The Office

Season 5 Episode 17

Lecture Circuit: Part 2

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on NBC
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Michael and Pam take a trip to Nashua, hoping to get closure from Holly. Dwight and Jim try to make up for forgetting Kelly's birthday. Angela deals with her cats in a feline manner herself.

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  • Michael and Pam Part 2

    This was a follow up from the last episode. The previous episode, the Super Bowl one was a great one and this two part episode was a great way to do it. Another reason this was a good follow up was that this was done in two parts. Had this been done in one episode, too much would've happened.

    When Michael left the branch that Karen was at, he found out that Pam had closure with Karen. This brought up Michael deciding to go to the branch that Holly was at so he can get closure for himself. When he gets the branch he finds out that no only is Holly not there but she has a boyfriend who she is serious with. Michael does not take it well and has Pam finish the presentation for him. How Michael responded to this shows a heartbroken man but at the same time it didn't go over the line of being too weird. Steve Carell has always done a great job as a comedic actor but he shows his dramatic side. I think being with Holly helped grow Michael as person and you see this in this episode. If this was another women, Michael would've crossed the line of being too weird or creepy. I think the best part was that not only Michael got his closure but the door of Michael and Holly being together is not done. The only problem with this storyline was the jokes that Pam made. At the same time I don't think she could do the presentation the way she did it if this were a few years ago.

    Meanwhile back at the office, Dwight and Jim try to make it up to Kelly. Like in the last episode their time together was very funny. I also enjoyed how Jim didn't much about Kelly like how her name is spelled. I do agree with Kelly that a theme is something to be seen and not told. I also liked the shoot of Dwight and Jim enjoying their cake together. It remained me of when Jim was in charge when Michael went to the forest and came back and asked Jim how his day went. Another highlight was Angela. Seeing her that happy is something you don't see that often. It got funny then weird but still funny when she went back to her place to discipline one of her cats. I think she got the cat not just because she likes but it's her way of coping of her situation with Andy. Am I the only one who thinks that Angela is not that far away from being the crazy cat lady?

    All in all a solid well done episode.moreless
  • 515

    Possibly the most ridiculous episode of The Office, as I was watching this episode, I found myself asking, why I am I watching this show? Did they actually just do that? A disappointing part two, when Amy Ryan isn't even in the episode, and Michael makes a fool of himself, what else is new?

    The end gave some hope for Michael/Holly fans but I honestly wasn't that interested, the only good thing about this episode was the Michael & Pam interaction that wasn't funny, but just nice to watch. Angela licking her cats? Angela was a respectable character until they had to make her borderline psychotic.

    A really unrealistic plot overall, and we've got the unrealistic birthday that wasn't even remotely funny. Jim & Dwight are usually great together but none of the jokes worked, and in the end, it just felt unresolved. Disappointing episode of The Office.moreless
  • Pam and Michael visit Nashua and hilarity ensues.....

    The amount of people who are "so done with this show" is astounding. Come on people!! Was this the funniest epsode they have ever done?? NO. Was it still funny?? Yes. You all need to get over yourselves and realize that not every episode is going to be PURE GOLD!!

    So for those of you who feel the need to bash the writing on this show constantly, I have a word of advice for you....

    Write an entire episode and send it to the network!!!!

    If you feel that you can do better, then put your money where your mouth is. Personally, I'm going to keep enjoying this show. Even if they don't do exactly what I want them to do every episode. I suggest you all do the same. Just a thought....moreless
  • Jim and Dwight= Perfect, Michael and Pam= Perfect.

    A great episode for many reasons. This will be a classic when we are in season 6 of the office. And trust me some of the episodes this season including Baby Shower and Prince Family Paper have been horrible. But the office continues to make it real and funny, heartbreaking and hilarious, and Cringe worthy. The great moments include: Oscars Reaction to Angela's cat issues. Michael and A.J.'s awkward conversation

    Pam's accents


    Kelly, Jim, and Dwight Mistakes. This episode did truly what I thought it could do. and if you are grading it low then just do not watch the show. The Office has not jumped the shark like My Name Is Earl and with the incoming guest star Idris Elba, I have more hope than ever.moreless
  • I am done with this show

    Well, what can I say, I am not surprised. Office's abysmal run continues all through the fifth season. So...

    Really?!!?: Dwight and Jim teaming together to celebrate Kelly's birthday. They seem so gay that they start to brainstorm about themes for it. And the whole TV versus an hour of sleep - LAME. And when both of them hi-five when Kelly says she loves the theme - Oh my God!, Mindy Kaling - you just made one of the best pairs on TV look so gay.

    Really?!!?: Pam and Michael on road again. Michael looks so unbelievably desperate, with all the sweater snipping and data stealing. Pam delivering the pep talk to Nashua employees was insanely stupid, and definitely not something you can ask from a lady who needs to go back to acting school.

    Really?!!?: So, since when did Angela licking cats, or cats making out become funny stuff for millions of viewers expecting a decent 20mins of comedy on one of the country's oldest networks.

    I wish I could just stop watching this show. But I really can't do it. I hope I'll take the remaining crap and hope again that the show gets axed.moreless

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    • (Jim and Dwight looking for a birthday theme)
      Jim: Okay, so far our ideal party consists of: beer, fights to the death, cupcakes, blood pudding, blood, touch-football, mating, characids, and, yes, horse hunting.
      Dwight: You are right. Forget horse hunting, it's stupid.

    • (bragging about her new hypo-allergenic cat)
      Angela: …needless to say she's very very expensive.
      Meredith: How much?
      Angela: $7,000.
      Creed: For a cat? I can get you a kid for that!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Michael greets the Nashua employees with a cry of, "Good morning, Vietnashua!" playing on Robin Williams delivery of the title line from Barry Levinson's 1987 film, Good Morning Vietnam.