people\'s name together to make one. Come on already, you\'re how old. STOP!! It shows a lack of intelligence.
    Thank you....
  • Blah Blah Blah

    Once again the writers had a swing and a miss. this episode had the twist of Michael trying to kiss Pam, and propose to Carol; but once again; nothing happened. I'm not real sue what is going on with Dwight and Angela; but they need to expand on that.

    The relationship between Jim and Karen is really uncomfortable. There is no on screen chemistry between the 2; but the writing team insists on force feeding it. There really needs to be a dramatic change in the storyline if this show has any hope of surviving past this season. Thumbs Down.
  • "Diwali. It's like Indian Halloween." A filler episode, but a great filler episode with lots of funny moments.

    I really liked this week’s episode. It wasn't as great as last weeks, but it had its moments.
    In regarding the whole Jim/Karen thing, I think Karen wasn't drinking because a) she had to drive home and b) she actually wanted to get some work done (someone had to do it and Jim and Andy were getting sloshed). I'm assuming that Andy does this every year since as soon as the boss left he brought out the nondescript bottle and shot glasses and the fact that he brought an air mattress to sleep on. Jim and Andy were great, really playing off of eachother. Karen giving Jim a ride home was obviously planned by her, and I liked how it mirrored Pam driving Michael home (only that was much more awkward).

    I really liked Angela in this episode, well not liked her, but she had some great lines. Her not wanting to eat the Indian food "I'm a vegetarian / It's all vegetarian food/ Well, I'll just have bread," and her not wanting to participate so she watches their shoes. Why did she even go to the party? To keep an eye on Dwight if they have in fact broken up? My favourite part was when Michael gave out pictures from the Kama Sutra and everybody loved it except Religious Angela.

    About the party, it was great seeing Michael and Carol come dressed up ("It's like some Indian Halloween") and we get to see two-headed Michael again! I felt so bad for Michael about the proposal. It was like a car accident that you could see coming but couldn't stop it (same thing could be said about Michael's attempt to kiss Pam). The poor guy just wants to be liked. Michael's Diwali song at the end (his version of Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song) had me in tears laughing so hard. Sadly we didn't get to see much from Dwight or the other supporting cast. They were at the party but didn't get many lines. Hopefully next week we will get to see/hear much more from them and I wonder when Oscar is coming back from vaction.

    Overall, I think was a filler episode, but a really good filler episode that still had me laughing and cringing. I can't wait until next week’s episode. It looks like there will finally be that merger.
  • Michael publicly humiliates himself :-) I cringed but I love it.

    Michael has absolutely no shame. He proposes and gets turned down in Public and still offers up the Kama Sutra to make things better. He has an ignorance that I can only dream of having. I mean the man feels no shame. It's nice to see that Jim and Pam are talking to each other; they should be friends. Karen is still putting moves on Jim, though. She's making progress with him by giving him a ride home. I love seeing physical comedy so the best single moment was drunken Jim on his bike crashing into the bushes. Weeeeeeee!! Nice basket, Jim. The camera shot of Andy's feet at the office as he's singing while he's laying on the ground was great. "Andy, no acappella!!" What followed was pure Office magic. Michael continues to eat the spicy food and torture himself and then leans in to kiss Pam. That was a seriously awkward moment, and truly funny. What must go through Michael's head?
  • Diwali... the festival of lights! Dunder Miflin helps Kelly celebrate this Hindu holiday. And over at the Stamford branch Andy, Karen and Jim celebrate a late night at work.

    Had to wait a week longer for this episode... but it was worth it! Michael proves his hilarity again when moved by the successful arranged marriage that Kelly's parents have he proposes to his girlfriend of nine dates. Ryan continues his path of apathetic dating with Kelly... And I have to tell you- I'm sure that being in a loveless office romance with Kelly is probably easier than being in a drama-fueled hate campaign of a break up with Kelly. Pam is starting to spread her wings a bit as a single gal. And Drunk Jim = CUTE Jim! "I'm a drunk driver." Ha! All of these episodes are going to lead up to a fantastic merger!!
  • Heartbreak

    Why oh why does Ryan not run away from the super-clingy Kelly? Why would Michael ever think it would be a good idea to propose to Carol in front of everyone? Why would Michael ever try to kiss Pam like that? How sad for Pam that Jim was to inebriated to get her text messages. How heartbreaking was it to watch Roy come in and then leave quickly? How much did I not need to know about Kevin's foot disease. Where was Merdith, was she at home, skipping out on the Diwali celebration.
    Loved Michael's slide show with Apu. Love how he can be totally straightfaced when calling the other people in the office ignorant of other peoples cultures.
    Why was Dwight so much on the up and up about Hindu and Diwali? He avoided Angela at the party...ew. Does he like Kelly now?
  • Heartbreak

    Why oh why does Ryan not run away from the super-clingy Kelly? Why would Michael ever think it would be a good idea to propose to Carol in front of everyone? Why would Michael ever try to kiss Pam like that? How sad for Pam that Jim was to inebriated to get her text messages. How heartbreaking was it to watch Roy come in and then leave quickly? How much did I not need to know about Kevin's foot disease. Where was Merdith, was she at home, skipping out on the Diwali celebration.
    Loved Michael's slide show with Apu. Love how he can be totally straightfaced when calling the other people in the office ignorant of other peoples cultures.
    Why was Dwight so much on the up and up about Hindu and Diwali? He avoided Angela at the party...ew. Does he like Kelly now?
  • Wonderfully awkward, with maybe some of the show\'s darkest comedy. Luckily Jim is a silly drunk.

