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  • Specials
    • Webisodes: The Accountants

      The Accountants try and search for some missing money. The episodes are:
      "The Books Don't Balance" - July 13, 2006: The accountants inform Jan that the books don't balance and $3000 is missing.
      "Phyllis" - July 13, 2006: The accountants question Phyllis and she makes a confession.
      "Meredith" - July 20, 2006: The accountants question Meredith about the missing cash.
      "Stanley" - July 27, 2006: The accountants talk to Stanley.
      "Someone in the Warehouse" - August 03, 2006: Kevin thinks Angela has a crush on Roy, who ends up being questioned.
      "The Memo" - August 10, 2006: The accountants type a memo for the thief to come forward.
      "Things Are Getting Tense" - August 17, 2006: With new developments, the accountants start turning on each other.
      "You're Mean" - August 24, 2006: The accountants wait for Michael to leave his office, and Angela is mean to Kevin.
      "Michael's Office" - August 31, 2006: The accountants check Michael's office for evidence of the money. After finding nothing, Oscar and Kevin decide Angela must talk to him.
      "The Best Day of My Life" - September 07, 2006: Dwight confronts Angela about her decision to accuse Michael of taking the money. Meanwhile, Kevin and Oscar discover that the missing funds are merely an accounting mistake.

    • Webisodes: Kevin's Loan

      Kevin pursues a unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts. The episodes are:
      "Money Trouble"-July 10, 2008: Kevin tries to find out from Oscar if a loan from the bank actually needs to be used for what the claim says.
      "Malone's Cones"-July 17, 2008: Kevin meets with a bank person to try and get a loan, but the man doesn't really believe Kevin.
      "Exposed Wires"-July 24, 2008: Darryl catches Kevin faking a payment to someone and agrees to help him get the loan.
      "Taste the Ice Cream"-July 31, 2008: Darryl and Kevin go to the bank and try and get the loan by having the woman taste the ice cream.

    • Webisodes: The Outburst

      After Oscar has an outburst on the phone, the workers investigate what caused it. The episodes are:

      "The Call"-November 20, 2008: After the outburst on the phone Andy says he'll pay $100 to whoever finds out who he was talking to. Oscar receives a call from the person who he yelled at and leaves the area where everyone is spying.
      "The Investigation"-November 26, 2008: Kevin, Andy, Creed and Phyllis all try and get Oscar to tell them who he was yelling at on the phone.
      "The Search"-December 4, 2008: Some of the staffers look through Oscar's personal items to see if they can figure out the mystery.
      "The Explanation"- December 11, 2008: Oscar finally reveals who he yelled at, and the staffers are not too pleased.

    • Webisodes: Blackmail

      Creed blackmails various members of the office. The episodes are:

      "Oscar"-May 7, 2009: Oscar receives a video from Creed stating he has a secret about Oscar and will reveal it if he doesn't pay him money and Oscar asks Creed what the secret is.
      "Andy"-May 14, 2009:
      In order to save himself from being blackmailed Andy reveals what his secret is to The Office. Creed overhears someone else's secret.
      "Kelly"-May 21, 2009:
      Kelly gets out of being blackmailed by giving Creed dirt on the other staffers.
      "Pay Day"-May 28, 2009:
      The staffers who are being blackmailed by Creed come together and find dirt on him, and try to blackmail him instead.

    • Webisodes: Subtle Sexuality

      Kelly and Erin form their own girl group, Subtle Sexuality, and get Ryan and Andy to assist them with their first music video, "Male Prima Donna". The episodes are:
      "Creative Differences"-October 29, 2009: With most of the staff away at a convention, Erin and Kelly, who have recently formed a girl's group, decide to shoot their first music video, and Ryan agrees to help, but doesn't like how things go.
      "The Replacement"-October 29, 2009: After Ryan quits the shoot, Kevin says he'd like to join, but Kelly and Erin are a bit skeptic. They see Andy singing, and decide to ask him to join, and Ryan gets jealous when he finds out he's been replaced.
      "The Music Video"-October 29, 2009: Andy edits the video and then they premiere it. Ryan winds up being in it.

    • Webisodes: The Mentor

      Erin wants to make a career change and finds herself a mentor in Angela. The episodes are:
      "The Pupil"-March 4, 2010: Erin decides she wants to become an accountant and Angela agrees to take her under her wing, and makes Erin look and act just like her.
      "Reimbursements"-March 4, 2010:
      Erin is finding it hard to be as tough as Angela as she hands out reimbursement checks.
      "Lunchtime"-March 4, 2010:
      Kelly and Ryan invite Erin out to lunch but Angela says there is important work to be done. Kelly and Angela fight over Erin.
      "BFFs?"-March 4, 2010:
      Kelly tries and convince Erin to be her BFF. Erin decides to stop being mentored by Angela and Kevin takes over. Ryan is thinking about getting a threesome between, him, Kelly and Erin.

    • Webisodes: The 3rd Floor

      Ryan attempts to make a horror film titled The 3rd Floor using Dunder Mifflin as a location, and staffers as actors. The episodes are:
      "Moving On"-October 28, 2010: Kelly and Erin's group, Subtle Sexuality, are struggling to be famous and are looking for other ways. Ryan wants to make a horror movie but gets turned down. Kelly suggests he use the office, and the staff.
      "Lights. Camera. Action!"-October 28, 2010:
      Ryan starts filming his movie but gets in trouble when he scares the staff to get real reactions. Ryan enlists Gabe's help on the film.
      "The Final Product"-October 28, 2010:
      The trailer for the movie is shown: A woman (played by Meredith) puts a curse on the Third Floor after she is denied help by Kelly. Erin plays the part of all the serial killers put together and goes on a killing spree.

    • Webisodes: The Podcast

      Gabe attempts to record a podcast in the office about the Sabre website, hoping to impress corporate. The episode are:
      "Gabe's Podcast"-January 20, 2011: After finding out Oscar has a blog on the Sabre website Gabe decides to make a podcast, and tries to find staffers who would be interested in helping.
      "The First Entry"-January 20, 2011:
      A bunch of the staff agree to do the podcast, and Gabe holds a meeting.
      "The Debut"-January 20, 2011:
      Gabe tries to make a simple podcast relating to business, but typical antics of the office makes it a disaster.

    • Webisodes: The Girl Next Door

      The series focuses on Kelly and Erin's girl group called Subtle Sexuality. The episodes are:
      "The Story of Subtle Sexuality"-May 4, 2011: A behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling the history of Subtle Sexuality, and introduces their newest single.
      "Girl Next Door"-May 4, 2011:
      The music video for "Girl Next Door"-Ryan plays a jock who falls for Kelly, playing a rich girl, while Kelly is a poor girl, and wishes she could have Ryan.

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