The Office

Season 7 Episode 24

Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 12, 2011 on NBC
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Dwight takes charge of the office and immediately imposes his will on the staff. Gabe hopes to get back together with Erin.

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  • Laugh Out Loud Hilarious

    I thought that this was an absolutely hilarious episode of "The Office". It was funny when Dwight became the acting manager for the office. I thought Dwight being excited about the acting manager promotion was very funny and how was enjoying it. It was very funny when Jim made that "Join the Fist" club and then Dwight took it off. It was funny when Dwight pre-fired Jim. I thought Dwight having that hollster was funny especially when he had the gun inside the hollster and everyone tells him that he should not have a gun and Dwight accidentally shoots Andy in the eardrums. It thought it was funny when Darryl took Andy to the hospital to get his eardrums checked and then Darryl was talking about how everything was deaf to Andy. I thought it was funny when Kevin told Dwight that he should put a banana inside the hollster for whenever he is hungry. I thought the most hilarious part of this episode was when Dwight was giving Kevin a massage and then Dwight would ask "What am I touching?" and then Dwight has to lift his legs higher and higher to massage Kevin and then everyone in the office is all scared. I also thought it was great Kathy Bates guest starred in this episode. It was great that Dwight confessed to Jo(Kathy Bates) that he accidentally shot Andy in the eardrums but it was too bad that Dwight wasn't going to be a permanent manager. Overall, this was just a laugh out loud hilarious episode of "The Office". 10/10moreless
  • Dwight becomes (acting) manager of Dunder Mifflin

    Looking back at the review I wrote for the last episode, I rated it much too high. I usually feel this about two seconds after I write a review, but this one especially. Last week was mostly a trainwreck with a few redeeming moments, and it's made even more clear when you watch this episode, which flourishes with the lack of Will Ferrell. We get to have a basic idea of what a show with just the core cast of the show would be like without Steve Carrel.

    Jo (played boringly by Kathy Bates.. seriously, give her something substantial to do here!) asks Jim to be interim manager until she finds a new one and he refuses, which means Dwight is put in charge of the office. As a result, we get a sometimes uneven, but pretty funny episode of The Office. I just wish they would hurry up and find a boss already.

    There was actually a lot of stuff that worked here. Dwight's quick progression to creating a dictator environment was pretty funny, particularly the weird painting of him hanging up and the piranha he bought and put in his office (the piranha gag has a great payoff too). I also like how Jim is continuing to get back to the teasing he used to do with Dwight.. sure, it's not nearly as good as it used to be, but it's still pretty entertaining.

    The parts that didn't work for me was when the show went too far into weird territory.. for instance, everything that happened as a result of Dwight firing a gun in the office was funny... but the fact that Dwight even fired a gun in the office just seems a bit ridiculous... also, how weird was that back massage that Dwight gave Kevin.. normally I laugh at those things, but it just fell pretty flat.

    I do look forward to seeing next week's episode though. I almost hope that the show is getting one last hurrah with the guest stars before they head back to the normal style of focusing on these main characters. Get the guest stars out of your system, writers, and return to the people we like best.moreless
  • 724

    A really hilarious episode of The Office. The best part of it all was that Will Ferrel has finally been written out. I'm looking forward in seeing how the "guessing game" will play out for the rest of the season on who will be the new boss. I'm really intrigued by this story line.

    What The Office showed tonight was that the show can carry itself on it's own without Steve Carrel. The gunfire was hilarious, the Erin, Andy, and Gabe scenes were surprisingly entertaining and really funny, we just got some great one-liners as well.

    The final scene really got me pumped for the finale. I think everyone agrees when I say that Creed is totally underused on The Office. The fact that he's the temporary new boss was hilarious, and I'm interested in seeing what interactions that will bring. Great installment tonight.moreless
Cody Horn

Cody Horn

Jordan Garfield

Guest Star

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates

Jo Bennett

Recurring Role

Michael Schur

Michael Schur

Mose Schrute

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    • Jim: All in favor of the baskets, full of chocolates, teddy bears and balloons...
      (all raise hand except for Dwight)
      Dwight: Wait. Wait. All in favor of the knapsack filled with canned goods, chainsaw, gasoline, and emergency radio in case [Deangelo] wakes up post apocalypse...
      (Dwight raises hand)
      Jim: Nope. Baskets have it.

    • Gabe: (crying) Do you like being alone with me right now?
      Andy: No, this is horrifying.
      Gabe: I don't like to be alone with me either, okay?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Similar to the previous episode, the opening credits are altered to reflect Dwight occupying the manager's office, with the final shot showing him adjusting a samurai figurine.