The Office

Season 2 Episode 17

Dwight's Speech

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on NBC
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Dwight must confront his fear of public speaking when he is named Dunder Mifflin's Salesman of the Year. Pam gets wrapped up with wedding plans, but Jim has plans of a different sort: an escape route for long enough so that he doesn't have to witness Pam's wedding. The staffers battle it out over control of the thermostat.moreless

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  • Dwight wins an award

    While this was a fine episode, this was not as good as other ones in this season. By season 7 or especially season 8 standards, it would be a great episode. Tensions between Jim and Pam were high at this time. Scenes between them were very interesting. I like that Pam tried to keep the wedding stuff from Jim. I think Jim chose a vacation because he realized that Pam was really getting married. The only bad part was Dwight's story. It was a good story but it had some missing points. I have seen this episode many times and was not sure if Jim was playing a prank on Dwight. When Dwight made the comment that Jim wasn't going anywhere, I think it had an effect on him. I have seen this episode many times and I come to the conclusion that Jim was actually helping Dwight.Michael's pointers on advice for pretty amusing. That combined with what Jim did, actually made it a great speech at least from the people listening to it. Other small moments that were good include Angela faking sick to only record Dwight's speech.

    I think at the end when Jim told Pam that he wasn't going to her wedding it set up something else that would happen.moreless
  • 217

    A very funny installment of The Office tonight, we've got great delivery from not only Michael, but Dwight especially. This was all focused on Dwight winning best salesman of the year. He has to speak in front of one thousand people. A non-stop laughter installment, I recommend this episode to whoever wants to start watching this show.

    Although this episode wasn't very eventful, this show hasn't forgotten how to be funny and this episode is a perfect example of that. We know now that Jim wont make it to Pam's wedding, who knows if he'll take the trip?

    Other than the two main plots, I got a chuckle here and there from the supporting cast with the thermostat, but that's about it. Everything else was pretty hysterical. Good episode.moreless
  • awesome show

    usually i don't watch the office but when i changed to this channel it was in this episode and to tell you the truth it was awesome! i love hoe michael tries to help him but he doesn't do anything at all! ha ha ha lol! i love this episode cause usually all the other shows were messed up and this episode was awesome that i forgot the other shows. my favorite part of the WHOLE episode is when dwight is talking and isn't scared but hes talking like hilter with his hand and stuff and i was cracking up at that part!this episode was the best unlike shows that suck these daysmoreless
  • "I captivated the guy who captivated a thousand guys. Can you believe that? A thousand guys!"

    Dwight is awarded "salesman of the year" and must make a big speech at a convention. However, Dwight hasn't had much experience with public speaking, so he is a bit nervous. Jim gives Dwight some tips, which are actually taken from famous speeches from Mussolini. When Dwight finally gives his speech, he wins the crowd over. Meanwhile, Pam is making wedding invitations and Jim plans a trip. He decides to go to Australia, unfortunately, he will be missing Pam's wedding.

    This isn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was still very good. Dwight is one of my favorite characters though, so he made it worth it. Most of the episode was slow-moving, but Dwight's speech was worth it at the end.moreless
  • The Office gets better and better, as the characters get fleshed out.

    The Office' should get a whole lot of rewards, and it will even get better when the English writer who made such a hit over there of 'The Office' adds his two cents to some of the episodes.

    When will the 2 lovebirds get together? Maybe never as Pam struggles to be true to the warehouse bluecollar guy. I love it that there is honor among these people. and the creep manager is just like the ones I've known at raytheon who sold a little bit of their soul with every promotion.

    And I don't even mind that we don't know what in the world the blonde woman is so angry about. She seems to have a thing for the office nerd, so I hope that someday we'll be able to find out what's with her.

    You really do feel sorry for that horse's Behind of a boss, especially if you've had one like him.

    The more immersed you are in corporate America, the more these episodes will ring true with you.moreless
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    • Michael: Ryan is a temp. And that means that he could go at any time. Am I worried about that? Try scared to death.

    • Jim: Dwight, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
      Dwight: I can travel anywhere, except Cuba, and I will travel to New Zealand and walk the Lord of the Rings trail to Mordor and I will hike Mount Doom.

    • Dwight: (After practicing in front of his co-workers) This isn't working. I am not nervous in front of these people because they are my subbordinates.

    • Michael: Pam, I'm public speaking. Stop public-interrupting me.

    • Jim: You gotta wave your arms and you gotta bang your fists!

    • Kevin: I always set it at 69.

    • Dwight's Speech
      Dwight: Blood alone moves the wheels of history! Have you ever asked yourselves in an hour of meditation, which everyone finds during the day, how long we have been striving for greatness? Not only the years we've been at war … the war of work. But from the moment, as a child, and we realized that the world could be conquered. It has been a lifetime struggle, a never-ending fight, I say to you. And you will understand that it is a privilege to fight! We are warriors! Salesmen of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I ask you, once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour! Maniacal laughter Yes! Yes!
      No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself! Some people will tell you "salesman" is a bad word. They'll conjure up images of used car dealers and door-to-door charlatans. This is our duty to change their perception. I say, salesmen … and women … of the world, unite! We must never acquiesce, for it is together, together, that we prevail! We must never cede control of the motherland for it is…
      Audience: Together that we prevail!

