The Office

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on NBC
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Michael starts up an audiotape murder-mystery game to distract staff from rumors of Dunder Mifflin filing for bankruptcy. Andy uses the game's Southern flavor as cover to ask out Erin, but is unsure if she thinks it's for real.

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  • A "murder at the office

    What is the saying? A rose grows among the weeds? I think so and that is the way to describe the episode. After a series of mediocre bad episodes this one was a lot better. At the pilot Dunder-Mifflin was thinking about closing one of the branches and Scranton was one of them. Six years later and a couple closed branches (at least) this time not only the branch but the whole company go down. I liked that this was brought up because it happened at the pilot and there were signs that this could happen throughout the series.

    When Michael finds out about this, he deals with it the only he can. He makes a game out of it. Unlike other times this season, this time it was funny. The reason why Jim (who remember is co-manager) doesn't stop was amusing. (hamster city) One of the reason why the murder storyline was that everyone got into it. The strengthening and or the complication between Andy and Erin happened as well. When Andy was asking out Erin while still in character but trying to break away from it was the perfect blend of awkward and funny. Something this season has been missing at this point. It was great acting by Jim when he found out what may happen to the company. It was even better that he didn't tell anyone and got into character. I really liked Michael's reaction. The only bad part was that more episodes were like this. This season is not bad just too many weeds.moreless
  • 610

    Not an exciting episode of The Office, I was excited for this episode when I read the guide for it, and I thought it was be a funny episode of this show, even though the plot was pretty cliche. I thought it would be very intriguing, but I as I was watching this episode, I found it very obnoxious and unsettling.

    Everyone speaking in a Southern accent was ridiculous and most of all annoying. I feel like the writers are trying to shove down the Andy/Erin relationship down our throats, and that's unsettling. Most of all the plot was nothing we haven't seen before, Dunder Miflin might be in trouble, it's redundant. The end was the only highlight and that's when Michael turns out to actually not care about the game just the sake of the employees, and Jim goes along with the game, but that's about it, this episode was pretty much devoid of laughter, not The Office's shining moment.moreless
  • Not the best, but "The Office"esque

    This episode mirrored that of "The Fight" episode with Michael and Dwight. It wasn't the greatest of opening sequences with Dwight fighting himself on the office floor. I didn't find it as funny as it could have been.

    The plot with the office rumors that it will be closed down due to the stock of Dunder Mifflin crashing and the company going bankrupt was something that we've seen before in the past seasons with Dunder Mifflin branches getting shut down...

    It was more of a deja vu episode than an original plot line and wasn't as funny but the gags and one-liners kept me watching to the end.moreless
  • Lots of subtle messages...

    We're all familiar with Michael's office antics and perpetually endless, lame yet charming, jokes but I think in this episode he really stood up and recognized that he needed to lead his employees as not only their manager but also to comfort them, in his own unique style, as a friend then they are faced with the possibility of being fired. Normally Michael would be the first one to over react in the time of need when the entire office needed support he became that pillar by which everyone relied on for support. The scene where Jim and Michael are in Michael's office, Michael stood up to Jim with absolute conviction. I think in this instance this is why Michael is the real manager and is willing to fight to keep moral up. Michael might act dumb or obnoxious sometimes but in the end, with jokes set aside, he genuinely cares about the people around him and makes the job, and life, much more then just a 9 to 5.moreless
  • really?!

    So, now that Jim and Pam are married, you're REALLY going back to the old plot-line of *gasp* Dunder Mifflin might be in trouble? Come on. First it was layoffs. Then it was a branch closing. Now bankruptcy? I feel like I'm watching the same thing over and over again, but it's just not as fresh or funny anymore. I have been such a proud office fan...but tonights episode had me rolling my eyes and wondering what else I could have done with that 24 minutes. One thing I have to give props for, in the midst of that doozy of an episode...Meredith requesting a 3 way!! Oh, and where was Toby?? I would like to find out why it is that Micheal really, really hates Toby so much. I think that would be a great storyline to go with.moreless

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