The Office

Season 5 Episode 22

Dream Team

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on NBC
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Michael tries to recruit a dream team to work for his new paper company. Jim quickly regrets fibbing to Charles that he plays soccer.

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  • Michael finds his dream team

    After Michael give his two weeks, ends up not getting a job (mainly though not looking) he decides to start his own paper company and Pam is the only one who joins him. I enjoyed how Michael went overboard with the french toast and other activities that seem important to him but really delaying doing any work. Pam decides to help Michael get in the right direction that is mostly sincere with some subtle mocking. Michael is able to get some new employees with first getting Vikram. It was nice seeing him again. Michael also gets Ryan. The interaction between Ryan and Pam was pretty funny. One of my favorite moments of the season happened when one of the bowling alley employees let's go shoe bitch. Michael even had an investor lined him which is revealed to be his grandmother. While that was funny he went to her, I do wonder why he didn't go to his mother or Jeff. Things seem to be falling apart when Vikram leaves and his investor drops out. This leads Pam to second guess her decision to leave. Great scene when Michael tries to cheer her up. It doesn't take anything away from his speech to Pam when his story has nothing with his point.

    Meanwhile back at the office Jim is still under Charles thumb until he reveals he likes soccer which Jim really doesn't like. He does it out of desperation. I did like what he said about performing his job and the effort he puts into it. Dwight trying to hurt/help (but more hurt) Jim was amusing. It remained me a little bit of That 70's Show when Hyde would tease Kelso about Laurie when Jackie was around. Things go from bad to worse for Jim when he accidentally lets Phyllis get hurt. His relationship with Charles gets more complicated but more funny.

    When Michael does find an office it's at the place he least wants to be. However he makes the best out of it.moreless
  • I have egg in my crocs!

    Emotions are high strung this week as the repurcusions of the previous episode's revelations dawn on the few characters who went down a path they could never have seen themselves travelling. Thankfully still continuing on the arc of The Michael Scott Paper Company, Dream Team which sees Ryan join Michael's new venture into the paper business is a coherently enjoyable and decently paced instalment to the show. Overall, it's an average outing, with a handful of great laughs, and some decent characterisation that once again propels the series into new directions that are brave and interesting. At first I did find the involvement with Ryan a little iffy, but can overlook any seeming discrepancies in character if it means having the guy back this time a little less pompous than before. The B-Plot involving the soccer gets nowhere near as comical or compelling as season one's basketball episode, but it's still a somewhat enjoyable subplot nevertheless.moreless
  • Finally, a good episode!

    It has been a while since I have been able to write this but finally The Office was good.

    Michael Scott was, wait for it, funny. Yeah, I am surprised as well, but there were signs of brilliance here, and it's almost an oxymoron but his stupidity is so genius. The Office showed why people once considered it a top show and gave it an Emmy award for its Second Season.

    But the second half failed miserably leaving a sour taste in everybody's mouth.

    And one more thing: Please get rid of Charles Minor now! Dude is absolutely terrible and brings nothing to the table.moreless
  • The show begins to pick up pace with an added direction.

    After what many believed to be a slump in this past season of relative lack of a lot going on and the sort of repetitive slump, the show's recent arc has sent it in a new, exciting direction with a branch-off for Michael's new company. In this episode, Michael begins to assemble his dream-team after some difficulty. We see some of the moments I tend to like in the show where Michael shows he is not just competent, but capable, something there is a definite lack of. I realize his character was supposed to be an imbecile, but at some point, it got frustrating to watch and with "Dream Team" we get to see him on the top of his game. I enjoyed the brief addition of Vikram, and thought it would lead to a potential new cast member which would put some variety in the show, but it was unfortunately not to be. Overall, a great episode that promises more good things to come for The Office.moreless
  • 520

    A really great episode, I'm telling you the Michael Scott Paper Company arc is really saving this season, we got a lot of mediocrity in this season, but this has been the best episode since "Stress Relief" or "Weight Loss" which are virtually the only stand out episodes of Season 5.

    Michael, Ryan, and Pam making a paper company is genius, a lot of interactions that we barely see are going to be seen now that everyone is working together at the Michael Scott Paper Company. Ryan's return was unexpected and long overdue, I'm excited to see him on the show again.

    Back in the office, everyone plays soccer? I can definitely say the dream team beat Dunder Miflin plot wise here, another great cliffhanger in this episode which I'm sure got everyone excited for the next episode. It's nice to see this show can still deliver.moreless
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