The Office

Season 7 Episode 21

Michael's Last Dundies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • 721

    The return of the Dundie Awards here.

    - More of Pam being an absolute word that would not like me to write. Can't believe people actually like her.

    - Will Ferrell had another disappointing performance tonight. For the sake of this show and his career I hope that he is not the boss.

    - Michael is just not doing a great job in his closing episodes either. He usually just gets his stupid jokes in and gets out, but none of his lines or moments are really memorable. That song at the end certainly will not be going viral, or at least I hope not.
  • 721

    Of course this episode was not as good as the first Dundies seen on screen, but it still was a memorable episode that I'm sure got a lot of Office fans nostalgic. The song was heartwarming, we got a few funny moments here and there, and this was just a well-done episode of The Office.

    I still think Will Ferrel isn't doing the show any favors. Everything he does or says is just so unfunny, I don't even know where to begin. The door-to-door thing was pretty funny as well. Erin breaking up with Gabe on stage was the funniest scene for me.

    Really looking forward to Steve Carrel's last episode coming up next week. If this episode was any indication, the goodbye surely will be a satisfying one, as Michael Scott said about The Godfather Part III.
  • Michael hosts his last Dundees ever

    I'm really trying to like Will Ferrell's character on The Office, and every time I think I find something to enjoy about Deangelo Vickers, the show takes the show I've grown to love over seven years and completely twists it around and does something with it that makes me wonder how much more gas the show has in its tank. If the new Office is all about doing somewhat humorous takes on "Rent" songs, while I'll keep watching the show, I certainly won't be as enamored as I used to be.

    By all rights, this episode should've been much better. It's a Dundies episode for God's sake! As Michael said, the Dundies are about the best in all of us! The show should've recognized that instead of giving us a slew of scenes that fell flat on its face and felt like the show trying too hard to replicate the heart of that early Dundies episode.

    That being said, there were some great moments here. The awards, as usual, were the best part of it all. Jim winning Best Dad, his speech and then Meredith Palmer somehow winning Best Mom was hilarious, and watching Pam lose every award (including Hottest Red-head to Erin) was pretty funny. And just when you think that The Office is losing that classic awkwardness that plagued its early seasons, Erin goes and breaks up with Gabe in public, claiming she's not attracted to him. As painful as it was to watch Gabe's face scrunch up and become upset, it was also funny because it brought that horrible awkwardness that I love in my TV shows.

    As for Will Ferrell and Steve Carell.. well, I will say that nobody can beat Michael Scott at what he does. The opening video of Michael playing everybody in the office was an absolute classic, sort of like when Dwight admitted he had a wig for everyone in the office.. and as the show went along, I was reminded that Will Ferrell is no Steve Carrel. Will is funny as Deangelo, but not that funny. He's good when people like Michael are throwing things at him to do, like putting on headphones and reading his lines as loud as he can.. when him and Michael are in the bathroom, with Mike trying to give him a pep talk, it's funny, but not anything like the usual moments the show gives us. All in all, I'd say Will Ferrell has a lot of work to do on the show if he wants to become the heir to Michael's throne.

    But something tells me he won't be around for very long, which makes me hesitant to like him. I know he's just going to disappear after this season, so what's the point of getting attached?