The Office

Season 9 Episode 1

New Guys

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • boring

    The two new guys don't add anything to the series which is desperate for new characters that bring something new to the now boring environment of the office. I don't know why I keep watching this
  • It Had Its Moments

    This was not a bad episode of The Office. It established the two new characters well, but it also established the cliches we can expect to see in the final season: Jim and Pam have a rough patch over his new job, and Michael probably returns to get them back together in the end.

    Not a Clark Duke or Jake Lacy fan, but they worked well and are okay additions either. This really felt more like a throwback to Season 2 than a newer show, so that's probably why I didn't mind it.