The Office

Season 4 Episode 18

Goodbye, Toby

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Season 4 finale A Wedding proposal

    There are many things to talk about in this episode. I apologize in advance if anything was left out. I think this episode was very character driven. Whether it was the final episode of Season 4 or this was end to a short season, I think everyone stepped up their game. I am going to talk about some of the characters that were important


    Yes he is in the title of the episode so he is important. Toby has always been very good character. His delivery is spot on. For some reason he has always been a thorn in Michael's side. You are given no reason why and it's why the Toby-Michael realtionship is so funny. This episode is no exception. Michael is joyful that in his words his awfulness is leaving and throws him going away party. Toby might have his best moment when he asks if anyone in the office had a camera. The way he asked was priceless. He was also funny with Pam.


    Michael was usual, priceless. His time with Toby in this episode was very funny. His exit interview with Toby was hilarious. I don't know what would've been better if the new HR rep was in there or not. More on the new HR rep later. I loved when he asked Toby what should be improved here and his look at Toby mouthing words. I also liked when Pam said that Michael should give his watch as a going away gift to Toby. A big reason why Michael was good in this episode was Holly who was replacing Toby. She was the perfect choice. Her scenes and future scenes with Michael (not giving away much there) are simply awesome. Just a great reaction when he first met her and she said Man someone really does not like HR. Another great scene when Holly is her work space and Michael talks to her. Michael falls for her right away but unlike Carole the chair model and especially Jan, something is really right about Holly. Holly made a great first impression. I think it was very funny that she thinks Kevin is "special" and Kevin does nothing to make her think another way.

    Jim and Pam

    Jim and Pam started out as friends and he made his feelings for Pam until she said no. Jim moved came back and there friendship was different and then almost dissolved. He realized he can't deny his feelings for Pam and breaks up with Karen. Jim and Pam end up dating and become at least to me one of the best TV couples. Things are going so good for them that Jim has ring (he bought in the first week they started dating) and plans to propose. One of the best moments when he told camera he was going to propose. (Holy crap!!) If you are emotional, bring tissues. Then at the end of the party he has the ring and wait we'll get to that.

    The party itself was very successful. Very little drama and that's the why it should be. Phyllis is put in charge after Angela thinks Michael demands too much and does a very good job. Another great reason was the surprises. Jan is pregnant and a proposal happens. The baby is not Michael's and no Jan did not cheat. The proposal (not don't read this until you watch the whole episode) ended being Andy asking Angela. Angela being Angela said yes. Dwight had a great reaction. One of the few times he was actually sad. You almost feel sorry for him. Jim of course did not propose. While this would be nice to happen in some ways I am glad it didn't Proposals need to be special. At the same time I am not mad at the producers and writers for having Jim propose to Pam. Of course I know the end result. If you have only watched up until this point, don't worry you will be happy if you are not already. The proposal of Andy and Angela could've ended right there for season 4 but instead another twist when Angela and Dwight get caught having sex in office by Phyllis.

    This was a great way to end the season. I really liked that there was no cliffhanger and you were looking forward to season 5.
  • Goodbye season 4

    Toby, the friendly but very dry Human Resources Representative is departing from Dunder Mifflin and a party is thrown in his honour. His co – workers will miss him but the Toby – loathing Michael is over the moon. Don't assume from the above summary that the plot for this episode is a one – plot wonder but this episode contains so many shockers that not much else can be divulged without giving them away. "Goodbye Toby" is a clear indication that the 5th season is going to be the best one, old elements like Jim pranking Dwight is re – introduced since Jim has been mostly tip – toeing around him after his traumatic break – up and a certain other Dwight – related ingredient is brought back to life. Also two proposals, one being prospective with the other taking place here, could pave the way for an amorous season 5. This season will always be a dark one for the show since the strike had derailed it and forced episodes to be scrapped, since peace has been declared between Hollywood and the WGA, it looks like the next season will go off without a hitch. Not since the infamous Jesse Owens and Adolph Hitler incident in the Berlin Olympics (there's a history lesson for you) has so much unprovoked hatred been projected on an innocent individual. Michael's intense animosity towards Toby is displayed in its entirety which attracts unintentional feelings of sympathy towards the innocent Toby and frustration at Michael whose rivalry with Toby had always been the solitary unlikable aspect of Michael since he was given the nice – guy makeover in season 2.

    As we say "Goodbye Toby" we also say "Hello Holly", the new HR rep at the office played by the always lovely Amy Ryan. Introducing a character in a season finale is an odd choice but in the time she has here we know she's going to be a valuable addition to the cast; she can lighten the load of Office Eye – Candy from Pam, her quirky personality will be a nice change from the wholly conventional Toby and also her bizarre bond with Michael could see a potential love interest for the World's "Best" Boss, who knows?

