The Office

Season 8 Episode 19

Get the Girl

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2012 on NBC

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  • Nellie comes for Andy's job, while Andy vies for Erin's love

    Just like last week, this episode had one plot point that I was completely invested in and another that I wasn't. This week's Scranton scenes were pretty strong, if not exactly believable. Nellie pops into Scranton randomly to announce that she's coming for Andy Bernard's job. Nobody really believes her at first, but she begins offering raises to everyone and Robert California, most likely bored in Scranton, loves Nellie showing initiative and actually applauds her.

    First off, it's highly unlikely that Nellie would be able to pull something off like this, but I'll zip my lip now so I don't risk repeating myself over and over. However, over-looking that slight detail, everything else about these scenes were great. There were some hilarious Dwight moments, a great Robert speech where he offers Jim a nature metaphor or a sexual metaphor (only to prove that the two aren't mutually exclusive) and some overall funny lines (I particularly liked "People who can't farm, farm celery.")

    However, the Andy/Erin stuff was a swing and a miss. I used to like these two as a couple, but I think I'm just pooped from all the "will they/won't they." It was better when the show had Jim and Pam as the couple, so when Andy and Erin finally kiss at the end of the episode, in the middle of a four way intersection, it just felt lackluster compared to all of the Jim and Pam moments throughout the show's run. We did get to learn that Erin doesn't own toothbrushes but just uses whatever one is laying around, which was classic Erin, but other than moments like that, I just felt like we rushed through everything.

    At least the show is still somewhat funny... it may not be the same, but as long as it's keeping my attention and making me laugh a couple times a week, I'll try and bite my tongue.
  • WTF??

    Omg don't tell me Nellie's going to be the next manager! That annoying British bitch! Omg ever since Michael left, the show hasn't been the same... It was okay when Andy ran the branch but I swear if Nellie runs it, I'm not going to watch the Office anymore..
  • Blue screen??

    Blue screen! Seriously!?? (In the very beginning, second shot of Erin outside the house) The writers have been phoning it in for at least 2 years now but using a blue screen?? That surely means the producers have given up as well!