    • Pam: Australia? I have always wanted to go there.
      Jim: I'm going. I'm a little nervous that I might run into Dwight on his connecting flight to Mordor, but other than that, yeah, I bought the ticket. Non-refundable.
      Pam: That's awesome. Where are you staying?
      Jim: I don't know. I feel like I have plenty of time to figure out the details, but…
      Pam: When are you leaving?
      Jim: I'm leaving on June 8th.
      Pam: Oh.
      Jim: Yeah, and I'm really sorry about that. I just…
      Pam: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's too bad.
      Jim: Yeah. (gesturing toward wedding invitations) Do you want me to take these on my way out?
      Pam: It's okay. I got it.
      Jim: All right.

    • Ryan: Jim has worked at the same place for five years. Jim eats the same ham and cheese sandwich every day for lunch. I don't know. If I were a betting man, I'd say he will have a fun weekend in Philadelphia.

    • Michael: I'm sorry. I did not know that you were wearing a hearing aid and I just thought that you were speaking abnormally … and now, the black guy from the Police Academy movies, a robot. Michael Winslow, anybody? Car starting… All right, Dwight Schrute everyone!

    • Michael: You see that. You see how they responded to me. For that moment, I had them.
      Dwight: That is so great about the bonus!
      Michael: No, no. It's not true. I was just talking. So go out there and say anything. They'll eat it up. They're a great audience.
      Stanley (on phone): Go ahead, get the wallpaper. Wallpaper the ceiling if you want.
      Dwight: Excuse me, may I have your attention please. There has been an accident on 84-West. Cars have skidded off the road into the safety railing. Several cars have flipped. There is broken glass everywhere. Several people are injured.
      Pam: Do we know anyone who was in the accident?
      Dwight: Brad Pitt. Also there will be no bonuses.
      Stanley: Why would this affect our bonuses?
      Dwight: They're unrelated.
      Kelly: Is Brad okay?
      Dwight: He will never act again. Also, this branch is closing.
      Oscar: What the hell is going on here?
      Angela: Are we out of jobs?
      Dwight: Yes.
      Kelly: This is karma because of what he did to Jennifer Aniston.
      Michael: He was kidding. Dwight was kidding, and I don't know why because it wasn't funny and it was horrible.

    • Oscar: I get here early every morning so I can set the thermostat. I like it a little cooler, around 66 degrees. I'm more productive. Maybe some people don't like it as cold as I do. I don't care.

    • Dwight: I can't do this.
      Michael: That's because you're incapable of doing this. Because you don't know how. Because you have no skills. Dwight, there's no way I can possibly teach you what you need to know about public speaking by speech time.
      Dwight: Okay…
      Michael: But I can teach you enough so that you don't embarrass me or the company.
      Dwight: Okay, deal. I'll do whatever you say. No questions asked.
      Michael: Well, if you have a question, you should ask me.
      Dwight: I'll try to think of one. When…
      Michael: Don't try to think up a question just to humor me, just try not to be such an idiot.
      Dwight: Is that an insult or is that part of the public speaking advice?
      Michael: Insult.

    • Jim: Dwight was the top salesman of the year at our company. He wins a little prize money and gets honored at some convention. It is literally the highest honor that a Northeastern Pennsylvania-based mid-sized paper company regional salesman can attain, so…

    • (Dwight is eating grapes from the bunch one by one)
      Michael: That's what she said.
      Dwight: I don't get it.
      Michael: Grapes. Seductive. So, are you ready for the big speech this afternoon?
      Dwight: Well, it's not really a big speech. You're still coming, right?
      Michael: Absofruitly! Fruit, grapes, nailed the joke, only a matter of time. And yes, it is a big speech. The biggest of your life.

    • Jim: So, uh, I am going on a trip, but I'm not really sure where I'm going yet. It's kinda open-ended. So I was hoping maybe you guys would have some suggestions.
      Kevin: You should go to Hedonism.
      Jim: What is that?
      Kevin: It's like Club Med but everything is naked.

    • Kelly: June 10 is perfect. I want a June wedding. I've always wanted one. Ryan, do you know when you would want to get married?
      Ryan: Actually, I don't see ever getting married.
      Kelly: Oh. (leaves the room)
      Pam: Ryan, you should be more sensitive. It's obvious she likes you, and comments like that, they just--
      Ryan: I know what I said.

    • Dwight: When I was in the sixth grade, I was a finalist in our school spelling bee. It was me against Raj Patel. And I misspelled, in front of the entire school...the word "failure."

    • Angela: The very best of luck to you, Dwight.
      Dwight: Thank you, Angela.

    • Michael: What's the difference between a salesman and a saleswoman?
      Dwight: A saleswoman has a vagina.

    • Michael: Dwight gave a great speech. That's the word on the street, anyway. And I entertained Dwight to no end with my bar stories—so I captivated the guy who captivated a thousand guys. Can you believe that? A thousand guys.

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