The Office

Season 4 Episode 17

Job Fair

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 08, 2008 on NBC
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Michael, Oscar, and Darryl go with Pam to her alma mater's job fair, trying to find a summer intern. In an attempt to woo a major client, Jim, Andy, and Kevin go golfing. Back at the office, Dwight tries to prevent the rest of the staffers from leaving early.


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  • Jobs at Dunder-Mifflin available

    There is a job fair available at and Dunder-Mifflin is one of the employers. It's funny how Michael prepares for it before he goes and even better at the booth. Michael thinks so highly of the company that a single sheet of paper would get people would come. Michael also gets Darryl. Pam, and Oscar to help him recruit. Michael's recruiting tactics were quite amusing. When a potential employee does come (talking to Pam), how Michael tries to genteelly pushes him away and then try to get him back.

    Elsewhere Jim takes along Andy, and Kevin to get a potential client. He does this because Ryan (remember him he's the temp, great line) puts him on probation. It's good to hear how Jim has come at his job. Before he dated Pam he would left this company if any job offer came along. In fact he would've taken a job in Maryland if it wasn't for Pam or the fact it was far away. Now he is doing something he has never done in his words. (actually try) The time on the golf course was quite entertaining. Andy was probably the best. You got to see some of angry Andy but it was not over the top. If you are wondering why Jim took Andy and Kevin for a potential big sale, check out the deleted scenes. Also the deleted scenes as a whole were good too. Spoiler alert, Jim does get the sale but how he does it, you admire him for it. At least I do.

    With everyone who's in charge gone, everyone else at the office decides to leave leaving only Angela and Dwight. Great shot scenes with them. The divide between them was starting to close and set up what would happen in the season finale.moreless
  • Michael goes to a job fair.

    The Office was once a clever show. Now? Now it's a show that feels like 22 minutes of Steve Carell stand-up. And not just stand-up, more like stand-up that he didn't prepare for before.

    There's a reason Curb Your Enthusiasm produces only 10 episodes a season. Not just because that's what HBO wants, but because you can only improvise so much for so long. The Office is scripted, but any idiot can see that Carell is improvising throughout every episode.

    Steve Carell is approaching Will Ferrell level of not saying anything funny, yet the "internet" will say that everything is says is funny.

    Except for Creed saying, "I finished my work months ago," there was not a single funny line.

    This episode seemed so generic, it's just ridiculous. Instead of coming up with original ideas, The Office is sticking to the idea of producing lackluster television knowing that NBC has no intention of cancelling the show.moreless
  • 413

    A pretty bland episode this week. It wasn't very memorable and the only stand out moment was the end. I didn't laugh once until the end, and everything else was just pretty forgettable.

    This episode was eventful, I'll give it that. Some funny moments include Jim & Pam kissing, and Michael saying "Kiss her, kiss her good" which I thought was absolutely hysterical. The golfing thing wasn't at all funny, and half the time, I didn't know what Jim or anybody else was doing.

    Dwight & Angela's plot was the absolute worst. We just see awkward moments between them throughout the whole episode. They might have said two words too each other, but nothing was eventful or funny about that.

    We got a string of funny episodes lately, and this one wasn't that funny. The episode closes with Pam looking for a job in graphic design, hopefully the one hour season finale proves that this show has still got it.moreless
  • Had it`s moment but.

    Job Fair" has some great moments, but it also feels a bit like a show going through the paces. There are a few moments here where it seems the show is on autopilot. Not that this is bad – because even a mediocre Office is quite watchable. What does help elevate this episode is the character stuff regarding Jim and Pam – this time separately and not as a couple, which is somewhat refreshing.

    While this may not be the funniest episode, it shows how the series is capable of subtlety and depth. It's a very funny show, but at the same time, The Office has become a terrific portrait of the American workplace, and of ordinary people attempting to overcome their own complacency.moreless
  • michael is mad because he goes to a highschool for a job fair and cant get anyone to come to the dunder mifflin boot. Meanwhile, Jim and the guys go golfing.moreless

    it was realy good, hilarious when andy has all the warts on his hands. also, andy wants to race the next hole and injures himself! very funny. When a high schooler ruins a piece of dunder mifflin paper, pam gets a new one from the azrt room. michael makes her go bak half an hour to get a piece of papwer thats from the office. what an idiot. hilariouys when michael goes up to the microphone at the job fair and says "come to dunder mifflin, we dont offer pay but its a fun work enviroment" and then a lady yells SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    • Michael: Listen, I don't think that a handsome, funny, smart, funny-lookin' kid like you should limit himself. You could do whatever you want to do. You could be a classy janitor, or a cashier with dignity, or a... migraine worker. Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby.
      Justin: Sorry for wasting your time.
      Michael: Oh, no problem.

    • Dwight: Last time I checked, the American work day ends at 5:00PM. You will all stay at your desks until that time, or you will suffer the consequences.
      Phyllis: What consequences?
      Dwight: I will tell on you.

    • Pam: So many memories in this old gym: pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play volleyball; pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play basketball. Those were the days.

    • Michael: Today, I'm headed over to the job fair at Valley View High School to find some new interns, to get some fresh blood—um, euthanize this place.

    • Michael: I would never say this to [Pam's] face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Michael blames his lack of success in getting students to come to the Dunder Mifflin booth on kids being "wary of being lured", following up with "thank you, Dateline," referring to Chris Hansen's "To Catch a Predator" stories for that show that ensnare adults using the Internet to try to arrange sex with teenagers.

    • Though she never used the 'surely' phrasing beforehand, Michael follows up an answer to Pam's question with, "and don't call me Shirley," borrowing Dr. Rumack's repeated line from Jim Abrahams' and David & Jerry Zucker's 1980 film, Airplane!.