The Office

Season 5 Episode 24

Heavy Competition

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • The choice of Dwight

    Dwight has always been a loyal employee to Dunder Mifflin and someone who really admires Michael. Michael has not always treated Dwight with much respect. It's kind of similar to Michael's realtionship with Ryan except that Michael doesn't treat Dwight as bad as Ryan treats Michael. There have been cracks in the realtionship between Dwight and Michael this season but this time it really gets tested. Michael starts his own company and gets Dwight to help him out on potential clients. Dwight doesn't seem to have a problem with this until Charles praises Dwight for his work. Dwight has trouble in who he should be loyal to. When Dwight realizes that Michael is taking advantage of him he decides to go to "war" with him. Their competition in trying to land the client was pretty entertaining. You get to see how both are good salesman in their own ways. It's funny how Dwight tries to be casually interested in the clients personal lives.

    Meanwhile Andy tries to help Jim with what he thinks is a problem that Pam is controlling Jim. This leads to an extended prank Jim pulls on Andy. This was pretty good to see. I like when pranks are extended like this.

    This was a good episode that would set up things in future episodes.
  • Dwight finds himself stuck between his loyalties to Michael and his new boss Charles, Dwight chooses his new boss and a war begins to brew and hilarity ensues. And Jim pulls a little prank on Andy.

    This was an amazing episode it reminded me of a more classic dwight from the first few seasons. All of the petty stupid and insane pranks Michael and Dwight pulled were awesome, I couldn't stop laughing. The cheese puffs, group cheer, and rolodex brought the real Michael scott out. I loved the color coater cards and how Dwight calling the guy's son gay got Michael the job- because green means go ahead and shut up about it- there aren't words for how hard I was laughing at that point. Dwight and the shirt sleeves hahaha so insanely funny and telling on Michael and the fish was just way too classic. This episode was just great made me fall in love all over again with the show!
  • the office has had a great run for the past few weeks

    i have enjoyed season 5 of the office, but the one problem i had with the beginning and middle of the season was that nothing big was really happening. But then they have this michael scott paper company story arc and it really has been great. This episode continues the office near perfect streak this week with heavy competition. I loved this episode. The dwight and michael plot was great and the ending was very well done. The subplot with andy and jim was enjoyable but I liked the main plot way more. Dwight was hilarious in this episode as was michael. The office has been very, very good since new boss and i hope that it keeps being great.
  • 522

    Michael, Ryan & Pam fooling around in their office was the best part about this episode, the rest was just well development, nothing else was quite that funny, and I simply didn't laugh much. I'm really enjoying the character dynamic in the Michael Scott Paper Company which was the best part about this episode.

    Dwight was acting ridiculous in some scenes, and it came to a point where it just wasn't funny, just annoying. And Jim messing with Andy? I don't even know if I was following correctly, but I had no idea what was Jim's intention in messing with Andy, nothing was really gained, and really just nothing happened.

    Remember when Jim's pranks or when he was messing with Dwight whoever in the office, remember when it was clever. That simply was not the case here. Michael Scott Paper Company continues to be great, everything else wasn't.
  • Back to the bad.

    After The Office had a good episode last week it's back to the same old same old here at NBC's longest tenured comedy at the moment. The show is just an absolute train wreck and their feeble attempts at character humor fail immensely.

    I do not understand the point of Andy and Jim's bizarre relationship in this episode, nor do I want to try to. The Office continues to try and build up Ed Helms as a focal point of their show instead of giving that screen time to one of the supporting cast member that has been there since the beginning.

    And Creed didn't even have a line in this episode. That's never a good sign.
  • I, understand nothing...

