The Office

Season 4 Episode 5

Launch Party (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • The new Dunder-Mifflin is here

    After Ryan announced the decision that the company is going under a big change he then planned a launch party for it at New York with other parties going on at the same time at the other Dunder Mifflin locations via webcam. Michael receives an invitation thinking it's for the New York party. It's pretty funny how we can't realize that it was for online only. Before Michael went to New York he tried to get Jim and Pam to join him. That was an enjoyable scene between them with Michael terribly, but funny narrating. He was also very funny when he was leaving with Jim when he said goodbye to Pam. Speaking of Jim and Pam, they are very cute as a couple even better then they were friends.

    With Dwight newly single you can see the effect this has on him. You almost feel sorry for him. Whether it's because how the breakup ended or something else Dwight tries to beat the machine in sales. Andy joins him and it's as funny if not funnier then you think.

    Another great moment of this episode was the joke by Jim and Pam played on Dwight. What was great about this is that this was played out and Dwight never finds out. It was very sweet of Pam what she did for Dwight when he beat the machine.

    Michael was also funny when he came back. His demands for the party with Angela remained me of previous times he wanted to have a party. It was very funny when Michael takes the pizza boy hostage. This was classic Michael not getting his way. How everyone responded to this situation was also good. In some ways I don't blame Michael doing what he did to the kid. He was kind of douchey. The kid also had his moments.

    As with other episodes there was a lot to talk about in this episode part due to the fact that this was an hour long episode. You have noticed that this was the third straight episode that was an hour. At the time of this episode there was a writer's strike and the producers decided to make up for it by having longer episodes. I like that they did it. Another wonderful episode.