    Giving this season finale four cliffhangers (which I won't reveal) was an ill-advised choice since more time is spent on building up to these than on the fun office antics but when they are all released in a systematic quadruple hit of shock, it leaves us desperate for the next season. But in doing this, they've used up most of the possible bombshells that could've been used when they wrap – up season 5. After officially outlasting their British parent by two years and counting; it's clear that The Office is becoming a new sensation in its self, being the kind of TV show where an observer almost needs to look for a reason to not to like it for it not to work and when I was finished laughing and gasping after this finale I was given something to ponder: Where were offices like this one when I was on the job market? Had any been like this one, I would've worked pro bono.
  • Toby leaves Dunder Mifflin.

    This was absolutely painful to watch. The Office has become a show that thinks they produce "character-based humor" but fails to realize for a show like that to be funny, the characters and jokes still need to be funny.

    The opening scene from this episode was awful. The hero, Jim, is torturing Dwight for no apparent reason. How is stealing someone's phone calls funny? It is incredibly rude and the opposite of what a true good guy should be doing.

    Than we have Michael Scott, ranting for no apparent reason, but it's Steve Carell (OMG!) so anything he says is funny! But it's not. It's also become unbelievably predictable what Dwight is going to say right after Michael says something.

    Creed was the only thing that prevented me from giving this episode my first ever 0. Toby was slightly funny, but the new HR was so bad it distracted from anything good he said. This really was not only the worst Office ever, but probably the worst episode of any television show to ever air on NBC.
  • Season 4 Finale

    Season 4 ends with a bang, a perfect end to a mediocre season. We got plenty of cliffhangers, and a new character. Not to mention, this episode was one of the funniest of the season.

    This episode definitely was eventful, and I have to say it's one of those finale's that stand out. That's way more than what I can say about the season 6 finale. Jim plans to ask Pam to marry him, but Andy beats him to it as he proposes to Angela and she agrees, after only a couple months of dating. Which ruins the moment for Jim & Pam. We got some emotion with Pam tearing up when Meredith took Toby & Pam's picture. Toby's obsession with Pam continues to be hilarious.

    Holly Flax as a new romance for Michael looks promising, it will be a breath of fresh air having her as the HR rep. Ryan goes to prison for fraud, thank god! Jan makes an appearance and she is pregnant with someone else's sperm, but Michael wants to be involved. And lastly the biggest cliffhanger of all: Angela sleeping with Dwight.

    An amazing finale, with a lot of cliffhangers and possibilities for the new season. And it was probably one of the funniest episodes of the season. Season 4 ends on a high note. Amazing finale.
  • Among my favorites.

    While this episode opened with a classic Jim teases Dwight sequence, hearkening back to some of the earlier episodes – the rest of the episode seemed to draw more from the UK origins of the series. There were certainly less jokes per minute, less outright gags and more focus on character beats and story but all this was great.

    It's not clear exactly how this season would have ended up if it wasn't for the writers' strike. Would we still have come to this point, or would this have happened earlier in the season? Now Pam is going to go off to art school – will she quit her job? It'll certainly delay the proposal and complicate things further. And then there's Phyllis catching Dwight and Angela, and Ryan going to jail. There's quite a few interesting threads that remain to be picked up next season, and all of the characters end up in such a way that plenty of questions need answering.
  • The office throws a going away party for Toby, Jim decides to purpose to Pam, and Andy has a surprise for Angela. Micheal has a crush on the new human resource employee, Holly.

    This episode plays a lot on the Micheal's relationship with Toby. Also a lot of comedy plays out through Micheal's haste to be in love with any women that he finds even remotely attractive. Jim and Pam's relationship takes a serious turn in this episode only to be halted by halted by the ignorance of Andy. Possibly the best part of the episode is Dwight taking a page out of Jim's book and pulling a prank on the new Human Resources person, Holly, giving her the impression that Kevin is mentally challenged. This prank is carried out though the beginning of the season 5 also. The ending could not be more perfect!!!!!
  • This episode was amazing! I can't wait until next season!

    After Angela refuses to give in to Michael's unreasonable demands, Phyllis takes over the party planning committee and throws a huge bash for Toby's goodbye party, matching the joy in Michael's heart. Dwight, with Meredith, hazes the new HR woman, Holly Flax, making her think Kevin is mentally disabled. Holly and Michael seem to make a connection, which is cut short when Jan returns from Arizona, pregnant from a sperm donor; Michael ambivalently agrees to help her through the birth process. Pam accepts a three month training program in New York, and just as Jim is about to propose to her, Andy proposes to Angela who reluctantly agrees; Angela is later caught having sex with Dwight in the office. Ryan's downfall is complete as he is dragged from the New York office after committing fraud related to the website.
  • Definitely a new series classic. I'd watch it again, wouldn't you?

