The Office

Season 4 Episode 3

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on NBC
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Ryan returns to Scranton with a plan to bring Dunder Mifflin into the digital age by launching a new website—Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Michael is worried about ageism and attempts to win back clients using old fashioned business skills. Relationships are on the forefront as Ryan returns to an eager Kelly, Jim and Pam are outed to the office, and Angela is still upset with Dwight about her cat, Sprinkles.


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  • Ryan is back

    After a great start to the season this episode was as good if not better. Ryan in his new job comes from corporate to teach the staff the new technology he wants everyone to use. Not only that Ryan wants Dunder Milfflin to change as well. He certainly talks like a big time executive but well you will see. Michael's reaction when Ryan comes is very funny. His reaction was kind of like someone who hasn't see the person they have been dating for a while. Michael's scenes with Ryan were all pretty humerus. The best was Ryan was on his BlackBerry and Michael was pretending that he was an expert. I also enjoyed the meeting that Ryan and Michael led. When Ryan yells at Michael, he tries to take it on to himself to prove old technology still works. He does have some points to this. Dwight comes along to help and their plan to win back clients was pretty entertaining. I really liked when Michael drove in the lake. It was one of the top highlights for Michael of the series. You can see the effect Dwight's last conservation with Angela when he and Michael left for the office.

    Speaking of Dwight and Angela, their realtionship officially comes to an end. I think the scene where Angela broke up with Dwight was handled perfectly. When this realtionship a new one officially began with Jim and Pam. They had been dating for a few months but no one knew but the camera person. It's found out when Toby spots Pam kissing Jim and sends out that real/fake memo about PDA. This is pretty hard on Toby due to his mini crush on Pam. Everyone is happy for them and Michael is the happiest. This was a great way to start the episode. If you are wondering why they didn't want anyone to know, just hear Phyllis's comment. This was another funny episode is a very great season.moreless
  • 402

    I have no idea why this episode got good ratings, it was completely devoid of laughter. This episode was so awful, I was so ashamed of The Office when I saw this episode. This show is definitely going downhill starting with this season, and this episode is a perfect example of that.

    Stop making episodes an hour long, it doesn't work, they have no material to fill a whole hour. All we got in this episode was Ryan talking about technology, and Dwight whining about Angela. I feel like the only reason people are rating the episode so well is because Jim & Pam are together. A show cannot be held up by a relationship, so the whole idea of that is ridiculous, yet people are still doing that.

    We knew Michael was dumb, but it made no sense that he drove in to a lake as he saw the lake or having used the GPS system after he said he doesn't like technology. The whole episode was just awful, everything was uneventful and boring, definitely not funny. I was even tempted to stop watching it a couple times. An abysmal episode overall. What is happening to this show?moreless
  • Angela misses her cat, and Ryan is a hairy weasel. Also, WHERE ARE THE TURTLES??!!??

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Bless Toby's heart. After Toby files a grievance with himself after seeing Pam kiss Jim on the cheek, Jim reveals their secret romance to the office. Toby is so jealous. He ends up bringing his girlfriend to the office and laying one on her in front of the office. I love him. He is so sad.

    Angela officially dumps Dwight because he murdered Sprinkles. I like the way this story is playing out. As usual, they both think they are right. Who else could possibly put up with either of them? I love that he tried to give her Garbage.

    Ryan comes back from New York with an awful rash on his face (or was that a beard) and a hugely inflated ego. He announces that the company will be utilizing more technology. This frightens the older employees, especially Creed and Michael. I know that most of the episode dealt with Michael rejecting the new ways, but my favorite part was Creed trying to act like he will be turing 30 in November. He dyed his hair black with printer ink. Everybody knows at least one old dude that looks as if he has done that.

    This was a funny episode that kept the characters true to themselves.moreless
  • It felt like an Infinity....

