The Office

Season 1 Episode 3

Health Care

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • Dwight chooses a Health Care Plan

    A third episode and another solid funny episode. This episode shows how great this season was even though the season was short. Another part of Michael's character was displayed in his dodging responsibility. Again with most other actors, this would not work but Steve Carell makes it work. You also see Dwight's character on display more. Rainn Wilson does a great job of playing Dwight and this episode is no exception. His instance on his job title is funny and a recurring theme. How Dwight handles the health care choices was very funny. Also funny was how Pam and Jim played the prank of Dwight was very funny. Another good part was how Michael acted like he was "busy." The ending was would later be classic Michael. If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes. The names that Dwight used but rejected were the best part.

    Again a very episode with many funny moments.
  • 103

    A very hilarious Office episode, the comedy just keeps on coming. Michael makes Dwight the bad guy when he assigns him to choose the cheapest health care plan. Meanwhile Michael tries to find a surprise that he promised to the Office in the beginning of the day.

    Michael searching for the big surprise was absolutely hilarious. From the 300 ft drop to trying to go to Atlantic City and being turned down by both of those things was hysterical. Steve Carell has so much potential, and he manages to exceed all expectations in this episode. Since the first episode, Jim & Dwight have been enemies, and we got another classic prank: Jim locking Dwight in the office. Hearing about everyone's diseases were hysterical and I think at this point they realized that putting the supporting characters center stage is the best thing for this show.

    A hilarious episode, with some classic Michael moments, and just a great episode all around.
  • Health Care, No surprise at the end of the day, terrible day for the employees.

    Time to pick a Health care and Michael picks one with acu-puncture, or the Gold Plan! Jan says we don't have that for the company and tells Michael he needs a new plan.

    Michael pawns the responsibility off to Dwight who makes the Health Care plan terrible and Michael tells him to pick something that the employees want. Jim locks Dwight in the conference room and throws the keys against the wall. In madness Dwight calls corporate and asks to fire Jim.

    Michael goes out and tries to get some favors for surprises for the employees for their bad day. Meanwhile Jim and Pam make up diseases and Dwight gets mad again.

    Michael finishes the day off with no surprise for the employees and they go home disappointed and depressed.
  • An alright episode with a few hilarious moments.

    This wasn't my favorite episode of The Office (Season 1 of the show is probably still my least favorite, mostly because it's short and it just doesn't have the same feel), but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. I thought there were plenty of great moments to enjoy, such as Jim and Pam inventing different diseases to put down on Dwight's health care sheet. It always makes me laugh to see Dwight take a small amount of power and run with it. He lets it consume him, and its hilarious to watch every time.

    As a huge fan of awkward moments, I also found the ending to be excellent. The commentary on the Season 3 DVD had BJ Novak stating its rare you find a show brave enough to end an episode on nearly a minutes worth of silence, and they did just that here. Watching Michael stand there, helpless, as his employees slowly filtered out of the office, was painfully awkward. I never can get enough of those little moments

    I didn't think Michael finding a new surprise for the branch was as interesting. They seemed to pull the episode down a little, especially when Dwight's little conference room meeting about whose illnesses were real and weren't was such a high point. It felt as if there was just some parts that lagged a little, compared to Diversity Day, which felt as if it could've fit right in with Season 2 quality.

    Despite my dislikes, the episode was still funny and awkward enough to make me cringe while laughing.
  • I needed Health Care after this episode made me laugh so hard.

    In yet another episode that can be summed up in the title; Dwight is put in charge of picking a health care plan for his co - workers and Jim insists on making the job impossible for him and Micheal goes to great lengths to find a big suprise for his "family" due to his guilt of possible downsizing.

    I can't watch this episode without thinking 2 things:
    1. This is an exact copy of the British version.
    2. Why is Steve Carrell fat, balding and a jerk?

    Both of these quandries are quickly lost because this is truly something special and proves once and for all that this isn't just a photocopy of another show.

    Despite their chemistry often coming off as forced; the Jim and Dwight scenes light up the screen with great humour and the Pam scenes light up the screen for a different reason.....

    Not only is Michael not likeable in the first season; his plot in this episode doesn't contain anything we haven't seen before and never quite gels with the Health Care storyline. The fact that he doesn't find a big suprise comes as no suprise to the audience.

    While the domino effect of funny scenes in this episode prepares us for a hilarious climax; we're let down as this episode merely relies on fading out on some awkward note.

    Not Emmy material but still good stuff.
  • Haha, Jim and Dwight fight a lot!

    Michael feels like having a lazy day. He puts Dwight in charge of picking a health care plan for the employees. Michael sits in his office doing nothing. Dwight picks a horrible plan, so everyone forces him to change it. He tells people to write down their diseases, so he knows what to cover. Jim and Pam makes some up. Dwight gets mad, but Jim locks him in the conference room. Michael tells everyone that he has a big surprise, but he's lying. Everything pretty much falls apart.