    Pam and Jim! Pam and Jim! Pam and Jim!!!!!! Alright, now that that's out of my system, I'd like to say that this was a great episode. I loved the whole party committee revolution, as well as the new HR rep. Watching Holly deal with Kevin was especially hilarious, and god, I hope they continue that into the next season. The Jan storyline seems to be a bit forced though, and I'm not really sure how far they can go with it without it seeming ridiculous. To summarize the episode: Pam and Jim, Andy and Angela, Angela and Dwight, Holly and Michael, Michael and Jan, Ryan and his new cellmate.
  • Lol. Very interesting

    So... Ha ha ha. This episode was pretty good. Plenty of humor and a few surprises. The perfect mix in an episode of The Office. It's Toby's last day at the infamous office, and Michael is anything but subtle in showing how he feels about the day. He demands a huge blow-out for the departing employee. Angela doesn't believe that such an extravagant shindig is possible in one day with such little money. But Michael won't let is idea go. He fires Angela from planning Toby's going away party and puts Phyllis in charge of planning. He's willing to fork over tons of money (this really shocked me. O.O) to pay for the expenses with money his grandmother sends him each year, which he put in his shoe, and supposedly forgot about...yeah. One of the last things Toby must do before he heads off to Costa Rica is train his replacement, Holly, who Michael falls in love with after dubbing her a loser and claiming to hate her like he did Toby. But after talking to her, he now loves her. Michael had told Dwight that he hated the new girl (Holly) before he had met her, and never bothered to correct him. So Dwight tries to make Holly feel unwelcome throughout the episode. One of the things he did was tell her that the company hired Kevin out of sympathy because he's a little slow so she'll treat him differently. She buys the story, talks to Kevin like she might to a little kid, and he "falls" in love with her as well. (Or at least wants to bang her. O_o Yeah...) The day goes on...the office staff sees a video online of Ryan being arrested (haha :P), and finally it's time for the party. Phyllis really out did herself. It's a great party, takes up the whole parking lot. Everyone compliments her on the great job she did, except for Angela, who's a b*tch now. Earlier that day, Jim had ordered some fireworks for the party, but instead, his intention was to propose to Pam. (Aww. Finally!!!) Night comes, everything's right, Pam's resting on his shoulder, he gets the ring out of his pocket and is just about to pop the question when... ANGELA'S STUPID B0YFRIEND GETS UP & PR0P0SES!!!!!!!!!! I mean she didn't even have the decentcy to say yes. Just, ok. ... What kind of answer is that?!?! Ok. Psh. Whatever. She's got botox running through her veins or something... Grr. So Jim's idea is ruined. :( (D@mn you stupid man!!!!!!) But there'll be another time. :) Just gotta wait. The night ends pretty well for everyone, except Michael, who has to see his beloved Holly go off and get, (was it ice cream?) with Kevin because she still believes Dwight's lie and is trying to be nice to the guy. (Gosh I hope he didn't do something to her... O_o) As Phyllis is cleaning up the mess of the party, she finds a little surprise waiting up in the office. Dwight and Angela making out!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O Should have seen that coming though... Those h0rny losers. Ha. Btw. Jan's pregnant, but not with Michael's baby. She says she's too old to waste a child on his sperm, so she went to a sperm bank while they were going out. But if she had been younger she would have wasted a kid on him. She just can't afford to mess it up... Dang! I almost had to feel sorry for Michael then... That had to be, like the worst insult in the series said to him so far. So all in all, very good episode. :P Ha ha.
  • In "Goodbye Toby" we are left for the summer with some very funny and classic Office moments.

    This episode was great! Definitely a top 3 episode in my opinion. Michael's hatred of Toby was amazing and the fact that even though he was leaving, he still couldn't tell him funny. Also, we were introduced to a new character...Holly. Though I like Holly, I don't like the fact that she is already becomeing Michael's love interest. Holly is a fun character but I hope she doesn't become a main interest.

    That being said...I loved the scenes with Holly and Kevin. Absolutely classic. "That's a button..." lol!

    All in all a great episode and one for the ages!
  • Annoying, boring, and predictable.

    I have a feeling that probably a lot of people liked the finale. I am not one of those people. The whole Angela - Andy thing is just not entertaining at all. I don't know how much longer the show is going to put off finishing the storyline between Pam and Jim. I thought for sure that Jim was going to propose in the episode. But, of course not. The end scene with Phyllis walking in on Dwight and Angela doing the horizontal mamba was predictable and dull, in my very worthless opinion. This whole season was bad. Season Two of this show was hysterical, and it has been a downhill slide since then. Not sure what I think about this show anymore.
  • An amazing episode of The Office!

