The Office

Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • Andy's love for animal.

    @ presentation Andy seems very friendly with pets specially for dogs. He might have same feeling for Nellie as she is one of the biggest pet in Show which gonna vanish entire The Office TV Show IMO.
  • not a fan of nellie

    Andy's part was really funny. I mean what is he gonna do with all those dogs? Nellie's only good part was failing the process of eating a taco. Seriously, what the hell how does one not know how to eat a taco. Don't they have them in England? Anyway, Hilarious!
  • High hopes.

    I've literally just finished watching this episode and I have to say that I was quite happy with this one, best one so far in my point of view. I don't want to spoil it to much incase people haven't seen this episode yet but they really have upped their game here! Dwight is superb in this one I actually laughed out loud to this series again. Considering previous episodes with Nellie she too was at her best in this episode but I still thinks that she has to go.
  • Nellie has to go.

    I think that the character of Nellie was at her best so far in this episode. That said, I can't stand her, and she's a bad fit for the show.

    Dwight was fabulous. He did everything that you can expect of Dwight except mention beets and Mose. Winner performance. Highlights also from Oscar, Andy, Kevin (of course), Andy, Creed and Ryan.

    Overall, I'm really enjoying Season 8. I see a lot of disappointment with the departure of Michael Scott, but everyone else has upped their game, and Robert California brings that *wow* factor. I'll be sorry to see him leave. But Nellie, I just can't stand you.