    This episode was great! It was really funny! I didn't like the part where they were mentioning some diseases. Some were sort of gross. Well, I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Michael puts Dwight in charge of handling a health care plan for everyone.

    This is one hilarious episode! i loved every bit of it!!!!!!!!!!! It is pure office genius! i love these quotes!!!!!!!!!! Jim:" you know that this health care plan also applies to you." Dwight:" i dont need one, i have a perfect immune system, never been sick...i can raise and lower my cholesterel at will." Pam: "Why would you want to raise your cholesterel?" Dwight: "So I can lower it." (Michael is handing out ice cream sandwiches and hands one to Stanley) Stanley: "This isnt the surprise, is it? because weve been having a pretty horrible day." Michael: No, no, it is surpriSING though, right. i really love this episode, it is why i watch "the office"
  • Michael appoints Dwight the task of choosing a new health care plan, and sets out on a mission to find a surprise for the office.

    "Health Care" is the third episode of the first season of The Office. In my opinion, this episode is the best of season one. The first two were very similar to the British version, and a bit abrasive for some people's tastes. "Health Care", however, begins to deviate from the formula of the British version, and is toned down a bit. We also begin to see and learn about more of the supporting characters, such as Meredith and Kevin. "Health Care" follows Michael as he convinces Dwight to pick a new health care plan for the office. Dwight, accepting full responsibility, cuts benefits greatly. Michael, meanwhile, has now promised the Dunder Mifflin employees a surprise by the end of the day, and is on a mission to get that surprise. Since Dwight is being a bit militaristic in his choosing of health care benefits, the employees decide to rebel by making up ridiculous diseases, such as hot dog fingers, and government created killer nano robot infection. This leads to one of my favorite quotes of the episode, if not of the entire season: "Count Choculitis? Is this because you know I love Count Chocula?" Another memorable moment is when Jim locks Dwight in his temporary workspace (it's not an office), and Michael does not even seem to care, or attempt to let Dwight out. This episode does a good job of being both believable and relatable in terms of plotting coworkers against each other. It also does a wonderful job of maintaining a good balance of hilarious jokes and one-liners, and sweet moments, such as the moments between Pam and Jim. Those two make a great team, especially versus Dwight, and coming up with crazy medical conditions to write down. The acting in this episode is top-notch, and really has the feel of a second-season episode, in that it is truly funny, and well-written; it does, however, lag in some parts, and is not quite as fast-paced as some of the later episodes. This episode, along with some parts of Diversity Day, marks the trend of upward ness in the writing, acting, and plots of "The Office". If you are looking for a good, if not the best, episode of the first season of "The Office", then I heartily recommend "Health Care". 9.7/10
  • While pretty funny, seems like they were too much like the Brit version.

    I'll be starting out every season one review with this:

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Office. I think it's one of the funniest shows on TV right now. It's clever, quick, interesting, with characters. I feel you can really relate to some characters, while also feeling like you know some personality types in real life. That said....

    I think this episode was a lot better than the first two. It still seems a little forced, as if they just can't quite click with the Brit version. However, the diseases that Jim and Pam come up with are brilliant. And I loved how Dwight was trying to keep track of whose med info was whose until he was given a stack of the rest. Hilarious reaction by Dwight.
  • Dwight is in charge of picking a health care plan.

    This episode is very, very good. While it's not my all-time favorite episode, it's still very good. The whole cast did an amazing job in this episode. It had a lot of really funny moments. I thoought that this episode did a really great job of developing the main characters. I also really liked how they continued to develop the secondary characters' personalities. I really loved how Jim and Pam pranked Dwight in this episode. This episode had some great Jim and Pam stuff in it. Although, their feelings for each other aren't extremly obvious until the season one finale. All in all, this was another great episode of The Office.
  • Made me laugh so hard I almost cried

    This episode took an important job issue, added some comedy, threw it in a blender and what we got was one of the funniest scenarios on The Office I've seen yet. Michael selects Dwight to choose everyone's new health care plan and of course he selects the worst one possible. After everyone is upset with him for this, he adds insult to injury by asking everyone to fill out forms listing their diseases. The staff decides to get even by coming up with phony names for diseases like Hot Dog Fingers and Count Choculitis. The rivalry between Jim and Dwight is turned up this episode as well as Jim locks Dwight in his office, oops "Workspace", and no one will let him out.
  • Insanely funny.

    It's a rare tv show that I can watch and laugh literally the whole way through. The Office is a very intelligent show, it's witty and superbly acted/written. This episode is the best out of a season of stellar eps. Dwight Schrute has got to be one of the best characters on TV, maybe of all time. He lives in his own little world, thank God! The diseases invented are hilarious, and Dwight's obsession with power is expertly portrayed by Rainn Wilson. The part where he calls Jan Levinson-Gould to ask if he can fire Jim is classic. The first season was the best.
  • My favourite episode of The Office ever!

    This episode is 100% my favourite episode of The Office ever! Dwight Shrute is hilarious in it about how he tries to fire Jim, gets locked in his "workspace" by Jim and turns to Jim straight away after someone has forged medical diseases! Basically Dwight don't like Jim so much!

