The Office

Season 1 Episode 6

Hot Girl

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2005 on NBC

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  • Season 1 Finale

    As far as season finales go, this could've been done better. However, considering that this was a short season, this was pretty decent. A staple of this series is Michael's awkwardness. This time it's around women. Steve Carell does a great job of playing Michael in this episode in that while his comments are mean is played off as funny. I like that he tries so hard at not trying to be cool around Katy. The joke that Jim played on Dwight was hilarious. The "commentary" on that Jim and Pam did while Dwight was trying to impress was also good. It remained me of early That 70's Show episodes. There was a great shoot of Pam seeing Jim with Katy was good acting by Jenna Fischer.

    While not a great way to end the season, this was a funny episode.
  • A beautiful woman named Katy (Amy Adams) arrives at the office and the male staff members try to get her affection

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Office" and it's probably the best episode of Season 1. I am so happy that Amy Adams guest stars in this episode because she is sure a beautiful woman and I would try to impress her if I were one of the male staff members LOL. Anyways, she did a great job at the role of Katy. The male staff members trying to get Katy's affection was so hilarious in this episode. The coffee topic that Michael made in this episode was also very funny. Kevin telling Pam that Katy is prettier than Pam and then Pam says "Kevin, that's a very rude thing to say" was hilarious. Dwight was hilarious in this episode as well. It was very funny when he asked out Katy and then Katy told him "no". Jim seems to make Katy laugh and smile and he asks her to a dinner and a movie and she says "yes". Pam starts to be jealous of Jim going out to dinner and a movie with Katy which shows that Pam was a little bit of feelings for Jim even though she is already engaged to Roy. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Office". 10/10
  • 106

    A good season finale, definitely underrated. I think everyone got upset because this wasn't the typical big season finale with the big cliffhanger, but this episode didn't have to have a huge cliffhanger, it managed to keep things opened for the next season without having an over the top finale, which was good. Plus this is a new show, who knew if they would even get picked up for a following season. They played it safe, which is sometimes good.

    Amy Adams did good in this episode, she served well as someone to reject Dwight or serve a purpose in the Jim, Roy and Pam triangle. This episode was funny but it was missing just something. The whole season Michael was talking about downsizing, it would have been nice if they resolved that plot this season.

    The handbags also served a good purpose considering they played a huge part in this episode, with the interactions of the characters. Great first season finale, not only did it leave possibilities for the new season, but it was funny, which is great.
  • Was unable to search for this episode at work for obvious reasons..

    In the season finale, The office is thrown into chaos when an attractive handbag saleswoman occupies the conference room and humiliation and heartbreak ensue when the office lads compete for her affections.

    This episode is the last piece in the drab groundwork of the show with season 2 and beyond being the gleaming building placed upon it. We say goodbye to the murky and depressing texture and tone, the hyperactive, nasty and poorly presented Michael, the underused background staff and the show's aim being "realism" which will later shift to "funniness". However it is the absence of all those future improvements which plague the first season and the episode.

    While the jokes can be labelled as funny they do little more than offer a momentary relief from the dinginess that this episode inundates us with and for the most part they rely more on the pathos of the characters which of course detracts from the laughs. To add to the glum vibe is an indicator that Pam and Jim's flirty friendship may never be more than that with the sturdy hold Pam's beefy boyfriend has on her and Jim's womanizing as a diversion from expressing how he really feels. This episode certainly offers the most sympathetic glimpse of Michael in the first season; we realise he is a deeply lonely person with his abrasive style stemming from social ineptness as opposed to deep-seated malice. This is also the first episode to end with one of Michael's attempts at a philosophical monologue which become prevelant in the seasons to follow and foreshadow the calmer and likeable person he is soon to become.

    Steve Carrell's Michael is once again the acting standout with his innate ability to be very broad but subtle in his performance, compared to him most other supporting actors come off as straightforward and unmemorable, yes even Rainn Wilson who I don't think emerges from his wooden cocoon until the first episode of the next season. Amy Adams is very successful in her guest appearence despite having a very limited persona to work with and spending most of the time looking into the camera bewildered. All in all, Hot Girl is a solid send-off to the first season. While it may appear unsatisfactory and stifled by the standards of the later productions, it's an entertaining look back in The Office's 7 year history at a little show that developed into a global phenomenon.
  • Lackluster season finale, but I suppose it can be blamed on its short episode load.

