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Season 4 Episode 5

Launch Party (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • The new Dunder-Mifflin is here

    After Ryan announced the decision that the company is going under a big change he then planned a launch party for it at New York with other parties going on at the same time at the other Dunder Mifflin locations via webcam. Michael receives an invitation thinking it's for the New York party. It's pretty funny how we can't realize that it was for online only. Before Michael went to New York he tried to get Jim and Pam to join him. That was an enjoyable scene between them with Michael terribly, but funny narrating. He was also very funny when he was leaving with Jim when he said goodbye to Pam. Speaking of Jim and Pam, they are very cute as a couple even better then they were friends.

    With Dwight newly single you can see the effect this has on him. You almost feel sorry for him. Whether it's because how the breakup ended or something else Dwight tries to beat the machine in sales. Andy joins him and it's as funny if not funnier then you think.

    Another great moment of this episode was the joke by Jim and Pam played on Dwight. What was great about this is that this was played out and Dwight never finds out. It was very sweet of Pam what she did for Dwight when he beat the machine.

    Michael was also funny when he came back. His demands for the party with Angela remained me of previous times he wanted to have a party. It was very funny when Michael takes the pizza boy hostage. This was classic Michael not getting his way. How everyone responded to this situation was also good. In some ways I don't blame Michael doing what he did to the kid. He was kind of douchey. The kid also had his moments.

    As with other episodes there was a lot to talk about in this episode part due to the fact that this was an hour long episode. You have noticed that this was the third straight episode that was an hour. At the time of this episode there was a writer's strike and the producers decided to make up for it by having longer episodes. I like that they did it. Another wonderful episode.
  • Another really funny episode

    Once agian, I find this show really entertaining. I loved the whole race to beat the computer and how the computer was talking to Dwight. The whole party made it into a very fun episode. I loved how Angela was planning a party the whole time and they made her change it. Holding the pizza boy hostage was the best part. It is so funny how they always get upset over the smallest things on this show. I loved how it was so clear to us that they were keeping the pizza boy hostage, but they weren't really aware of what they were doing.
  • 403

    A pretty good episode, I'm glad we finally see a good Office episode after the rocky start to the season. I still think they should stop making hour long specials, so far, they haven't proved that they're the best at filling an entire hour with material. This episode had a hilarious cold opening, the rest I found myself chuckling a bit.

    What made this episode so great was the situation. The Party Planning Committee episodes are my all time favorites of the office. Now throw in a pizza boy being held hostage, and a genius prank on Dwight, and you got yourself a good Office episode. Angela is still hurt about Dwight killing her cat, so Andy starts to make a move on her, this is the beginning to a hilarious triangle, that goes on for a while. We got a really nice Jim & Pam moment here, we got to see it without the writers trying to throw them in our face, which is always nice. A good episode of season four, stands out a bit.
  • This episode was one of the best ever!

    As the new brainchild of Ryan, the new Dunder Mifflin Infinity website, is about to be released, the staff of Dunder Mifflin Scranton prepare to host a party as part of a company-wide video chat room. Dwight, wanting to prove to Angela that he can beat technology, tries to beat the new computer in number of sales, which he ultimately does. Later, at the party, Dwight and Michael take a hostage in the form of a pizza delivery boy, although they later release him. At the end of the chat room, Michael humiliates Ryan, in front of every branch of Dunder Mifflin. Andy decides to pursue Angela much to Dwight's dismay.
  • It's about to get all stupid in here..

    I feel bad rating this episode as Average, but I feel that the hour episodes are going overboard. I don't want the writers of The Office to burn out in the start of the season and fizzle towards the end and leave us bored. Why kidnap the pizza guy? Is Micheal trying to get arrested? Micheal was hilarious with his "all stupid in here" comment, and because I thought it was stupid. I did like the interaction between Angela and Andy. Andy's clothes are getting more funny. All week I've had that song in my head, "take a chance on me"
  • "Hey how bout stop yellin at our sweet lil miss Kapoor over five hundred sheets of paper and you get back to your desk... and start selling multiple reems like a man" -Daryl

