The Office

Season 9 Episode 25

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 16, 2013 on NBC

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  • The Office closing it's doors forever

    Most series finales tend to disappoint me but this is one of those rare one that didn't. I'll admit this season of the Office has been a major letdown due to the fact it scored more fouls and strikes on it's past innings and made me fear this show would end in a wimper. But supprisingly and fortunately in the final innings it has actually scored two home runs from the arc and this episode.

    There really not much I can say, this episode is one of those ones you have to see for yourself my words can't do it justice, so I'll be brief on just a few of the things that were great. What makes it great is the fact is all ends on a high note for all of the characters, and personally I feel they all deserve it, they've all learned their lessons, grew, and have worked hard to get to where they are now.

    I love the fact Dwight is finally the boss now and he actually does a great job, the last two times he was clearly not ready had a ways to go but he finally got there. But most importantly he marries Angela.

    For a while I thought those two couldn't be right for one another but supprisingly as time went on I was proven wrong because there's such a thing as not being right yet. Both had some lessons to learn and need to grow up more, I really like how Angela's changed she moved away from being brittle and selfish, and has acutally gained a sense of compassion and warmth, even is smiling a bit more which truth be told makes her look a lot better. So, indeed both are right for each other because both bring the best in each other.

    I liked the little moment with Erin which was touching when in a Q and A segment we see a woman ask a question to her about finding her mom which has been a revolving question thoughout the show;

    and of course this woman is Joan Cussack whom I felt was wisely cast she looks like she could be the actresses mom. It was just great because they don't say too much but Erin at that moment learns the truth and then runs and hugs her. Erin finally found her mom but best of all her mom found her.

    Kevin despite the fact he was fired, nothing personal but for professional reasons. It really was for the best because he now has a business of his own which is Dwight's favorate bar and is managing it very well. It was touching when both Dwight and Kevin made up, both did miss each other but now they can see each other whenever they want.

    And finally I really loved the closure on Jim and Pam. As Pam is selling the house so she and her family can move with Jim to Philidelphia. I just thought it was really touching because it shows both will stay together, I don't see why not why can't Jim have both his dream and his true love and family, it's not a possibility it's a fact of life you can. And it makes perfect sense, there nothing in Scraton anymore for both of them, their destiny and home is out there but most importantly it's with each other.

    Well I've said all I've needed to say, in the words of Daryl whom on a sidenote has his own company and is a millionare which is great and shows how a person who starts small can grow big. Anyway, his words are "All the time I worked here I wanted to leave, so why is it so hard for me to leave?" I feel that true about how all of us feel depending on which business we work in, or if it's just home or collage. And I think the answer to that is really in the old saying "it's not so much the place I miss, it's the people" indeed without all of them under the same roof none of there dreams would of came true but most importantly none of them would of became a family.

    So, farewell cast of "The Office" and farewell show, like any end of a good or great day it's time for the doors to close.
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