The Office

Season 2 Episode 20

Drug Testing

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on NBC
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Dwight plays the role of Volunteer Sheriff, leading an investigation after finding half a joint in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot. Pam jinxes Jim, so he must be silent until he gives Pam a can of Coke.

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  • Some drugs are found

    The start of the episode was pretty funny. Some pot is found outside the office and Dwight turns this into a full blown investigation. It was funny how much effort he put into this. The only parts of this episode was how Michael got Dwight to supply him his urine. Granted Michael didn't smoke the pot intentionally but how he got Dwight was little over the line. It was similar to the basketball episode in season 1. Also you never find out who actually did the joint. The meeting Michael had was pretty funny. I liked how tried to convey how much he hates drugs. Also how Dwight investigated people was funny too. The best part was when he talked to Creed and he mentioned an actual pot name and Dwight brushed it off. However the best part of this episode was the joke Pam played on Jim. It was done perfectly. I also loved how Jim complied by the rules. The back and forth was amazing. I think it was the best moment so for this season. Also if you watch this episode, check out the deleted scenes. You find out actually did it. And if you had been watching closely, it doesn't surprise you.moreless
  • 220

    Lots of genuine laughs tonight on The Office, we got yet another classic Office episode that was solely based on Dwight. We've got a lot of funny moments such as Kevin needing a magazine just for a urine sample or Dwight mentioning that his pee was green before.

    We also got a great Jim and Pam moment leading up to the finale. Jim has something important to to tell Pam but he can't for some reason. Him not talking throughout the episode because of jinx was absolutely hysterical. Overall just a very enjoyable episode of The Office with a lot of laughs, don't miss this one, it really defines this show for what it is: Funny!moreless
  • I didn\'t like the idea of compromising the character of Dwight...if the writing had been true to form then Dwight would never had given up his job as a volunteer Deputy Sheriff...never!moreless

    I won\'t drone on about this because I think this is an amazing show...but since I must complete 100 words to post a review here goes...Dwight is the office integrity, be it a skewed version. His girlfriend is morale and straight, even she protested...but he gave the urine to Micheal really doesn\'t add up...and now he is working as a rent-a-cop at the office building(park)...either way how this will tie into the show makes no sense to me...Is Dwight going to come back to the office on weekends to watch the building...its just not as funny as volunteer Sheriffs Deputy...moreless
  • I love this epi.

    this maybe the best episode of the secound season. i love creed in the interogation scene. I love kelly kapur's story hour. I guess the most important questions never is left? Who smoked the blunt? Rainn wilson's best episode since the speech. I really don't know what else to say but ha ha ha aha ha aha ha ha ha aha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah alol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lolmoreless
  • "I don’t think Michael’s ever done drugs. I don’t know if anyone’s ever offered him any."

    Dwight finds half a joint in the parking lot and launches an investigation. Meanwhile, Pam "jinxes" Jim and he follows through with it.

    I LOVE all episodes of The Office, but if I had to choose one that was my least favorite, it would be this one. Dwight is one of my favorite characters, but he was too much of a cartoonish 'villain' almost. It was really out of character that he let Michael use his urine - because he was really serious about being a volunteer sheriff's deputy.

    The Jim/Pam storyline in this episode was a little slow.

    All in all, this episode was ok, above-average at best, but definitely not a classic. I was disappointed. I'd still watch it again though because there are some funny moments. It was just a bit weak.moreless
Marilyn Brett

Marilyn Brett


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Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

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Paul Lieberstein

Paul Lieberstein

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Michael is asking Dwight for his urine, we are able to see the photograph that is taken at the end of the next episode, "Conflict Resolution," in the background.

    • Michael wouldn't have been able to use Dwight's urine. When a person is getting tested they aren't allowed to take anything in with them. So he wouldn't have been able to take the cup. Many times the nurse doing the test is in the same room to prevent cheating.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Michael: This year more people will use cocaine than will read a book to their children.
      Stanley: Where did you get these facts?
      Michael: Are these facts scaring you, or are they not?
      Stanley: They are not.

    • Michael: Drugs ruin lives people. Drugs destroy careers. Take Cheech and Chong everybody knows that Cheech and Chong are funny, but just imagine how funny they would be if they didn't smoke pot.

    • Dwight: Let's go over some of the symptoms of marijuana use, shall we? You tell me who this sounds like: slow moving… inattentive… dull… constantly snacking… shows a lack of motivation.
      Kevin: (nods) Hey…

    • Ryan: Hey, are you guys hiring?
      Urine tester: You want to work at the urinalysis lab?
      Ryan: Yeah. Maybe.

    • Michael: Okay, attention everyone. The drug testing has been cancelled. Instead I will be going around to each of you, and doing a visual inspection.
      Dwight: No, you can't do that.
      Michael: I can do that, it's my office, and...
      Dwight: No you cannot. It has to be official, and IT HAS TO BE URINE.

    • Dwight: Do you know what this is? (slides a picture of marijuana on the table)
      Phyllis: Yes. It's marijuana.
      Dwight: How do you know that?
      Phyllis: It's labeled.
      Dwight: Damn it.

    • Jim: So, yesterday Dwight found half a joint in the parking lot. Which is unfortunate, because it turns out that Dwight finding drugs is more dangerous than most people using drugs.

    • Jim: I'm just saying you can't be sure that it wasn't you.
      Dwight: That's ridiculous. Of course it wasn't me.
      Jim: (holds up picture) Marijuana is a memory loss drug. So maybe you just don't remember.
      Dwight: I would remember.
      Jim: How could you, if it just erased your memory?
      Dwight: That's not how it works!
      Jim: Now, how do you know how it works?
      Dwight: Knock it off! OK, now I am interviewing you!
      Jim: No, you said that I'd be conducting this interview when I walked in here. (Raising voice) Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?

    • Oscar: So, Pam told me you do a great Stanley impression. I'd love to hear it.
      Jim: Oh, um. "Why do you keep CCing me on things that have nothing to do with me?"
      Stanley: (entering room) Is that supposed to be me?
      Jim: Oh, hey, Stanley. Uh, I was just doing an impression.
      Stanley: I do not think that is funny.
      Pam: He does everyone in the office.
      Stanley: Hmph. (leaves)
      Jim and Pam: "I do not think that is funny."

    • Dwight: OK. I'm going to have to search your car. Give me your keys.
      Ryan: I am not giving you my keys.
      Dwight: Don't make me do this the hard way.
      Ryan: What's the hard way?
      Dwight: I go down to the police station, on my lunch break. I tell a police officer -- I know several -- what I suspect you may have in your car. He requests a hearing from a judge and obtains a search warrant. Once he has said warrant, he will drive over here and make you give him the keys to your car, and you will have to obey him.
      Ryan: Yeah, let's do it that way.

    • Jim: This was such a hard day to not talk. Dwight was literally carrying around his own urine and walking around dressed like one of the village people. Why does he do the things he does for Michael? I just don't get it. What is he getting out of that relationship?

    • Pam: WOW! He really pulled out the big guns! Fake crying? I didn't expect that!

    • Dwight: How many orange traffic cones do you have?
      Security Guard: Two.
      Dwight: Oh...god.

    • Michael: Since you did such a good job with the investigation, I decided to pull a few strings, call in a few favors, and I've decided to make you official security supervisor of the branch.
      Dwight: Really?
      Michael: Yes, sir.
      Dwight: That fantastic because I've always felt that the security here sucked.

    • Dwight: I like the people I work with generally, with four exceptions. But someone commited a crime, and I did not become a Lackawanna County Volunteer Sheriff's Deputy to make friends...and by the way, I haven't.

    • Michael: Look at the person to the left of you. Now look at the person to your right. One of those people will be dead from drug use at some point in their lives.

    • Creed: That is Northern Lights Cannabis indica.
      Dwight:'s marijuana.

    • Dwight: Oscar visited Mexico when he was five to attend his great grandmother's funeral. What does that mean to a United States law enforcement officer? He's a potential drug mule.

    • Michael: In addition to testing Toby's urine, I am going to test his blood and hair.
      Toby: You can't do that.
      Michael: Yes I can, it's my office and I can randomly test anyone.
      Toby: That wasn't random.
      Michael: Okay fine, eeenie meenie minie moe (points at Toby), that's random!

    • Dwight: Kevin, what prescription drugs are you taking besides Rogaine?
      Kevin: I don't take Rogaine.
      Dwight: What about you, Angela?
      Angela: I don't take any prescription drugs.
      Dwight: Nothing?....Good.

    • Michael: Narc, Narc! Kevin?
      Kevin: That is so good, Michael.

    • Pam: Jim is not allowed to talk until he buys me a Coke. Those are the rules of Jinx and they're unflinchingly rigid.

    • Dwight: Do you think it's possible that maybe you could have had some drugs in your system without you knowing about it?
      Oscar: What are you implying?
      Dwight: Have you ever pooped a balloon?

    • Ryan: I don't think Michael's ever done drugs. I don't know if anyone's ever offered him any.

    • Michael: Dwight, dude, you gotta take a chill pill. You're totally harshing the office mellow!

    • Jim You look cute today, Dwight.
      Dwight Thanks, girl.

    • Michael: Well, Dwight, I am very busy today and I wasn't planning on going to the bathroom so I don't even know if anything will come out.

    • Dwight: You might remember my urine.
      Linda: We test a lot of urine.
      Dwight: Mine was green.

    • Toby: Hookah is not an illegal drug, Michael.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The French episode title is "Contrôle positif", meaning "Positive Test Result". The Italian title is "Il paladino della giustizia", meaning "Champion of Justice". The Spanish title is "La prueba de drogas", an exact translation.

    • Deleted Scenes: Pam puts a call from Brenda—the corporate observer in "Booze Cruise" that Jim called for a date in "The Carpet"—through to Jim, hoping to make him break his vow of silence; two delivery men from Vance Refrigeration are shown to be responsible for the joint.

    • Michael has a bandage around his finger in this episode because Steve Carell hurt his finger during the week and was unable to remove his wedding ring due to the swelling, so they decided to cover the ring with a bandage.