    lol i gotta hand it but there are a good bit of funny parts i loved about this episode that will make me remember this for years to come. The Office i think next to best comedy series on television today, i think is the most original concept also. That part with the DVD box in the beginning, i would have NEVER thought it was that if Jim didn't say it. The writers of this series are very good when it comes to thinking up something really unique and creative. That prank on Dwight by Jim and Pam was a prank I have been waiting for ever since this season started lol even though i know Dwight was really down about Angela. Next time they should focus practicing on pranking Andy. Daryl sticking up for Kelly Kapoor was not what he said but how he said it lol. Dwight seemed actually afraid of Daryl but i thought Daryl was gonna slap the taste out of his mouth. Michael kidnapping the pizza dude lol was really a classic but he stayed too long in the plot. and of course the record breaking was Andy doing his accapella for Angela. Lol i guess i will have to get use to Andela or Angely lol however you wanna put it lol. All in all nice episode and deserves a high grade. Keep bringing em NBC!!!
  • micheal and Jim head all the way down to NY for a party that they weren't invited to!as soon as they reach NY micheal mentions that there is a password to get in. Jim finds out that it was an online party.

    since eveyone in the office hates antonios cafe micheal gets really mad when he finds out that his coupon is a rip off. so what does he do? holds the pizza delivery boy hostage until he gets the price he wants on it! of course this doesn't work and instead he ends up begging for help from the party at NY. Jim and Pam decide to eat on the roof so that they don't get arrested for holding a kid hostage. Dwight recognises the pizza delivery boy as on of the kids who steals weed from his farm. meanwhile angela is mad because her party isnt going as she planned. Dwight belives that he can beat the computer at selling more paper. Jim is getting annoyed so he and pam pull yet another prank on him. Dwight gets hysterical when he thinks that the computer is alive but wins in the end. great episode!
  • Michael and the staff prepare for the website's launch party. Dwight and Angela are over. A pizza delivrey boy is kidnapped. Andy might have a chance...

    Sorry for not including one crucial storyline in my previous reviews. In Fun Run, Angela asks Dwight to go to her house and feed her beloved cat, Sprinkles. He goes there (although it is not shown) and he mercy kills the cat. Sprinkles is revealed to have been put in the freezer by Dwight and probably froze there to death. Because of this, their relationship had been stopped. In Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Angela and Dwight go out on a date and have a candle light dinner only to have Angela tell him that their long relationship is over. Back to the story...Ryan anticipates Dunder Mifflin Infinity by having a Launch Party for new website. Michael is excited and will have a party in Scranton via webcam. He invites Jim to come with him but learns that the "webcam" party was only an invitation to a chatroom in which the many Branches will be online. Michael, on the other hand, thought that he was actually invited to the "big" party in New York. Meanwhile, Dwight grows a beard because of his depression and tries to impress Angela by competing against the website, which is anticipated to be the company's "best salesman." Dwight, with the help of Andy, wins against the website but Angela does not pay any attention to him. Andy focuses on Angela and insists that he should go date her, but Dwight does not try to stop him in any physical way. During all this, Michael and Jim return and during Dwight's sales calls, he and Pam find it so annoying that they prank Dwight once more (I love that prank) by mailing Dwight's computer instant messages pretending to be the website as if it became aware that it was programmed. In the end of the episode, the staff have a party and in all the chaos, Michael and Dwight take a pizza delivery boy hostage (inadvertedly of course because they are so dim-witted). Andy wows Angela by getting her the ice sculpture she wanted and in a talking head interview, it is revealed that he stole it. In the finale of the episode, Michael humiliates Ryan on the webcam and he and Dwight go to New York to eat. Andy, with the help of his singing friends, sing a rendition of ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me," and it reaches Angela to the point where she smiles, but it still does not win her affection. Now my review. I think Andy and Angela would be a great couple, now that Andy's unstable side is done with. But I only want them to go out for some time and have the heroic Dwight interrupt. But of course, this might not happen. The only thing this episode lacks (which is the reason I did not give it a perfect 10) is the ability to get enough material to last the whole hour. This lack has happened in Fun Run and Dunder Mifflin Infinity. So, of course, the writers chose to make a silly but dumb plotline to just make everything over the top. Michael kidnapping the pizza boy was uncalled for, in other words, the episode didn't really need it. It was dumb and did not make sense. I was disappointed that the episode's realistic and hilarious plot line might be ruined by this dumb silly weird situation. If I watched the episode again, I would like to not think about that "Pizza Boy" situation and pretend it's not there.
    Other than that, I think this episode if by far the greatest of Season 4's run so far. If more episode are this great, then I'd be a very happy fan, and I know I won't be alone in that matter.
  • Haha, they kidnapped the pizza delivery guy

    I thought this episode was one of the best ones so far. The whole ordeal with the pizza delivery kid was original. I liked how he flipped them off as he was finaly freed. I would do the same thing. Dwight is as creepy as ever, with the whole kidnapping thing, and Micheal has gotten into even more trouble with Ryan, insulting him on the webshow party thing. I dident get or like the ending, they went to new york city, got some sushi and eat on some car and then they left. The whole episode was good up until then.
  • As said by someone else, best opening of a show ever! Fantastic episode throughout, if onyl more folk in the UK got to see this.