    This season finale of The Office was especially entertaining. SPOILERS AHEAD! Michael is acting mature for once because of the new HR representative, Holly, who he falls for. Just when Jim is about to propose to Pam in a surprising, elegant way, Andy steals the spotlight and proposes to Angela. Just when Michael is finally extremely happy, and it seems as if he is over Jan, Michael finds out something about Jan that completely blows him away. In an extremely funny part, Dwight engages in some hazing and makes Holly think that Kevin is mentally challenged. This episode was actually the first episode of The Office that I had ever seen, but it got me hooked, and I've been watching old episodes of the show ever since then!
  • Michael almost got a new girlfriend. Is Toby really leaving?

    I was really disappointed when Michael called Jan and said he would go to lamaze with her. I want her storyline to be wrapped up. I wanted to see Michael in a somewhat normal relationship with the new HR person.
    I thought it was so sweet when Jim wanted to buy fireworks for the party and then that fool Andy ruined it for him. I loved Angela's answer - "I said okay." And now Phyllis has something on Angela. Now Phyllis can be the head of the party committee.
    I am glad that Pam is going to art college to further her career. Maybe the spinoff can be about her in art college and Jim getting a new job and the everyday crap that goes on with those 2 at new places. I won't watch if Dwight gets his own show.
  • As Toby departs for retirement, his replacement turns heads in Scranton. Andy steals Jim's thunder at Toby's goodbye party. Phyllis takes over for Angela, and the unpleasantness runs ramped, then she witnesses Dwight and Angela in a compromising position.

    I have to say that this may have been the greatest episode of The Office ever.

    With that being said, the fact that throughout the entire episode the new Toby, Holly believed that Kevin was mentally challenged. They pulled it off fantastically too, from the button in Kevin's handful of change, to his calling Michael from the food store that Phyllis sent him to to get barbecue sauce leading her to believe he was overwhelmed, I just wonder how long they will be abel to keep this going. If anything, it should make season 5 entertaining.

    I loved Phyllis, taking a stand planning parties instead of ice cold Angela, it was great to see her taking advantage of Vance Refrigeration employees to plan the best party Dunder Miflin Scranton has ever seen. Then there was what she witnessed afterwards.

    So Jim was all ready to propose to Pam, when Andy invited his parents to attend in order to propose to Angela, who was great in not getting up to accept his proposal and then stating a simple 'OK'. It was fantastic, but what will this mean for Jim and Pam? Pam is going to be going to a design school in New York city, so will she return as a receptionist? Will Jim go after Ryan's old job to be closer to Pam and to have more to offer for her?

    So how about Ryan? Committing fraud to pad the website, in order to make a name for himself, especially since he never sold a single thing. I loved Kellie's plan to make him jealous, but what about Darrell?

    Now to the biggest shockers of the night, Jan is pregnant with some guy's baby and Angela and Dwight were caught up against the copier by Phyllis. These had to be the craziest events to ever happen in Office history.

    I just have to say that I cannot wait until season 5.
  • An episode that didn't feature every single one of our Office mates in depth, but gave us heart-warming moments between Michael, Dwight, Toby, Pam, Jim, Phyllis, Angela, and the new girl, Holly. This finale certainly left us hungry for more in Season 5.


    So Jim messing with Dwight's mobile AND office phone was so hilarious. Great performance from Rainn Wilson, shouting, smashing his phone and getting so red in the face. Certainly compensating for his lesser screen-time in this episode.

    Michael's dislike for Toby is so funny, and it's just fitting that Toby's last day is the day that Michael decides to make the most plentiful and the most negative comments regarding Toby, ever. Michael's suggestion to have a party equivalent to a New Orleans funeral, and then trailing off to wanting anti-gravity potion. Pam was so amusing to watch too and Phyllis looked so touched to be offered party-planning heard, making it a totally appropriate ending to that scene.

    Yay! Pam and Jim make me so happy. She finally gets to go into design. And Michael and Dwight commenting on Holly's head was funny too while Toby was introducing her to Stanley. And Holly being a 'female Toby'. Yuck. Comparing her to ET, wow. Michael tries so hard. But after bonding over a little Yoda impersonations and dislike over Toby, it looks like he might actually get something good with Holly. ...And I hope it works out actually.

    Dwight attacking Kevin by telling Holly he was here on a special program was so funny. Holly was extremely amusing to watch, treating Kevin like a complete child. And Kevin actually acts like one too. Oh, but really, all Kevin actually wants to do is bang her. Funny how the job, the car and everything else manages to impress her, but make him think she's into him.

    The tension between Toby and Pam was hilarious. Poor Toby. and poor Jim, he doesn't deserve Ryan's stupid website stuff. Good for him for shouting back at Ryan on the phone. Then Jim has to receive weird stuff from Michael. And it was sweet of him to try and teach Michael about office relationship, using him and Pam as inspiration. Jim is such a great guy. If that wasn't enough goodness in the office, he then gives Phyllis some money for the party, plus a suggestion for fireworks. Then we find out he's proposing. Tonight. Hahahahahahaha. Woot.

    Oh, but the interview between Michael, Toby, Holly and Pam momentarily destroyed all the chemistry between Holly and Michael. A rock labeled 'Suck on that!'. Hahaha. Michael still managed to trick Holly though, giving Toby his watch, worrying over his supposed friend, riding on the ferris wheel with her and standing up for her in Dwight's whole raccoon thing.

    Phyllis at first only managed to find anti-depressants instead of anti-gravity boots. Then to be put down by Angela shredding the list of vendors, aww. But when I finally saw the party, Phyllis did an awesome job. She deserves to feel proud of her husband, and Toby's going-away party. With a bouncy-house, live band, barbeque, ferris wheel and fireworks... Awesome party.

    Steve Carell's singing probably has the potential to be good. However, the voice we heard in this episode was probably all acting. A great performance by Carell. And Michael's reaction to Jan's pregnant belly and Jan's sperm bank thing was surprisingly kinda mature. The news is astonishing and any ex-boyfriend, I think, would react in the same way, in awe.

    When the fireworks finally lit up the sky, I saw it coming already. Jim's proposal. But, Andy did it first! Hahahahaha. It was totally surprising, I could see her saying 'no', but she didn't even say 'okay' that excitedly. Andy and Angela are so not meant to be. And the whole time I was actually reminiscing over Dwight and Angela's old flame. Poor Dwight.

    After the dramatic proposal, Pam was tearing up. Holly was still eager to spend time with Michael, but instead Kevin and Holly went off together because Michael was still troubled. Poor Holly. It's episodes like these that really make us sympathize for all of them, The relationships between Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight, Toby and Holly are all just so heart-warming.

    It was noble of Michael to decide to go to Lamas class with Jan. But for once in a long time, it seemed like Michael had found something to live for, a kid.

    And of course, Phyllis seeing Angela and Dwight doing it was probably the best ending. Great job to the writers! An awesome finale!
  • Finally - this horrible season is over.

    ****SOME SPOILERS******

    The episode started well with Jim up to his old tricks teasing dwight. good and funny.

    They introduced a new character - the lady cop from the wire. that storyline was kind of funny, half and half. The Kevin line was funny. The Michael line wasn't. It's either Steves improvising or the writing but Michaels character is just not working. What is ashamed is he could be funny if they just decide which Michael they want. I thought they were done with the Jan arc. While that started out really funny, by the end i was hoping we would never see the story again. He was too awkward with Holly and she changed too fast to accommodate his character so the writing wasn't believable.

    The Dwight - Angela - Andy story was predictable although the marriage proposal thing threw me a curve. They had to throw it in to prolong the Jim and Pam saga (ho-hum). Well for now only Phyllis knows. I guess she'll be planning more parties.

    I guess Stanley used up his allotment of lines for the season. i don't think he said two words in this episode. We also had a Meredith sighting. i didn't know she still worked there.

    Kevin and Creed are really funny. i can't decide on who the funniest is.

    What are they going to do with Kelly now that Ryan's in jail? She was always funny to me. i don't know what everyones problem with her character is.

    Well on the whole it was an ok episode. i laughed a couple of times but it is still not as good as it was the first two seasons.
    My $.02
  • New lady in the office, Micheal sings.

    Best episode ever. Toby leaving the office for ever, which was sad. Jim was going to propose but was interrupted by Andy. Micheal falls for Holly the new .H.R. who falls for him as well. It was a very squirmish episode and half you couldn't watch without screaming but it was hilarous. Jan went to a sperm bank near a ihop and got knocked up, and seemed to wish micheal back. Angelea was rude to andy about his proposal and to Phyllis. Phyllis was great in this episode and even cousin Mose was there! Jim was so sweet when he tried to propose. But the Omfg moment? When Dwight and Angelea were caught in a heated make out sessionof course! Poor Andy.
  • What a way to end the season with people just wanting for more. NICE!!

    First off not to get on the bad side, but for the two people who voted this a 1.1 and 2.9, i personally think you two are new to this series. Jim plays pranks on Dwight all the time

    Okay, i personally like this episode. After a few crappy episodes they really turned the big guns on this one, which made me get the feel of what the office is really about. Michael and the new intern Holly, are really wonderful together, i personally think he should stay away from Jan. Dunno why she treats him so selfish, yet does these things just to keep him. Jim i am mad at him, lol despite the fact, he could have walked somewhere privated and propose to her, though Andy stole the moment with his craziness. I hope Pam and Jim would cope with each other for three months despite the fact they are still not engaged. Dwight and Angela making love and Phyllis caught them, WOW. That will be the highlight of Season 5 lol. All in all i dont want to talk too much about this lol but em yeahh, that is all i gotta say, see yall next season!!!
  • Everything tied into one great episode

