The Office

Season 7 Episode 22

Goodbye, Michael

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Michael hopes to have a drama-free day to say his goodbyes. Deangelo and Andy try to make sure Michael's clients don't leave Dunder Mifflin as well.

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  • Goodbye to the hilarious lovable jerk

    Michael leaving is just the most sucky suck suck thing in the series. Atleast half the fun is gone with this :/ didnt enjoy season 8... Jerk move!!! :(

    On the plus side though Toby flenderson did recieve his extreme repulsivness award.

    And he deserved it! :) :D
  • So long!

    Wow! This was the first time I ever got a bit choked up on an episode of the Office...yet I was cracking up the other 95% of the time! A hilarious, yet tragic end to Michael Scott's career at Dunder Mifflin. I'm not sure how the new guy will fit into all this.. Will Ferrel is funny but honestly no one could ever top Michael Scott..ever.

    I almost feel like it would be a sin to go on without him; however, saying goodbye to Michael was a bit much. At this point I'm not sure I could handle saying goodbye to the rest.

    This has been one of the most consistently funny - with the tiny exception of a chunk of season 6 - shows that has aired to date. There are too many sit-com type shows out there and they just don't make me laugh.. in fact you'll catch me laughing more watching House than watching Two and a Half Men, for example.

    We all will miss you Michael Scott...Steve Carell. Thanks for bringing us seven years of solid laughter!! Te extrañaremos señor Scott!moreless
  • It's hard to say a Goodbye..

    'Goodbye Micheal' was probably one of the saddest episodes on TV. It's just heartbreaking. You going to be missed 'Micheal Scott'. The Office was about Laughter for seven straight years, No stops. and Michal was outstanding. It's Really a joke when you see great actor like 'Steve Carell' never win an EMMY!, He does the undo-able. Pam, Jim and Dwight what a last moments with this perfect sitcom actor!

    even if you thought about it, Jerry Seinfeld never won an EMMY and he still a legend. so it's ok Steve if this year's Emmy forget all about you!.moreless
  • Michael says goodbye for the last time.

    There will be people who were incredibly disappointed with this episode and some people who love it for no other reason that they love every Office episode, even the lamer ones.. however, I have to admit, I'm inclined to look at this episode with a kind eye, even if there were moments I didn't enjoy. Let's look at the big picture: this is Michael's final episode, and even if he pops up here and there in a special episode, he's mostly gone now. And I'll miss him; I realized that now.

    Let's get the bad out of the way: I know Michael is a clueless boss sometimes, but some of the things he said to people in the office (Gabe) and did to them (Phyllis) was just cruel.. Making Phyllis make the gloves even when her arthritis was flaring up wasn't as funny to me, and his transvestite quote to Gabe was funny if it weren't to a man suffering a break-up. What Erin did to Gabe was lame, but the writers seem to want to show him as this goofy whiny guy. I'm on Gabe's side here (although I will say the writers gave him some great lines). Also, I liked Andy here, but hated DeAngelo. Will Ferrell's a good comedy actor, but his role here is just going over the top, and not in a funny way.

    But the good? Plenty of it. The callbacks to earlier seasons were great (Michael placing his new Dundee on his desk, Creed walking out of the woman's bathroom, Michael going down to the warehouse to try and use the baler (remember the Safety Training episode??)). All great moments when they first appeared on the show and all great when they reappear here. Also, we get an incredibly poignant moment between Jim and Michael as well as Dwight and Michael (tell me, is there anything more touching than watching Michael play paintball with Dwight, especially considering in Season 2, he rejected Dwight's Yankee Swap gift of paintball lessons).

    And that final scene with Michael, where he asks the cameramen to let him know if he airs the footage they've filmed over the show and when he takes off his mic and says a silent "that's what she said," followed by Pam showing up at the last second to say goodbye.. just a great send-off of one of television's most entertaining characters.

    Yeah, there will be people who hate the episode, who have been disappointed in the show for awhile.. and yes, I'm one of those who wishes the show was still as good as the first three or four seasons.. but I have to say, I was very impressed with the show tonight.. bravo to Greg Daniels for keeping me enthralled for the whole hour.moreless
  • Goodbye, Michael

    A very momentous episode of The Office. The episode we've all been waiting for. Steve Carrel's departure was definitely sad. I really liked the whole "leaving without anyone knowing" thing. Really made those small little moments all the more special.

    The Andy and D'Angelo scenes were actually pretty funny. This is probably the first time since Will Ferrel has been on this show that I have laughed at something he's said or done. That's not really a good thing but better late than never.

    I would have been pretty disappointed if Pam & Michael didn't say goodbye. Their scene at the end was heartbreaking. Favorite line: "Let me know if this ever gets on TV, alright?" Absolutely hilarious. Definitely a stepping stone for The Office. The beloved Michael Scott character will not be forgotten and I'm sure we are all in anticipation to see who's going to take over Dunder Miflin next year. Superb episode.moreless
Warren Lieberstein

Warren Lieberstein

Rory Flenderson

Guest Star

Alfred Rubin Thompson

Alfred Rubin Thompson

Paper Client

Guest Star

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Deangelo Vickers

Special Guest Star

Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman

State Sen. Robert Lipton

Recurring Role

Calvin Tenner

Calvin Tenner


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Deangelo and Andy are driving to the client meeting, you can see palm trees through the windshield even though the show takes place in Pennsylvania.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Michael: (to Gabe) A little cover up on your adam's apple will make it appear smaller, which will make you look less like a transvestite.

    • Michael: (to unseen crew) Let me know if this thing ever airs.

    • Michael: There's a special guest that I would like to invite to say one last goodbye. So here he comes. Here's coming right in. (leaves room, returns squinting eyes and doing offensive Asian-style voice) Hi, everybody! It's Ping! And I'm here to say goodbye to all you wonderful people. Thank you everybody, you've been so wonderful. We had such a good— (Stanley tries to leave, and Michael tries to hug him) I rove you all! I rove you very much!

    • Michael: (removing radio mic) This is gonna feel so good, getting this thing off my chest. (hands it over, then barely audible) That's what she said.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Jack Coleman's credited appearance is limited to the pictures Angela shows Michael of various outings with Robert, to which Oscar shakes his head to the camera when she explains the other man in all the pictures is an aide of Robert's.

    • Rory Flenderson was played by Paul Lieberstein's real-life brother, Warren, who like Paul is also a producer on the show.

    • This marks Steve Carell's departure, who announced in April 2010 that he was leaving when his contract expired to focus on movies. It was decided to have Michael Scott move on before the season finale so the process of finding a replacement could be focused on.

    • This is a special, 50 minute episode.