The Office

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on NBC

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  • An Office Haloween

    This was a very good episode. I think this was an important episode in Season 2. The joke that Jim and Pam played on Dwight was very funny. It shows how good they are as a team. Dwight was brilliant as always in this episode. One reason this episode was important was that what Pam unintentionally did to Jim set up the uncomfortable situation at the end of the season. You also see Michael's inability to make a decision, in this case firing a employee. You can understand but it's still funny. While a small part of the show, I did enjoy the costumes. An overall very good episode.
  • Michael has to fire an employee which ruins the Halloween festivities

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "The Office". It wasn't my favorite and it isn't the funniest episode I've ever seen but it was pretty enjoyable and I liked it. The costumes that everyone put on at the office was very funny especially Dwight in that Star Wars costume. Michael's costume was also very funny. Pam also looked very pretty as a kitty cat. It was very funny when Dwight fired Stanley and then Stanley and the others laugh because they think that Dwight is just kidding. There were some clever and enjoyable humor that were put into this episode. I thought Jim and Pam putting Dwight's resume as a job-searching website was very funny. Jim pretending to be Michael was very funny and I think he even did a good job on his impression of Michael Scott. My score was just a little low because some of the scenes were boring especially towards the end of the episode when Michael fired one his employees and then the employee gets angry and throws the pumpkin at Michael's car. The ending just seemed pretty lazy to me also. Overall, a superb episode of "The Office". 9/10
  • Great insight into Michael.

    This episode's ending was stunning. Unlike the UK version, the US version has heart, and the emotional ending - where Michael is sombre - is proof of that. It showed how Michael isn't demonic, just misunderstood and wanting the best for not only himself, but his employees.

    I also thought Dwight's scenes with the Darth Sidious cape and make-up were funny. Further proof he's the love child of the Devil and The Force.

    I also like how we saw a lot of the Office regulars in their working environments. Although the Pam-Jim storyline seemed to lag a bit, I hope it'll pick up soon.
  • Not as good as other episodes of \"The Office\" but still worth a look, especially at Halloween!

    Not as good as other episodes of \"The Office\" but still worth a look, especially at Halloween!

    The poorest episode so far in this season but still quite good. The Halloween setting will gurantee that it will get re-runs in later years around that time of year.

    The funniest scene in this episode comes near the end of this episode when Michael is been bullied into not firing Crete. Then Deven does the exact same thing! All the employess hear outside is \"Undo it! Undo it! Undo it Michael\" and obiviously get the wrong idea!

    As I said earlier this episode is not as good as \"The Dundies\" or \"Sexual Harrasment\" but still worth a look in.
  • Everyone dresses up for Halloween, and the costumes are more than a little revealing. Michael's cowardice prevents him from firing the obvious candidates. Jim and Pam get elaborate with their persecution of Dwight, and in doing so Jim ponders why he is st

    This episode is a great indicator of the differing personalities which come out in later episodes.

    Michael\'s two heads point to his dualities: the sensitive side he shows to Jan in \'The Client\' and when giving advice to Jim in \'Booze Cruise,\' and the jerk side he shows to everyone in just about every episode. Jim\'s simple but sharp \'Three-hole Jim.\' The inner Kevin struggling to break free. We also get a hint of Oscar\'s unrevealed sexuality (although maybe Michael already has an idea: \"Oh look at you, showing your colours.\")

    The standout revelation, though, is Michael\'s cowardice in attempting to fire Creed. The only time we\'ve seen him this desperate is when he completely bottles choosing a healthcare plan.

    Moments of true brilliance, but more of a revealing episode than a laughfest.
  • Oh good... Happy Halloween...

    Jim "Yes, I am manager of this orafice." and "ok, okokokok." This episode was hilarious! First, 3-hole punch Jim-not regular Jim- and then Dwight the Sith lord who thinks that Michael's "second" head can talk! Then, we have Kevin dressed as an Incredibles knock off of I guess "Dundie Man"?
  • A seasonal episode that feels out of place

    This episode has a few quirks to it. First off is the 2 crew members who weren't there before. They act as though they've been there forever, when they obviously haven't. Michael wasn't as funny in this episode as he typically is, but this episode is one of the new trend in the show to have real personal development (Pam and Jim, Michael), so all's not bad. It's a good episode, just not as funny as others have been.
  • 205

    It's Halloween at The Office and it's finally time for downsizing something that's been talked about since the first episode of The Office, it's finally here.

