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The Office

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

It's initiation time for the full timer Ryan as Dwight takes him out on his first sales call with a side trip to the Schrute family beet farm. Michael is ordered by corporate to log his work activity; and Jim tries to adapt to life at the Stamford branch.moreless

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    Usually I don't like romances on tv shows because they are cliche ridden and get boring quickly, but I don' know I like this one. Jim is a cool character and Pam has that dry humour to her.



    Didn't really get any laughs from this at all. Dwight inside the office with other characters is infinitely funnier than outside the office with Ryan. I could understand doing the kooky sales test thing but it was all drawn out too long.



    Andy at the Standford office is great. If Steve Carrell couldn't play Michael Scott, I'd want Ed Helms to play him. Just the small douche things he does are great, and I do think the relationship he has with Jim could be just as good as what Jim had with Dwight



    I don't get the character at all. You see glimpses of brilliance but the rest of the time he is just there. This is the first episode that he was quite central to the plot, and nothing really happened. The character is best talking to the camera in 1-to-1 situations, or with his little dealings with Kelly. I don't know why he's there, I don't know what he likes, what he dislikes. It's just like a blank piece of paper.

    Overall, this was probably the first episode of the 3rd series I didn't really really get into. It was still good in parts mind.moreless
  • Dwight and Ryan

    Dwight has always been a good salesman even though he has people short cummings. In this episode he takes Ryan along for the ride. It was very funny how Dwight teaches him sales lessons. Even though he is a minor character, we are introduced to Moose, Dwight's cousin. Moose is memorable. All of the scenes between Ryan and Dwight were pretty funny. Dwight did say some things that were true like he doesn't know everything. I think Ryan experience with Dwight later had an effect what would happen later on. I did like that at least for this episode, Dwight called Ryan by his name.

    Meanwhile at the Scranton Office Park, it;s pretzel day. This part might have been the highlight of the episode. The announcement over the PA and seeing Stanley run was pretty hilarious. I loved seeing Michael and Stanley bond over this. Check out the deleted scene between them. They share a 'that's what she said" moment. It was nice of Pam to watch over Michael making sure he is doing his job. If you think that Jan was being a little mean to Michael, remember the season 2 finale and check out the deleted scenes in previous episodes. Again we get to see Michael's sales ability with the big sale he made. Michael dozing off was a callback to what he does on his birthdays. At the other branch the playback between Jim and Karen was pretty funny. I liked how when Karen had the squeaky chair, Jim was signing and later Andy joined in. Great shot of Karen and Jim when went back to his desk.

    Another episode that's great from this season. I know it sounds like I am a mark but it is also sign of a great showmoreless
  • Initiation

    A really great episode of The Office, and even though it was a tad slow paced with Pretzel Day, it was definitely a memorable eventful episode which I'm sure had all the fans cheering for joy.

    The Dwight and Ryan scenes were surprisingly hilarious, and all through the episode, I was laughing. Pam logging in all of Michael's day was also a really great plot considering Michael does absolutely nothing on pretzel day. His sugar high and crash was also very memorable. In Stamford, Karen & Jim continue to have great development and the plot is comedic gold. Trying to switch the squeaky chairs. From Stanly talking about Pretzel Day to Jim singing The Cardigans' "Lovefool", it was a hilarious installment to The Office.

    But that wasn't even the best thing about this episode, we've got unexpected interaction between Pam & Jim since casino night, which I'm sure everyone was waiting for. A great episode that left me with a sense of excitement for the next episode.moreless
  • what happened to this show

    first of all, i would like to thank the writers of the office. why? when i have given such a bad score? well because, you guys are jerks. mean little rating wanting jerks. i actually gave this show a 10/10, what was i thinking? all of season 1 and season 2, it lead of to the pam and jim thing...we all know what happened. they reallly, i mean reallly with three l's, had a thing for each other. after the season 2 finale i thought they were going to go out and such and such. but no. the boy wants girl thing and girl doesnt want him thing brings so manny good ratings, that they had to keep it going on. so pam says no, but she doesnt marry that fat guy? does that make any sense at all. and in this very stupid and not funny episode, pam's starting to get interested back in to jim over that phone call. here we go again...........another 2 season, they're gonna kiss and make up, but never really have a relationship, is my guess, why? for the ratings of course..thats all that really matters, which writer thinks about quality anymore? i know i wouldntmoreless
  • This is kind of a slow episode, exept for the ending.

