The Office

Season 9 Episode 25

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 16, 2013 on NBC

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  • Good-bye The Office :'(

    The Office wasn't my favorite show but I always found the show to be very enjoyable as far as the episodes I've seen so far. I still need to see more episodes of the show to hoping enjoy it more but I was actually bummed hearing that it was ending. I think that the show truly did end on a great note and I'm so glad that it extended an extra 11 minutes in the 1-hour time slot so we can get a little more of the characters before it's gone forever. Best surprise was definitely Steve Carell coming back as Michael Scott. His return was a cameo unfortunately though and he only says like 2 lines. I wish we saw more Michael Scott and more lines from him too in this series finale. I also wish he died his hair black because his hair was gray. Like come on!!! it's the series finale... you can return to the show one more time with black dyed hair. Just a small nit-pick that shouldn't matter xD haha There were funny moments and there very emotional and heart-touching moments here. Also, I cried so much watching this series finale especially when it got the final 15 minutes of the series finale with the show wrapping things up with the characters and where they are going to continue their lives. This is like the most ending ever!!! I haven't shed tears in a series finale in such a long time and it was just so amazing. This series finale was so touching and sad that I actually couldn't get over it until a week later. The series finale just really hit me hard and couldn't pull it together and I'm a guy. Whether you're a fan or NOT a fan, please watch this series finale.... I highly recommend and this marks in my opinion the greatest series finale I've watched in a long time. 10/10
  • All done

    This was a decent enough finish for this show. They skip ahead a couple months and more or less update peoples future to be there after the office. Everything finished on a happy yay note which is how it should have been considering the nature of this show. It is nice to see it end now and go off on on a good note. Any longer and you get a "two and a half men" kind of thing going. The only real let down was not having Michael become more involved. The return of Kelly and Ryan was funny, short and sweet.

    Good ending to a show that gave me 9 years of laughs. Bye office, it was nice watching you.