    Weird for a holiday episode to have this short of plot but it fit so well. Michael having to fire someone on Halloween was perfect. From Angela planning the Halloween party to Pam not wanting Jim to leave Scranton, this was a pretty great episode. This was actually one of the first episodes I ever saw of The Office, and I was watching this episode, it all cam back to me, I would say this is memorable.

    I was on the edge of my seat in laughter throughout the whole episode, we got to see a soft side of Michael, he cares about his employees. He ends up firing Devon, someone insignificant on the show, but still, a great scene, when he gets fired, and everyone follows him out. What I love about the Office is that the episode doesn't need to be over the top, fast-paced or all over the place for it to be a good episode. It just has to be funny, which was the case for this episode.
  • It's Halloween at The Office.

    Halloween is a really great episode with a lot of great parts in it. My favorite part from this episode would definitely be where Michael tries to fire Creed and Creed convinces him to fire Devon instead. I also loved everyone's reaction as they listened to Michael and Creed fighting about whether Creed should be fired. I loved Three Hole Punch Jim. That was absolutely hilarious. I also loved Jim and Pam's prank on Dwight. I just loved all of the Jam content period. Michael's conversation with Jan's Assistant was also very funny. The Jim and Michael role play/role reversal scene was just perfect. All things considered this was another Office classic.
  • exiting

    Micheal gets very upset when he figures out he has to fire one of his employees. As for Dwight he is tricked into thinking someone someone is really interested in him when his resume pops up on a internet job site. I like how michael costume had two heads. I like when dwight whips out his light saber and asks everyone what he is and they don't know and gets angry and says he's a sith lord. I like when creed basically told him that he can not be fired. Another great episode for the Office season two. I reccommend this eppisode.
  • "What do you mean? Of course martial arts training is relevant. Uh excuse me, I know about a billion Asians who would beg to differ!"

    The office dresses up for Halloween and Michael has to fire someone because of downsizing.

    The plot was ok, but I liked the side plot better, with Jim and Pam posting Dwight's resume online, and him getting job offers. The funniest part was when they called and Jim was pretending to be Michael and doing a great impression of him. Another funny part was when Dwight was arguing about why his resume didn't have his level of martial arts training on there.

    A guy named Devon gets fired, by the way. No loss, he's just some character they made up specifically for this episode just as someone Michael could fire.

    The scene at the end where Michael is handing out candy to the kids is also a nice touch and shows that he can be kind and caring.
  • Not the funniest episode but still good.

    This Halloween special wasn't as hilarious as some of the other episodes but it was a good episode nonetheless.

    As with other shows which have an array of very well written characters such as Scrubs, The Office can work without being hilarious because of our emotional investment in the characters storylines. The Jim/Pam thread takes an interesting turn here which makes the episode involving despite not having many laugh out loud moments.

    As with the 'red nose day' episode of the original British series, one of the best parts of this episode is seeing all the characters wearing ridiculous costumes. And Mr Incredible definitely gives Ali G a run for his money...
  • This was a great episode. One of the best of "The Office".

    On this episode of "The Office" we all knew somebody was going to get fired and that person happened to be *drum roll*... Devin. Devin is of course some unknown employee, but he was still funny when he threw the pumpkin on Michael's car. I also liked the costumes like three-punch Jim, Kevin as Mr. Incredible, and Dwight as a Sith lord. Once again, this is a great episode of "The Office". Can't wait for the next episode, "The Client", with Tim Meadows. BRAVO, NBC, BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Micheal wears a paper mache likeness of himself on his shoulder/ has to fire someone but doesn't know who...Pam and Jim play a prank on Dwight and tension ensues when she tells him he should take a job out of state that pays more..

    The guy they fire isn't a main character, as we figured and "whew"...the ending was odd, but other than that it was a ROFLMAO good time....people should be watching this: the world would be a better place..LOL

    Favorites: Micheal pretends his fake head is telling him to fire Dwight and Dwight yells at fake head to stop it....Pam and Jim send a resume to from Dwight and when an employer contacts Dwight he is puzzled, but still manages to berate the employer for not letting him expand on his martial arts background; yet still asks when he will be making a decision..
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