    See, this episode, there wasn't a lot of plot. Michael and Stanley eat pretzels, Dwight is training Ryan, and Karen has a squeaky chair. There are severel things that I really love. 1. I love Stanley's movivation for pretzel day.

    2. Michael's Sugar rush, then crash.

    3. The way Kevin was singing to the music.

    4. Cousin Mose with FEAR on his shirt.

    5. The "Where are all the animals" Quote.

    6. The Brain teasers at the beginning.

    7. Dwight's Questions

    8. Dwight wanting Ryan to get in the coffin.

    9. Angela calling Kelly a Freak.

    10. How Michael could have all of that stuff on his pretzel.

    11. The Gifts: Eggs, Fat-Back Bacon(My Fav) and a whittling.

    12. The end, when Jim and Pam were talking. It was awkward, but a development in both of them.moreless
Thomas F. Evans

Thomas F. Evans

Pretzel Vendor

Guest Star

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Recurring Role

Bobby Ray Shafer

Bobby Ray Shafer

Bob Vance

Recurring Role

Ed Helms

Ed Helms

Andy Bernard

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Dwight: Mose is my cousin, and he lives here. He will always be my best friend. Unless things go well with Ryan today, in which case I won't hang out with Mose so much any more.

    • (Karen squeaks her chair)
      Karen: Hey.
      Jim: What?
      Karen: My chair's squeaking.
      Jim: Is it?
      Karen: You took my chair.
      Jim: No. I didn't. I took back the chair that you took from me. I didn't take your chair.
      Karen: When you get up I'm just gonna take it back anyway, so...
      Jim: So I guess I can't get up.
      (Jim rolls over to the photocopier on his chair)

    • Stanley: 364 more days until the next pretzel day.

    • Dwight: What is the greatest danger facing Dunder Mifflin?
      Ryan: Outsourcing and consolidation of competition.
      Dwight: Wrong! Flash floods. What is the true cause of Robert Mifflin's suicide?
      Ryan: Depression?
      Dwight: Wrong. He hated himself. What is the Dharma Initiative?

    • Pam: I thought you might want to use this time to authorize some checks.
      Michael: I thought that maybe you could wait in line for me while I go to the bathroom? You're an angel.
      Pam: Hey, why don't you just go up to your office, get some work done, and I'll bring you a pretzel?
      Michael: Because I like them a certain way, and it it gets screwed up then this whole thing's blown.
      Pam: You know, I just think it's really important that you be productive today.

    • Ryan: So, where's the sales office?
      Dwight: When you are ready to see the sales office, the sales office will present itself to you. Your journey begins now.

    • Michael: [on sugar high] Phyllis, Stanley, I want you to switch desks. I am going to reorganize and restructure the physical layout of the office to maximize everything. I think we'll get a lot done. Don't you? On paper, at least, and we are, after all, a paper company. Are we not? Are we not? Are we not? Are you with me? Are you with me? Thank you very much.

    • Kelly: I can't believe that Ryan is not back yet? Where could they be?
      Angela: Sales take a long time.
      Kelly: Oh, my God, I'm so worried.
      Angela: I'm sure Dwight will protect him.
      Kelly: I don't know. Dwight's so weird.
      Angela: He's not weird. He's just individualistic.
      Kelly: No, he's a freak.
      Angela: You're a freak! (walks out of the room)

    • Dwight: And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed in you.
      Ryan: I don't think you know what you're saying.
      Dwight: Smells pretty bad doesn't it?
      Ryan: Uh-huh.
      Dwight: It's called bullcrap and a client can smell it a mile away.
      Ryan: Gotcha
      Dwight: Oh, hey—I forgot something in my car. I'll be right back. (Dwight runs to his car)
      Ryan: Okay (Dwight starts up his car and drives away) Of course.