    I suppose anytime there's six episodes in a season of a show, the season finale can't be expected to be explosive or cliffhanger-ish.. but as for The Office, it was just kind of an anti-climax. The episode had funny moments, but it didn't really seem like much was happening at all.

    I do have to admit that one of my favorite lines of the entire show is in this episode: the moment where Katy walks into The Office, and Dwight says "Look out.." and then proceeds to say that there are "c**ks in the henhouse," to which Michael replies by telling him not to say that word. The awkwardness of the scene lead to it being so hilarious.

    Amy Adams also seemed to fit well on the show. Some guest stars just don't seem fit for the style of The Office, but she jumped right in and proved to be a good supporting character, or at least a good guest star.

    Overall, Season 1 did a good job of creating interest in the show. It didn't have the greatest episodes, but either way, it did a good enough job of interesting key plot points that would carry on to the rest of the seasons.
  • A so-so episode.

    A hot girl, Katy, comes into the office to sell purses. Michael, Dwight and other male employees have an eye for her. Michael really gets to know her, but he also annoys her. Dwight asks her out, but she quickly says no. Michael thinks that she's his when she needs a ride home. Katy definitely doesn't really want a ride home from Michael. Pam and Roy suggest that Jim ask her out. Roy even goes as far as saying that he would want her if he weren't dating Pam. Pam gets upset. Jim decides to ask her out to make Pam jealous. It works. Michael is surprised that Jim gets to take her home instead of himself.

    This episode was okay. I didn't really like it that much. I like how Jim made Pam jealous because I want Jim and Pam together! Michael was annoying as heck to Katy. This episode gets a 7.5!
  • The season ends, with more an "it's over?" then a "bang."

    This wasn't exactly what I would consider a finale. There wasn't actually much closure, it wasn't as funny as "Health Care," and it didn't really give you hope, or have a cliffhanger, or any of those things that you usually find when you watch a finale. It was kind of disappointing. However it is hard to write this now, after having seen two more seasons of the show that were just amazing. A midseason replacement is always hard to get going, but thankfully this one did. But I don't think that it is still going because of this episode. Sure, it wasn't terrible. I just set the bar really high for The Office when I consider that amount of great writers that they have on board. Thankfully after this episode, they rethought their finale style and made it amazing for the next year.
  • Not the best episode of season one, but still solid, with some good moments.

    “Hot Girl” was the season finale of the first season of “The Office”. It follows Katy, a purse salesgirl, as she enters the Dunder Mifflin office and sells purses to its employees, and as the men in the office admire her. It was quite interesting to see an outsider’s reaction to the Dunder Mifflin group, as that does not happen very often. This episode is not necessarily my favorite episode out of the first season; in fact, out of the six episodes, I would rate it fifth, just before the pilot. Even though this episode is one of the lower-rated and reviewed episodes of the series, it is still well above average, which says a lot for the show it represents. “Hot Girl” had some funny moments in it. The best would definitely have to be when Jim convinces Dwight to buy a purse from Katy, the purse girl; Jim and Pam dub in the voices for Dwight and Katy with hilarious results. Another poignant moment in this episode was when Jim, Pam, and Roy were in the break room together eating lunch; Katy walks by, and Roy tells Jim that he should ask her out. He responds that she is not really his type; when asked what his type is, Pam perks up a bit, and Jim throws a glance her way. His ultimate reply to that question, though, is that he likes all kinds of moms. Kevin tells him to stay away from his mom; Jim responds, “Too late, Kev.” That never fails to make me laugh. Another funny quote in this episode came from Angela. When asked what her favorite colors were, she replied: “Grey. Dark grey. Charcoal…”. “Hot Girl” ultimately ends with Jim asking Katy out, much to the dismay of Michael, who was going to give her a ride home, and Dwight, who asked her out earlier, but got rejected. This episode was, overall, not the funniest; it had its moments, though. It also had some great Jam moments, especially the look that Pam gives to Jim at the end as he is talking to Katy and she is leaving with Roy. I give this episode a 9.2/10; not the best, but still well above average.
  • While pretty funny, seems like they were too much like the Brit version.

    I'll be starting out every season one review with this:

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Office. I think it's one of the funniest shows on TV right now. It's clever, quick, interesting, with characters. I feel you can really relate to some characters, while also feeling like you know some personality types in real life. That said....