    To start off the episode before the theme song kicked in, Jim played a classic prank on his fellow salesman Dwight. There haven't been to many pranks between the two as of late, so seeing one again filled a very large void in me. As the episode title suggests, Toby is leaving Dunder Mifflin. The Episode takes place during the final day of his stay. As expected, Michael is acting as if this is the best day of his life, and in fact it may just be. There is a lot of the "Michael hating on Toby" throughout the episode and that is another comical part of the show that I had felt had been missing some of as of late. Because Toby is leaving, a new character is introduced: Holly. Holly is going to be the new HR rep for corporate in the Scranton branch. Almost immediately Michael announces his love for her to Jim, and Jim tries to advise Michael to take it slow. I'm sure that this relationship will be a center point of next year's season. During this episode much much more happens and some of it is totally unexpected that you just have to see it. Overall, this episode had everything that was needed to make it a classic.
  • Very fun episode all around.

    Wow, that was such a great episode. There were so many parts to it that it is a good thing that it was a double-episode.

    Jim/Pam: They are the cutest couple. The British version ended when they got together so I'm not sure if these two should be married yet.

    Andy/Angela/Dwight: Poor Andy.

    Toby: I think that Toby may just be leaving to get away from his crush on Pam getting out.

    Ryan: Ha! He had it coming.

    Kevin: Poor guy thinks he is going to nail Holly. I hope we get to see when he and Holly find out that she thinks he is mental.

    Michael: He must be reeling that there is finally someone around who "gets" him.

    Jan: I wonder if we'll find out that the donor she used turns out to be Michael embellishing his application.

    All in all a great episode. Can't wait for next season.
  • Perfect Episode.

    This episode was the best episode of the office ever, well at least i think so. everything that i thought would happen didn't. jim didn't propose to pam:(, even though he was planning on it, but sadly was interrupted by andy who decided to propose to angela, definately wasn't expecting that! holly and michael are perfect for eachother! its amazing michael finally found someone who is just like him and actually wants to go out with him. but michael being the person that he is doesnt realize that holly wants to get some dessert with him and decides he wants to go with jan to her lassez classes?- sorry i have no idea what it was called. and jan's pregnant now? i did not see that coming. but she explains to michael that it is not his but she didn't cheat on him. she went to a great sperm bank because she wants to make this one count. LOL.

    so i guess angela is finally over the whole sprinkles thing? i knew dwight and angela couldnt stay apart forever. poor andy, he's been holding that ring in his wallet for 6 years! and ryan got arrested! yay! i was getting so sick of him, he was starting to get really annoyin! I can not wait until the next season!!!
  • It's time for Toby's going away party.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as whole, I thought that this was a truly awesome episode of The Office. This episode definitely had more funny moments than I can count. I loved the whole storyline about Holly thinking that Kevin was "special". That storyline was absolutely hilarious. I also loved the whole thing about Ryan getting arrested, especially Oscar's talking head about Ryan's arrest. I have to say that I wasn't surprised at all that Jan ended up being the one that was pregnant, but I still loved that whole storyline, especially Michael's reaction to the whole situation. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that all plays out next season. The end of the episode was great too, especially when Phyllis catches Dwight and Angela together. I'm really disappointed that Jim didn't propose to Pam though. All in all, I thought that this was an absolutely amazing episode of The Office, and I can't wait to see what happens next season.
  • Funny episode, but it was very depressing to watch. (Spoiler Alert!)

    Summary: Toby's leaving for Costa Rica and Michael wants to throw a party in his honor. Phillis takes over the party planning committee and Jim wants to propose to Pam. Ryan gets busted by the cops. Michael falls in love with the new HR woman who is being hazed by Dwight and makes makes her think that Kevin's a retard Jan is pregnant which throws a wrench into Micahels new romance. Andy proposes to Angela which throws a wrench into Jim's proposal. And finally Dwight and Angela have sex which throws a wrench into Andy's proposal. Pros: Very very funny episode. Especially for Michael who seems to have earned his funny back in the last few episode's. The party WAS a great setting.
    Cons: Could they leave us with something spectacular? No instead the Office writers (Who by now can only write awkward comedy) leave us for a whole summer with Dwight's back. DWIGHT'S BACK. In Season 2 it was the Jim and Pam kiss and in Season three it was the Jim Pam hook-up but those looking for a little happiness, no it was all snuffed out in this episode. We think that we might finally see Jim's proposal but no Andy has to propose instead. And just when you've calmed down to realize that it's not so bad, Angela and Dwight have sex. And just when Michael might have some glimmer of hope, that shatter that one too by having Jan enter with a pregnant belly. I mean come on. At least let someone have a happy moment!
    Overall: Good episode, very depressing.
  • For all those people who didn't like the show, are you guys really The Office fans? This was a phenomenal season finale to an honestly terrible season.