    The dvd box was hilarious but the bit that made me laugh the most, was the celebration from Andy and Dwight with the bear horn, it was absolutely brilliant.

    Dwight vs The Machine was fantastic. In fact, pretty much everything and everyone in this episode was hilarious. The Kidnapping! Brilliant, absoluely whacky and hilarious.

    I wonder what Dwight is going to do to Andy! Andy was fantastic this episode.

    Ryan putting his feet on the desk was a good character development.

    Pam and Jim are so sweet together and really fun as well. I hope they don't the predictable break-up further down the line. Them sneaking to the roof was adorable.

    I love the US Office and it is far better than our UK version which stopped after two seasons but the US one is so much funny, I hope they keep it going for longer.
  • A show that seems to be breaking through the ceiling of it's already vast potential

    Oh my lord. Seriously, I think this may be some of the best tv I have ever seen. I hope that this season doesn't go under the radar because the show is established. This is truly stunning entertainment. I can't stop smiling with each episode. The 1 hour format actually seems to suit the show better allowing the characters portrayed as real to appear less 1 dimensional and allowing the audience time to invest in them. I hope they continue this theme.

    I don't do spoilers in my reviews but the cast seem to be hitting the button of reality recognition and providing laughs that are very close to the bone if you lead any kind of normal existence.

  • Best one hour episode EVER!!

    This episode is proof that The Office is the best comedy on TV, not only through it's hilarity, but it's ability to write multi level characters. The ending was great, i can relate as i have the same DVD screen saver and have sat down to wait for it to land exactly in the corner.
    Michael isn't invited to the Launch Party in New York and is pissed off at Ryan, and kidnaps the pizza delivery kid because he wouldn't honor his coupon.
    After Dwight and Angela are officially over Dwight is upset and determined to get her back by seeing more paper than the new website. Jim and Pam pull a prank on Dwight, they trick him into thinking that the website has developed a mind of its own and it taunting him about selling paper. And Pam felt bad for Dwight as he has been really upset about the breakup so as the computer Pam tells Dwight he is the superior being, go PAM!!!
    Andy is fixed on getting Angela, but she isn't interested, this only makes Andy more determined. We get to see Andy sing to Angela to woo her, WOW funny :D
    Phylis is sick of Angela so she learns techniques on managing her, and she responds by insulting Phylis, all very funny, Phylis snaps at Angela which shuts her up. JAM is into full swing including reminiscing about the fisrt time they met.
    All of this makes for a fantastic episode
  • The best show opening ... EVER!

    I want to focus this short review on the brilliant show opening. To watch the faces of the office staff intently follow the screen saver box bounce around the screen was sheer joy. Then to top it all off when the worker with anger issues, shouted "COME ON!" when the box almost hit the corner of the screen, I nearly wet myself. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant writing. My congratulations to the writing staff. That was a funny gag. Now, my only complaint is, no more hour long episodes. Please. Thanks. Oh, and as a card carrying heterosexual, I really enjoy the tender sweet moments that Pam and Jim are sharing together. They are like an island of joy in a sea of cyninisism. When the eventual breakup takes place, I may have to stop watching the show. I want to remember them together, and happy.
  • This episode is when they decide to launch the Dunder Mifflin Infinity program which is pretty much the website that people can now go to to buy paper in a fun way.

    This was the best episode of season 4 so far. Andy was the star of the show for sure, I love how he is trying to pick up on Angela. I cant help but feel kind of bad for Dwight though. I thought it was really funny when Pam and Jim, aka PB and J decided to pull a prank on Dwight when he was competing against the computer to see who would sell more paper between a human and a machine. Of course, Michael was being his usual stupid self, and although I think he is pretty ridiculous towards Ryan, who's pretty much his new boss, I find myself not really liking Ryan that much this season. When Michael orders that really crappy pizza from Alfredo, I thought it was really funny how everyone, especially Kevin, described which place had better pizza between pizza of Alfredo, and Alfredo pizza cafe. Of course, I really liked the relationship development that took place between Pam and Jim. I feel bad that they can't talk about their relationship at work. When Michael decided to kidnap the pizza delivery kid, that was probably the best part of the episode, especially when Dwight was trying to use his method of getting the pizza boy to drop the price of the pizza. It really surprised me that Dwight sells really bad weed. I was really surprised that that kid didn't call the cops or something when he was finally let out. My favorite part of the episode though, was no other than when Andy sang to Angela at the end. It really left a lot to be told at the end, I guess we're going to find out whats going to happen in the future between Angela and Andy, and what Dwight's going to do about it.
  • So adorable!

