The Office

Season 2 Episode 9

Email Surveillance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • Jim has a party and Michael spies on people

    This was a cute little episode. This was an example of how great this season was. This was the first episode that showcased the employees outside of work. I really enjoyed that they did it. It was good seeing everyone outside of the workplace for a time. The start of the episode was very funny. It shows how good the character of Steve Carell is. Anyone else it would come off as racist. What Michael did to his employees was a little mean but it didn't cross the line.

    The party that Jim had was entertaining. My favorite part was how Pam really enjoyed Jim's high school yearbook. Dwight's reaction to when Jim's roommate was very funny. A very sweet part is when Michael was signing and Jim joined him. It was a bit of a callback to the Season 2 premiere.

    Michael's performance in the improv class was great. I loved the Michael Scarn references. I also liked seeing Ken Jeong. This also set up what would happen with the comment made by Phyllis comment to Pam. Another part of this episode was the start of a very complicated relationship between Dwight and Angela. This episode had a lot of great moments.
  • 209

    A lot of revelations on tonight's episode of The Office. Something that starts out as e-mail surveillance ends with development, surprises, and of course hilarity. Michael finds out that Jim is having a barbecue and that he is not invited through e-mail surveillance. By the end of the day, no one invites him, so he goes to his improv class which by the way was the funniest thing about this episode. Michael always starts with a gun, just the reactions from everyone else was hysterical.

    Finding out that Dwight and Angela were in a relationship was very clever. We've got a shot of both of their shoes, and in the end, we've got them making out, but you know because of the shoes, their faces aren't shown. Pam & Jim development is always great as more people suspect that something is going on between them.

    The ending was pretty great, Jim jumping in for Michael on the karaoke which shows that Jim cares for Michael, even though he won't admit it. Great episode.
  • A terrific episode. Some parts wern't very good, but still a great and advised episode.

    This is great episode for the season two storyline and The Office in general. Micheal sets up email survalence in the office, though nobody wants it to happen. Jim deciedes to throw a party at his house and Micheal finds out about it through the survalence even though he wasn't invited. Pam starts to think that Dwight and Angela are together, while Dwight thinks Jim's party is a surprise party for Micheal. While everyone is at Jim's, Micheal goes to improff class, where people don't like him, but Micheal doesn't know that. After not being able to go to a party some other people are going to, Micheal deciedes to crash Jim's party. In an attention grapping moment, he starts singing a song, and to make him feel more welcome, Jim sings the song with him. Unknown to anyone there, Dwight and Angela kiss in a different area.
  • Jim's party is in danger as Michael realizes he didn't get an Evite-tation.

    This episode provided one of the best segments ever with Michael going to his improve class. He made all of them interesting by bringing a gun each time using it. Then Jim's party is crashed when Michael shows up, learning of this by email surrvalience. Michael goes because he reads some of his co-workers emails, he realizes he's not as popular as he thought. This comes as a shock and after attempts to get Jim to invite him Michael goes anyways. This was exactly what Jim did not want, he wanted it to be a relaxed party for all of his co-workers, also so he could see Pam outside of work. This was one of my favorite episodes from the second season. I give it a 9.6.
  • Great episode.

    After Michael mistakes the company's tech support employee for a terrorist, he informs Michael that he can monitor his employee's e-mails which causes Jim to worry that Michael will discover the party he is throwing that night, to which Michael is not invited. Inevitably, Michael notices and tries to get Jim to admit that he's having a party, while Jim acts nonchalantly as if nothing is happening. Pam notices some things that lead her to suspect that Dwight and Angela are dating. However she discreetly abandons her suspicions when she realizes that suspicions could just as easily be raised about her and Jim. Jim and Pam bond when she sees Jim's room for the first time and looks through his high school year book. After ruining an improv class, Michael decides to crash Jim's party, much to the staff's dismay (and Dwight's cluelessness). The documentary crew catches Angela and Dwight making out in Jim's backyard.
  • This episode is about Michael installing email surveillance on the work computers and doesn't get invited to Jim's party, causing him to feel left out.

    This episode was by far the best episode ever on the Office. It was the funniest, most interesting episode ever. The way I see it, the episode provided a good sense of comedy while we see a little JAM action (yes i know guys we all love it!). I loved Michael's alternative to the party: the improv class. I loved how "Agent Michael Scarn FBI" reacts to all scenes provided by the teacher. Michael barging in on the party and Dwight saying "Surprise" was also hilarious. The karaoke scene was hilarious and i also loved the scene where the camera zoomed in on Dwangela making out. Best Episode!
  • Jim has a party and doesn't invite Michael.

