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Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Season 6 starts

    Yet again a funny start to the episode and also the season. And then it fell. Remember when I said the beginning the end happened in the start of season 4? This was a episode that showed that. It wasn't bad but due to the quality of this series, this one fell short. I thought Michael wanted to be included on all the gossip came as too needy. It works with Ryan and maybe Jim and Pam but everyone and especially the interns it doesn't. Some of the rumors that Michael spread were funny. I also liked that the interns seem to trust Dwight. However I didn't like that Stanley was having an affair. It doesn't surprise me but I wish that Stanley would've done something else to his wife. I also don't like that Jim and Pam trired to keep their pregancy a secret from everyone. It was like when they first dated. I can understand keeping that secret from everyone for a while but how long would they keep it secret if Michael had not told they were having a baby. One of the biggest reasons this episode fell short was because of how season 5 ended. There were some good moments of this episode. Dwight's treatment of the interns was pretty funny. I also liked that just because of a rumor that Andy thought he might be gay. My favorite rumor was the one about Dwight.

    This was not the best start to the season. There are some really good episodes coming up. Just remember to try to lower your expectations.
  • Season 6 Premiere

    As I was watching this epsiode, I did get a few laughs and this episode was very entertaining. But then I looked back on the past season premieres of The Office, and this was not the best. It wasn't even better than last year's premiere, it was better than fourth season but seasons 2-3 beat this premiere by a landslide.

    Just like everyone else is saying, its simply not the same quality as seasons 1-3. This premiere, although entertaining, still was eventful in ways. Pam & Jim reveal that Pam is pregnant, based on a false rumor. Andy thinking he's gay because of a rumor was ridiculous but hey, it was entertaining.

    That entitles most of the comedy of the later seasons of The Office, ridiculous but entertaining, and this epsiode was just that, and the plot wore very thin. An okay premiere, definitely not the best.
  • Season 6 premiere..

    For a show that exists largely because of a cash strapped network and fiercely loyal fan base, season 6 opener was not a bad offering. It's not fair to expect for a show that gave us 25 dismal episodes, and comeback after a summer break and blow off our minds. Yes, the show has run its course, and it can never be funny again.

    On a episode that was based on workplace gossip, we saw a substandard plot that announced Pam's pregnancy, Stanley's affair, and Andy's heterosexual dilemma. Carrell still continues to be his annoying self with his dimwitted actions that make us feel awkward. The summer interns were a move toward bringing some new faces into the cast. Apart from seeing the Porter or Preston kid (whoever it is) from Desperate Housewives, I can't recall anything interesting.

    Yes, I don't regret watching this episode, and at the same time, I don't share the same enthusiasm as the other reviewers. For people who've asked me why I watch this show despite my open dislike - well, I am one of the fiercely loyal viewer, and I can take the BS the show throws at me.
  • Great premiere, great indicator of how this season will be.

    Last season, and even to some extent in Season 4, there were a lot of complaints that the physical humor and sight gags were piling up and that The Office was losing that special type of subtle humor it used to have.. I have to say, I'm all for shows evolving over time as long as it doesn't change too drastically. Judging by this opener, we're going to get a good blend of both new and old. And that's fine with me, if the premiere is an indicator of what we're to expect.

    In a nutshell, Michael gets jealous about rumors going around and that he's not involved in them, so he starts trying to get juicy gossip on others.. and when he discovers the very true rumor of Stanley cheating on his wife, well.. let's just say that in order to discredit that one, he starts spreading false rumor after false rumor to everyone.

    I thought Paul Lieberstein was very clever in how he set up the episode. He not only revealed some interesting facts about Stanley and some possibly true facts about Andy(?) but he allowed Jim and Pam to find a way to tell everyone in the office that she was pregnant. This wasn't like a couple years ago, where Jim just told everybody with Pam on speaker.. The episode was set up in a specific way so that everything lead to that moment. Very clever, and very entertaining along the way.

    The Parkour cold open was amazing, as was Jim's comment about Point A being delusion and Point B being the hospital. This was just an all around great premiere, and as I said before, hopefully a good indicator of where this season is going.
  • Mediocre at best.

    While I scored this higher than a lot of Season 4 and 5 episodes, I do not regret wathing this later at night and watching a high-quality show like Fringe live at 9 PM. The Office is usually good for a few (very few) cheap laughs, mainly from the untapped potential of Creed Bratton, but nothing more really. It simply cannot compare to shows like 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia etc. etc. This was not a terrible offering, but I'll be darned if the show has not run its course on television yet. There really is nothing left for the employees of Dunder Mifflin to do and if they think an episode about gossip will cut won't.
  • definitely one of the top Office Episodes, nice use/cast of the three interns (one recognizable from Desperate Housewives). not too much dwight. hardly any Ryan (one line in a crowd). no Daryl. no Jan, no Michael's Boss. great opening.

