The Office

Season 5 Episode 9

Frame Toby

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on NBC
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Michael tries to frame Toby after he discovers he's back working in the office. Someone makes a big mess in the microwave at the office and won't clean it up. Jim buys his parents' house.

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  • Best episode of the series so far

    So we got what the show desperately needed in this episode - Toby is back. Toby is one of my favourite characters when in dialogue with Michael Scott. Mr Scott has a pure hatred for Toby for no reason, and it's the 'shrug your shoulders' approach of Toby that really makes the comedy work. It's no coincidence that the series picked up with Toby back, and the terrible Holly gone.

    The Pam and Jim house thing was pretty good. Not drawn out, but I don't know would Pam be mad if someone bought a house without her say-so? I think the art studio in the garage was a clincher.

    Several of the Michael Scott and Toby stuff is great, obviously the opening segment is one of the funniest Office moments ever. Just knocking his holidays photos out of his hand is hilarious. The 'evil snail' line is funny too.

    Kelly and Ryan, blah. Not bothered. The Ryan character peaked at series 4, the Kelly character has never really gotten off the ground aside from being an annoying extra.moreless
  • Michael's "best" friend is back

    This marked the return of two characters to the office. Pam (who was already back but not at the office) and Toby. Michael's reaction was funny but as funny I might think. I would've liked to see more drama. I do wonder why there are not as least a temporary replacement when Holly left. However it was amusing that Michael didn't know Toby was back for a week. I think it would've been even funnier If Michael had a sixth sense that Toby was here like Ron when Tammy is nearby. But that's being picky. There were two stories. Both were good but something was lacking in either of them.

    Michael and Toby never getting along with each other was one of the main storylines of the series and one of the many reason why this series is great. it's also a little amusing how you never explained whey Michael dislikes Toby. This time when Toby comes back Michael is upset and tries to get him fired. I think he may have gotten over the line a bit. I think he should've done something else. It was also good that the "pot" was salad dressing. If you are surprised the drugs that Michael got were from the guys at Vance Refrigeration remember their time on season 2 and even better was a deleted scene when Dwight found an actual joint.

    When Pam comes back she is upset that the microwave is dirty. This was the B Story and a good thing that it was. I can see Pam's point but I would have to side with the other office employees. I did like how Jim was with Pam regarding the microwave situation. One of the notes that was written I wonder if it was written by someone you would see in season 9. One of the funnier parts is when the cops came and Creed was all nervous.

    All in all not a great episode but it's still funny.moreless
  • 508

    I wasn't a huge fan of this episode but it was better than the last episode which was good. The opening scene was definitely the best part about this episode even though Michael's hatred for Toby is now somewhat exaggerated and redundant, it was still a good opening scene. For some reason, I'm beginning to like Micheal less & less. His stupidity is exaggerated and even back in the earlier seasons, Michael was dumb but it was never like this, and he always was smart about work or other things like that, but now Michael is just an exaggerated shell of what he once was.

    Jim buying the house for Pam was a highlight, wasn't as unnecessary and overly dramatic as the past few episodes, but it did bring us development which is always good. Pam should have stayed in New York, she really is starting to get to me, what's this about the microwave mess? Does anyone work in the office anymore?moreless
  • it was ok i guess

    it was ok i guess. Probably my least favorite episode so far in the season but it wasn't unbearable to watch. The best part was the first thirty seconds where michael realizes toby is back and how he screams and how they cut the thing off in mid scream was funny. The caprese salad drug thing was pretty funny. The one thing i hated was the microwave subplot. It was really really dumb and it made pam seem really obnoxious and annoying. the whole entire house thing was ok but i thought it was sorta dumb. Overall i was very underwhelmed by this episodemoreless
  • Michael- "No God! No God Please No! No! No! Noooooo". Guess What Toby's back..

    The best scene in this entire episode was definitely the opening scene where Michael discovers that Toby is actually back. Other than that; Kelly and Ryan, well Kelly reached a whole new length of ditsy when Ryan practically broke up with her and asked for parting sex and money and she was like... 'okay'? It didn't really surprise me that Ryan wanted out, but Kelly being foolish enough to fall for Ryan's reverse psychology stunt... that was flat out not funny and frankly annoyed me.

    The entire microwave scene with Pam was boring. This episode didn't really do anything for me. I laughed the hardest at the beginning and everything just died down in the end. The police raiding Toby's office to find basil in a plastic bag. The only funny thing about that scene was that Michael paid $500 for it. There were far better installments this season and this episode did not bring what I expected. Where is Holly, things were much funnier and interesting when she was around, I hope they bring her back. As for Jim and Pam, they are getting all couple-like settling down in these episodes, but I'd like to see some more characters utilized next week, like Stanley, Creed or even Kevin, I hardly see them anymore. ___________________________

    Two out of four stars


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    • Toby: Why would I punch you?
      Michael: Son of a bitch.

    • Michael: I tried. I tried. I tried to talk to Toby and be his friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil... snail. I feel like I'm dying inside. I feel like Neve Campbell in Scream 2. She thinks she can go off to college and be happy, and then the murderer comes back, starts killing off all her friends. I learned a lot of lessons from that movie. This is one of them.

    • Dwight: Frame him for using drugs.
      Michael: Frame him?
      Dwight: Yeah, it's illegal, but everything they do on The Shield is illegal.
      Michael: I've never framed a man before, have you?
      Dwight: Oh, I've framed animals before. I framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present, and I framed a bear for eating out of the garbage.

    • Ryan: At some point somebody's just gonna have to get in there and clean [the microwave].
      Pam: I guess that's why we have a temp, huh?
      Ryan: Oh, no, trust me I would just make it worse.
      Pam: How would wiping it with a paper towel make it worse?
      Ryan: I would find a way.
      Pam: You've seen things cleaned before though, right?
      Ryan: Pam, I am hopeless at that stuff.

  • NOTES (3)

    • On November 25, 2008, a producer's cut of "Frame Toby" was posted on This cut ran approximately four minutes longer than the original airing.

    • The French episode title is "Le retour de Toby", meaning "Toby Returns". The Spanish title is "Incriminar a Toby", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Australia: May 18, 2009 on Channel 7; Latin America: August 3, 2009 on Canal FX


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