    Honestly, season 4 (except for launch party) & even episodes in season 3 have been kinda pathetic. But finally ... finally, the episode came with back the formula that worked SO effectively in seasons 1 & 2. The episode used normal characters (for a change) that we could all relate to, to produce humorous situations in the actual office(for a change). Jim finally pulled a hilarious prank on Dwight, just like the old days of vending machines and bathrooms. And the Office is supposed to be focused on how Michael does stupid stuff and all the other employees deal with it ... Michael IS the center of the show. Granted Michael matured because he is attempting to woo Holly, Michael still had some awkward moments (rock - suck on this haha). But everyone had a hilarious bit in this episode (maybe except for Stanley and Meredith). And Crazy Creed was back (quabbity asteroids!!) and Kevin might have stolen the show unconsciously acting like a mentally handicapped individual.

    And to all the ******** who don't know why Jim didn't propose to Pam, if he had, Season 5 would have been exactly as tension-LESS as season 4! With this move, the writers have put the show back in the tension-filled episodes similar to those of Season 1 & 2, where we are left wondering about the fate of Jim and Pam's relationship as well as when he is going to prop the question. And how was this not a cliffhanger? I mean, sure, the writers didn't set us up with fairy tale ending moments, or endings that feel good, but they DID give us and ending that can potentially fill up the entire season 5. And btw, props to Amy Ryan ... loved her performance as the first woman to actually and sentimentally show affection towards Michael without Michael being a dumbass (i just kidding). Power to Phyllis to throwing a kick-(butt) party!

    I hope Season 5 is better than Season 4, especially if they use the episode formulas of Season 1 & 2. But overall, this episode is a tremendous comeback for a season that kinda blew.
  • Toby, I will miss you and your awkwardness. SPOILERS

    Though "The Office" suffered through a painfully abbreviated fourth season, it ended on a good note with the season finale last night.

    The central storyline was the departure of Toby for Costa Rica, a time for Michael to celebrate, as he has waited "twelve years for this day". Angela is done with Michael's party-ruining antics, and so Phyllis is tasked with making Toby's last day a great one. Who knew that no one sold anti-gravity machines? Of course, there are plenty of twists along the way, with Ryan's arrest highlighting the first half. It was funny to see Ryan's ego go down, but the real question is who takes a video of someone getting arrested and puts it on YouTube? Anyway, Oscar provided one of his best comments ever with, "The real crime was the beard".

    Romance ruled the night, or several romances. Michael determined that he loved Holly, Toby's replacement, after just meeting her, but later it seemed she was into him too. Amy Ryan did a really good job, especially in the hilarious Kevin scenes, so I'm hoping to see more of her. Of course, after Michael runs into a pregnant Jan, the relationship could be spoiled, but I like Michael and Holly more than Michael and Jan. What I loved about this episode was that it avoided predictability. I said spoilers ahead, and here we go: Jim didn't propose, thanks to Andy (more on that later). True, the Jam storyline in this one was a little letdown, but since everyone thought he would the fact that he didn't kept things interesting. I personally liked their relationship pre-dating. With Pam getting into design school in New York, we'll see what happens. Andy and Angela stole the show, with Andy finally having someone to give the ring to after six years. I knew that it wouldn't work out when Angela simply said "OK" and looked miserable. More miserable was Dwight, though, but as the saying goes misery loves company (wink). The final cliffhanger was pretty surprising. I was hoping that Dwangela would hook up again during "Job Fair", but I guess I got my wish one episode later. Angela, how could you? I can't wait to see whether Phyllis will tell or not.

    Toby. I'm going to miss Toby. He was so perfectly awkward. How about the part when he realizes he doesn't have a picture of him and Pam, and starts screaming at the Office asking if anyone has a camera. He's about as good at hiding his love for Pam as Jim was. Speaking of Pam, I'm all for the theory that Toby will take Ryan's job and when Pam goes to New York there will be a nice little love triangle. Pam did say that she thought Toby was "kinda cute", but I get the feeling that it might be a "feel bad for him" statement rather than a confession.

    "Office" you were here for not nearly long enough, and I shall miss you. Bring on Season Five!
  • Goodbye, Toby. Season 4 finale.

    I've mostly been disappointed with episodes in Season 4, especially following the writers' strike. While I still enjoyed the show enough to watch, I was totally missing seasons 2 and 3. This episode, however, reminded me why I love this show, and it truly returned to form with this episode. Although there were plenty of gags, uses of physical humor, etc., this episode's success comes mostly through strong character developments, which were both funny and interesting. I loved the interaction between Holly and Michael. Even better was the interaction between Holly and Kevin. This season finale did what a comedy season finale should do---be funny, have lots of interesting developments, and leave the audience curious as to what will happen in the fall.

