The Office

Season 2 Episode 19

Michael's Birthday

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • Michael's birth moment

    This was an episode that went back to basics a bit. It was good to see Jim and Pam goof around at the grocery store. It was sweet of what they did for Kevin. Two things happen in this episode. Michael's birthday and Kevin's situation. I like how the whole situation was played. It was never too dramatic. I did enjoy how the whole office was concerned with him. Michael's whole birthday was very funny. He acts like a teenager but due to the work of Steve Carell made it work. One of my favorite parts is when Jim was describing what happens on his birthday. I also like how Michael tries to make up for his comment on Kevin but still making about it himself. It was funny at the end when Kevin said what happened and Michael thought it was bad (Kevin was negative)
  • 219

    A very funny installment of The Office tonight, we've got Michael's birthday on the same day that Kevin might find out that he has cancer. We've got great delivery from Steve Carrel tonight and this episode might be one of his best on The Office. The whole situation was absolutely hysterical. Definitely a classic of The Office, if you will. That's the way I see it, it's definitely a memorable episode that has all the elements an Office episode is known for.

    We've got comedy, some Jim/Pam development, which is like every Office episode in the earlier seasons. And in this episode, Pam seems to be liking Jim, now the tables have turned, I'm interested to see how this will play out. Great job at incorporating Carol from the Michael's condo, I knew she was there for a reason.

    Great episode overall, with great delivery from all the characters, will remain an Office classic.
  • It's michaels birtday but kevin might have skin cancer. ahha.

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever. Okay so Michael sends himself a portrait of himself [or did was it dwight or michaels mom?] and wants every one to sign it but only dwight does. and than jim and pam sneak out at michael's "birth moment" and go shopping. jim is so freaking cute. he uses fabric softener. and they play with the speaker and the lady yells at her. so funny. and michael doesnt give toby a doughnut because he forgot it was michaels birthday. wow. amazing. i could watch it every day. so f u n n y
  • What a classic!

    For anyone who is hooked on this show, this episode is a clear example of why you are… and why Steve Carell is so fantastic on this show.

    Let me say first that I have not watched the UK version of this show, but do intend to very soon. So please spare me on that. But Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott is so perfect at making the viewer feel so embarrassed as they watch him but at the same time laugh out loud. To me this is a very difficult thing to accomplish and it takes a true comic-genius to pull it off.

    Though out this episode watching Carell’s character struggle with not getting enough attention because it’s his birthday due to “Kevin’s” possible cancer is classic. The awkwardness that Carell puts out there when he tells Kevin “your driving everyone here crazy….” was so perfect that you couldn’t help but say to yourself “did he just say that”. And that is what takes place throughout The Office constantly.

    I love it!
  • michael's birthday... of course!

    wow, if you thought michael was bad ... wait until you see him on his birthday. of course, that annoying side is just wonderful. but the real story is that kevin may have cancer. not good. of course he doesn't. i think this is the first episode i saw, just a random note. but now i am a big fan, so its all good.
    i love the ice skating scene. i just went ice skating myself for the very first time recently, and damn, it is really really hard... i almost twisted my ankle. now if only i had jim there to ice skate with it would have been a lot more fun.
  • I've watched this episode so many times, and still laugh.

    One of the first episodes from The Office I watched. Actually, after I saw this, I was completely motivated... enough to never miss the show, and get all the episodes (I'm still waiting for the DVD's on my city, hehe).

    I found it so brilliant, and hilarous.

    That thing going on between Michael and Toby, is the best relationship on today's television. I still don't get why he hates him so much. It was said he wasn't a part from Dundler Mifflin's family; but, still.

    "Why are you here? I didn't even invite you to my birthday party." One of the quotes of the season, and probably the whole show. He's so excited about his birthday, he freaks out. Probably more than he did on the Christmas party, after deciding to play Yankee Swap.

    - Is this trip related to your birthday?
    - How dare you, sir? You're gross
    "Happy Birthday Michael Scott"
  • "Happy birth moment, Michael."

    It is Michael's birthday, so in celebration, he takes his employees out to an ice skating rink. Meanwhile, Kevin nervously awaits some medical results...

    This episode was funny, but also kind of sad at the same time. Michael is very greedy and selfish as usual, making the day all about him. He is dissapointed that his employees don't get into it like he does, but he changes when he finds out that Kevin is awaiting some medical results. He might have skin cancer. Michael feels a little bit guilty, but mostly upset that nobody is focusing on him. He tries to be nice but fails at that of course. Kevin's tests turn up negative though.

    This episode is not quite a classic, but like all episodes of this show, it is still very good.
  • It's Michael's birthday, and the world of course, needs to revolve around him! Unfortunately for him, Kevin is waiting for a skin cancer diagnosis, and his employees are not in the partying mood.

    Poor Michael is having his birthday and wants it to be extra special: His requests? Fake candles, a stripper, ice cream cake, a birthday poster, and a trip to the ice skating rink. Not to mention those oh-so-special birthday doughnuts, of course (none for Toby!)

    This another episode that highlights Michael's sad childhood and the misery of birthdays past. Getting a rash from a pony and someone else named Michael getting taken out on his birthday date are just the beginning as Kevin is supposed to find out whether or not he has skin cancer on Michael's birthday. Michael takes the whole crew to the skating rink to show off his hockey skills (and to escape the evil sun) and runs into his realtor, perhaps sparking a new love interest in the process. Maybe his birthday isn't so bad after all?

