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Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • A "murder at the office

    What is the saying? A rose grows among the weeds? I think so and that is the way to describe the episode. After a series of mediocre bad episodes this one was a lot better. At the pilot Dunder-Mifflin was thinking about closing one of the branches and Scranton was one of them. Six years later and a couple closed branches (at least) this time not only the branch but the whole company go down. I liked that this was brought up because it happened at the pilot and there were signs that this could happen throughout the series.

    When Michael finds out about this, he deals with it the only he can. He makes a game out of it. Unlike other times this season, this time it was funny. The reason why Jim (who remember is co-manager) doesn't stop was amusing. (hamster city) One of the reason why the murder storyline was that everyone got into it. The strengthening and or the complication between Andy and Erin happened as well. When Andy was asking out Erin while still in character but trying to break away from it was the perfect blend of awkward and funny. Something this season has been missing at this point. It was great acting by Jim when he found out what may happen to the company. It was even better that he didn't tell anyone and got into character. I really liked Michael's reaction. The only bad part was that more episodes were like this. This season is not bad just too many weeds.
  • 610

    Not an exciting episode of The Office, I was excited for this episode when I read the guide for it, and I thought it was be a funny episode of this show, even though the plot was pretty cliche. I thought it would be very intriguing, but I as I was watching this episode, I found it very obnoxious and unsettling.

    Everyone speaking in a Southern accent was ridiculous and most of all annoying. I feel like the writers are trying to shove down the Andy/Erin relationship down our throats, and that's unsettling. Most of all the plot was nothing we haven't seen before, Dunder Miflin might be in trouble, it's redundant. The end was the only highlight and that's when Michael turns out to actually not care about the game just the sake of the employees, and Jim goes along with the game, but that's about it, this episode was pretty much devoid of laughter, not The Office's shining moment.
  • Not the best, but "The Office"esque

    This episode mirrored that of "The Fight" episode with Michael and Dwight. It wasn't the greatest of opening sequences with Dwight fighting himself on the office floor. I didn't find it as funny as it could have been.

    The plot with the office rumors that it will be closed down due to the stock of Dunder Mifflin crashing and the company going bankrupt was something that we've seen before in the past seasons with Dunder Mifflin branches getting shut down...

    It was more of a deja vu episode than an original plot line and wasn't as funny but the gags and one-liners kept me watching to the end.
  • Lots of subtle messages...

    We're all familiar with Michael's office antics and perpetually endless, lame yet charming, jokes but I think in this episode he really stood up and recognized that he needed to lead his employees as not only their manager but also to comfort them, in his own unique style, as a friend then they are faced with the possibility of being fired. Normally Michael would be the first one to over react in the time of need when the entire office needed support he became that pillar by which everyone relied on for support. The scene where Jim and Michael are in Michael's office, Michael stood up to Jim with absolute conviction. I think in this instance this is why Michael is the real manager and is willing to fight to keep moral up. Michael might act dumb or obnoxious sometimes but in the end, with jokes set aside, he genuinely cares about the people around him and makes the job, and life, much more then just a 9 to 5.
  • really?!

    So, now that Jim and Pam are married, you're REALLY going back to the old plot-line of *gasp* Dunder Mifflin might be in trouble? Come on. First it was layoffs. Then it was a branch closing. Now bankruptcy? I feel like I'm watching the same thing over and over again, but it's just not as fresh or funny anymore. I have been such a proud office fan...but tonights episode had me rolling my eyes and wondering what else I could have done with that 24 minutes. One thing I have to give props for, in the midst of that doozy of an episode...Meredith requesting a 3 way!! Oh, and where was Toby?? I would like to find out why it is that Micheal really, really hates Toby so much. I think that would be a great storyline to go with.
  • My favorite episode this season.

    Well, what can I say. I mean, I really liked this episode. The main plot of the episode was a mix of ridiculousness and real problems for the company and the people of Dunder-Mifflin. It was very funny and interesting. And it advanced in plots. And the secondary plot, which wasn't very long, was still very good. Erin and Andy was pretty good, and Erin thinking that the date was real was good as well. The tag and cold open were funny as well. Overall, the best episode this season, which had some very interesting plot stories (that are bound to stay for a while) and funny lines, talking heads, and clever writing. Season Six has been great.
  • Probably the best this season

    After an abysmal episode last week the office is awesome again. This episode reminded of the episodes in season 2 and season 3 which always is a good thing. Reading the synopsis for this episode a few days ago i honestly wasn't expecting much but this was really great. The whole murder mystery thing was great and the cold open was one of the best of all time. Andy was great and i really like the subplot with him and erin. Erin is a very likable character and she has been fantastic this season. Pam was good this episode after being unbelievably annoying last week. And the possibility that dunder mifflin is going under is going to make things very interesting. We need more episodes like this.
  • Underrated...