    Don't give out 10s easily, but worried this show would jump the shark after a real rebound season last year, I thought the michael scott company was hilarious. This show really has great writing and great cast. Andy was such a great addition to the cast, gets a chance to shine here now that a lot of people will no him from the Hangover.

    Comedy shows that have been converted from BBC usually fail, because networks try to cast attractive people, not talented improv people. I think the cast will keep this show going strong for awhile. if anything I'd be for shorter seasons to ensure more of the episodes are perfect 10s.
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones but rumors might hurt my feelings

    Absolutely hilarious start to the season! It seems as if The Office writers have gotten back in the groove with one of the more hilarious episodes of late.

    The opening sequence with Dwight, Andy and Michael doing parkore was absolutely fantastic. Classic Office. Michaels cut sequence about being left out is one of my favorites.

    I didn't like the whole episode involving Stanleys affair. It didn't seem to take off but the rumors that were spread around by Michael to try to cover up that he was having the affair left me laughing through the episode, especially when Andy talks to Oscar about him being gay
  • Great start to the new season,Buut dissapointed with the old dog Stanley!

    This episodes starting sequence was easily one of my favourites, its the kind of office high jinx you could expect from Andy, Dwight and there master and had our family in tears! But then went downhill with the Stanley storyline.A family man caught in a dead end job with people he hates (a character a lot of us can relate to!)to feed his family, cheating on his wife? Definitely out of character and this storyline did let the episode down, however Andy questioning his sexuality based on Michaels rumours was great and showed the comedy writing at its earlier season best his conversation with Oscar about brad Pitt was comedy genius!!. The best one for me would be Kevin is controlled by a smaller person living inside him. But with Mike trying to take attention away from the affair with rumour spreading? History may dictate Toby stepping in to quell the office from this breakdown. Perhaps Dunder Mifflin has finally broken his spirit. The interns added some new faces and i hope they feature them again. Season 5 may not have been the greatest but I'm hoping they have pulled it back for the new season. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Summer interns are leaving the office as Michael gets swept up in gossip leading to many lies but also truths being revealed. A solid return

    Well season Six has now arrived for the office and I must say I was getting restless without my office fix each week. Being the first episode back it had to do a lot for its fans, to show that the writers are still funny and sharp and that there is plenty to look forward to in the episodes ahead. Well if this ep is anything to go by there is a lot of promise of great things to come in this season of the The Office.

    This week Michael becomes jealous that he is kept out of the loop with office gossip concerning the summer interns who were now in their final week at Dunder Mifflin. When he discovers that Stanley is having an affair he tells the whole office only to later realise that it may ruin Stanley's life. He then decides that by making up tons of fake rumours he will be able to make people think the affair gossip is a lie as well. But while doing this he accidently makes a right but of gossip thinking he was wrong. That being Pam is pregnant.

    His gossiping has greater problems when a rumour is started that Andy is gay and now Andy begins to fear that he may be gay as many people in the past have believed him to be gay He tries to confide in Oscar as well as Jim who of coarse only makes a joke out of Andy's irrational fear.

    All in all this is a very funny episode with plenty of laughs to keep you chuckling from start to finish. From Michael, Dwight and Andy's feeble attempt to do parkour to the end credits where the interns are telling you what they have learned over the summer. Devoted fans and casual watchers should have no problem tuning in next week given this week's quality.
  • great start to hopefully a great season

    I thought that the office season 5 was great despite what some of you think. It was the best season behind the Superb season 2. I will admit that i was worried that the office wouldnt be very good the other night because i thought that the show would run out of ideas. Last nights episode didn't indicate this at all. It was an absolutely hilarious episode. Michael, Dwight, and Andy's Parkour was hilarious and had me laughing non stop for 3 minutes and the wonderful Creed Bratton's scuba quote was classic (creed needs to have more on the show!). And andy thinking hes gay and his brad pitt scenario was hilarious and creepy at the same time. I would say that this is my third favorite premier behind gay witch hunt from season 3, and weight loss from season 5. Lets hope that this season continues on this path
  • Great Episode