    This episode is filled with those small, cute moments which really bring the characters to life for me. From Andy desperately trying to win Angela's affections (was there a hint of a smile on her face as he finished his a capella rendition of "Take a Chance on Me"?) to Darryl rising to Kelly's defense after she ordered reams of paper from the Dunder-Mifflin website. I think Kelly might just be getting over Ryan. And of course, Jim and Pam sharing pizza on the roof, while simultaneously bugging the heck out of Dwight.

    The only thing that didn't really click with me was the kidnapping of the hapless pizza delivery boy. It dragged on way too long, though I can see how poor Michael might have wanted some semblance of control after being shut out of the New York Launch Party. However, the reveal in the car with Jim (where Michael finds out that the Chat Room isn't an exclusive nightclub after all) is classic Office.

    Also, I loved loved LOVED the DVD player thing at the beginning. Congrats to Dunder-Mifflin Scranton for witnessing the icon bouncing into the corner!
  • The new Dunder Mifflin website is launched

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was back to the Office we've come to know and love. There was a little bit of the standard humor, some office romance and of course, the entirely outrageous obviously would never happen in reality office incident.

    In this episode that incident was the kidnapping of a pizza delivery boy by an upset Michael, following his discovery that the invite to the launch party was actually an eInvite only. What follows is good humor, with a measure of tactics employed against the delivery boy that amount to hostage taking and ransom demands.

    The prank by Pam and Jim on Dwight was great. One of the better ones I've seen through all the series'. It was also nice to see that nicer side to Pam at the end of the prank, since I think her character has changed quite a bit since her relationship with Jim began and it was nice to see that side of her still existant. I'm a little worried that her character is almost too dependant on the relationship with Jim, and also vice versa.

    Aside from that on a personal note I was happy to see Dwight beat the machine, despite some underhand tactics and I was happy as always to see the new smug Ryan shown up! I think Ryan needs to head into that direction of being the smug, evil type boss since it will give the show direction, and also make a character who had (or even has) little show personality into something moderately watchable.
  • The Machine is alive.

    This was a weaker episode. It had some moments. One of the best was Michael's misinterpretation of the Launch Party Invitation. He thought he was invited to the party in New York, turns out "Chatroom" isn't a club, it's an online party. Secondly, Jim and Pam's most recent prank on Dwight was hilarious. Dwight boasts that he can sell more paper in one day than the website. Jim and Pam sens him IM's from the computer making him think the website has come alive. Lastly, Andy has decided to make a move on Angela. He performs an a capella song for her with a couple of guys on speaker phone. I'd be impressed by that. She doesn't give him an answer as of yet and Dwight is despondent over losing her. He's even got a five 'o clock shadow going. Now on to the stuff that was a little weird. Michael ordered pizza for the party then refused to pay. Then took the pizza guy hostage. This took up the second half of the episode and wasn't that funny. Poor Ryan is being made to look like such a jerk...I'll bet he ends up demoted. There are some very sweet Jim and Pam moments which may have been too cute for some people, but, it's been a long time coming, so it's nice to have some payoff.
  • Micheal and Dwight hold a pizza delivery boy hostage, while Ryan throws an internet party. Andy courts Angela.

    This might be the best episode ever, in my opinion. Jim and Pam were perfect, sneaking up on top of the balcony, talking about the first time they "knew". Micheal was stupid as always, and almost got locked up for holding a boy hostage. I keep thinking the office is going to go downhill, but it never does. I just hope they end it when it needs to be ended. Andy deserves Angela after pulling off one of the top 5 office moments ever. This was a fantastic episode, and has to be put in the mention of the best ever. Right up there with Casino night, Benihana Christmas, and the Job.
  • The best episode in a long time in this series. If you're a fan of Jim's pranks, this episode is a must see.

