The Office

Season 7 Episode 22

Goodbye, Michael

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on NBC

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  • Michael says farewell to the Office

    First of all this is one of the saddest Office episodes ever, but still it maintains enough humor to make it also one of it's finest moments. The episode starts of kind of in an odd venue with Michael on top of Dunder Mifflin's roof talking about moving to Colorado when Dwight enters and gives Michael bull testicles, still being angry about not being recommended for a job. The episode then focuses on Michael giving each of his staffers a gift for Andy Bernard it's his best clients (which Andy almost immediately loses), for Angela he looks at her photos of her "boyfriend", Kevin he tells not to be a caricature, Oscar he gives a weird scarecrow (and laughs at it in an prolonged sort of way), he also gives Phyllis a pair of teeth, Darryl he gives "A how to Manage Book" and Stanley a missing pool ball set. As this occurs DeAngelo (Will Ferell) and Andy go to attain Michael's client of course DeAngelo acts all creepy and makes the outing not so memorable or fun. Back to Michael, he announces he is leaving tonight and not tomorrow as everyone anticipated. After giving Dwight a letter of recommendation where Dwight almost breaks down in tears (Great acting by Rainn Wilson) seriously how does this guy not have an Emmy or nomination yet the "Actors" Of Modern Family get nominated for every little thing they do. Michael then plays paintball with him, and then gives his last meeting where he brings back Ping. Of course as he does this Pam disappears out of the Office to look at new copiers (but really to see the King Speech, I was surprised it was still in theaters shouldn't it be on DVD by now?)Anyway the episode ends with Micheal's last meeting becoming a disaster as Stanley rushes out of the room and Jim goes to talk to Michael in private realizing Michael is leaving, they both look as though they want to break down in tears especially Michael just looks like he's going to explode when he says "James Halpert you started with this company." He doesn't as him and Jim decide to "create a hypothetical lunch" with one another the following day so Jim could tell Michael how great of a boss he is. Michael ultimately leaves as his taxi arrives narrowly missing Pam and at the airport takes off his mic, getting out one last "That's what she said" before Pam gives him one farewell hug as he departs. A great episode where we saw the vulnerability of Michael Scott, deserves an Emmy for Steve Carell. No offense but a Nerd Babbling Physics Terms (And I like the BBT) will not be able to match the emotion Carell mustered in this performance. Great ep.
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