    There's something of a sweepstakes- in my tortured mind, that is- to see which of the NBC Thursday night comedies will surpass the others and claim the #1 slot each week. If you had told me on Wednesday that an Office episode built around each Dunder Mifflin employee attempting a "savannah" accent would beat out a serviceable "P+R" and a downright good "Community", I doubt I would have believed you. Yet so it was, readers; the Roberts Sabermetric System for Evaulating NBC Comedies does not lie. As I've hinted, the distinguishing feature of "Murder" was that its middle 10 minutes -dividing the episode into 3 blocs- was given over totally and raucously to irreverent play-acting. That this made for delightful, transporting TV (to wax generic like TV Guide) and, more personally, that it reminded me of last season’s "Cafe Disco" dance party, is a testament to the sheer comedic chops of the cast. The fun this time stems from a role-playing murder game the office plays called “Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets”. What elevated the Southern murder mystery another level (beyond Cafe Disco, even) was the context provided by the book-end 10 minute segments.

    After a cold open that strains a little too hard for that parochial season 2 vibe (it involves Dwight updating the office on the year’s developments in martial arts), we are treated to a bit that makes clear one thing the more mature seasons of “The Office” can do very effectively- invoke relatable economic unease. Oscar, Michael, and then the whole office discover that D.M. has reported financial troubles and is rumored to be contemplating bankruptcy. The officious Jim, whose every step towards growth this season has been leg-swept by the universe (Karate Kid metaphors: 1), responds in the manner of a good manager: he keeps his composure, keeps his workers working, and generally tries to collect as much information as possible. Not only does this move injure my hopes that “The Office” will spawn a generation of managers who favor strange mnemonic devices and want desperately to be liked by their subordinates, it is largely ignored by the office.

    I’m interested to see how the writers back away from this bankruptcy ledge now that they've sauntered up to it. To be honest I always find this recession-inspired talk devastatingly effective; I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that it’s the source of the show’s best drama these days. There will always be fans who take the romantic subplots more seriously than “The Office”’s office intrigue … or anything else on the show for that matter. And that's fair (if totally and hopelessly misguided). But consider the fact that every bsuiness-related plot the last 2 seasons has left permanent markings- Pam is now a salesman, Jim a co-manager, etc. Meanwhile the manic plots featuring Angela sleeping with half the office during that same period were both inconsequential and in the end without any consequences.

    But perhaps it would be best for me to follow “Murder”’s cue and not take matters so seriously. God knows Michael doesn’t, for it’s around this time that he assigns everyone their character roles for the game. The accented madness leads to a number of fun beats: - Angela as Voodoo Mama Juju, witch doctor of the Savannah swamps - Kevin’s slow-speak = horse-kick to the head

    - And Pam’s blatant Forrest Gump impression

    … but I was holding off judgment until the two worlds- depressingly real and Foghorn Leghorn fantastical- collided. When they finally did in the form of Oscar, the one character who has been consigned to the lonely sidelines of straight-man (no pun) hell for much of the last 2 seasons, I for one wasn’t disappointed.

    Standout Character: Oscar Martinez

    Standout Moment: “I should have known. A lot of the evidence seemed to be based on puns.”- Dwight

    Episode Grade: A

    Special Mention: Andy and Erin’s continuing meet-cute courtship. Let’s be honest, you would have been mentioned earlier if I wasn’t in the middle of an anti-romance diatribe.
  • It was great, but hope its not the end.

    I thought the episode was great, but i hope this is not the end.I thought Pam should have been more involved in this episode and Ryan looks really different i think he lost his charisma. Dwight was just as funny as always and Jim same old same old....funny. Michael is stepping it up and the writing is better than ever. I can't wait till the next episode The Shareholders Meeting. I was very surprised when Jim and Pam's wedding was the second episode of the season. I thought something that big would be the season opener or season closer.... very interesting.
  • Not funny.

    A murder mystery game episode of The Office. Because that is something I haven't seen on Reno 911!, Just Shoot Me or a bunch of other shows (that was sarcasm, I have seen it). The ending with Jim wanting to keep the game going was about as predictable as LeBron James hogging the ball during a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

    I've said from the beginning that this promotion for Jim would be disastrous for the show and it has been. To me The Office has always been about tiers. Michael is on the first tier. Dwight, Jim and Pam are on the second. Ryan, Kelly, Stanley and Phyllis are on the next, and the rest are on the bottom. Not that I agree with Creed being on the bottom, but that's another argument altogether. Now that Jim is on the same as Michael, the whole scheme of the show has been thrown off and I don't think anybody prefers things this way.

    This episode made my head hurt.
  • Michael decides to play a game of murder mystery in the office as the future of the company is under threat. Andy decides to make his move on Erin.

    This week was a little weird for me, on one hand the ep did bring us some hints as to what plotlines could follow in the weeks to come. But on the other it seems that the writers missed the boat on what could have been a very funny ep.

