The Office

Season 2 Episode 17

Dwight's Speech

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Dwight wins an award

    While this was a fine episode, this was not as good as other ones in this season. By season 7 or especially season 8 standards, it would be a great episode. Tensions between Jim and Pam were high at this time. Scenes between them were very interesting. I like that Pam tried to keep the wedding stuff from Jim. I think Jim chose a vacation because he realized that Pam was really getting married. The only bad part was Dwight's story. It was a good story but it had some missing points. I have seen this episode many times and was not sure if Jim was playing a prank on Dwight. When Dwight made the comment that Jim wasn't going anywhere, I think it had an effect on him. I have seen this episode many times and I come to the conclusion that Jim was actually helping Dwight.Michael's pointers on advice for pretty amusing. That combined with what Jim did, actually made it a great speech at least from the people listening to it. Other small moments that were good include Angela faking sick to only record Dwight's speech.

    I think at the end when Jim told Pam that he wasn't going to her wedding it set up something else that would happen.
  • 217

    A very funny installment of The Office tonight, we've got great delivery from not only Michael, but Dwight especially. This was all focused on Dwight winning best salesman of the year. He has to speak in front of one thousand people. A non-stop laughter installment, I recommend this episode to whoever wants to start watching this show.

    Although this episode wasn't very eventful, this show hasn't forgotten how to be funny and this episode is a perfect example of that. We know now that Jim wont make it to Pam's wedding, who knows if he'll take the trip?

    Other than the two main plots, I got a chuckle here and there from the supporting cast with the thermostat, but that's about it. Everything else was pretty hysterical. Good episode.
  • awesome show

    usually i don't watch the office but when i changed to this channel it was in this episode and to tell you the truth it was awesome! i love hoe michael tries to help him but he doesn't do anything at all! ha ha ha lol! i love this episode cause usually all the other shows were messed up and this episode was awesome that i forgot the other shows. my favorite part of the WHOLE episode is when dwight is talking and isn't scared but hes talking like hilter with his hand and stuff and i was cracking up at that part!this episode was the best unlike shows that suck these days
  • "I captivated the guy who captivated a thousand guys. Can you believe that? A thousand guys!"

    Dwight is awarded "salesman of the year" and must make a big speech at a convention. However, Dwight hasn't had much experience with public speaking, so he is a bit nervous. Jim gives Dwight some tips, which are actually taken from famous speeches from Mussolini. When Dwight finally gives his speech, he wins the crowd over. Meanwhile, Pam is making wedding invitations and Jim plans a trip. He decides to go to Australia, unfortunately, he will be missing Pam's wedding.

    This isn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was still very good. Dwight is one of my favorite characters though, so he made it worth it. Most of the episode was slow-moving, but Dwight's speech was worth it at the end.
  • The Office gets better and better, as the characters get fleshed out.

    The Office' should get a whole lot of rewards, and it will even get better when the English writer who made such a hit over there of 'The Office' adds his two cents to some of the episodes.

    When will the 2 lovebirds get together? Maybe never as Pam struggles to be true to the warehouse bluecollar guy. I love it that there is honor among these people. and the creep manager is just like the ones I've known at raytheon who sold a little bit of their soul with every promotion.
    And I don't even mind that we don't know what in the world the blonde woman is so angry about. She seems to have a thing for the office nerd, so I hope that someday we'll be able to find out what's with her.

    You really do feel sorry for that horse's Behind of a boss, especially if you've had one like him.

    The more immersed you are in corporate America, the more these episodes will ring true with you.
  • Below average for the season, still better then 90% of television.

    Not the best episode of Office, but still one of the more entertaining comedy's on television. And I remember those days when people were complaining of there being an American version of the show. The American version in my opinion is better then the Original. Although that is a tough argument because both versions are gold.
  • laughed out loud! definitely an iTunes purchase.

    This episode had all the trademarks of this great series: badly hidden sexual tension between colleagues, squirmingly hilarious scenes with Michael Scott, and great reaction shots from the entire cast, all topped off with a killer speech from Dwight to a sales convention. Contrary to commentary posted here and elsewhere, his sources were highly diverse: "Blood alone moves the wheels of history" (Martin Luther),and "No revolution is worth anything if it cannot defend itself"(Lenin). His fist-pounding, arm-waving tirade was reminiscient of dictators, despots, and the 1984 Apple ad. Another recurring theme we're treated to is the immediate death of office decorum the moment that Michael leaves, played out this time by a passive-aggressive thermostat battle.
  • Yeah, there have been some great episodes, and this was not one of them.