    The most funny part of this episode is when Pam & Jim go into Dwight's "workspace" (or is it an office??!!??) and Jim & Dwight have a hilarious "confrontation" over whether it is a workspace or an office!

    This episode is, in my opinion, the best episode of The Office ever and I strongly recommend that everyone who has ever even just flicked onto a comedy series should see it!
  • A good story

    It's the third episode of hte series that I watched and it's my favourite up to now. In my opinion, the story is very good. Mike has a very stupid idea by offering Dwight his ''workplace''. I found this episode very funny with Mike that is insulate in his office. LoL. It was also very funnu when Jim locked up Dwight in his ''Workplace''. And what about the surprise ant the end of the day. LoL. Mike is a so crazy boss. He gave his employees ice cream sandwitches !! LoL. So, I found this episode very good and I hope next ones will be as funny as this one.
  • Count Choculitis....Why did you write that down, Jim? Is it because you know I love Count Chocula?

    Jan, the corporate manager, gives Michael the job of choosing a new, yet inexpensive health care plan for his employees. Michael gives the job to Dwight. Since Dwight loves authority and is so eager to please Michael, he happily accepts the job.

    This is a very funny episode, especially the part where Jim and Pam write in diseases such as leprosy and flesh-eating bacteria and made up diseases such as Count Choculitis, Hot Dog Fingers, Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion, and Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection. Another good part of this episode is when Michael wants to get a surprise for everyone, but ends up not getting them anything.

    This episode shows Michael's "friend first, boss second" mentality. He doesn't like doing things that are hard and hates disappointing his employees, so he puts Dwight in charge. He doesn't want people to disagree with him or hate him, even though it is his job to do things that may be hard. This episode is a great Jim + Pam episode. I love how they work together to come up with fake diseases to trick Dwight. It's also a great Dwight episode, he has some of the best lines in this episode.

    Dwight: Through simple concentration I can both raise and lower my cholesterol.

    Pam: Why would you raise your cholesterol?

    Dwight: So I can lower it.

    Dwight: In the wild, there is no healthcare. In the wild healthcare is 'Ow, I hurt my leg. I can't run. A lion eats me, and I'm dead.' Well, I'm not dead. I'm the lion. You're dead.


    Of course there are good Michael quotes too:

    Michael: The most sacred thing I do is care... Today I am in charge of picking a great new healthcare plan. Right? That's what this is all about. Does that make me their doctor? Um, yes. Like a specialist.
  • funny

    jim and pam were hilariouse in this episode. Count choculitus, hot dog fingers, lepersy, nano infested skin, government robotic killer do they keep a straight face. Michael was not as funny in this episode as usually is. a good moment with merideth. and kevin had a funny line or 2 i think. jim pam and dwight made this episode. it is a very unique episode too. very unique. i was stunned in how michael was not as funny as usual the call to corperate is funny though. i love this episode maybe my favorite in season 1 i recomend this episode
  • Dwight goes beyond the call of duty when Michael delegates the responsibility of picking a new (much worse) healthcare plan for the office, slashing benefits and angering the employees.

    This is the first episode where we see Michael's "I just want to be friends with my employees!" mindset kicks in, showing his ineptitude at being a boss and taking charge. (He also has an incredibly difficult time choosing someone to fire in "Halloween" and bemoans having to follow in the footsteps of his no-nonsense boss in "The Carpet.") Here he asks Jim, and then Dwight to pick the new healthcare plan since Jan is requiring corners to be cut. When Dwight, ever the company man, slashes even more benefits than necessary, the employees revolt and Michael is able to blame Dwight for the massive cuts. Unfortunately, when Michael is unable to deliver on a "big surprise" for the office, he still ends up looking like a bad guy too. It's a great concept for comedy: delegation and indecision gone bad. The Office is great at taking mundane, but topical issues and turning them into comedy gold.

    Jim and Pam's chemistry is fantastic during the scenes where they submit fake illnesses to be covered under the new healthcare plan and when they lock Dwight in the conference room. This is the first episode of the Office to focus on Dwight and his immense loyalty to Michael and the company. Rainn Wilson does an amazing job during these scenes and interviews. On top of that, we get to learn a little bit more about the maladies that plague some of the other characters on the show (dermetitis, anal fissures), our first introduction to Angela, Kevin and the rest of the terrific supporting cast.
  • Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion. Need I say more?

    One of the greatest eppys of any show ever. It was the first episode I saw of the American Version (I watched the entire UK version in 2 nights- that's a lot of David Brent). Because of this episode I decided to watch the American version. I love Dwight in this episode. He is so funny. So little power goes straight to his head. And all the fake diseases that Pam and Jim make up. "Count Choculatis (sp?)" and (my personal favorite) "Spontanious (sp?) dental hydroplosion" hehehe. Jim and Pam are so made for each other. I love it when they torture Dwight.
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