    Email Survalience is a great episode with the shocking reveal of Dwight and Angela's romantic relationship. Pam's part in that storyline was really great. I absolutely loved her talking head where she talks about the possiblity of Dwight and Angela dating each other and compares it squishing a bug. I also really enjoyed all of the Jam content as I always do. All of the stuff about Michael's improv class great. I loved how Michael tried to convince everyone in the office to spend the night hanging out with him. The reference to Ryan from Kevin about having been responsible for starting the fire was great too. All in all, this was another great episode of The Office.
  • one of my favorite episodes

    i think this is my favorite episode (its really hard to tell), but i like this one because it takes the characters out of the office, and it is fun with seeing them behave... well, shockingly normal. first off, i have to say i love john krasinskis yearbook photo. and it comes back in the christmas episode. and then dwight and angela (ah, the start of dwangela). and the karoke at the end, and how sweet was jim to go up and sing with michael. i really did kinda feel bad for michael, i mean, he is horrible at imrov (eek michael scarn, fbi), but he was just being michael, and so yeah. it was good that jim was at least nice to him.
  • (Spoiler Warning in review) Email Surveillance goes at the top of my list as my favorite office episode. It may not have the all time greatest cold opening, but it's funny, and then really shows some heart.

    (Spoiler Warning)

    Email Surveillance goes at the top of my list as my favorite office episode. It may not have the all time greatest cold opening, but it's funny, and then really shows some heart.

    You really feel sorry for Michael in this one,it really shows that he\'s just desperate to be loved and have friends, but I can\'t honestly say i\'d be his friend either. He has the right intentions (as shown with the wine) but he just cannot control himself and has this horrid since of humor is just sooo bad... there for in tv terms...its great!

    Pam and Jim are really great in this one too,her wandering off into his room and their scene together in there is just awesome!
    While not having the best beginning, Email Surveillance does have the greatest ending. It\'s so pathetic to see Michael up there really trying to sing Islands in The Stream by himself,and it\'s really cool to see Jim go up there and help him out. His motionings towards Pam in it are awesome too.
    And of course the fading that totally gives away Diwight and Angela is really... just an awesome ending. What can i say, this is a great episode, to me the best of the series so far!
  • "When people hear the term 'big brother' they immediately think it's bad or scary. I don't. I think, 'Wow, I love my big brother.'"

    Hilarious episode. This is a classic.

    Michael starts monitoring his employee's emails. He finds out that Jim is having a party and Michael is not invited. Michael tries to drop hints and get Jim to admit he's having a party, but Jim doesn't give in. Meanwhile, Pam suspects that Dwight and Angela are having a relationship (they are). During Jim's party, Michael is at his improv class and basically ruins it by pretending to shoot people in every scene. Michael decides to crash Jim's party which leads to some awkwardness.

    This episode has many hilarious moments such as Michael mistaking the tech support guy for a terrorist, Michael in his improv class, and Michael singing at the end. Another great part was when Jim wouldn't admit to Dwight that he didn't invite Michael and tried to convince him that he was throwing a surprise party.

    This is a classic, and one of the best among the first half of the season.
  • Funny, but it is reality

    I am not a fan of after-work socials because, well, I have a life outside work. But I have been to enough co-worker sponsored parties to know how they turn out. And I have been to more than my share of boss hosted mixers/cookout/beach days to understand that they are PAINFUL to go to.

    Anyway, the office tries to have a BBQ which is cool but they don't want Michael there because he is uncool and makes everyone uneasy.

    Michael does start off his Friday night at an improv class, which I can see him doing in an attempt to make him more creative. But then, the class excludes him from the after class dinner. Go figure.

    Then Michael crashes the BBQ and well, things turn out how you would think. And the karaoke was a classic.

    Great episode.

  • Jim throws a party, Michael crashes it.

    Great episode and I love that Jim had karaoke!.. but what Im most interested in is if anyone knows where I can find a copy of the poster that Jim has hanging over his home office. Its a math equation that equals life and I have no idea where to get it but please let me know if you do!
  • Brilliant modern comedic writing!