    In it; Ryan swaggers in the office to announce a revamping of the company through a new website, this does not sit well with Michael who believe Ryan's sub – text to be a downsizing of the workers who are no longer 30. He and Dwight set out to use non – machinery to win clients back. Despite losing the original less – is – more sentiment of the British series; one thing the show has kept alive is the real authenticity of the conversations and characters. The dialogue isn't whitewashed and isn't dumbed down to the sitcom standards.

    This episode is a re – introduction of the Ryan character, since his promotion to Michael's boss he's gained a more elegant appearance and a far more conceited personality aside from this, the characters have remained the same, thank god. Like always the viewers are given a relative option; it's split between Michael and Dwight's anti – technology journey to get their clients back and at the Office we see the employees trying not to snap at Ryan's cocky attitude. Michael's protest against ageism never really ties with his protest against technology and it's often hard to tell which the writer's are trying to convey, I've never seen someone dispute so much since Michael Moore. The Dwight/ Angela, Jim/Pam and Michael/Jan and even the new Ryan/Kelly sagas are given about a minute of development as if to make the viewers interested in the Office drama but really the only thing there worth watching is Creed's endeavour to stay young.

    The only real problem with this episode is that it overstays its welcome; there aren't many comedy shows that dare to crossover to an hour and a shorter running time would've made for a better episode.

    Although there have been various one – hour Office episodes before this one, what made them work was based on two reasons; that there was a significant build – up towards one outcome that we wanted to see or that it was leading up to a suitably zany climax. Both of these are absent here, the episode just galumphed around the screen and drops out on some awkward note. The show hasn't lost it's ability to amuse, if anything it has strengthened over the years but Carrel and Wilson's constant, failed attempts to do something humorous with their idiotic characters are jarring. Dunder Mifflin Infinity has a great set – up and premise but stumbles in the execution and struggles to keep the audience involved.moreless
  • Hilarious!!

    Oh what can I say about all of the many crazy workers in the Scranton Branch?

    Um, One word to describe this show would be F-U-N-N-Y!

    This episode was great to watch and it always keeps you laughing and going What?! the whole time. I loved it when Kelly and Ryan were talking and then Toby just looks at the camera and gives it a look. Moments like that are why I watch the show. I was surprised when Angela dumped Dwight though since its like "How many other guys is she going to be able to get?" I was like wow?! Also when Kelly was talking to Ryan after he found out she wasn't pregnant and he was like "We can't go out." She was like "why?" OMG it was oh so funny, definantly an episode to watch and to not be forgotten.moreless
John Ingle

John Ingle

Robert Dunder

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Kevin Dorff

Kevin Dorff

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Edward James Gage

Edward James Gage

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    • Michael: My heart soars with the eagle's nest.

    • Michael: I threw everything I had at that guy and... nothing.
      Dwight: That's how it goes sometimes. You lose everything, and everything falls apart, and eventually you die, and no one remembers you.
      Michael: That is a very good point, Dwight.

    • Ryan: I am your boss now. You're gonna have to treat me the same way you treated Jan.
      Michael: Oh, wow. Eh, that's a little kinky. I don't swing that way. Woo! I think Ryan has a gay crush on me.

    • Ryan: Yes, I understand that, David. I just felt that if we were to downsize Kelly and then outsource customer service to India, which a lot of companies—yeah, no, yes Kelly is Indian. I understand that's confusing.

    • Jim: That whole lifestyle? His whole vibe? You find that appealing?
      Andy: Hah! Tuna. Tuna, Tuna, Tuna.
      Kevin: Tuna, Tuna, Tuna.
      Andy: He has a killer job. He's rich. He smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan probably smells like. He wears really cool, rich-guy clothes.
      Kevin: And, he can get any girl that he wants.
      Andy: So, sorry Tuna but if you don't know why that's awesome, then... you need awesome lessons.

    • Creed: Hey, brah, I've been meaning to ask you. Can we get some Red Bull for these things? Sometimes a guy's gotta ride the bull. Am I right? Later, skater.