    Another reviewer mentioned that it was unrealistic. I agree with this. How many people spend so much time at work prepping for their wedding? We find Ryan to be mean, Kelly to be even shallower (the Brad Pitt) scene.

    Dwight's speech was kind of funny, but I felt it was poorly executed, I usually think Dwight is one of the best characters. I was not impressed this time.

    The first season was amazing, and I enjoyed the more sitcomish feel and supporting cast character dev in the 2nd season. Since the show came back on air in January it has only gotten better till Dwight's Speech. I hope this is corrected.

    The best part, which was not funny, but very pivotal, was Jim informing Pam of his plans to leave to Australia 2 days before her wedding.
    I still find this to be the best sub-plot of the show. Even though it seems Jim's has completely given up, something has to happen.

    Looking forward to bring your daughter to work day, I wonder if Stanley will bring his Catholic School girl daughter to work (ref. Sexual Harassment.
  • Another great episode

    This episode proved why I love this show. At times, I wish the show would move a little faster in developing the characters and really present what happens with some of the relationships going on within the office. However, I can't wait to see the next episode and see how the Pam's marriage plays out.

    Absolutely fantastic TV program!!!
  • What is the world coming to when Dwight Schrute is your top salesman?

    I was disappointed in this episode because I haven't laughed this little at an Office episode since "Hot Girl" back in Season 1. The premise has the potential to be a winning one: Dwight needs to give an acceptance speech after coming in first place in company sales and Michael and Jim both give him advice. But in the execution, it doesn't work that well. Dwight's speech (adapted from Mussolini) isn't all that funny despite being absurdist and there are too many cringeworthy moments that take away from what could have been a funny episode.

    The episode was also full of unrealistic moments. You can see how much Pam's wedding preparations (and no one I know ever enlisted her officemates to stamp invitations or do as much prep work in the Office as Pam does) are hurting both Jim and other women like Kelly (Meredith must have been home and drunk: She couldn't take Valentines Day, so this would be pretty rough on her too, I imagine). Michael runs out on Dwight's speech and tells everyone in the office they've received a $1000 bonus. Ryan is pretty mean throughout the episode with jabs at Jim and Kelly. And it's simply not realistic that the businesspeople would cheer so enthusiastically at Dwight's horrible speech.

    All these mean-spirited (and unfunny) moments coupled with an insignificant thermostat back story with the supporting characters took away from what could have been a funny half-hour. I would have loved to see what the other Dunder-Mifflinites really thought of Dwight winning first place (or their disappointment at not doing so). But that said, it was still better than most everything else on TV. High points were the football "brainstorming" session at the beginning of the episode and funny little comments from Kevin and Creed.
  • Dwight shines in this classic episode, with incredible insight into the other characters as well. One of the best episodes yet. Hands Down.

    Not only is Dwight more hilarious in this episode than perhaps ever before, you see a lot of the other characters sides, as well. At points I had tears of laughter in my eyes. This episode is without a doubt a classic. Anyone who missed out on this one should look for the repeat, it is more than worth it.
  • Probably one of the best episodes of the series so far, and that's saying a lot since the series is amazing.

    Even he opening scene had me laughing hysterically. When Ryan the Temp gets the football, and out of nowhere Dwight comes flying in and crushes him to the ground, then he goes after Creed, and finally knocks Stanley off balance.

    As soon as Jim told Dwight to use a lot of arm movements and fist pounding I knew it would be a great speech. Dwight gives a great dictator speech that somehow captivates the audience, and has them hollering for more. As I was laughing, I tried to pick up things Dwight was saying and it seemed to have nothing to do with business, and more to do with some german training tutorial.

    I was disappointed to see Jim plan his trip 2 days before Pam's wedding, and it shows at what a truly sad person Jim is. That is all.
  • Great development between characters, but it's nothing new you didn't know yet =P.

    After becoming the top salesman of the year, Dwight is horrified when he has to give a large speech to fellow associates at a convention. Due to a traumatic event in his past, he turns to his one and true mentor for advice and preparation: Michael Scott. As the day rolls by, Dwight is given spectacular advice from the one person who knows how to make any awkward situation...more awkward and by a cowoker you wouldn't suspect.
    Some revelations between characters are shown while at the same time, Jim is desperately trying to flee the office from any conversation that has to do with the impending wedding. His decision at the end is not only shocking but makes any Jim/Pam/Roy enthusiast want more.
    An enjoyable episode from start (the prelude is actually very funny) to finish.
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