The Office

Season 5 Episode 11

Moroccan Christmas

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2008 on NBC
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As head of the Party Planning Committee, Phyllis decides to throw a Moroccan-themed holiday party. Trouble starts when Meredith's hair catches on fire, and Michael tries to help. Dwight gets a stranglehold on the hottest Christmas toy.

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  • A different Christmas

    It's another Christmas party at the office. This time the party is lead by Phyllis. The theme was interesting. I wonder if this was done more to annoy Angela. I also think Phyllis got the idea from going to Diwali. At this time no one but her knows what happened to Angela and Dwight. This is why she leads the party. It's fun to see Phyllis order Angela around. I find it curious that Michael didn't get too involved in this party. If you are wondering why, it's probably because of Meredith.

    Meredith has always been someone who likes the booze. Part of it is for fun and part of how her life is. You see displays of her fondness for alcohol throughout the series. This time she had too much and accidentally sets her hair on fire. She is not hurt and Michael holds an intervention for her. Again it's funny how Michael leads this meeting making it seem like he knows more about this subject. The scenes between Michael and Meredith were very entertaining especially when he tried to take her to the rehab clinic. What made this good was that I think this was the first extended interaction between them. I also enjoyed how Dwight tries to take advantage of lazy and procrastinating parents with the toy. It's a smart move on his part. I do wish Jim would've done something about this. Not in terms of stopping it but hiding them or some other prank. However this would happen the episode should've been an hour. I also wish that the talk between Michael and Meredith would've been shown. The ending was great and set up what would be a memorable episode.moreless
  • 510

    This episode was so-so for me, didn't really feel like a Christmas episode though. I felt it was just like any other day in The Office, with a a party of course. This episode started out good with Meredith setting her hair on fire, but then it just went downhill from there. An episode focused on Meredith isn't the sign of a good episode of The Office, the dialogue was absolutely ridiculous coming from Michael & Meredith and it just goes to show how exaggerated this show has gotten.

    We've got some funny lines here and there, but the writers definitely could have done better. From the party in the beginning to the eventful ending, which almost seemed anti-climactic after dragging out this whole Andy/Angela/Dwight triangle for too long. It had it's moments. The thing that made this episode annoying, was Andy's wretched singing, it was not funny.

    Just probably the worst Christmas special on The Office which is funny since that was always what they were best it, just goes to show this show is going downhill.moreless
  • The office writers need an intervention

    The Office doesn't seem to be working anymore. I really don't understand how the folks deem this script to be funny. This one definitely jumped the shark in terms of genre. It looked like a couple of amateur Youtube videos patched up together. Whatever, you may term it as, but definitely this ain't comedy.

    For one, we have Micheal busting his ass off to get Meredith to admit she's an alcoholic and get her into rehab. I believe they tried to produce some slapstick humor with Micheal forcibly dragging her inside the rehab center. Unfortunately, this looked horrendous and sexually demeaning. Phyllis trying to get Angela to do all the party chores was not funny, mainly because these two characters are never funny even in the classic office episodes. We also have Dwight selling some human-unicorn doll to make some obscene money. The final scene with Toby and Darryl was stupid and totally inappropriate. I am not against racially charged humor. 30 Rock does it all the time, they mostly operate on the platform of stereotypes rather than the depicting frank meaning. Unfortunately, the office has made a huge mess of it.

    Stupid episode. The writer's need to attend improv school again.moreless
  • worst episode of the office ever? i think so

    this episode was absolutely...i cant think of a word bad enough. im not one of those people that think the office is horrible this season in fact i think it is quite good but this episode was awful. firstly it had alot of meredith in it and i do not like the character of meredith on the show. she is unfunny and stupid. also the episode was really boring and i wanted it to end. thankfully this is a very unmemorable episode and if the next episode is good enough hopefully i can just forget this one. this was a bad episode and i expect MUCH more from a show as good as the officemoreless
  • Angela's affair with Dwight is revealed.

    This episode was so-so, didn't really feel like a Christmas episode though. I felt it was juts like any other day in The Office, with a a party of course. This episode focused on Meredith, who gets her hair caught on fire after drinking too much. So the office, creates an intervention. Through the whole episode, Michael tries to get her to a rehab. Eh, that plot was okay, I guess. It had it's moments. The thing that made this episode annoying, was Andy's wretched singing. Ugh. The thing that made this episode interesting and brought the rating way up, was the mini cliffhanger in the end. Phyllis lets the cat out of the bag, Angela is sleeping with Dwight behind Andy's back, and now everyone knows except Andy. This can't be good. Good Christmas episode. Without the cliffhanger in the end, the rating of the episode wouldn't be so hot.moreless

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