The Office

Season 5 Episode 20

New Boss

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC
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Michael plans to celebrate his 15th anniversary at Dunder Mifflin with a party, but the new Vice President interferes. Jim's most recent prank on Dwight backfires.

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  • Michael's new boss

    Michael has always been someone who as a boss was a friend first, lover second, adviser third and boss fourth. He has made decisions that were questionable since the series began. While many of these have been funny, this time may have caught up to him. More on that later.

    The start of the episode was pretty funny with Michael. Dwight, Jim and Pam planning Michael's 15th year at the company. I like how Jim, Pam, and Michael were ganging up on Dwight. The prank on Dwight interferes when the new boss comes in. This was the first time this happened. It's the same position that Jan and Ryan had. I do find it curious that you never know the title of the position that Jan and Ryan. I also find it curious that of how long it took to fill the position. This new boss Charles is someone like Jan is ruthless but unlike her doesn't have personal problems. Immediately his style conflicts with Michael. Similar to when other people meet Michael for the first time, they are put off by him. I do like how Michael tries to ignore Charles new rules without disrespecting him. Another thing I find curious was how Michael couldn't get a hold of David Wallace or David not explaining why Charles was hired. Another funny highlight was how Charles took to Jim. How Jim was trying to explain why he was in a tux was amusing. It's even better when through no fault of his own, Jim continues to hurt himself When Michael can't get a hold of David he decides to see him in person. After Michael explains the situation to David, he seems to care and decides that Michael should get his party. This leads to a surprise decision of Michael quitting.

    I think the reason why David hired Charles was not one or two things that Michael did but many things that he did. I also think the reason why Michael quit was because of what things happened in in season 4 during her deposition, David sending Holly away, and Michael's time in Canada. While this was a a great episode it was another step the beginning of the end.moreless
  • You have no idea, how high I can fly.

    Things take a turn to the absurd this week in the office as Michael tries to cope with a new boss who doesn't exactly quite fit the petulant regional manager's idea of fun. Opening with a teaser that more or less echoes the somewhat forced, out of sync nature of the episode as a whole, New Boss offers an act of the larger arc of The Office which shakes things up a bit but not also at the expense of character development and believability. While I still hold that The Office has yet to truly "jump the shark", this latest episode which sees Michael openly blurting out employees sexual histories and going off on childish temper tantrums, does to some extent bring the series down to more absurdist level. Could this man really have held such a position for so long? Probably not-but then, the very premise of The Office in the first place is to document the stupidity that sometimes goes on behind the manager's desk.

    Despite a tendency to take things a little further than necessary however, New Boss does offer up plenty of laughs, characterisation and plot development. Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed the depreciation of the ever-infallible Jim as he fails to make anything but a terrible impression to the new big dog. It's an incredibly awkward situation that even goes over Michael's own cringe-inducing behaviour because Jim is genuinely stuck between a rock and a hard place. Michael on the other hand, was born there and so we don't really care when he's making an ass of himself. That said however, Michael's own story is just as awkward, to the point where he eventually begins mimicking the new boss close to tears before marching off to complain to daddy in New York.

    Overall, it's a shocking twenty minutes, and an episode that won't be forgotten for both the right and wrong reasons. All silliness aside however, I enjoyed the outing and actually found myself a little moved by Scott's deluded passion for what he does. Sure, he's virtually impossible to manage, petulant, childish and above and beyond an idiot-but as the series has shown time and time again (and this is something the UK series did best), Michael still has a heart, and it just so happens that his overt jealousy here leads to that heart being broken. One has to wonder if Michael quitting is really a plausible reaction to what comes beforehand, but what I had more trouble with was Jim's lack of initiative. What, did he have the bow-tie and jacket glued to himself? Surely an open-collar shirt and trousers would have been a better option.

    A silly episode, yes, but an important one too. These characters still engage me, and part of that has to do with that very larger-than-life nature that's on display here.moreless
  • 518

    Not a bad episode of The Office, even though this show continues to be over the top and ridiculous and at most times exaggerated this season, this was not a bad episode. Even though, it felt like nothing much was going on in the episode, just the new boss enforcing new rules, and Kelly & Angela acting like idiots, this episode still was entertaining.

    The final scene with Angela talking bad about Kelly was honestly the only scene I laughed at, and that wasn't the greatest plot in the world either, this show is just not like it used to be, bring us better episodes please.

    The thing I definitely did like about this episode was the wildly enticing cliffhanger in which Michael quits, it was definitely surprising and unexpected, which brought the rating for this episode up. Plot wise, comedy wise, this was poor. But cliffhanger, awesome. Does that even out to a 6.5/10? Maybe.moreless
  • Michael gets pissed off

    Now that we are back to square one, I would like to limit this review to the most stupid things that happened in this episode. Trust me it was super-easy job. Topping the list is Jim Halpert looking like a total douche bag. For almost five years, they've portrayed him as the sane member of the office. And this episode just brought out the Michael Scott in him - thanks to his tuxedo and slicked up hair style. Coming a close second is Angela and Kelly fighting for the new good-looking African-American VP. I understand, the guy Idris Elba is the typical super-hot black guy. What I don't understand is the heck his doing here. Finally, Michael quitting sure does jump the shark. I really hate when they end a stupid episode on a super stupid note.

    Time for Dunder Mifflin to declare bankruptcy.moreless
  • The new boss is no fun (not in the good way) but the ending saves this episode.

    Michael meets Charles, sent over from Corporate to oversee the on goings at Dunder-Mifflin. This is at the same time Mike is planning his 15 year anniversary party (And some funny ideas like a 15-minute round of applause and chocolate covered ice sculptures).

    But Charles is all business, which means basically no fun at all, and normally where the show can find humor in bugging the humorless, something is lost here that just makes for uncomfortable situations, particularly with Jim trying to suck up. I'm guessing it's because the actor playing Charles didn't acknowledge the cameras at all, which I found a bit odd- everyone acknowledges the cameras; their kind of hard to ignore.

    But what saves the episode for me was Steve Carrell (again). I loved seeing him become more and more bothered by the authority figure, looking for his bosses to back him up, and finally quitting! Yes, he's a bit of a dolt, but he knows what his superiors think of him, and I'm surprised he had the balls to do this!

    Let's hope Mike stays gone for a couple of episodes so the office (and some waning viewers) can see how much they miss him.moreless
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