    It's a cute episode, probably ranks square in the middle of all the U.S. Office installments. Well-acted by Steve Carell, and it's nice to see Kevin as something other than a pervert once in awhile.
  • It's Micheal's birthday and he is upset because someone else is stealing his thunder from the his birthday party

    I think that this was one of the funnier episodes simply for the fact that Micheal's akward moments and the way he looked into the camera and felt so bad for saying some of the things. For instance THE funniest moment was when Kevin was saying how he was going to be out because he might be sick and Micheal said something to the effect, "Well I would not worry about anything, so do not worry" He then looks at the camera and says ."Worry us with fear, this big guy is going to be just fine." He just stuck his foot in his mouth and was trying to get it out.......CLASSIC
  • Amazing episode! A lot of true emotions beeing shown!

    There were alot of mixed emotions during this episode: when Dwight and Angela were secretly fighting right infront of Ryan (He probably knows something now), Micheal's realtor and his friendship with his kids and her smile and stare look. Pam at the end where she say "It was a good day" when she went to the supermarket wit Jim (wink).
  • Great episode! Michael was a classic self-absorbed jerk. A lot of interesting things were revealed in this one.

    I think we may see Michael developing relationship with his realtor. If you caught the scene at the ice rink, Michael was very good with her kids & we know from the previous episode "Take your kids to work day" Having kids is one of his goals.

    Dwight & Angela are a great pair!
  • Instant Classic, if only for the Dwight and Angela dialogue. (Spoilers Ahead)

    Another amazing Office episode.

    I still think it is incomparable to the british version but this US version keeps getting better and better!!

    Amazing writing and acting make this episode a classic.

    Favorite Parts:

    1. Angela and Dwight talking in the kitchen infront of a very uncomfortable Ryan
    2. Michael forcing Jenn to tell him Happy Birthday
    3. Kevin getting a supporting hug from Michael after finding out that he has no skin cancer, which Michael misunderstood
    4. Dwight's continuing attempts of pleasing Michael
  • Thank God there was a new episode this week. It has just become my favorite show!

    This was the episode that I finally enjoyed the American version more than the British version. The best jokes are the less obvious ones. For example, my favorite moment, was when Michael sat down for the "stripper" and you can see Dwight behind him and he is bouncing his hips a little bit. That guy kills me!
    More people are becoming aware of Angela and Dwight and yes it is a little creepy. It will be interesting to see where they go from now.
    Pam and Jim in the grocery store was precious, but the star of show is always Michael. There was so many times in this episode you just hate him and then you see him with those kids and you fall in love.
    Now, I just need to buy the first season on DVD and have sick day.
  • One of the best episodes of the season with more brilliant moments of hilarity. There was, however, one moment that made me stop and question the show's in, Jim & Pam.

    As my summary has already divulged, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was a tour de force of hilarity and another well rounded piece of entertainment.

    As usual, Michael and Dwight's antics do not fail to please. Highlights include; Michael bodychecking that guy, his reaction to Kevin's possible skin cancer.

    However, that scene where Pam took a hold of the grocery store intercome was a bit unbelievable. I felt uncomfortable during that scene because it looked like even the actors were feeling a bit weird.

    I mean, who does that? I know that storylines need to take liberties and so fourth

    I see what they were trying to diwth Jim and Pa there but don't lose your sense of realism!

    ... Or create embarassing scenes that give your characters actions that would never happen in real life.

    Obviously I'm going to forgive it as I suppose it wasn't that bad and the rest of the episode was great.
  • Superb!!

    The best episode so far, many hilarious mini-moments that make it seem more than a 22 minute episode. So much great character development, you don't want to miss it if your a fan of The Office! Kevin gets a scare and you get see quirky Michael moments that just make this episode one of the best.
  • I've never seen Michael so selfish yet be a totally different person in the presence of children.

    What an episode. When you thought Michael couldn't be any more selfish and self centered in the midst of a very sensitive prognosis, he equates his own birthday to cancer. Cancer, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not sure what was worse, Michael's insensitivity towards Kevin or Dwight's loyalty to Michael that might even surpass his relationship with Angela. As every moment goes by that Michael tries to grab the attention, it becomes more painful to watch. Just when you think Michael is at his all time low, we meet Carol, the real estate agent that sold Michael his condo in the Office Olympics. Just like with Sasha, we see Michael at his finest as he interacts with the kids so playfully (possibly love triangle between Jan-Michael-Carol?) and his hilarious reaction to the prognosis of Kevin's condition.

    Oh, and of course, subtle Jam moments here and there.

    This series seems to always impress me with great scripts and great acting.
  • This week's episode of The Office features Michael’s birthday. Although conflict arises when the employees of Dunder Mifflin are more concerned about Kevin's test results than Michael's birthday.

    This week's episode of The Office features Michael’s birthday. Although conflict arises when the employees of Dunder Mifflin are more concerned about Kevin's test results than Michael's birthday.

    Even the ice queen herself, Angela, was more frigid this week than usual, and I hadn't thought that possible. Openly telling Michael that no one cares about his birthday. Coming in conflict with Dwight several times. Those two have the strangest "relationship" I have ever come across.

    Poor Toby, he can't ever catch a break. So down on his luck and Michael has to always kick him when he is down.

    Oh, and Bologna, Tomato and Ketchup subs? That is one of the grossest sounding sandwiches I have ever had the misfortune of hearing about.