The Office

Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on NBC
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A new assistant's incompetence has the Dunder Mifflin staff up in arms, but Michael refuses to fire him, as he's his nephew. Andy tries to ignore Erin's dating of Gabe. Pam tries to make up for ruining Jim's pranking of Dwight by playing a practical joke of her own.


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  • Season 7 starts

    And that's how you start a season. More on that later. First this was a season of change, growing up and moving on. Spoiler alert. This involves Michael. It also involves this season. Growing hard can be hard and can get messy. It took hearing the commentary on this season to make me realize that this was a pretty decent start to the season.

    When I first saw the start of this episode, I thought great (sarcastic) The Office gave up. Thankfully this was not a regular thing. In fact the lip dub was not only a good song but performed very well. My favorite part was the streamers. As with other seasons, this one picked up with the cast on what they did during the summer. Dwight became building manager thanks to advice from Jo. Jim had a great prank going on Dwight until Pam ruined (by mistake) for Jim. I am glad this didn't lead to a big fight. She tried to make it up to him but playing pranks on Dwight is Jim's thing. Pam is best at helping Jim. The prank wasn't bad it just wasn't Jim good. To be fair that's a pretty high bar. My biggest complaint about this episode was who Erin was dating. No I have no problem with dating Andy. I like them together as a couple. Without warning they were not dating and she was dating Gabe. Imagine Ross's reaction on Friends when he found out that Joey had feelings for Rachel. I lost a lot of respect for Erin when she did this. I tried looking at past episodes and no indication she and Andy were having trouble. Granted a lot can happen over the summer. But still Gabe!?!? Otherwise it was a good episode, a nice refresher from the past episodes in season 6. Elsewhere Michael hires his nephew. Apparently he had one all along. I can look past this but you would think Michael would mention him more. If the intention was to have the nephew be a douche, great job by the people who hired him. Besides his choice in movies, there is not much to like about him. This guy is so bad that Ryan is good or at least better worker by comparison. Similar to Ryan, Michael goes to the end of the earth to defend the kid. I am glad that Michael finally came to his senses and admitted he had made a mistake. Despite some bumps this was of the best episodes in a while.moreless
  • Great Episode. I actually laughed.

    I have seen most episodes of The Office and you can say I'm fan. This episode was awesome, great, and funny. Despite the shows has had a long run, I still felt that this episode was as fresh as any other one. This season is going to be great, and I can't what will happen next. The scene with Michael spanking his nephew, is in my opinion and iconic episode. This episode will be one to remember. Well thats it. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Well I wish could have had more to say, but I'm tired.moreless
  • 701

    The season premiere of The Office is actually not that bad... if you were able to get past that head-scratching monstrosity of a cold-opening.

    There were some good moments peppered throughout here and as always, my two favorite characters, Gabe and Creed stole the show when they were on camera. Creed's rant about the kids liking Betty White was as spot-on as it was hilarious, and I was actually surprised they let him get a few lines. Jim and Pam are as annoying as ever though. Steve, when you leave the show at the end of the year feel free to take them with you.moreless
  • Hilarious and energetic!!

    Brilliant episode. The opening was so energetic it made me even more excited that it was back on! Pam was cute as pie and they were all in character throughout the performance - it was beautiful.

    The rest of the episode was like a great big welcome back with bits and bobs to remind us all of why we loce the show so very much. Pam and Jim up to thier sneaky ways, Michael proving why he's the World's Best Boss, Ryan more hilarious than ever and Dwight as wierd and wonderful as always.

    I've enjoyed this show all through and am hoping dearly they manage to write Holly back in.

    Viva The Office!!!moreless
  • If you're a long-time fan of The Office then this episode will have you in stitches. Unless, of course, you are so cynical about the past couple seasons that you can't see the forest through the trees.moreless

    Cold Open - I haven't laughed that hard at a cold open in a long time. I'll agree it was a bit over-the-top but it doesn't matter because it fit all the characters perfectly (including Kelly fighting with Ryan in the background). It was like a brief summary of all the characters that even a new viewer would understand how each one acts. Genius.

    Jim and Pam - Loved seeing Jim and Pam get back to being their playful selves against Dwight. The past two seasons they've been far too serious and uptight so it was refreshing to see new antics done the old way. How can you not laugh at Dwight constantly peeing in an elevator?

    Michael Scott - Fully in character and him spanking his nephew (who was a jerk) was so funny I was in stitches. The past few seasons he's been an unbelievable jerk and in this one he's back to being a hilariously clueless goof. Bravo writers. It seems you've discovered how to write comedy again.

    Overall - Just a hysterical episode all around and better than anything in the past 2 seasons. Also loved the end where you could see Michael actually considering termination over 6 counseling sessions with Toby, haha! This season is off to a fantastic start. If you've been disenchanted as of late with this show then give this episode an honest try. Your faith may just be restored.moreless
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