The Office

Season 8 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on NBC

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  • The drop was quicker than I thought it could be.


    Let me preface with the fact that Seasons 1-5 were great and Season 7 had its moments, but after watching this episode I realize how lost the show is without Michael Scott (or really what Steve Carrell did with the character and how it made the show). The first two episodes of the season focused on having the viewer despising the Robert California character which in my opinion was a way to try and reduce any negativity towards Andy replacing Michael.

    By episode 3("Lotto")though with no Mr. California making an appearance, I noticed how "off" the show was: Dwight and Jim are good friends now and are on the same wavelength,Kelly no longer seemed ditzy but kind of b*tchy, Angela is way over the top now in going out of her way to be rude, Darrell is no longer the fun warehouse guy but is depressing, Oscar who historically is tentative about his sexual orientation now is obvious about it and brings it up often, Erin seems like a completely different character.

    Then there were new characters that were hard to watch. Like the joke around the prospective new hire in the warehouse where he couldn't hear well which I thought played so badly the first time round that when they did it a second and third time it seemed like the show moved to "dumb" humor rather than clever.

    Also, putting Pam back at reception as a way to "revisit better times" felt cheap and for the first time ever I wanted to turn-off a new Office episode. I mean it was hard to watch the Jo character from Season 6 suck out all the funny from every episode she was in -but where this is going makes me think its jumped the shark and its not coming back.

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