    • Michael: Never, ever, ever sleep with your boss. I'm so lucky Jan and I only got to second base.

    • Dwight: Brain teaser. I have two coins totaling fifteen cents; one of them is not a nickel. What are they?
      Ryan: A dime and a nickel.
      Dwight: No, I said on of them is not a nickel
      Ryan: But the other one is, I've heard that before.
      Dwight: Ok, a man and his son get into a car accident. They are rushed to the hospital. The doctor says, there's no way I can operate on this boy
      Ryan: Because he's my son. The doctor is the boy's mother.
      Dwight: A man is found hanging from the ceiling
      Ryan: He stepped on a block of ice, hung himself and the ice melted.
      Dwight: A hunter--
      Ryan: It's a polar bear because you're at the North Pole.
      Dwight: Damn it!!

    • Pam: It's weird, Jan used to treat Michael like a ten-year-old but lately it's like he's five.

    • Stanley: I wake up every morning in a bed that's too small. Drive my daughter to a school that's too expensive. And then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little. But on pretzel day……Well, I like pretzel day.

    • Dwight: I am very excited. Ryan hasn't made a sale yet, but more importantly he hasn't made an ally yet. Is he gonna to be a slacker-loser-wise-ass like Jim was? Or is he gonna join the Dwight Army of Champions?

    • Jan: Tell me what you did yesterday
      Michael: Uh…nothing.
      Jan: Nothing?
      Michael: Yeah, nothing. How was your day?
      Jan: I don't care how your day was, Michael.
      Michael: (sighs) Wow, Well, okay. I don't care how your day was either, Jan. I was just asking you because you asked me. Why would you set me up like….
      Jan: Tell me what you did yesterday
      Michael: I worked and then I went home to my condo, and Carol came over and we had sex. Is that what you want to hear?

    • Dwight: Michael says KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid! Hurts my feelings every time.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The French episode title is "Initiation". The Italian title is "Iniziative". The Spanish title is "La Iniciación".

    • There is an error in the subtitles on the DVD version of this episode. Near the end, before Pam answers the phone to talk to Jim, Jan calls to talk to Michael. Pam picks up the phone and says "Hey, Jan." But the subtitles credit her as saying "Hey, Jim."

    • Music: "River Runs Red" by Life of Agony (on Dwight's radio as he's driving to Schrute Farm); "Lovefool" by The Cardigans (sung by Jim)


    • Jim: Mavis Beacon doesn't even type 90.

      Mavis Beacon is a fabricated persona in the popular touch typing software, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

    • Dwight: A hunter-
      Ryan: It's a polar bear, because you're at the North Pole.
      Dwight: DAMNIT!!

      In the teaser, Dwight rattles off a string of popular brain teasers in an attempt to stump Ryan and he never even finishes his last one. The whole riddle goes:

      "A hunter leaves his base camp one morning and travels one mile due south. He then turns and travels one mile due east. At this point, he shoots a bear. Taking the direct route, he travels one mile due north and is back at the base camp. What color is the bear?"

      The answer, of course, is white, because (as Ryan said) it's a polar bear and the hunter is at the North Pole.

    • Kelly: ...but what they're rapping about was cupcakes with Chronicles of Narnia.

      The rap is called "Lazy Sunday," it is an SNL Digital Short music video that aired on Saturday Night Live in late 2005. It was performed by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg, they rap about cupcakes and the movie, Chronicles of Narnia, among other things.

    • Dwight's test includes the question, "What is the DHARMA iniative?", in reference a secret project on the island that Oceanic 815 crashed onto on Lost.