    • Robert Dunder: Michael Scott?
      Michael Scott: That is me, come on in. Who is this old fart? Did you just stagger off the street, out of a box or something? Who is this worthless bag of bones? Well, this guy is none other than one of the founders of Dunder Mifflin, Mr. Robert Dunder! Huh!?
      Dwight Schrute: Yeah, YES!!
      Ryan Howard: Michael can I talk to you for a second?
      Michael Scott: Sure thing.
      (Outside the conference room)
      Ryan Howard: We have actual work to do.
      Michael Scott: Fine! Then I will call David Wallace and you can explain why you threw the founder of the company out on his ancient butt!

    • Michael: We had a foreign exchange student live with us when I was young. And we called him my brother. And that's what I thought he was. Um, then he went home to what is now formerly Yugoslavia, taking all of my blue jeans with him. And I had to spend the entire winter in shorts. That is what Ryan is like—a fake brother who steals your jeans.

    • Creed: We're screwed.
      Michael: Who is?
      Creed: Us. You, me. The old-timers.
      Michael: I am not old. You are old. You are, like, a hundred.
      Creed: You're over forty; that's the cutoff.

    • Creed: Are you listening to what he's saying? Retraining, new system, youth. I'm telling you, this kid is the grim reaper. You deal with this, or you, me, Sammy, Phyllis, the chick you hit with a car...we're goners.

    • Michael: Yeah, Ryan snapped me, but there was this twinkle in his eye that i picked up on which said "Dude, we're friends. I'm doing this for appearances. I am the big boss now, and I have to seem like an ogre. But you know me. And you trust me, and we like each other. And we'll always be friends. And I would never take you for granted in a million years. And I miss you, man, and I love you." His words.

    • Michael: Everyone always wants some new things. Everyone likes new inventions, new technology. People will never be replaced by machines. In the end life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake and to make the choices easy.

    • Pam: (talking about the logo design) Yeah! I'm gonna do some mock-ups. And then turn those into thumbnails, and then do some, uh... splash frames? I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm excited.

    • Angela: (After Dwight tries to gave her a new cat, Garbage) I can't believe you just thought you could replace Sprinkles. Before she's even in the ground.
      Dwight: You haven't buried her yet?
      Angela: Don't push me. I'm grieving.
      Dwight: Garbage can be very helpful, okay? He's a useful cat. He killed an entire family of raccoons. Look at him.
      Angela: I don't want Garbage! I want Sprinkles!
      (Angela leaves)

    • Ryan: You lied about being pregnant.
      Kelly: Right. So?
      Ryan: You really don't understand why that might make me kind of angry?
      Kelly: No!
      Ryan: We're never getting back together.
      Kelly: (whining) Why not?

    • Ryan: Scranton suits you.
      Jan: Best decision I ever made.
      Ryan: You were let go.

    • Michael: Gift-baskets are... the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present that a person can receive.
      Dwight: What about cash? With cash you can buy whatever you want, including a gift-basket, so... it's kind of the best gift ever.
      Jim: What about a gift-basket full of cash?
      Andy: Yes! Cash-basket! Nice work, Tuna.

    • Ryan: So... how are you?
      Kelly: Awesome. I am dating a lot of guys. A lot. Black guys, mostly.
      Ryan: Kelly-
      Kelly: WHAT?

    • (confessional)
      Andy: Jim Halpert's off the market. Guess who just became the best-looking single guy in the office.

    • (after Ryan's presentation)
      Creed: That's some fun stuff. When does the website go up?
      Ryan: As fast as possible. We want to start training people ASAP so we can hit the ground running with the new system.
      Creed: Cool beans. (enters Michael's office) We're screwed.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Michael greets Ryan when he arrives with, "Hello, Mr. Sonny Crockett, I'm Tubbs," using the names of the head detectives from the TV series Miami Vice.

    • After hearing Ryan's tale of running into Vince Vaughn, Andy recites at Ryan part of the, "Dude, you are so money...", monologue delivered by Vince to Jon Favreau in Swingers.