    I loved this episode, I think they could have done something different with the Parkour bit, Andy falling through a box you could have seen coming from a mile away. (Also I find it funny how Andy and Dwight can't resist being friends)

    Andy was hilarious, I was worried that they were doing one of those "coming out/sexually confused" angles that they do to shock people, it's kind of stale but thank god they didn't. Only Andy's character could have pulled this type of hilarity off, and Oscar was hilarious "What am I supposed to comfort insecure heterosexual men?" LMAO. Michael's cover up plan to hide Stanley's affair was genius (for him...) I really thought he came up with a good idea, to just saturate a bunch of fake rumors and then reveal them all as lies at the end. It worked out really well and the rumors were kind of funny (although a bit odd that they all fell for anything outrageous that Michael would have said). What I DIDN'T like about this episode is how Michael went from Abnormally smart for him to Abnormally stupid so quickly. What possessed him to feel like he needed to say that Stanely's affair was the truth? I mean I know it was a plot ploy to set up Jim and Pam's admitting to having a baby on the way, but Michael is rarely this stupid. Especially after Jim and Pam tried to cover it up and prevent Michael from tellling the truth. It just seemed odd he was smart enough to think of that plan but dumb enough to not realize how to cover up for it moments later. Also when he called Stan's wife "Cynthia" .. twice ... well that was standard Michael stupidity, but one would think that he could have came back from that as well. As far as the hilarity goes, this episode had me laughing out loud many times, Michael and Andy were hilarious, and Jim of course is definitely good at what he does, it's a shame how considerate he is to other people but rarely gets much credit from his co-workers for it.
  • Moral of the story Gossip must not be used to one's own advantage, people can get hurt.

    Michael could have avoided all the drama had he just said the gossip was a moral lesson for the interns before they left, but that would have been too easy to get by, especially when it came to Michael.

    So we have this episode starting off with the only two guys capable of following after Michael's clownish ways by prancing about the office like madmen. Are Dwight and Andy a similar version of Michael or do they have their own hidden agendas for acting so silly. How did Michael get by running this office.

    I now understand why interns were hardly brought on 'The Office'. Who ever thought that when they grew up they always wanted to work in 'The Office', maybe the show. Seriously though the thought wouldn't really cross your mind as a big career choice, so what were those interns thinking?

    Not to mention the basis of this episode 'Gossip', where the interns caught Stanley and Cynthia(a.k.a. not the wife) together on a non work afternoon. It wasn't only the juiciest Gossip of all, it also sent all those crazy flags and twisted antennas up on Michael's radar. He would have been the hero of gossip if he distributed that juicy detail, despite the repercussions. I didn't know what was more amusing; the fact that Michael spread the piece of compromising gossip about as though he was sharing candy to hungry children, or that he enjoyed giving away the news simply because he had the upper hand, both amusing, but the end result sure would have been nasty.

    Topping it off with a cherry; when Stanley warned Michael not to tell everyone his big secret, which he already did, he began spreading other gossip he believed to be false which ironically turned out to be true.

    What a perfect opportunity to reveal Jim and Pam's pregnancy, Andy's not so straight side and Kelly's eating disorder, some of the few lies Michael twisted and he nailed the draw dropper about Jim and Pam. So does this mean some gossip is based on an element of truth. I mean look how easily Michael guessed it. When Andy began talking about Brad Pitt, I really wondered. (Brad Pitt has been used so many times, so many ways, I wonder what goes through his mind when he hears his name being called over and over, it must be tiring or he probably couldn't care less)... and Kelly did have that break down in 'Weight Loss' Season 5 Episode 1.

    What was Michael thinking? If he spread more lies, the truth would eventually pail in comparison and become the lie itself (Sounds Michael enough). It made sense only if he stuck to it. What was Stanley thinking, asking Michael to keep his secret? He was actually believable denying it when Michael first asked him if he was having an affair (Makes you wonder). Micheal was ready to out him when his butt was on the line and last season's cliff hanger about Jim and Pam's pregnancy was revealed to the entire office with the sonogram as proof. Did that slap Michael in the face as well? It all turned out in vein, revealing the pregnancy, Michael still outed Stanley in the end... poor car.

    Maybe Jim and Pam should have just let Michael tell them.

    So last season wasn't the big hit we enjoyed as 'The Office' took a different turn and I would admit I laughed a bit more than usual in this half hour and I really felt sorry for those interns... I hardly doubt we'd be seeing their faces again, probably in the world of show biz as Jet Lee, Julia Stiles and Alan Thicke, maybe the Jet Lee was more believable.


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