    I've been watching this series since season two and I'd have to say that overall the series isn't that good. Michael can be so unbearably stupid that I wonder why I'm watching this show. Then, just as I'm about to give up watching it, an amazing episode like this one pops up. The opening was one of the best (among others like Jim Impersonating Dwight and the Demerits, both of which I believe were in season three). The technology jokes that have been running this entire season so far are great. The fact that Michael mistook a web address for a physical address was one of the dumbest things that I have ever seen (and was still funny). Michael is my least favorite character by the way. This episode also had probably the best prank in the entire series as the computer "talks" to Dwight.
    The second half of the episode was nothing compared to the first half. The jokes were much weaker. The only redeeming factor was Andy's musical number near the end.
  • This will be a Series Classic episode.

    One of the best Office Episodes ever. I never laughed so hard watching this show. I really don't like Ryan and it was just hilarious to see Michael and Kelly get upset with Ryan over the webcam. Ryan was at his jerky best in New York while Michael was stuck in Scranton. There were some really great Jam moments. We are spoiled watching hour long episodes of this show. There was a lot of Kelly, Kevin, Stanley, Meredith....a lot of time to get to the whole cast. Poor Dwight, he beat the computer but it looks like he may have lost Angela. Pam and Jim pulled a great prank on Dwight and Pam felt sorry for him because of what he was going though with Angela. It was just a great show. I know my review is going all over the place but this is an episode you must see.
  • With a Dwight prank, Andy singing, and adorable Jam moments, Launch Party didn't disappoint.

    Lunch, uh, I mean Lanch, er… Launch Party was about just that – a launch party for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Only Ryan would set up a satellite party, and only Michael would mistake that for the coolest club in NYC. I loved when Jim found out; he wasn't even surprised.

    The cold opening was funny. I think everyone can relate to those hypnotizing DVD screensavers. The enthusiasm everyone put into the square going into the corner was great.

    We got a Dwight prank! This one reminded me of the faxes from the future, but this time Jim and Pam were working together, as it should be. The IMs were really funny.

    Phyllis is taking action! From searching google on "how to deal with difficult people" to crumpling up Angela's post-it notes, she's not taking any crap from anyone. Go Phyllis!

    Now, the party itself. Or, the pizza delivery boy being taken hostage. He was hilarious. I loved Dwight's comment about his hemp and the guy's comment about the weed. Michael realizing that he had kidnapped the boy was priceless. It really took that much for him to see that it's wrong to keep the delivery boy against his will.

    I absolutely loved the Jam moments on the roof!! It was so cute hearing about Jim's first day, and when Pam first realized she liked him. I was kind of disappointed there weren't more scenes, though. Hopefully there are some adorable deleted scenes.

    And finally, Andy. This was a big episode for Mr. Bernard. It's been a while, but he sang. The backup guys on the phones were absolutely hilarious (although maybe not as much as Angela's face). I actually felt bad for the guy; he really put a lot of effort into it. I really can't see an Andela, though. (And it's a shame Andy's voice was about two octaves lower that is usually is).

    Overall, this was more condensed episode than the previous two, making it easier to follow. I think that made it funnier, too.

    Random Hilariousness:
    ~Meredith asking Jim to sign her cast!!! And she's going to look at it at home…!
    ~Stanley dancing! That was amazing.
    ~Jim mocking Andy (and Andy not being able to take it)
    ~Michael's shirt (and him asking Oscar into the conference room)
    ~Darryl sticking up for Kelly. (I wonder where that's leading…)
    ~Michael getting Ryan "Green Eggs and Ham"
    ~Andy stealing the ice sculpture

    Quotable Quotes:
    ~Michael: It is my brain grandchild.
    ~Kelly: Does it mention if he's seeing anyone?
    ~Ryan: Buying paper just became fun.
    ~Angela: Oh, and your cat's still dead.
    ~Michael: I'm leavin' in Jim's car, I don't know when I'll be back again...
    ~Michael: Ok, I'm going to throw up. I'm throwing up. You're making me throw up, Ryan!
    ~Michael: I'm not gonna cry over it. I did that in the car on the ride home.
    ~Andy: I hear she's single and ready to mingle.
    ~Kevin: It's like eating a hot circle of garbage.
    ~Michael: It's about to get all stupid up in here!
    ~Pizza Guy: Yeah, I know that guy. He's the farmer that grows really crappy weed.
    ~Michael: I'm an adult. I don't have to think or do anything.
    ~Jim: I think you're underthinking it.
    ~Jim: A toast, to avoiding class 2 felony charges.