    This episode had me on the floor with laughter. Almost every single scene had me cracking up in some way or another. From the opening where Michael thinks the IT consultant is a terrorist is simply genius! This show has come a long way since its first season and has really found its footing nicely. The improv scenes are also a great showcase for Michael Scott to release his inner nonsense and shows just really how much of an idiot this guy actually is. Michael @ Jim's BBQ singing the duet by himself was also extremely funny. Steve Carrel has a nice singing voice. Great stuff! DO NOT CANCEL, NBC!
  • Simply Stunning

    This is the best episode of Office to date, which is an incredible feat to top all the incredible episodes so far. Why is this episode the best to date? First of all, from the very start of the episode, the laughs roll, all stops pulled. Next, we get some of the BEST camera work so far in the series, using the camera to full advantage of television hilarity. After taht, we have the Dwight romance conspiracy theory plot, which is one of the funniest insights into Dwights character so far. Next we have the main storyline of Micheal monitoring the employee's email. This fits so perfectly to lead into Jim's party, which is absolutely hilarious within itself. This in turn opens the door for Micheal's improv class. I honestly thought that Micheal was just making it up so Jim wouldn't think he had no life, but when it turned out that he actually did go to improv classes, it made the episode ten times funnier still. This leads to my favorite visual gag I have ever seen on television, but I won't spoil it for you. In all, this episode is perfect in every way.
  • Oh, my, god... This has to be the best season ever...

    This episode had some of the things I've always wanted to see, this is hands down, the best, episode of The Office EVER!


    Because the humor in this episode was so GOOD! It had The Office's awkward moments, of course, it had a new interesting side of Dwight, it had Michael's improv! It was just... WOW! Best ever!

    The intro to this episode was hillarious as well... This is no doubt, my favorite episode of the office so far and I think they will have a hard time beating this episode. I laughed so hard all the way through!

  • Michael conducts e-mail surveillance on the staff and realizes Jim is having a party to which he was not invited. Michael tries to unsuccessfully fish for an invitation from Jim. Later at the party, we learn of Dwight & Angela's secret love. Baby Ruth!

    One of those episodes that I will enjoy watching over and over again. It is destined to be one of the most memorable episodes ever. Angela and Dwight, we love to hate you - and now we love you even more that we know your little secret! Not to be overlooked is Michael's improv class...hilarious!

  • NOW we have a series in place.

    This epiosde had to undoubtedly be reassuring to NBC after picking it up for the full 22 epidodes. The writing is really taking shape as we are starting to see very detailed character development and characters and plots merging (Dwight and Angela?!?!AY YI YI)We are seeing little things that might be seen as trivial to some..but very enjoyable to superfans of the show such as getting to see Jims house and some of the employees outside lives like Michael's improv class. I cant wait to see Dwights cousin Mose and the beet farm..maybe a secret Jim and Pam even enjoy seeing dwight dangle things in front of Angelas cats. haha. This is the most addictive show I have seen in a while. I loved when Michael talks about his "college parties" while trying to use reverse psychology on Jim to get an invite(when it was revealed in "The Fire" episiode that he didnt even go to college) and when Jim looked at the camera and gave a cocky smile after Pam informed him Roy woulnt be able to attend the BBQ. Im really looking forward to someday having 4 or 5 seaons on DVD. I think this show is very similar to how Seinfeld was in its 2nd and 3rd even be ok with the writers selling out a bit and making it a little more hacky and jokey just to assure that it makes it into the next few seasons because then they will be able to do whatever they want. Im so addicted to this show!
  • Mysterious romantic, sometimes hypnotic glances provide a REAVEALING plot twist....

    The review sounds like something Michael would say to get it right the first time.....This is my first review of The Office. This show was so good I watched it twice just to make sure I unveiled the mystery \"date\" at the party. The sap on the shoe was swift and I had to reverify my clues and when the \"Birkenstocks\" were REVEALED my clues proved right....Cheers to the writers of this \"Seinfeld\" type show that just keeps getting better every episode. I think we can all relate at one time or another an office of somewhat \"normal\" workers...Keep up the great scripts.....
  • So Painfully Funny

    I don't know how these actors do this show, it's gotta be so difficult. On one hand it's probably a pretty funny crew of people to be around. But the scenes, they're so embarrasing to watch, I don't know how they can act them out.

    One of my favorite episodes thus far. Go Dwigt!!
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