    This week an article has been published in the Wallstreet Journal that says that it looks like Dunder Mifflin is on the brink of bankruptcy. This could mean the end of everyone's jobs and as a reaction Michael organizes a game of Murder Mystery. Jim thinks it is a dumb idea and thinks that everyone should just continue working but Michael is determined to continue on with his plan of a fun game. When the game seems all over Michael never wants to break character and keep the office playing the game. Meanwhile, Andy decides that he has to make a move on Erin before it is too late. He asks her out during the murder mystery game and she says yes. He is now worried that he asked her character out rather than her, making things weird.

    This ep had some very good moments including a great martial arts opening where Dwight shows the office how to defend and attack himself. Also Creed's one scene is a real gem, predictable but a gem none the less. Where the ep lacks is the laughs being inconsistent and most of the dialogue is predictable. That said Oscar's take on a southern accent is more than enough to warrant a viewing of this ep.
  • Ummmm..

    So after a solid start to Season 6, The Office seems to have somewhat returned to the ridiculous plots of Season 5. However, that being said, as I mentioned at the beginning of the Season when Gossip aired, I feel like the antics of Michael Scott and the rest of the group have also been combined with a small sense of realism. For example, it was a company-related problem (Dunder-Mifflin going bankrupt) that drove Michael's little game, unlike previous episodes, where the stupidity arose out of barely anything at all (the Morraccan Christmas episode, some people may even say Cafe Disco).

    However, I was thoroughly entertained by a number of different things in this episode, which reminds me that The Office still has moments of its old self. However, six seasons into a show is a poor time to expect everything to suddenly go back to how it used to be. Show's tend to lose steam, and I'm surprised The Office has lasted this long, especially considering the original consisted of only 12 half hour long episodes and an hour long Christmas special.

    Oscar's southern accent was hilarious, Creed showing up only to disappear at the mention of murder and Dwight fighting himself were all highlights for me. It was also nice to see Pam not yelling and punching people in the face and Ryan not making a complete fool of himself, although Pam shows that when all is said and done, she aligns herself with Michael and his shenanigans (sort of explains why she left Dunder Mifflin for the Michael Scott Paper Company).

    I also liked seeing the give and take between Michael and Jim. It showed Michael, despite his seemingly stupid ideas, has a good heart and good intents when coming up with this stuff. I'm not sure how much better this makes people feel about the show, but I know that it helps me differentiate between a good show with a tendency to be silly and a silly show trying really hard to be good. Overall, better than I thought, but just a little crazy.
  • Found this episode the worst of all

    Although the humor associated with "The Office" is always offbeat and strange, I felt the writers took this episode to a step across a line. It's always been hard to imagine Michael Scott as an effective manager, but in previous episodes the writers have managed to make him at least human underneath. To me, in this episode, there was no "human" showing - only the stupidity that made me physically cringe in watching this. I would not expect realism in any TV comedy; however, I personally do not enjoy complete ignorance on the part of any characters, even on a comedy. With the economy as it stands, with multiple companies filing bankruptcy and massive layoffs of Americans, this episode could have been written so differently, and still have brought comedy into the picture. As it was, it was just chaos. Thumbs down, writers.
  • Good cold open, weak plot, dumb, and enjoyable.

    The Office may never return to old glory days of seasons 1-4, but a good proportion of work this season has been relatively watchable.

    At least, I am not watching plot lines that don't make any sense. The story this time was on a certain level unbelievable. I am implying the literal meaning of unbelievable, and not the connotation which denotes awesomeness. I mean, you are in a situation where you might not return to work the next day, and the gang wants to play some stupid game. The Georgian accent was a complete fail and honestly that sounded like a normal person talking with a hot dog in his mouth.

    And there were definitely some positives out there. Creed's insanely small appearance. The cold open where Jim messes around with Dwight. Michael acting like a parent. And Pam's return to reality. Nice episode, and I didn't feel like putting a gun into my mouth.
  • Creed makes this episode

    Not a bad episode this week with Andy gtting confused whilst trying to ask out Erin and Pam returning to some kind of normality.
    However, this episodes highlight is provided by the great Creed Bratton who only appears for about 30 seconds but had me laughing out loud once again.
    There is a very dark side to that man which the writers quietly play on and is very, very funny indeed.
    Season 6 has been a bit up-and-down for me, as I expected once Jim and Pam got married removing a certain something from the shows humour as relationships always do, but is still enjoyable.
  • This episode was terrible.

    I expect a lot from The Office every time I watch it; this episode was just plain pathetic. There were so many other ways that this episode could have been done.

    The core point of the episode is going to be important to the rest of the season, but everything else was pointless.

    This episode actually reminded me of the "Cafe Disco" episode where the plot was terrible. Except this episode was much worse.

    I hate to say it, but this season has been so weak and the show is turning away from its roots in creative humor to just downright pathetic attempts at humor.

    I hope the writers can redeem themselves for this terrible season before it's too late.
  • Bad southern accents, terrible plot.

    THIS STUNK. That's the last time I'm watching "The Office." My review needs to be a hundred words long...okay, this was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad.

    And then some.
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