    One of the things that The Office does best is show both how people grow and how they resist it. Pam has grown a lot this season, and I enjoy watching her learn to be single, but I also like that they show her being rather uncomfortable with it. She's going out and doing thigns alone, but it's very clear she wishes she wasn't. It's hopeful and positive, yet still honest and a little melancholy.

    With the exception of The Convention and his talk with Michael, it seems like Jim's role on the show has been reduced to comic relief. Dwight, Michael, and Pam are all developing and going through things and changing, and Jim is playing Halo and getting drunk with Ed Helms. In the same way that Pam seems to be unsure of how live life as a single person, Jim seems unwilling to commit to his new life. Yes, he flirts with Karen and does things to fit in with his new coworkers, but the show has made it very clear that Karen is no Pam and Andy is no Dwight. Jim and Pam both seem like they're trying to look like they're moving on without having to actually do so.

    I'm getting a little tired of seeing Michael is pathetic situations. He really seems to epitomize the tragic hero in the modern world. I understand that the horrible situations he gets into are entirely his doing, but I still feel absolutely horrible. I don't like that he has no real friends. Time and again I think "If only he had run that idea by someone", because it seems like almost everyone would tell him what a bad idea proposing like that was, but he really doesn't have that "buddy" figure in his life. The things he does just make me so horribly uncomfortable that I have to laugh. It's good that life isn't all peachy, but just the occasional victory seems like it would go a long way in Michael's life.

    The Dwight/Angela relationship continues to be very interesting. It looks like they might have broken up, but just as easily be showing their continued efforts to hide the relationship. If the latter is the case, Dwight is doing a much better job than Angela. I do kind of think they broke though, because Angela has been softer in recent episodes, and here seems to have returned to her... less pleasant ways.

    It\'s always fun to see the cast leave the office, and this was no exception. From Ryan's interactions with Kelly's family to Angela's supreme ice queen behavior, to Michael's misguided attempts at multiculturalism, there was certainly plenty to laugh about in this episode. Also, Nancy Walls looked hot.
  • A decent installment, full of silly behavior and awkward attempts at cultural understanding.

    A pretty good installment, I thought, with several priceless moments--including the Stamford sales department's drunk late-working activities (with Karen dropping her shots into her wastebasket and the men not noticing), and Carol's response to Michael's over-eager proposal ("Can we talk about this in private?"--not something you want to hear during a public marriage proposal). My favorite moment, however, was Dwight trying to explain the history of Diwali (how does he KNOW these things?) and being interrupted by Michael.

    I was hoping the marriage proposal would be Dwight to Angela instead of Michael to Carol, but we might have to wait a while for that, I guess. I'm also curious as to the reason Pam kept checking her text messages. It seems she may very well have a new guy, one not affiliated with Dunder-Mifflin, which would explain why we haven't heard about him before. So Diwali turned out to be a night of drunken, awkward behavior on the part of several characters. Can't wait for next week!
  • Michael gives presentation on Diwali incl KamaSutra pics. Michael proposes to Carol, they break up? Ryan does not try to impress Kelly's parents. Jim bonds with coworkers. Pam tries to text Jim. Michael trys to kiss Pam. Karen drives drunk Jim home.

    Most was good. Uncomfortable between Pam and Michael...why put that in? Had a question as to why Dwight and Angela are avoiding each other?
    BJ Novak: would have loved to see Jim come to celebration as moral support for Ryan, (with the hope of talking to Pam after the promising phone call from previous episode.) Jim sees Pam dancing w/ Roy (as friends only), leaves, then comes back having forgotten something - that's when Pam sees him for first time and the show ends with them sitting together and talking and laughing. This alternative makes me happy and would have built on their conversation over phone. I like Karen and Andy characters in show, but love Jim and Pam together more.
  • The Dunder Mifflin folks visit the Hindu festival of lights and Michael makes a fool of himself. A return to some of the classic Office writing.


    I really enjoyed this episode and it was nice to see the writing take the Office back to some of the more familiar roots of season 1 and 2. Michael was horrendously embarassing once again and we get to see some of the hijinx that ensue when our colourful cast attend a non-office function.

    The episode focuses on Kelly inviting all of her coworkers to the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali. Michael, while initially as offensive as ever, attempts to educate the office staff about Indian culture. Naturally this involves Apu from the Simpsons and the Kama Sutra. Pam decides whether or not she wants to go because she'd be going alone.

    Meanwhile, in Stamford, Jim is now riding a bike to work and has to stay late with his fellow sales staff team to process forms. While they're working, they get hammered, except for Karen who stays sober. As a result of Jim's drunkeness, he misses Pam's text message from the party.

    Back at the party, Michael is talking with Kelly's parents who've been married for 30 years. He's so moved by this that he spontaneously grabs the mic and proposes to his girlfriend (of 9 dates) Carol to marry him. She storms out and leaves Michael at the party. Michael is consoled by Pam who admits that she was also hoping 'something' would happen at the party. In a moment of weakness, Michael tries to kiss Pam. He's rejected thoroughly. But Pam still gives him a ride home.

    It's now quite late in Stamford and Jim is attempting to drukenly ride his bike home. Karen pulls up in her SUV and gives him a lift.

    The episode ends with a hilarious rendition of the Hannukah song by Michael and Dwight set to Diwali.

    This episode was funny and entertaining and while not much happened story-wise, it was still enjoyable to see some of the old Office banter and awkward social interactions. I'm still curious as to where the story is going to go, but it's nice to get a plain old funny episode every once in a while.