    I totally don't know what people are thinking giving this episode a low mark. The last couple episodes deserved it, but this one was fantastic.
  • Worst Season Finale Ever

    Im soooooo tired of the camera being fixed on Micheal Scott for 90% of the episode. This episode showed getting a new HR rep, micheal falling in love, a party, and a dissapointing finish to the show. Ohhh Jim didnt propose, stupid. Andy proposed to Angela insetad, very stupid. Micheal Scott was in this episode too much, unoriginal and boring. Creed was hilarious with his usual 1 minute of air time, Toby wasnt bad funny liek usual, and thats it. No "real" cliffhanger, and nothing really funny. Please get the camera away from Steve Carell and give it to the people who actually have talent. Isnt it time for him to be too good for the show anyways. So all in all worst season finale ever.
  • The Office Season 4 in a nutshell [Spoilers!!]

    I loved this episode!! However, as a great Office fan, I was dissapointed that the writers seemed to have drifted into writing for what they think we as an audience will want this season- that is, lots of drama, unrealistic events (like the Fun Run and the way it was organized) and pivotal moments all the time. This show is about the little things: the small pranks, the totally realistic aspects of the workplace, the awkwardness of Toby, the random senile comments of Creed, heck, even the occassional Packer appearances. This season has had those moments,especially in the beginning, but mostly it feels like the Office has been a completely different show!I liked the last few episodes but I hope the writers realize that they have to tone stuff down a little to make it like the good old Office. I'm so glad Jim didn't get a chance to propose because it would have been too predictable. He's going to find the cutest way to do it, I just know! The only thing I can say that I truly did not like was that Dwight and Angela were having sex at the end. Isn't she supposed to be all uptight and Christian? Why would they change that? They should have just been making out. Oh well!
  • Wow! Jan pregnant, Jim ready to propose, Andy actually proposing, Ryan busted for fraud... It's a rush!

    This is the reason I love this show. So many plot twists in so little time! First of all, Michael is falling in love with the new HR, Holly, who is a She-Michael, but also has to deal with pregnant Jan. Also Holly thinks Kevin is "Special", and so far, Kevin isn't doing anything that can disprove that. I also found out that Creed doesn't know what his job is, but that isn't a suprise. Also, I knew that Jim had an engagement ring a week after he and Pam started dating, but I didn't realize that he was ready to propose that night. I think that it would last a few more weeks, maybe a month or 2. And I did not expect Ryan to be busted for fraud.
  • [SPOILERS IF YOU HAVN'T YET SEEN THE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Toby is leaving, Jim plans to propose to PAM, . . . and Ryan is BUSTED!!!!!!

    I thought this was a great episode. I will be sorry to see Toby leave. He was one of my favorites. I always liked his dopiness and thought it was funny how cool headed he was. His going away party planning was disagreement as usual for the party planning committee, and it is funny how Michael always interferes with whatever they try to plan. I was also very glad to see that Ryan was busted. He was on a power trip and I am so glad to see someone brought him down to earth. I never got a chance to write a review about the episode from two weeks ago when he drove his convertible to Scranton like a hot shot and then called Jim into the office and threatened him about his job. I've never liked Ryan, and that set me over the edge on hating his character after that scene because I always thought he was a snotty punk. I would have expanded on these thoughts had I had time to write a review of two weeks ago's episode. Turning my focus back to the season finale, Ryan's snottiness continued in the scene early in the episode where Jim is on the phone with him and he says "congratulations . . . on doing your job" and then makes him use his dumb website. WHAT A JERK!!! I had a feeling that they would bring him down to earth in the finale but I thought maybe David Wallace would fire him because of his horrible website. I never expected him to be busted for "misleading the shareholders." I loved how they put it on YouTube and Michael's reaction to Ryan being busted. Nice touch by the show's excellent writers!!! I hope very much that Ryan won't be back, but I have a feeling he will be in some form.

    Of course Jan would show up at some point and Michael would fail to realize a woman, in this case Holly, was asking him out. Poor Michael just keeps getting sucked back in by Jan and still can't get married and have the kid he always wanted.

    It was also funny how Holly thought Kevin was mentally challenged and how Kevin unknowingly contributed to her impression by his actions. It will be interesting to see if she'll be back as a regular in season 5 and if so, how long it will take her to realize that he's not mentally challenged (and how long until she figures out what Michael's really like).

    It was a little disappointing that Andy stole Jim's spotlight and that the audience was teased into thinking Jim and Pam would get engaged, but hey, that leaves great story lines to be had in the fall . . . I loved how Andy was full of himself after the engagement including his hugging Jim and saying "Tuna, I'm engaged." His cut away scene with the documentary crew where he said he'd carried the ring around for six years waiting to give it to someone was priceless too. That engagement is sure to be short lived based on the final scene of the episode.

    All in all, a great season of The Office despite it being strike shortened. Can't wait for season 5!!!!
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