The Office

Season 1 Episode 3

Health Care

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • Michael appoints Dwight the task of choosing a new health care plan, and sets out on a mission to find a surprise for the office.

    "Health Care" is the third episode of the first season of The Office. In my opinion, this episode is the best of season one. The first two were very similar to the British version, and a bit abrasive for some people's tastes. "Health Care", however, begins to deviate from the formula of the British version, and is toned down a bit. We also begin to see and learn about more of the supporting characters, such as Meredith and Kevin. "Health Care" follows Michael as he convinces Dwight to pick a new health care plan for the office. Dwight, accepting full responsibility, cuts benefits greatly. Michael, meanwhile, has now promised the Dunder Mifflin employees a surprise by the end of the day, and is on a mission to get that surprise. Since Dwight is being a bit militaristic in his choosing of health care benefits, the employees decide to rebel by making up ridiculous diseases, such as hot dog fingers, and government created killer nano robot infection. This leads to one of my favorite quotes of the episode, if not of the entire season: "Count Choculitis? Is this because you know I love Count Chocula?" Another memorable moment is when Jim locks Dwight in his temporary workspace (it's not an office), and Michael does not even seem to care, or attempt to let Dwight out. This episode does a good job of being both believable and relatable in terms of plotting coworkers against each other. It also does a wonderful job of maintaining a good balance of hilarious jokes and one-liners, and sweet moments, such as the moments between Pam and Jim. Those two make a great team, especially versus Dwight, and coming up with crazy medical conditions to write down. The acting in this episode is top-notch, and really has the feel of a second-season episode, in that it is truly funny, and well-written; it does, however, lag in some parts, and is not quite as fast-paced as some of the later episodes. This episode, along with some parts of Diversity Day, marks the trend of upward ness in the writing, acting, and plots of "The Office". If you are looking for a good, if not the best, episode of the first season of "The Office", then I heartily recommend "Health Care". 9.7/10