    Continuing where we left off last week, Heavy Competition sees the series continue on with the Michael Scott Paper Company arc in full swing, with a little conflict between the two offices. Of course, this is a similar idea that we've seen played out in previous episodes dealing with separate branches within Dunder Mifflin, but there's an added bonus here that really sells the outing as something special. Pitting master against student, the writers strike up a highly amusing battle of sales and wit between Dwight and Michael that is always fun to watch play out from the get go. Particularly enjoyable is Dwight's confliction as to who he should be loyal to, along with his disgruntled acceptance to wearing long-sleeved shirts at the request of his new "cool" boss. The side-plot which focuses on Jim playing an obscure, elaborate joke on Andy is less successful, and never really takes off-but with a brilliant main event, Heavy Competition proves to be one of the season's minor highlights.
  • A killer cheese puff montage!

    The writers have taken quite an interesting turn with Michael Scott over the past season. Admittedly, The Office hasn't quite been what it was, and some of the blame has fallen on Steve Carrell's hero, who's level of intelligence would fluctuate depending on what they needed to e funny in a particular episode. Whew! that was a long-winded way of saying he seemed to get dumber by the week! It was a wonder how he ever managed to keep his job.

    But with the game-changing switch of having him start his own company, I'm in the new position of sincerely rooting for the guy. Maybe it's the appeal of the underdog, maybe it's our current economy, but I'm really hoping Michael succeeds. In Heavy Competition, Michael and Dwight basically go to war with each other, after some great moments of sabatoage and betrayal (Michael and Dwight meet at their secret place outside and Charles appears- Michael: "It was a setup! Run!") LOL.
    The best scene was the way Mike fired back, all but sealing the deal with Dwight's no. 1 client. It's in the moments where Michael shows not only competence, but impressive initiative that I like the Office best. The only thing that kept me from giving this a higher score was the random business with Jim and Andy- Jim, normally such a great prankster, was messing with the 'Nard Dog by pretending to be super upset about...something? Pam? his sales? the other employees? This was all a bit weird. Not his best work.
  • The Michael Scott Paper Company rolls on, with a few detours of course.

    Another good episode involving Michael Scott's Paper Company. It wasn't quite as strong as Dream Team, but definitely better than the Michael Scott Paper Company episode.

    Since Michael has his own company and two former employees of Dunder Mufflin with him, this gives the writers a lot of new stuff to work with. I found the plot of the episode to be enjoyable and a lot of the situations were just great. Michael and Dwight's mini-war was especially fun to watch, especially since it really seemed as if Michael was trying his hardest to get this account. The account would mean he stays open. Watching him actually be motivated to work is an incredible thing, and it's a far cry from the days when he drove his car into a lake and made a fool of himself at Phyllis' wedding.

    However, he wasn't without his dumb moments. His cluelessness that Dwight was always talking about him on the phone was awesome, and even better was his idiotic rules that he writes in green and orange on the back of his Rollodex cards that tells him whether he should keep talking or shut up. As stupid as Michael is sometimes, it's nice to have those moments.. they're definitely laugh-worthy.

    I agree with the people who say Jim's plots haven't been the best this season, but this has been one of the better ones. Not only did we get a prank of sorts, but we got to see a little bit of wedding planning (something that has been COMPLETELY missing from the season). I'll take that over watching Jim obsess over what a rundown is.

    I don't know how much longer they can carry on this company, but I'm hoping that when it does end, it brings about some changes and doesn't just have EVERYBODY going back to normal. Michael starting his own company is too big a thing to happen that they should just forget it happened in a few episodes. I'm definitely looking forward to these final episodes. (Oh and the cold open was AWESOME.)
  • More of Michael Scott Paper Company..

    The main portion of the plot was definitely interesting. They could have done without the Jim and Andy bits. And since the dynamics of the show has changed, I have changed the whole way I look at it.

    There was absolutely no fun in this episode. It was all serious, probably some serious corporate America story - like the movie Wall Street. The only intended fun part was Jim messing around with Andy. And of course, this one can only be classified as the crappy 5th season comedy, where it is in fact not comedy at all. I liked the opening and the closing scenes. Dwight's run in with Mr. Scofield was pretty well choreographed.

    Fine by most standards. A welcome change from the usual episodes they've been throwing at us.