The Office

Season 6 Episode 8

Koi Pond

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2009 on NBC
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Michael falls into a koi pond during a sales visit, prompting a slew of mockery in the office. Pam and Andy make cold calls, where they're constantly mistaken for a couple.

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  • Michael and the koi pond

    When first reading the description of this episode it sounds very funny maybe the funniest since when Michael burnt his foot on the George Foreman Grill. It delivered on the message but failed to delivered on the potential of laughter. Yes it was funny and had it's moments but it could've been done better. It started off funny then got too weird and awkward (even for this show) got better but didn't end very well. Michael treating Jim like a child somewhat was amusing. I also liked the jokes that the staff had on Michael with Dwight explaining the jokes. The part I didn't like was Michael falling into the koi pond. It could've been better. I think it would've been better if Jim wasn't there. Jim not even trying to help was kind of mean. Maybe it was some resentment from dating Pam's mom, but still he could've done something. The ending was nice with Michael trying to help Jim get over the incident but didn't save this story line from being better then it could've been.

    The story with Andy and Pam was actually the better the story line. This was the first extended time they were together save for a time in season 3. While Pam is clearly meant to be with Jim and even is she was single, her time with Andy is little bit of like an odd couple. It was nice of Pam to help steer Andy and Erin together. This storyline saved this episode from being rated lower. In fact it even made this episode a little better then the last one.moreless
  • Yes, I'm the popular social networking site known as BookFace.

    Well, what did you expect when you opened up a review of The Office by thefanof? A few episodes this season have received high scores from me, but the show has jumped so many sharks that even the Discovery Channel is shaking its head. Pam should never have been made a salesman, Jim should not have been promoted and Creed doesn't get any real lines. Usually I complain about Andy, but he was funny here. This reminded me of his performance in "Product Recall" and it looks like the common denominator is getting Andy out of the office leads to hilarious results. People keep tuning into this show though. That is what is so vexing. Curb Your Enthusiasm and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia can't even get 2 million viewers though. Pathetic.moreless
  • 608

    A surprisingly really funny episode. I laughed almost all the way through, and I it was better than the last 2 episodes, I couldn't help but notice that season 6 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride on the quality. You just never know if the episode will be bad or good when you tune in every Thursday nowadays. Regardless of that, this was a very funny episode, and it was rather good. Michael falling in to the koi pond and the whole office mocking him was absolutely hilarious, and then when he tried to make fun of himself and he went too far, I just couldn't stop laughing, and the character's interactions were golden in this episode.

    Andy was definitely the funniest and I loved his interactions with Pam, from them insulting each other to pretending to be a couple, it was hilarious. Even the Halloween cold opening was better than last year's. A good hysterical episode of the office with a feel good ending.moreless
  • Halloween episode..

    Well what can I say, this was again another uninspiring, unimaginative, unoriginal, and boring episode. Season 6 is much better than season , but most episodes seem to follow the hit and miss concept. It seems like the show is trying to pull itself out of the deep vortex of lackluster-ness it was swirling in the earlier season. And when its finally out, it stays there for a short time only to get sucked back in. More than being not funny, this episode was sad; kind of ironic considering the fact that this is the Halloween special and the cold open was actually good. Micheal's self deprecating act, Andy's awkward behavior with Pam, and Jim's snobbish demeanor just couldn't pull it off.

  • last years halloween episode was way better but this was still really good

    Season six has been fantastic so far. This is the strongest a start to a season has been since season 3, and all the episodes, including this one, have been good besides that awful mafia episode. The cold-open was hilarious with the bookface thing and creeds vampire. I wish that the office could have a halloween episode that is more centered around halloween but whatever. There were two plots to this episode. Plot one is that michael fell into a koi pond and plot two was andy and pam making cold calls. Michael falling into a koi pond was pretty funny but the highlight of that storyline was the conference meeting where he made the off limits chart. And i didn't see what the big deal about jim backing away when michael fell in the pond. I would of done the same thing but maybe thats because i have no heart. Also the pam andy storyline was great. Andy is a fantastic character and his incredible creepiness when he kissed pams stomach was really funny. It also was sweet to see pam tell erin how great andy is. Speaking of erin, i think she is fantastic this season. She seems so happy to be at the office. And watch that subtle sexuality webisode thing because its is awesome. Overall a superb episode and i hope the office keeps doing so well.moreless
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    • Dwight: Jim is my enemy, but it turns out that Jim is also his own worst enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so Jim is actually my friend. But, because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy, so actually, Jim is my enemy. But...

    • Michael: I'm not usually the butt of the joke. I'm usually the face of the joke. I wish Jim had fallen into that pond. Then he'd have to put on my suit, and it would be too short. And he'd look—dammit, he'd still look good.

    • Michael: Jim's a good kid. He can handle a lot, but sometimes you have to call in a master. I, uh... why would you date an amateur when you could date a professional?

    • Jim: We are doing a haunted house this Halloween, which is actually kind of spooky because, as legend has it, on this very site, there used to be a productive paper company.

    • Michael: I could get a fish for a five-cent worm.
      Creed: Oh, you're paying way too much for a worm, friend. Who's your worm guy?

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