    This episode didn't do anything for me. Dwight buying the purse = funny. Other than that...meh. Probably the funniest part is when Ryan makes up band names, and Michael says he is a big fan, obviously clueless to any kind of music.
  • The season one finale of The Office.

    Hot Girl is a really great episode that has so many great things about it. Michael is hystercial in this episode. Steve Carell did an amazing job in this episode. Dwight is hilarious. Most importantly, you can see that Jim and Pam's feelings for each other have definitely come to the surface at this point. Although, Jim and Pam remain oblivious to the fact that they both have feelings for each other. Ryan The Temp is also great in this episode. This episode really helped set the tone for season two and the series as a whole. All in all, this is a great episode, and I am so glad that The Office has continued to be on the air.
  • A nice development of the friendship between caraters

    This episode, the last of the first season, is not only based on funny things but also on the friendship in the office. A new girl come to sale purse and Mike give her the conference room to do it. That sounds a bit weird but he gave her the room because he loves her. A little pressure float in the office because the three guys (Mike, Jim and Dwight) would want to date this hot girl. She finally chose the come out with Jim. At this moment, Pam ask Jim if he would want to do something after the work. This is a very good end for the first season and I can't wait for the second one. The Office rules.
  • Not the best way to end the season, but it has its moments!

    A purse saleswoman comes to the office and catches pretty much everyone's eye.

    The episode was a bit average, but it picked up when Dwight got involved in it. The best part was when Jim convinced Dwight to buy a purse because "lots of men have them."

    Poor Michael, he is so desperate. It seems he really wanted it to work out. Dwight was pretty let down when Katie (the purse saleswoman) turned him down too. Still, I love Jim. It's good that he got a girlfriend, even though I'd prefer Pam of course.

    Great lines from this episode:

    Dwight: The purse girl hits everything on my checklist: creamy skin, straight teeth, curly hair, amazing breasts. Not for me... for my children. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies.
  • good

    I liked this episode because you get to see that michael wants somebody in his life. I love how Toby and the hot girl start talking and out of no where Michael says Tobys devorsed slept in the car once. I also like when Roy says who are you interested in jim and jim says I like moms. single moms soccer moms any kind of mom . Then Kevin says stay away from my mom and jim says to late kevin. The end is a good season ender with pam looking a bit jelouse at jim and his hot date.
  • The Hot Girl causes trobule in the Office and finally Jim catches a break.

    The Hot Girl causes trobule in the Office and finally Jim catches a break.
    How hillarious was watching Michael pull off his lamest moves to get the Hot Girl? I mean, come on!
    This fellah thinks he is quiete the ladies' man and makes a really big effort to hide it. To everyone but himself. But of course, why does he need it, he has an every-day stand with his staff, right?
    Dwight is as pathetic as always. I can almost fell sorry for the poor little guy.
    Anyway, what I really liked about this episode is how true feelings begin to awake.
    To be totally honest, when I first started watching the office, I wasn't crazy about the Jim-Pam romance. Why? I don;t want to sound an awful person, but here goes: romances between non-hot people (as I've grown accustomed to watch... thanks Friends and others!).
    However Pam has absolutely won my heart, and so has Jim.
    While Michael can be the center of the show it's Jim who really does it for me.
    I loved when Jim tells Pam he is going out on a date with Katie and she immediately goes to color her lips. Great.
    Of course I wouldn't want the romance to be rushed, but I would totally want to see it happen.
  • In this first season finale, a little drama is added to the mix with a new love interest for Jim. Of course, Michael thinks that he has a chance with the "hot girl" selling purses in the Dunder-Mifflin conference room.

    Along with the pilot, this is the probably the weakest of the episodes, with Michael's painful spitfire, nervous banter with Katy, the Hot Girl. Watching the expressions on her face as she deals with Michael's increasingly unwelcome advances is kind of torturous. When Toby and the hot girl have an alma mater connection and strike up a conversation, Michael ruins it by talking about Toby's divorce... Mean, mean, mean! It also gets tiresome at points; when the Office is too heavy on the crazed, manic version of Michael, it definitely suffers. The sexual tension in this episode is just a little too much as well.

    The episode high point when Jim and Pam ad lib Dwight's conversation while he's buying a man purse from Katy. Best line: "The purse girl hits everything on my checklist. Creamy skin, straight teeth, curly hair, amazing breasts. Not for me, for my children. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies."