The Office

Season 5 Episode 16

Lecture Circuit: Part 1

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on NBC
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With Pam in tow, Michael gets sent around to other Dunder Mifflin branches to explain Scranton's success. Dwight and Jim, the new heads of the party planning committee, forget Kelly's birthday, and Andy falls for one of Stanley's account contacts.

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  • Michael and Pam Part 1

    How do you follow up from the last episode? You don't. This was still a very worthy effort. Michael is scheduled to make presentation to some of the branches with Pam helping him. Earlier in the season, David Wallace had a meeting with Michael and wanted to know why his branch is doing so well. I think David did this not just because he wants Dunder Mifflin to do well but to appease Michael after David transferred Holly. His presentation was something you would expect. It's always good how people who haven't Michael reacted to him. The best part was seeing Karen again. Her talk with Pam remained me of when Roy ran into Jim. Both Jim and Pam can move on with their lives guilt free.

    Meanwhile back at the office Jim and Dwight are the heads of the party planning committee. This was a great combination. It's the modern day odd couple. Kelly is mad at both of them for forgetting her birthday. I don't blame her but I wish her reaction would've been more funnier. How Dwight and Jim but more Dwight is funny how he tries to make Kelly feel better. Andy falls for one of Stanley's clients. I think this was the weakest storylines. I can forgive Andy for going after a women since he is still dealing with his breakup from Angela.

    The best part of the episode was that it ended on a cliffhanger.moreless
  • My Oh My...

    We had 3 different totally unconnected storylines here. One - Michael and Pam hit the road to deliver a series of lectures to other DM branches. Andy to tries to hit on a client only be turned down. Jim and Dwight try to organize a belated birthday party for Kelly. Quite easily, one can figure out what scenes the writers actually wanted to be funny. For instance, Michael trying to make Karen uncomfortable by asking if the baby was Jims' or a sperm donor's. Or Creed offering relationship advice to Andy. Or Dwight figuring out that Kelly had spent some months in a juvenile home. But going with the flow of the story, these scenes just couldn't fit in and produce any comic effect. Perhaps, by lowering the bar, I can say the only funny scene was Creed giving Jim a $3 bill, when asked for a contribution toward Kelly's birthday party.

    Quite disappointing. But not certainly something out of the blue.moreless
  • 514

    Looks like The Office is getting back on track, sort of. A lot of people on here are saying that this episode was bad because the story lines weren't connected in any way and in some way random, but did this episode make you laugh regardless of that?

    I know it made me laugh, almost all the way through. From Michael's interaction with Karen, which we haven't seen since last season to Kelly's forgotten birthday party. Yes, Michael & Jim have forgotten Kelly's party before. Unoriginal? Yes. Funny and entertaining? Also yes. Jim & Dwight were the ones that stole the show here though from Dwight's decorations to Dwight looking through Kelly's file, it was hilarious. The end of the episode gave us a bit of a cliffhanger, I never really cared about the Holly & Michael relationship but it's something.moreless
  • Just terrible.

    After a decent post-Super Bowl episode The Office is back to the same old same old. I've never seen such an awfully thrown together episode ever. There were just a bunch of random scenes with no synergy, and more importantly no funny lines.

    Okay, Creed calling Andy Jim was funny, but Creed could say anything and get a laugh. Everything else was just so poorly done from the Michael and Pam scenes to Andy randomly liking a woman. And we just had an episode where Kelly freaked out at people for not going to a party of hers. They same thing so fast?

    Tisk tisk. Maybe even a third tisk is warranted.moreless
  • This Episode Was Great!! Office Picking Up Again.

    Season 5 Has Been Great But Some Of The Episodes Havnt Been Classic Laugh Out Loud Office Of The Old.

    This Lecture Circuit And Stress Relief Have Been Great Episodes And Things Are Looking Up Before I Get Into This Episode Quickly Talk About Stress Relief. This Was A Awsome 40min Episode Never Lost Interest The Fire Drill Was Extremely Funny Especially Andy Remark To The Fire Cracklers Laughed So Hard + The Incident With Dwight And The Dummy Awsome Episode 10/10.

    Now Lecture Circuit Was Great Not As Good As Last Weeks But A Great Follow Up Jim And Dwight Were Great In This Episode And The First Time You See Karen Pregnant Micheals Continuos Reaction Is Hilarious Great Writing Keep It Up.moreless

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    • Jim (looks at sign that reads "IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.") What is that? It is your birthday, period.
      Dwight It's a statement of fact.
      Jim Not even an exclamation point?
      Dwight This is more professional. It's not like she discovered a cure for cancer.

    • Jim: I am collecting $3 from everybody for Kelly's party.
      Creed: Oh, I'd like to contribute.
      Jim: Oh, great.
      Creed: There you go. (hands fake $3 bill with picture of George W. Bush)

    • Andy: I am single now. What we have here is the ultimate smackdown between the Nard-Dog and crippling despair, loneliness, and depression. I intend to win.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is only episode of the series to be "to be continued". Previously, and afterward, all two part episodes are aired as hour long specials.

    • The French episode title is "L'anniversaire de Kelly - 1ère Partie", meaning "Kelly's Birthday - Part 1". The Spanish title is "Serie de charlas (1ª Parte)", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Latin America: September 21, 2009 on Canal FX