The Office

Season 6 Episode 9

Double Date

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on NBC
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Jim and Pam go on a double date with Pam's mom and Michael. Dwight starts being nice to everyone in the office, hoping to gain favors owed to him, but his plan is hampered by Andy's excessive politeness.

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  • Michael, Pam, and Pam's Mom

    In yet another episode that was funny on paper, but failed to deliver laughs that could've happened. Michael is dating Pam's mom for a little bit. Pam is struggling with this and her treatment of Michael is sometimes crossing the line. She eventually agrees to have a double date with Jim, Michael, her mom, and Michael. However, not before trying to duck out for the last second. This was a funny scene. The time in the restaurant was funny but as funny it could've been. It was funny but not surprising that Michael didn't realize the age of Helene and even miscalculated when she told him. Michael tries to be the good guy by braking up with her even though it's her birthday. This is where the story could have been better. Normally this show thrives on awkward but in this case as many other times this season and beyond, it was more awkward then funny. This leads to Pam to wanting to hit Michael after work. She eventually does it but I wish she didn't and maybe played a joke on him. I think with everything going on in her life, she thought she had no choice. I did like the scene when Toby was teaching Pam on how to hit.

    Meanwhile Dwight is trying to continue with his plan to get Jim fired by buying bagels for everyone thinking that he could call in everyone's favor by getting Jim fired. Again I don't like that Dwight is doing this, I understand it but I don't like it. I wish someone else would've caught wind of this and warned Jim. Or maybe have Dwight's plan to get Jim demoted. What saved this storyline and the episode was Andy trying to return the favor to Dwight. It was really funny watching them trying to up each other.moreless
  • I really didn't believe that this thing between Michael and Pam's mother would last longer than an episode.

    Michael is not really relationship material and the only person that really complimented him was Holly. So I wasn't really routing for his new relationship, especially since he he referred to his lover as 'The Mom'. What was uncalled for was Pam assaulting Michael the way she did. Anyone that breaks up with someone on their birthday upon realizing their true age is a huge loser, but I really think that Pam knew the relationship wasn't going to last as she rightfully pointed out in 'The Lover'. So maybe it was the hormones? Anyone who slaps their boss doesn't get away with their job in tact and I truly believed it was disrespectful of her to cross that line.

    Pam got really hysterical when it came to Michael dating her mother, which means that she may actually have a close relationship with her. Still, Jim could have intervened somehow and as a Co-manager he could have done more, but as Pam's husband siding with Pam would do him good. I don't always support Michael's crazy stunts, but Pam's mother was in a phase zone, crazy enough to fall for her daughter's boss. She knew what she was getting into, I sure she just wanted a moment of fun more colorful than what her marriage was like.

    The Double Date was interesting enough; more awkward than fun. It was funny to see Pam try to get out of it by faking an important call, but Jim definitely wasn't going to be the third wheel.

    Okay so this was an interesting episode. I don't know why Pam seems t be annoying a lot lately, let's hope things die down since Michael and her mother went separate ways.

    Dwight and Andy's thing was well...just 'The Office' like I guess, let's hope they are even this time. There wasn't any updates with Dwight's recording device he planted in Jim's office. I wonder what's he up to?

    Lexa Reviews


    Three and a Half Stars

    Grade C+

  • It's between "Double Date," "Pilot," and "Prince Family Paper" for the worst episode of the series. And maybe "Phyllis' Wedding." Didn't like this episode at all.

    This episode was disappointing and just not fresh. We've already had an episode like this, it's pretty much 'Dinner Party,' Jim and Pam are out of excuses, and they have to join Michael and his girlfriend (Helene, but in "Dinner Party," Jan and we had an awkward double date in 'Blood Drive.' This episode had no freshness to make it unique. It's unforgettable, boring, and unfunny; The Office is rarely this way. Hopefully, this is a one time deal of a dud. Seasons 1, 3, 4, 5, and now 6 have all had one dud of an episode. (Season Two was pretty much perfect with maybe the exception of "Dwight's Speech") Pam was way out of character like in "The Surplus," but at least that episode was moderately funny. Last week had a great episode, and so was "Murder" after it (In fact, one of my favorite episodes ever), but if "The Office" is going to stay on for a long time, it's going to have to be interesting, and of course funny. If I had to pick a funny part in the episode, I'd pick the Dwight plot, but even that was pretty boring. Anyway, one word describes this boring episode, disappointing.moreless
  • 609

    A rather annoying epsiode of The Office, since when is this show solely focused on Pam? This show is good when the whole office is involved considering how great some of the supporting characters are, this plot wore very thin and the only amusing part was Pam slapping Michael at the very end.

    The double date wasn't that intriguing and the breakup was just awkward but not very funny which is what this show almost always brings to the table in the later seasons, in the earlier seasons, it was awkward and funny.

    The Dwight & Andy plot on who owes who got tiresome after a while but was pretty funny in the beginning, hopefully the next episode isn't so focused on Michael's love life and hopefully we don't get a Pam overload like we did in this episode.moreless
  • Predictably bad.

    Stop giving Jenna Fischer so many lines and so much screen time. She cannot act to save her life. She makes Megan Fox look like Lauren Bacalle. Need I go on? She ruins this show with her scripted dialogue and just unfunny personality and unlikable persona.

    Steve Carell was actually not bad here, contributing a few good laughs. Ed Helms and Rainn Wilson were great as well, their storyline deserved more screen time and of course Creed's usual one line was pure gold. Why that man hasn't gotten a spin-off yet is mind-boggling.

    In short, cut down on Pam, increase the Creed scenes.moreless

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