The Office

Season 5 Episode 24

Heavy Competition

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on NBC
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Dwight finds his loyalties split between Michael and Charles. With Pam out of the office, Andy tries to become Jim's new confidant.

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Bob Gebert

Bob Gebert

Mr. Daniel Schofield

Guest Star

Angela Campolla-Sanders

Angela Campolla-Sanders


Guest Star

Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Charles Miner

Recurring Role

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper

Erin Hannon

Recurring Role

Karly Rothenberg

Karly Rothenberg

Madge Madsen

Recurring Role

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    • Dwight: Thank you, Mr. Schofield, for your time—much appreciated. Oh, (looks down to read the business card notes) and tell me, how's your gay son?
      Mr. Scofield: Excuse me? (awkward silence)
      (cut to Michael's talking head)
      Michael: I color code all my info. I wrote "gay son" in green. Green means go. So I know to go ahead and shut up about it. Orange means, 'orange you glad you didn't bring it up?' Most colors mean 'don't say it.'

    • (Dwight listening a conversation of Michael on the phone)
      Michael: Now, when Dwight tells you that he will keep prices steady for a year, I think he is speaking out of terms.
      Daniel Schofield: Really?
      Michael: Yes. He does not have the authority to say that. I, on the other hand, am the president, the owner, and the founder. It is like you are buying software from Bill Gates.
      Dwight: (screaming at phone) Are you saying you invented paper?

    • (the phone rings)
      Michael: Dwillicious, where you at?
      Dwight: Oh, hi, Michael. I'm so sorry I'm late, I got stuck in traffic.
      Michael: Really? That's weird, we didn't see any.
      Dwight: I hit a bear.
      Michael: What?
      Dwight: He's technically fine. I imagine the true horror will be when he wakes up in a zoo.

    • Dwight: Michael has been talking to my biggest client. Master and apprentice pitted against one another for the faith of the greater Scranton area paper market. So it's not exactly like Highlander, but still—

    • Dwight: You needed to see me?
      Charles Miner: Dwight, take a seat.
      Dwight: I prefer to stand—less blood clots.

    • Michael: (talking to Dwight on phone) I want you to listen to me, friend, and I want you to listen to me good. I'm going to come at you, and I'm going to come at you hard. I'm going to steal all of your clients, and then I'm going to kill them in front of you.

    • Pam: (watching Michael on the phone, consulting a Rolodex card) It took me a month to put all his Rolodex numbers into his Blackberry, which he now uses as a nightlight.

    • Michael: I have dibs. You respect dibs, don't you?
      Dwight: (scoffs) I'm not a barbarian.

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